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[TV Rundown] ‘205 LIVE’ 01.15.2021 – Dusty Rhodes Classic 1st Round Matches

COMMENTATORS: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness

The first round of the 2021 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic spills over to 205 Live this week as The Bollywood Boyz take on Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza of Legado del Fantasma and Curt Stallion & August Grey meet the odd couple pairing of Drake Maverick & Killian Dain.




  • DUSTY RHODES TAG TEAM CLASSIC – 1ST ROUND: Bollywood Boyz vs. Legado del Fantasma (**3/4)
  • DUSTY RHODES TAG TEAM CLASSIC – 1ST ROUND: Curt Stallion & August Grey vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain (**1/2)


Legado del Fantasma (Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza) [w/ Santos Escobar] defeated The Bollywood Boyz (Sumir & Sunil Singh) via pinfall (9:42)

The Boyz were in control at the start, controlling the arm of both Wilde and Mendoza at various points and connecting with a double elbowdrop. Legado took control after a distraction from Mendoza opened Samir up to a DDT from Wilde. Legado worked Samir over with rapid corner double clotheslines and a double suplex but couldn’t put him away. Mendoza missed a corner splash, sending himself shoulder-first into the post, and Sunil got the hot tag, wrecking Mendoza with an inverted atomic drop into a spinning heel kick and throwing both men into the announce table. Wilde tried to block a superplex attempt but was pulled off the apron, Samir connected with the move and Sunil followed up with a flying elbowdrop but Wilde recovered quick enough to make the save. Wilde sent Samir into the steps, taking him out of the match, and Legado picked up the win with a Side Russian Legsweep/running kick combo.

  • Good match with a few hiccups, the Bollywood Boyz really stepped up their game in this one and put it into a more serious gear. Didn’t end up working out for them but it was nice to see them get a longer match against a serious established group. Vic Joseph had promised to finally dance with the Boyz if they won the whole tournament but that’s out the window so 2021 is officially ruined. (**3/4)

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain were shown getting ready in the back, Maverick trying to hang a goofy drawing of them on Dain’s BIG OL’ logo banner but Dain refused. Maverick, who is now adopting Dain’s jeans look, played a piece of their new theme music and Dain seemed satisfied, so much so that he didn’t need to hear the rest. Of course it backfired him later during their entrance when it turned out that Maverick mixed in Dain’s TOUGH GUY METAL theme with his goofier dancing theme. Best of both worlds.

Drake Maverick & Killian Dain defeated Curt Stallion & August Grey via pinfall (10:00)

Maverick frustrated Stallion at the outset, repeatedly sending him out to the floor and doing a little dance to celebrate. Maverick then turned on the actual wrestling part of his brain, connecting with a hip toss and a leg lariat. Grey tagged in, hyped up and ready to square up with Maverick; unfortunately for him Dain tagged in instead. He’s not 205 pounds or less. Grey accepted his fate and attempted to get some offense going but his crossbody was simply brushed off by the much bigger Dain. Maverick tagged in and Dain used his favorite offense, throwing his partner around like a battering ram and slamming him on their opponents. Maverick told Dain to splash Stallion & Grey on the floor but that didn’t work for him brother so Dain threw him on them instead. Eventually Stallion & August got a little offense going, working Maverick over with a headbutt/belly-to-back suplex  combo, but Maverick escaped the corner and made the tag back out to Dain who flattened them both with splashes, then dropkicked Grey into Stallion in the corner. Stallion managed to get Dain up for a German suplex thanks to a superkick assist by Grey but Maverick broke up the count. Dain finished things up by powerbombing Maverick onto Stallion, leading to a pin.

  • Maverick & Dain are very entertaining together and I like the dynamic of most of the team offense being Dain using his partner as an inanimate object while Maverick screams and protests. It’s pretty good. They grew on me when I was still powering through NXT so it’s nice to see them again since I have put that show on my no-watch list. What I wasn’t a big fan of was how Stallion & Grey got punked out so easily; yeah they’re a newer team or whatever but they’ve been a pretty big part of 205 Live over the past few months so having them be fodder for a comedy team just sorta felt…disrespectful on a level. I’m sure they don’t care and I care too much about it, but it was still a little sad to see. (**1/2)


FINAL THOUGHTS: 205 Live getting some use this week as tournament runoff and in return they got a pair of pretty damn good tag team matches…in which the members of their brand got their asses handed to them. Oops. Looks like the brand will continue playing host to not only the Men’s Dusty Classic, but the Women’s version which starts next week on the show. Good use of the timeslot and a nice change of pace for 205 Live, though that leaves Brian Kendrick with nothing to do. WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE BRIAN KENDRICK?!?


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