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‘NXT NO MERCY 2023’ Recap + Review – Becky vs. Tiffany Extreme Rules, Hayes/Dragunov II

DATE: September 30, 2023
VENUE: Mechanics Bank Arena (Bakersfield, CA)
Vic Joseph & Booker T
VIEWING METHOD: Peacock (Live)

The Women’s Championship takes center stage at NXT No Mercy as Becky Lynch defends against Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules match. Also on the show Carmelo Hayes defends the NXT Championship against Ilya Dragunov in a Great American Bash 2023 rematch, Noam Dar defends his Heritage Cup against The Brawling Brutes’ Butch, and much more.


  • NXT Champion: Carmelo Hayes
  • NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPION: “The Man” Becky Lynch
  • NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION: “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio
  • NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Family (“The Don” Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo)


  • Bron Breakker vs. Baron Corbin (***1/4) [RECAP]
  • SPECIAL GUEST REF – DRAGON LEE: Dominik Mysterio [c] vs. Trick Williams for the NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP (**3/4) [RECAP]
  • The Family [c] vs. The Creed Brothers vs. Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo vs. Out The Mud for the NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (***) [RECAP]
  • Noam Dar [c] vs. Butch for the NXT HERITAGE CUP (***1/2) [RECAP]
  • Carmelo Hayes [c] vs. Ilya Dragunov for the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP (****1/4) [RECAP]
  • EXTREME RULES: Becky Lynch [c] vs. Tiffany Stratton for the NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP (***3/4) [RECAP]




NXT No Mercy’s opening video pays tribute to the legendary N64 game of the same name while running down the card. Much love to whoever got that approved because it RULES. Becky Lynch saying this version of NXT has the same feel as the one she came up in is a stretch though.

Bron Breakker vs. Baron Corbin

Breakker turned heel after losing the NXT Championship, becoming a bully and going so far as to put Von Wagner out of action indefinitely by crushing his head with the ring steps. Corbin came to NXT after no longer being Happy and floundering on the main roster, now he’s picking fights with the NXT roster and wanting to burn ships or some sh*t. He’s a heel too but these two hate each other regardless, resulting in a brawl in the cursed and (probably) haunted NXT Parking Lot™ and going through the wall of Shawn Michaels’ office. Breakker goes full Mantaur and makes his entrance (briefly) wearing a stuffed dog hat, Corbin comes out riding a motorcycle with Ghost Rider-inspired graphics.

Corbin dares Breakker to meet him on the floor, Breakker happily does so with a tope con hilo. They bypass the “extra” security and brawl into the crowd. Action moves back ringside, Breakker gets distracted with beating up security and gets BLASTED with a clothesline that sends him back over the barricade. Crowd loves it so much they chant “CORBIN” which is the first time I can recall him ever getting a chant. Corbin misses a splash on the announce table and bounces off it, Breakker rolls him in and the bell finally rings to start the match. Corbin stuns Breakker with a kick and comes off the middle buckle with a clothesline, covering for a two-count. Commentary has gone completely silent, must’ve accidentally unplugged something. Corbin connects with a suplex for another two-count and the national nightmare begins all over again as commentary is restored. Breakker fights back, picking Corbin out of the air and connecting with a death valley driver into a gutbuster. Breakker goes for a superplex, Corbin fights him off but Breakker quickly runs back up and connects with a FRANKENSTEINER followed by gorilla press powerslam for the 1…2…Corbin kicks out and Breakker screams in frustration.

Corbin mocks Breakker, saying he’s got nothing, Breakker pummels him with forearms but Corbin once again tells him to bring it. Breakker charges in with a kick, Corbin fights back with right hooks and a Death Valley Driver for the 1…2…Breakker kicks out! Breakker goes for a Steiner Recliner, Corbin gets to the ropes so he gets pummeled with kicks to the neck instead. Breakker charges in, Corbin plants him with a Deep Six for the 1…2…Breakker kicks out. Corbin kicks Breakker, Breakker escapes End of Days and counters a fireman’s carry with a roll-up for the 1…2…Corbin kicks out. Messy but they made it work. Breakker clotheslines Corbin to the floor, Breakker runs in and Corbin PUTS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. Definitely broke that time! Breakker recovers and connects with a spear, rolling Corbin back to finish the job but Mr. Stone (Von Wagner’s manager/bff) surprises him with a crossbody attempt. Breakker tosses Stone onto a pile of security guards and turns around into an END OF DAYS by Corbin for the 1…2…3!

Baron Corbin defeated Bron Breakker via pinfall (9:33 plus a few minutes of pre-match brawling)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: That was so much better than I thought it was going to be. A ton of fun, these two beat the hell out of each other like mortal enemies. Ending was a little dumb, Von Wagner/Mr. Stone are failed projects and they need to move on already, but pretty great regardless. Table spot popped me, and I rarely pop for those anymore. (***1/4)

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-EARLIER TODAY: Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton arrive to the arena. Guess the main event is still on then, that’s good.

-LAST TUESDAY: Trick Williams won a four-way to earn a shot at the North American Championship.

-EARLIER TONIGHT: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams were interviewed during the Kickoff by McKenzie Mitchell. They vow to both leave No Mercy as champions. Glad they’re still friends (for now).

“Dirty” Dominik Mysterio [c] vs. Trick Williams for the NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP

Dom was initially slated to defend against Mustafa Ali but WWE ended up firing him so they held a four-way match last week to crown a new number one contender, which Williams shocked the NXT fans by winning. Not me though, Trick f*cking rules and should already be WWE Champion already, tbh. He should beat Roman Reigns. Dragon Lee has had issues with Dom in the past, both as a wrestler and for being disrespectful of his father Rey’s legacy in the business. Not sure why he’s reffing here, I didn’t look it up, but we’ll see what happens. I think they mentioned Dom fast-counted Dragon Lee when he reffed one of his matches. No Mami (Rhea Ripley) in Dom’s corner tonight since she’s injured thanks to Nia Jax.

Dom dropkicks Trick right at the bell and covers for the 1…2…Trick kicks out and Dom argues with Lee. Trick rolls Dom up for the 1…2…Dom kicks out and argues with Lee once again. Trick dropkicks Dom, Dom escapes a slam and rolls to the floor to stop the momentum. Dom snatches the North American Championship and tries to leave, Trick stops him with a clothesline. Back in the ring Trick clotheslines Dom once again and goes for a cover, but Dom quickly rolls escapes and rolls back out. Trick rolls Dom in, Dom kicks the middle rope and dropkicks Trick back to the floor. Back in the ring Dom connects with a jumping knee for the 1…2…Trick kicks out, Dom slaps on a rear-chinlock. Trick misses a corner splash, Dom bounces his neck off the top rope and does an Eddie Guerrero taunt to rile up the crowd. Don’t know why they’re mad, that’s his real Dad. Dom throws his gum at Lee and peppers Trick with forearms, Trick dodges an elbowdrop and goes on the offensive with uppercuts and a dropkick for the 1…2…Dom kicks out. Dom surprises Trick with a backslide for the 1…2…Trick kicks out and both men connect with a clothesline.

Trick rests against the middle rope, Dom catches him with a 619 to the back of the head then accidentally superkicks Lee when Trick dodges. Trick connects with a neckbreaker and covers, another ref runs in and covers for the 1…2…Dom kicks out. KOBASHI CHOPS from Trick in the corner followed by a flapjack and a kip-up into a spinning kick for the 1…2…Dom gets the shoulder up. Second ref gets bumped, Dom throws Trick into the post and heads to the top but MISSES the Frog Splash and Trick covers but once again there’s no ref to count! Trick revives Dragon Lee, Trick dodges a belt shot and connects with a pump knee for the 1…2…3! YESSSSSS!

Trick Williams defeated Dominik Mysterio [c] via pinfall to win the NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP (9:28)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Minor hijinks ensued of course but I can’t argue with the result. I did NOT expect Trick to get the win, I expected him to be an afterthought in the Lee/Dom feud but I’m so happy to be wrong. Trick has all the intangibles already and improves with every match, this guy could be a BIG F*CKING DEAL if WWE doesn’t bungle it. I’m legitimately thrilled. What a nice surprise. (**3/4)

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-LAST TUESDAY: The Schism is officially over and Joe Gacy vows to find his purpose.

Tiffany Stratton gets ready for the main event in her locker room.

The Family (“The Don of NXT” Tony D’Angelo & Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo) [c] vs. The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed) [w/ Ivy Nile] vs. Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo vs. Out The Mud (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) [w/ Scrypts] for the NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

Garza and Julius barely get started before all eight men get in the ring and start brawling. Julius flattens Carrillo & Garza with a senton on the floor, OTM go to work on Brutus who was tagged at one point. Nima connects with a riding stomp on Brutus’ skull but stupidly gets in Carrillo’s face who tags himself in. Whoops. Lorenzo tags in as well, Carrillo connects with a springboard crossbody, Lorenzo responds with an inverted atomic drop and a series of stomps. D’Angelo tags in and drops Carrillo with a running knee, Garza runs in and Lorenzo grabs him for stereo hockey punches. D’Angelo hip tosses Stacks into Garza and Carrillo in opposite corners, Carrillo stuns D’Angelo and makes the tag to Garza. D’Angelo tries to pick them both up but his knee gives out. NXT Medical checks on D’Angelo, Garza drills Stacks with a knee right to the temple. Garza whips Stacks into Carrillo for a lariat, Garza covers for the 1…2…not yet. Is D’Angelo actually hurt or did I fall for it? I hope it’s the latter.

Garza & Carrillo keep up the offense on Stacks until Nima tags himself in and takes that team out of the game. Nima rides Stacks on the middle rope, Price tags in and measures Stacks for a MASSIVE corner clothesline followed by a…chinlock. Oh word okay. Scrypts trash talks on the steps, Nile sends him flying. Brutus tags in and bowls everyone over before locking in the Ankle Lock on Garza. Carrillo breaks it up, Julius runs in and it’s overhead belly-to-belly suplex city for the rest of the teams while Brutus keeps Garza trapped in the Ankle Lock. Carrillo breaks it up before Garza submits, OTM stomp the hell out of Julius. OTM hold Stacks in place, D’Angelo limps his way back to the ring (okay I was being a mark) and makes the tag. D’Angelo counters a springboard from Carrillo with a spinebuster. All eight men battle in the ring, STEREO SUPERPLEXES FROM THE CREEDS AND THE FAMILY! NIIIIIIIICE. Well-deserved “THIS IS AWESOME” chant from the crowd.

Chaos ensues as each team try to take the others out, Price connects with a powerslam on D’Angelo for the 1…2…D’ANGELO KICKS OUT. Julius picks Nima up, Garza drops Brutus, Carrillo dropkicks Nima off Julius’ shoulders, body fall to the floor, BRUTUS BALL TO CARRILLO, GARZA, & NIMA ON THE FLOOR. Stacks kicks Price, The Family hit a double slam for the 1…2…3!

The Family [c] defeated The Creed Brothers, Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo, & OTM to retain the NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (12:06)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Chaotic and fun. First time I’ve ever seen OTM, they’re a lot better than I was expecting. I remember NXT giving them GTA-looking graphics at some point so I let that cloud my judgment that’s on me. The Family retaining was cool, D’Angelo is great at selling and Stacks is a helluva plucky babyface. (***)

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Trick Williams celebrates with Carmelo Hayes in the locker room. Hayes says “We are Them” and everyone else is beneath them. One more match to go then they’re going to tear the city up.

Becky Lynch is shown backstage adding weapons to her shopping cart ahead of the Extreme Rules main event. I laughed.

Noam Dar [c] [w/ Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend, & Oro Mensah of META-FOUR] vs. Butch [w/ Tyler Bate] for the NXT HERITAGE CUP

Butch emerged as the victor of the Global Heritage Invitational, beating Joe Coffey in the finals to earn a shot at Dar’s Heritage Cup. Remember when Noam Dar joined WWE back in the Attitude Era? Match is best 2 out of 3 falls and will consist of six three-minute rounds. A finish ends the round.

ROUND ONE! Butch immediately goes after Dar’s arm, Butch ducks a kick and grabs a front chancery. Dar escapes and just barely dodges a double hand stop from the one-time Bruiserweight. Butch slaps Dar, Dar drops Butch with a pair of kicks. Butch connects with a right hand and goes in on the joint manipulation of Dar’s right hand, stomping the fingers and bending them back. Butch continues punishing until the time runs out…and DAR CONNECTS WITH A CHEAP SHOT before the 20-second breather.

ROUND TWO! Dar attacks a still-dazed Butch immediately but can’t get a pin before he rolls to the apron. Dar pulls Butch in and connects with a kick right to the nose for the 1…2…Butch kicks out. Butch catches an elbow and snaps it across his shoulder, Dar responds with a kick, Butch responds with a running forearm. Butch drops a pair of knees on Dar’s left elbow followed by a Shining Wizard of sorts. Dar rolls to the apron and does some Beats of the Bodhran in a Brawling Brutes tribute. Ref gets distracted, Mensah hits Butch with a cheap kick, Dar follows up with a Nova Roller for the 1…2…3! Dar is up 1-0!

ROUND THREE! Dar stuns Butch with a kick and they collide in mid-air, both too stunned to stand after they crash to the canvas. Butch flips out of a suplex attempt and connects with a moonsault to Dar on the floor. Butch rolls Dar in, Meta-Four try to interfere so Bate gets in their faces, Dar rolls Butch up for the 1…2…Butch kicks out. Butch stuns Dar and connects with the Bitter End for the 1…2…3. Butch ties it up 1-1, next fall wins the match.

ROUND FOUR! Butch peppers Dar with forearms, Dar tries to lock in a kneebar but Butch powers out so Dar grabs a choke instead. Dar slams Butch to the canvas and applies an armbar, Butch escapes and counters into a cross armbreaker of his own, Dar counters into a triangle choke but almost gets himself pinned. Butch escapes with a stomp and hits an Epic Plex for the 1…2…Dar kicks out. Dar with a brainbuster for the 1…2…BUTCH KICKS OUT. Dar comes off the top, Butch catches him with a triangle choke but Dar holds on long enough for the round to end!

ROUND FIVE! Dar and Butch trade blows, Butch lights Dar up with chops and forearms. Dar counters the Bitter End with a knee and follows up with more to drop his opponent. Dar catches a kick and connects with a spinning elbow for the 1…2…BUTCH KICKS OUT. Butch stuns Dar on the buckles and connects with a SUPER butterfly suplex for the 1…2…Dar kicks out! They fight to the apron, Dar drills Butch with a BRAINBUSTER and covers for the 1…2…Butch kicks out! Butch bends his hand back and STEPS ON THE FINGER as the round ends. Last one!

SIXTH AND FINAL ROUND! Dar hits a pair of a spinning back elbows, Butch responds with a snap German and a double hand stomp. Mensah kicks Butch in the back of the head and Dar connects with the Nova Roller for the 1…2…BUTCH KICKS OUT THIS TIME! Bate wipes out Mensah, Butch connects with the Tyler Driver ’97 for the 1…2…Dar kicks out. Butch with the Bitter End for the 1…2…DAR WITH THE SHOULDER UP, BUTCH IMMEDIATELY GRABS THE ARM AND GRABS A CROSS ARMBREAKER. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Mark Coffey) attack Bate, Butch comes to his friend’s rescue. Jackson & Legend distract the ref, Joe Coffey runs in and knocks Butch out, Dar covers for the 1…2…3!

Noam Dar [c] defeated Butch 2-1 to retain the NXT HERITAGE CUP (18:52 total)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Excellent match, Noam Dar f*cking rules why were they hiding him on NXT UK and 205 Live all these years? Man’s got charisma and he’s a damn good wrestler. Knew some shenanigans would happen since Butch is “higher up” on the food chain but it is what it is, didn’t take away from the match too much. (***1/2)

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-Next NXT Premium Live Event is Deadline in December, which will bring back the Iron Survivor match. Halloween Havoc will also return but as a TWO-WEEK special at the end of the month (including Halloween itself).

Carmelo Hayes [c] vs. Ilya Dragunov for the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP

Hayes beat Dragunov to retain the NXT Championship back in July at Great American Bash, but the finish was in question as Dragunov had knocked himself silly on the NXT Championship while attacking Trick Williams. Still his fault. Hayes has been struggling with his confidence since, wondering if he could beat Dragunov for real or not. Now that Trick is the North American Champion, I’m not entirely confident in his chances.

Dragunov wastes no time, laying into Hayes with stiff kicks and chops. Dragunov sends Hayes to the floor, Hayes gets to the apron but gets sent right back down with a running kick. Dragunov dares Hayes to get back in, Hayes obliges and lays into him with a series of rights and kicks. Hayes tries a springboard, Dragunov dodges and comes off the ropes with a spinning lariat. Dragunov lights Hayes up with rapid-fire chops in the corner followed by a running knee to the back of the neck for the 1…2…Hayes kicks out, Dragunov drives a knee to the top of the head. Dragunov tells Hayes he needs to bring more as he continues striking Hayes. Hayes fights back with forearms and chops, Dragunov drops him with a backhand.

Dragunov continues punishing Hayes with more chops, to the spine and to the chest. Hayes catches a spinning strike and angrily stares his challenger down (THE DRAMA) before connecting with chops and stomps of his own, slapping him so hard he falls to the canvas as well. Hayes & Dragunov throw bombs at each other as they get to their feet, Hayes connects with an enzuigiri followed by a springboard bulldog that Dragunov takes on the top of his head for the 1…2…ILYA GETS THE SHOULDER UP. Dragunov overpowers Hayes with a German suplex, hanging on for a second. Dragunov goes for a third but Hayes escapes and hits a tilt-a-whirl into a bulldog for the 1…2…Dragunov kicks out again!

Hayes grabs Dragunov’s wrists and lays waste to his face with a series of stomps. Dragunov struggles to his feet and catches a pump kick, Hayes fights back with slaps so Dragunov responds with knees. Dragunov hits a running knee strike followed by a THROWING power bomb but the effort causes him to fall instead of immediately cover. Crowd doesn’t care though, chanting “NXT!” in celebration of this match. Dragunov catches the Codebreaker and overpowers him into a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER INTO THE CORNER, THAT POOR MAN’S NECK. Dragunov heads back to the top and goes COAST TO COAST for the 1…2…Hayes gets the shoulder up!

“THIS IS AWESOME!” chants rain down as Dragunov seats Hayes on the top turnbuckle. Hayes stuns him with headbutts, Dragunov responds with a THICC SLAP that sends the champ to the apron. Jesus. A bloodied Dragunov dead lifts Hayes up into a superplex from the middle buckle, Hayes hits the Codebreaker, Dragunov hits the forearm but can’t get the pin. Dragunov connects with a second forearm smash, this time from the middle buckle, for the 1…2…HAYES KICKS OUT AND DRAGUNOV IS BESIDE HIMSELF. Dragunov goes for Torpedo Moscow, Hayes counters with a superkick for the 1…2…DRAGUNOV KICKS OUT AND NOW HAYES CAN’T BELIEVE IT.

Hayes and Dragunov kick at each other as they struggle to get to their feet on the apron. The kicks turn to slaps turn to forearms, Hayes WITH A CUTTER TO THE FLOOR ON DRAGUNOV AND BOY DID THAT LOOK PAINFUL AND UGLY. Stu the Cameraman is okay though y’all, don’t worry. Dragunov counters Nothing but Net with a lariat and comes off the top with a SUPER H-BOMB for the 1…2…3! NEW CHAMP!

Ilya Dragunov defeated Carmelo Hayes [c] via pinfall to win the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP (21:06)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: I liked their GAB match better not by much. What a f*cking war, someone tell Ilya Dragunov that wrestling is fake before it’s too late please. Goddamn. Should’ve been the main event but Becky Lynch is THE MAN so I get it. Well-deserved win for Dragunov, busts his ass every time and rarely has a bad match. (****1/4)

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-A video plays highlighting the women participating in the Women’s Breakout tournament that begins on Tuesday. Whoever came up with the name Lola Vice deserves a raise. TWO hot dogs and a handshake for that person.

-NO MERCY KICKOFF: Blair Davenport was attacked by Gigi Dolin after her win over Kelani Jordan. Dolan/Davenport signed for Tuesday, as well as Gallus vs. Butch/Tyler Bate.

Tegan Nox is in attendance. She faces the winner of the NXT Women’s Championship on Monday Night Raw. Also WHO?!?

“The Man” Becky Lynch [c] vs. Tiffany Stratton for the NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP

Lynch surprised the NXT Universe by defeating Stratton for the Women’s Championship, the one title she was never able to win during her time in the Black & Gold brand. Stratton, as expected, did not take the loss well and attacked Lynch with a chair, enraging The Man so much that she turned their No Mercy rematch into an Extreme Rules match. Lynch is dressed for a street fight, Stratton is very much not BUT SHE’S GOT BRASS KNUCKLES OH SH*T! Okay she was wearing them incorrectly and had to be told while she was showing them off but STILL.

Lynch wheels out her shopping cart of weapons and attacks Stratton right at the bell with a kendo stick and headbutts with a construction helmet. That’s pretty inventive. Lynch beats Stratton around the ring with the kendo stick, Stratton takes off into the crowd but Lynch catches up with her and they continue brawling. Stratton grabs Lynch by the arm through the handrail, a RANDOM AUDIENCE MEMBER gives her a chain and she uses it to break the grip and torture her opponent. Lynch sends the now-bloodied Stratton back to ringside the hard way but Stratton rebounds and catches her off the barricade with the kendo stick. Stratton grabs the top half of the steps and squashes Lynch, following up with a snap suplex on the protective mats. Action enters the ring for the first time as Stratton hits a double stomp for the 1…2…not yet. Crowd chants for tables, Stratton I assume teases it but mocks the crowd instead but they focused entirely on the replay instead. Apparently the guy who gave Lynch the chain is her stylist. She couldn’t get him a better seat? He made her look like a Blade Runner extra, HE DESERVED BETTER.

Stratton introduces a tool box and starts using the various tools to inflict punishment on Lynch, including a chain which is a must-have for any toolbox. Lynch ducks a hammer swing, Stratton ducks Lynch’s hammer attempt and hits a sidewalk slam for the 1…2…Lynch kicks out. Crowd still wants tables but Stratton wants a chair and a chair she doth use, bouncing it off Lynch’s spine and wedging it in the corner. Lynch connects with a crossbody, Stratton rolls through but gets sent into the chair and Lynch hits the Bex-Plex. Lynch follows up with a missile dropkick, Stratton rolls to the floor and Lynch hits a baseball-ish slide followed by a forearm off the apron. Lynch puts Stratton into the shopping cart and rolls it into the ring steps, then grabs a mystery bag which contains…BARBIE DOLLS?!? Oh I get it Tiffany Stratton is a Barbie. Crowd is NOT amused, they wanted thumbtacks. Lynch counters a slam with an inverted DDT onto the dolls for the 1…2…Stratton kicks out.

Stratton bails to the floor and uses a metal lid/cooking sheet to block Barbie Doll throws until finally cracking it off Lync’s body. Stratton throws a trash can into the ring, Lynch stuns her with a back kick and puts the can on her body. Lynch comes off the buckles with a legdrop. Stratton recovers and puts Lynch through the trash can with a spinebuster for the 1…2…Lynch kicks out. Stratton gets a stew/chair pile going in the ring and goes for a power bomb, Lynch fights out and sends her into the chairs, locking in a cross armbreaker. They roll to the floor, Stratton breaks the grip by power bombing her on the steps, Stratton rolls her back in and covers for the 1…2…Lynch kicks out! Stratton and Lynch battle on the buckles, Stratton sends her to the floor, Lynch sends her into the barricade with a Bex-Plex.

Lynch pulls out a table, Stratton attacks her with a kendo stick and finishes setting the table up. Stratton loses sight of Lynch, who blinds her with a SURPRISE FIRE EXTINGUISHER and hits her with a barbed-wire bat. The bat SLIPS OUT OF HER HANDS, Stratton hits her with a rolling senton, Becky peels her off but gets hit with a hurricanrana, Stratton puts both of them through the timekeeper’s barricade with a back handspring elbow. Lynch knocks Stratton silly and lays her on the announce table, Stratton counters the Manhandle Slam and sends Lynch into one of the chairs. Stratton connects with a senton, then lays Lynch on the other table, hitting a Swanton Bomb that only slightly bends the table. OOF. Stratton rolls Lynch into the ring and hits a second Swanton Bomb for the 1…2…LYNCH KICKS OUT!

Lynch rolls to the floor, Stratton misses a moonsault and SORTA lands on her feet but eats a Manhandle Slam anyway and Lynch rolls her in for the 1…2…STRATTON KICKS OUT. Lynch goes for the Disarm-Her, Stratton counters with a roll-up for the 1…2…Lynch kicks out. Stratton misses the Prettiest Moonsault Ever, Lynch hits the Manhandle Slam on the pile of chairs for the 1…2…3!

Becky Lynch [c] defeated Tiffany Stratton via pinfall to retain the NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP (20:20)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Tiffany Stratton is a motherf*cking STAR. S-T-A-R. What an effort. Match itself was brutal in ways I didn’t expect and they played with the Extreme Rules tropes decently. Becky retaining rubbed me the wrong way though I won’t lie. Why bother doing Extreme Rules if they weren’t going to use that as the excuse for Becky to lose the title and go back to the main roster? Because TEGAN NOX? F*ck that. Ugh. That plus some odd communication missteps took the wind out of my sails a bit but it was still damn good and Stratton came out looking like a million bucks. Proof once again that if you throw enough sh*t at the wall (Performance Center) something will eventually stick and you can pretend it’s super successful all the time. (***3/4)

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Carmelo Hayes apologizes to Trick Williams for them not ending the night both as champions. Trick says Carmelo is “still him” and Hayes thanks him. Still best friends FOR NOW.



NXT is so much better if you ignore the weekly TV and stick to their big events. That’s my big takeaway from NXT No Mercy, a show that was damn good from top to bottom. No dull moments, nothing egregiously bad, no chance to treat the women’s division like teenage girls, it was great! Plus we got some fun new champions coming out of the show. That said I’m going to probably still ignore the weekly show and wait for them to do another PLE so I can get the good stuff and ignore whatever the hell else they’re doing on the brand. ALSO JUSTICE FOR TIFFANY STRATTON.

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  • Baron Corbin defeated Bron Breakker via pinfall (9:33 plus a few minutes of pre-match brawling) (***1/4) [RECAP]
  • Special Guest Ref – Dragon Lee: Trick Williams defeated Dominik Mysterio [c] via pinfall to win the NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP (9:28) (**3/4) [RECAP]
  • The Family [c] defeated The Creed Brothers, Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo, & OTM to retain the NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (12:06) (***) [RECAP]
  • Noam Dar [c] defeated Butch 2-1 to retain the NXT HERITAGE CUP (18:52 total) (***1/2) [RECAP]
  • Ilya Dragunov defeated Carmelo Hayes [c] via pinfall to win the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP (21:06) (****1/4) [RECAP]
  • EXTREME RULES: Becky Lynch [c] defeated Tiffany Stratton via pinfall to retain the NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP (20:20) (***3/4) [RECAP]

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