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‘AEW DYNAMITE’ 04.20.2022 Recap + Review – Coffin Match, Punk vs. Dustin, Britt Baker Returns, Big Tony Khan Announcement

VENUE: Petersen Events Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
COMMENTATORS: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, & Excalibur

This week on AEW Dynamite:

  • Darby Allin takes his war with Andrade El Idolo to the next level: a Coffin Match
  • CM Punk answers the challenge of “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes
  • Wardlow returns to action against MJF’s handpicked opponent The Butcher
  • HOOK makes his Dynamite debut
  • Dr. Britt Baker, DMD wrestles her first match since losing the Women’s Championship, returning to Brittsburgh to take on Danielle Kamela in an Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament qualifying match
  • Tony Khan makes a huge announcement

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  • AEW WORLD CHAMPION: “Hangman” Adam Page
  • AEW TNT CHAMPION: “The Spanish God” Sammy Guevara
  • AEW TBS CHAMPION: Jade Cargill
  • AEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)


  • CM Punk vs. Dustin Rhodes (****) [RECAP]
  • Blackpool Combat Club vs. Lee Moriarty, Dante Martin, & Brock Anderson (***1/2) [RECAP]
  • Wardlow vs. The Butcher (**1/2) [RECAP]
  • HOOK vs. Anthony Henry (SQUASH) [RECAP]
  • COFFIN MATCH: Darby Allin vs. Andrade El Idolo (***)  [RECAP]




CM Punk vs. “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes challenged Punk on last week’s show, looking to cross a match off his bucket list as he gets closer to the end of his in-ring career. There really wasn’t a Punk/Goldust match in WWE? Weird.

Punk and Rhodes shake hands and lock up, Rhodes controlling the arm into a side headlock. Punk gets dropped with a shoulderblock, Rhodes with an armdrag, Punk responds with a hip toss, Rhodes kicks Punk away, and they reset. Punk takes Rhodes to the canvas with a side headlock, Rhodes counters into a headscissors as both men get LOUD dueling chants. Punk counters out and goes for a bow and arrow but Rhodes is too big so he goes a pin again, Rhodes kicking out at two. Punk picks the ankle and pulls Rhodes back into the center for a lateral press and another two-count. Rhodes drops Punk’s arm across the top rope, Punk stuns Rhodes with a kick and goes for the GTS but Rhodes escapes and counters into a rollup for the 1…2…Punk kicks out, Rhodes brings Punk back to the canvas with an armdrag into an armbar. Rhodes ducks a pair of clotheslines and lunges at Punk, Punk drops down and Rhodes spills to the floor. Rhodes lands hard on his left knee, giving Punk a limb to work and work on it he does with repeated seated splashes as it hangs across the bottom rope. Match moves to picture-in-picture as Rhodes gets to his feet, only for Punk to kick his leg out of his leg and cover for the 1…2..Rhodes kicks out. Rhodes wakes up and fights back with rights, but his knee gives out mid-slam attempt and Punk lands on top for the 1…2…not yet. Punk goes for a Figure Four, Rhodes counters into an inside cradle for the 1…2…Punk kicks out. 

Match returns to full screen as Rhodes sends Punk to the floor clutching his arm; Rhodes moves to the apron and gets tripped up, landing hard on the hardest part of the ring. Rhodes kicks Punk into the buckles and yanks down on the arm, this time it’s the Chick Magnet feeling the effects of that apron. Punk charges, Rhodes ducks a clothesline and connects with a backdrop followed by a pair of clotheslines. Rhodes lays into Punk with corner mount rights but tweaks his left knee even more by hopping off the middle buckle. Punk misses a corner knee strike and Rhodes follows up with a Code Red for the 1…2…Punk kicks out! Rhodes avoids the GTS and connects with an uppercut followed by a rebound powerslam for the 1…2…Punk kicks out and Rhodes shakes his head in disbelief. Punk drops to his back to avoid a Cross Rhodes and kicks his knee out once again, following up with a Figure Four in the center of the ring. Rhodes almost passes out from the pain but finds his third win and they trade slaps. Rhodes turns the hold around to reverse the pressure but Punk quickly gets to the ropes. Both men struggle to recover as the crowd gives them a “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. Rhodes counters a springboard clothesline with a right hand and follows up with CROSS RHODES, hanging on and hitting a PILEDRIVER for the 1…2…PUNK KICKS OUT AND RHODES CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Crowd can’t believe it either and there are audible BOOS from the crowd. Rhodes peppers Punk with a series of jabs, Punk connects with a roundhouse kick and goes for the GTS but his leg gives out and Rhodes tries to roll him up but Punk counters and shifts his weight for the 1…2…3!

CM Punk defeated Dustin Rhodes via pinfall (17:25)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Holy sh*t do we really need to keep going after this? A tremendous battle and wonderful way to open the show. Rhodes got his bucket list match and Punk came to battle. No phoning in from either man. I thought Dustin had it won at points. (****)

Punk embraces Rhodes and starts heading towards the back but is interrupted by “Hangman” Adam Page. Page and Punk stare one another down, crowd chanting “COWBOY SH*T”. Punk walks off, Page poses with the AEW World Championship.

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: LET’S. F*CKING. GO. Take my PPV money.


-EARLIER TODAY: Wardlow arrives to the arena and is immediately accosted by security and “Smart” Mark Sterling. Sterling says security will be escorting him right to his locker room then to the ring then back out of the arena. Security then cuffs Wardlow, another condition of his return, and smiles as he gets escorted.

The Blackpool Combat Club (“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, & Wheeler Yuta) [w/ William Regal] vs. Lee Moriarty, Dante Martin, & Brock Anderson [w/ “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson]

Yuta not only brings the ROH Pure Championship with him but has brand-new BCC-branded tights. A 10000% upgrade, he looks FANTASTIC. Regal joins commentary and is so jovial that he speaks in an American accent for the hell of it. 

BCC attack their opponents before the bell, Martin staggers Yuta with a leaping enzuigiri but Yuta quickly battles back and tosses him into the corner. Danielson tags in and f*cks Martin’s day up with chops, kicks, and a dropkick. Martin uses his speed to confuse Danielson, finally connecting with a dropkick. Moxley runs in and Martin immediately connects with a kick. Anderson tags in and works Mox over in the corner. Anderson misses a corner splash, Mox drops him on his head with a half & half suplex then hangs him out to dry across the top rope. Match moves to picture-in-picture as Danielson comes off the top with a knee to the back of the head, sending Anderson out to the floor. Yuta tags in, Anderson tries to fight back but gets kicked right in the arm and Mox tags in to continue the punishment. Mox ties the legs up, Yuta tags in and connects with a sliding legdrop for the 1…2…Anderson kicks out. 

Match returns to full screen as Mox works the arms of Brock Anderson over, flipping Moriarty off just for the hell of it. Mox charges, Anderson drills him with a spinebuster. Danielson gets the tag but so does Moriarty and everyone in the BCC eat kicks. Moriarty connects with a springboard forearm on Danielson, nipping up as the crowd goes wild (Moriarty is from Pittsburgh I guess). The two trade European uppercuts, Moriarty captures the arm into a back suplex for the 1…2…Danielson gets the shoulder up, Moriarty immediately switches into the Border City Stretch. Danielson counters with a shoulder capture suplex, Martin tags in and connects with a springboard dropkick. Mox tags in and gets sent to the floor, Martin connects with a delayed springboard splash. Martin tries a springboard but hesitates and backflips right into a chinlock. Moriarty tries to break it up with kicks but Mox refuses to let go. Danielson stomps Moriarty down as Mox & Yuta club the others with elbows; ring clears and Mox hits a high-angle Paradigm Shift for the 1…2…3.

The Blackpool Combat Club defeated Lee Moriarty, Dante Martin, & Brock Anderson via pinfall (8:06)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Tons of fun, the Blackpool Combat Club kick so much ass. They had great opponents too in Moriarty, Martin, & Anderson. I hope these Trios Titles become an actual thing. (***1/2)


Young Bucks, reDRagon, & Adam Cole are backstage as Brandon Cutler handles the video. Kyle O’Reilly says they need to turn it around and live up to their name of the Undisputed Elite. O’Reilly vows to whip Jungle Boy’s ass tonight. Cole says as a team they can’t be stopped and says he and reDRagon are still here unlike the Bucks’ friends. Cole calls for a ten man tag next week to get things back in order and tells the Bucks to think about it. 

Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt hype Satnam Singh, Samoa Joe says destroying Lethal is inevitable.

Tony Schiavone introduces AEW Owner/CEO Tony Khan to the entrance stage for his BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Khan thanks the crowd and introduces the president of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Before the announcement can be made Adam Cole interrupts backstage. Cole says an announcement couldn’t be made without a guy like him so he does it: on June 26th AEW & NJPW will present The Forbidden Door live from the United Center in Chicago, IL. Cole says we’ll get a taste of what’s to come on Friday’s Rampage, as he battles Tomohiro Ishii in an Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament qualifying match. Cole has a very special friend who wants to come out and say hello: “Switchblade” Jay White, the leader of the Bullet Club. White says it’s fitting he’d be here for an announcement like this since the last time NJPW held a joint event he single handedly sold out Madison Square Garden. White says this isn’t about AEW or NJPW, it’s about the Undisputed Elite AND The Bullet Club because it’s still their era.

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: To me it’s not a HUGE WORLD-SHAKING announcement but it’s still cool. I hope NJPW brings some of their bigger guns to the show, like Tanahashi and Okada. Ishii and Suzuki are fine and all but they’ll need a little more effort given.

Jade Cargill is The Problem Solver and will see Marina Shafir on Friday, BITCH. She’s flanked by “Smart” Mark Sterling and I guess her permanent Baddie Section friends Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan.

MJF runs down Wardlow from top of the arena alongside Shawn Spears and forces Wardlow to come out to no music like the PIG he is. Security brings a still handcuffed Wardlow out to the ring as he gets introduced. 

Wardlow vs. The Butcher

Wardlow is uncuffed and now it’s MEAT SLAPPIN’ TIME. Wait don’t take that sentence out of context, please. Wardlow and Butcher run into each other, neither man giving an inch, then start trading strikes. Butcher bites Wardlow and lays into him with repeated headbutts to the temple. Wardlow breaks through a clothesline attempt and connects with a pair of shoulder tackles, forcing Butcher to take a powder and regroup. Butcher tries to introduce some chairs but the ref gets rid of them. Wardlow follows Butcher to the floor and gets sent into the guardrail and apron, Butcher following up each time with a clubbing clothesline. Wardlow blocks a post shot and sends Butcher into the steel. He signals for a powerbomb but Butcher escapes and slams him onto the apron. Wardlow powers through, scaring Butcher enough for him to look up at MJF, and drops the straps leading to FOUR powerbombs for the 1…2…3.

Wardlow defeated The Butcher via pinfall (4:20)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Wardlow is OVER, y’all. Fun big man match, MJF is objectively an idiot for thinking The Butcher had a shot. Does he not watch AEW? Well probably not, he’s rich. (**1/2)

Wardlow gets cuffed and led out of the ring by security, the crowd cheering and MJF/Spears not happy about what just happened.


Eddie Kingston hypes his match with Daniel Garcia this Friday on Rampage, Garcia’s JAS crew and Kingston’s crew not allowed in the building. Kingston tells Chris Jericho to watch what he does to Garcia because everything he does to him he’s going to do to The Influencer. Kingston is going to whip Garcia real good and his friends and family in Buffalo will not recognize him.

Jungle Boy vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly comes out alone, so Jungle Boy leaves Christian Cage & Luchasaurus behind on the entrance stage after getting some inaudible advice.

Jungle Boy tries to wrestle at O’Reilly, O’Reilly slides out of every hold and they reset. They lock knuckles, Jungle Boy sends O’Reilly to the canvas with a monkey flip, O’Reilly shifts weights and tries to keep the shoulders down but Jungle Boy nips up and connects with a slap across the chest, O’Reilly sits down off a springboard armdrag attempt and goes for the Cross Armbreaker, forcing Jungle Boy into the ropes. Jungle Boy slides under O’Reilly and connects with a dropkick then flips to his feet for the hell of it. O’Reilly traps Jungle Boy’s arm in a hammerlock and trips him up to send him crashing on the arm, covering for a one-count and maintaining control of the arm with a top wristlock. Jungle Boy goes for a sunset flip, O’Reilly tries for another Cross Armbreaker but Jungle Boy escapes. O’Reilly wrecks Jungle Boy with butterfly suplexes and almost gets the pin as the match moves to picture-in-picture. O’Reilly catches a corner kick and levels Jungle Boy with a forearm. O’Reilly rains down more forearms as Jungle Boy does his best to cover up, then slows it back down with a cobra clutch of sorts into a seated stretch into a rollup and the 1…2…Jungle Boy kicks out.

Match returns to full screen, Jungle Boy kicks O’Reilly away and connects with running forearms and a back elbow. O’Reilly goes a running knee strike, Jungle Boy dumps out to the floor and follows up with a tope suicida. O’Reilly pulls Jungle Boy back out into the guardrail, Jungle Boy rebounds out with a lariat. Back in the ring O’Reilly tweaks Jungle Boy’s knee with a Dragon Screw across the middle rope. Jungle Boy fights through the pain and connects with a springboard DDT, hanging on with a front chancery. O’Reilly gets to his feet and counters into an overhead pumphandle exploder suplex, O’Reilly follows up with a kick and Jungle Boy uses the ropes to come rushing out with a lariat. O’Reilly seats Jungle Boy on the top buckle and applies a wristlock, Jungle Boy slips out and goes for a tree of woe but O’Reilly rakes the eyes. Jungle Boy runs back in and hammers down rights until the ref forces a break. Jungle Boy stomps O’Reilly and a sliding dropkick. O’Reilly dodges a sliding lariat, Jungle Boy avoids a legsweep and connects with a superkick, Jungle Boy rolls through into a rollup for the 1…2…O’Reilly kicks out but holds onto the leg and traps Jungle Boy in an Ankle Lock. Jungle Boy rolls out, picks the ankle, and locks in the Snare Trap! O’Reilly digs into the canvas and gets to the ropes, forcing a break. O’Reilly kicks Jungle Boy’s legs out and connects with a middle buckle superplex, Jungle Boy turns it into a cradle for the 1…2…O’Reilly kicks out and drills Jungle Boy with a Brainbuster followed by a top rope kneedrop to the ribs and spine for the 1…2…3!

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Jungle Boy via pinfall (13:01)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Helluva match, good win for O’Reilly who got to shine here without any of that reDRagon stuff. (***)

Christian Cage consoles Jungle Boy in the entrance aisle. They remain mentor and mentee…for now.


Alex Marvez is standing by with MJF and Shawn Spears. MJF says that like a snake all it takes is one bite, and hands an envelope of money to Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Roberts goes into a tangent about how money means more than titles and all that, but then Lance Archer runs in saying he doesn’t care he just wants to fight Wardlow and if anyone gets in his way EVERYBODY’S DEAD. Right on. Cool to see Jake back on the show, sweating up a storm.

HOOK vs. Anthony Henry

Tony Nese and “Smart” Mark Sterling are shown in the crowd scouting HOOK. This is HOOK’s debut on Dynamite, having wrestled exclusively on Rampage since his debut.

HOOK picks the ankle and locks Henry in a half-crab, Henry quickly gets the ropes but it takes a few seconds for HOOK to let go. HOOK immediately lays into Henry with strikes and sends him out of the corner with a hip throw followed by an overhead throw. Lots of throws! HOOK soaks in the adulation of the crowd and connects with a lariat to the back of the head followed by crossfaces. His offense is briefly stopped with the appearance of Danhausen who once again tries to curse HOOK. HOOK ignores it and locks in Redrum for the submission.

HOOK defeated Anthony Henry via submission (1:23)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: HOOK is the future. (SQUASH)

Danhausen gets in the ring and says if HOOK doesn’t want to be cursed by Danhausen he will FIGHT Danhausen. HOOK angrily brushes past Danhausen and walks to the back, not even responding to the challenge but I assume it’s going to happen.


Tony Schiavone is standing by with Frankie Kazarian but his challenge to new TNT Champ Sammy Guevara is quickly interrupted by the man Guevara beat for the title: Scorpio Sky. Sky talks about their history and how Kazarian help put him on the map over five years ago with SCU, then asks Kazarian for a favor: wait a little longer, as he is going out to the ring to challenge Guevara and get the title back. Sky promises Kazarian the first shot, Kazarian says he’s always had Sky’s back and always will…and seemingly agrees? HEH?

-AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa talks about her first successful defense of the title against Nyla Rose. One defense down, now it’s time to go double…or nothing. OH HEY THAT’S THE NEXT PPV’S NAME. I GET IT. I GET WHAT SHE DID THERE.

-TNT Champ Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti are in the ring. Guevara and Conti soak in the boos from the crowd so I guess they’re heels now? Guevara feels on top of the world as TNT Champ for the third time and with the love of his life. Guevara says all the fans who turned on them because Conti is hotter than everyone else’s girlfriend can do one thing: be mad. Scorpio Sky interrupts, flanked by Ethan Page and Dan Lambert. Page says there’s not a single person who’s here tonight to hear Guevara talk into a microphone; the only reason The Men of the Year aren’t in the ring beating them up is because Lambert said tonight is all about business. Lambert says some dumb sh*t I tuned out and Guevara agrees to give Sky a rematch if Lambert gives Guevara & Conti the mixed tag team match they want. It’s official for next week: Guevara vs. Sky in a LADDER MATCH for the TNT Championship.

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: I absolutely do not give a sh*t about any of this and it was a struggle to pay attention. I don’t think I did a good job.

The House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, & Buddy Matthews) say spooky ominous sh*t about Icarus flying too close to the sun and the sun dying. Guys it’s Fuego del Sol, settle the f*ck down.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD trades out Rebel & Jamie Hayter for two members of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I didn’t catch their names, it doesn’t matter.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Danielle Kamela

Kamela competed for NXT under the name of Vanessa Borne which I missed completely. Baker outwrestles Kamela early and soaks in the cheers of her hometown crowd as the match moves to picture-in-picture. Kamels takes over during the half-commercial break, clubbing Baker down and hitting a springboard elbowdrop for a two-count. Baker catches Kamela with a mule kick, Kamela responds with repeated stomps and a Judo throw for the 1…2…Baker kicks out and goes for the arm but Kamela fights her off and slows it down with a chinlock. 

Match returns to full screen as Kamela takes a bow for the crowd and smothers her with a rally towel, earning the ire of the crowd. Baker ducks a clothesline and dazes Kamels with an elbow strike followed by a series of forearms. Kamela reverses a whip, Baker comes out flying with a Sling Blade followed by a superkick and twisting neckbreaker. Baker measures Kamela and connects with a curb stomp then gets the Steelers-logo glove for LOCKJAW. Quick tap.

Britt Baker defeated Danielle Kamela via submission (6:26)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Cool to see Baker get a hero’s welcome in front of her hometown crowd and to get the win. Match itself kinda stunk though to be honest, and it’s a bummer that the only women’s match on this show barely got six minutes. (*3/4)

Baker gets on the mic and says the last few weeks have been very clear: the Women’s division is a disaster without her. Baker runs down various women, including Toni Storm & Jade Cargill, and says vows to win the Owen Hart tournament because she’s the baddest bitch on the planet. 


-VIDEO: A look back at the feud between Hikaru Shida and Serena Deeb. After seven months Deeb vows to end this and end Shida next week in a Philly Street Fight, taking this feud back to where it started. Shida accepts.

-Excalibur runs down Friday’s Rampage and next week’s Dynamite, the latter of which featuring an Owen Hart qualifier between Cash Wheeler…and Dax Harwood! FTR COLLIDE, BABY.

Darby Allin vs. Andrade El Idolo [w/ Jose the Assistant]

The Blade and Marq Quen attack Allin, giving Andrade the early advantage. Andrade tries to open the coffin but hurts his hand, Allin fights off Blade & Quen with his board but gets flung into the barricade by Andrade. Quen rips a masked fan’s sign, fan removes the mask and it’s STIIIIIIING. Love it. Sting fights Blade & Quen off with a trash can, Allin & Andrade battling right behind them. Allin escapes Andrade’s shoulders and sends him into the balcony steps, Sting and Quen battle up the steps. Blade gives Quen a chair, Sting no-sells the chair and shoves Quen off the steps into Andrade & Blade, then STING DIVES OFF THE BALCONY INTO ANDRADE, BLADE, & QUEN! Everyone struggles to recover as the match moves to picture-in-picture and my word Sting is a madman. Sting gets rid of Blade & Quen as Allin & Andrade fight back towards the ring. Andrade picks Allin up and drops him across a chair laying on the apron, then wedges said chair in the buckles. Allin and Andrade trade forearms, Andrade stops it with a kick and throws Allin into the wedged chair, sending it flying. 

Match returns to full screen, Allin throws a chair at a charging Andrade and plants him with a Code Red. Andrade rolls to the floor, Allin goes a Coffin Drop but Andrade catches him and sends him bouncing off the floor with a release German suplex. Andrade slaps Allin, who falls into the coffin, the inside of the lid of which is COVERED IN THUMBTACKS. Andrade tries to close it but Allin sacrifices his arm to stop it. Andrade deadlifts Allin out of the coffin and walks him backwards up the ramp and into a suplex. WHAT POWER. Andrade checks the grate by the ramp and goes for a suplex, Allin tries to fight his way out but Andrade powers through and throws him on top, Allin’s body bouncing once again with monstrous force. Andrade drags Allin towards the casket and ringside, throwing him into the steps and dropping him across the apron. Andrade gets the coffin lid out of the way and hops onto the apron, Allin hits a stunner across the front row then sends him into the coffin with a bullet of a tope suicida. Andrade avoids the lid slamming down, Jose the Assistant runs back out and takes his shirt off for no reason as he attacks Allin. Allin backdrops Jose into the thumbtacks then shuts the coffin lid, jumping on top to get the win.

Darby Allin defeated Andrade El Idolo (12:25)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Darby having the Coffin Match as his signature gimmick fight is pretty great. A nonsense brawl with Darby taking his usual ridiculous bumps, with Sting deciding to join him with a crossbody off the goddamn balcony in the crowd. Loved him bringing back the hiding in plain sight Sting mask that helped him so well in WCW and TNA. Jose very obviously taking his shirt off to take the thumbtack bump was a little goofy but it’s all good. Entertaining. (***)

Sting returns to the ring to check on/celebrate with Allin; Matt & Jeff Hardy show up as well to celebrate with a “DELETE” from the stage as the show ends.




  • CM Punk defeated Dustin Rhodes via pinfall (17:25) [RECAP]
  • Blackpool Combat Club defeated Brock Anderson, Lee Moriarty, & Dante Martin via pinfall (8:06) [RECAP]
  • Wardlow defeated The Butcher via pinfall (4:20) [RECAP]
  • OWEN HART FOUNDATION MEN’S TOURNAMENT QUALIFIER: Kyle O’Reilly defeated Jungle Boy via pinfall (13:01) [RECAP]
  • HOOK defeated Anthony Henry via submission (1:23) [RECAP]
  • OWEN HART FOUNDATION WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT QUALIFIER: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD defeated Danielle Kamela via submission (6:26) [RECAP]
  • COFFIN MATCH: Darby Allin defeated Andrade El Idolo (12:25) [RECAP]


Another good episode of Dynamite in the record books. Punk/Rhodes was my personal favorite match on the show, but Wardlow/Butcher (on atmosphere alone) and the Coffin Match stood out as well. The AEWxNJPW PPV announcement got a lot of people excited and while I will definitely watch it and most likely love the sh*t out of it I wasn’t as blown away by the news. Now if they end with something like Okada/Danielson as the main event…then holy sh*t take my money. I wonder if Kenny Omega returns on that show too, hmm. 

  • FAVORITE MATCH: CM Punk vs. Dustin Rhodes
  • FAVORITE MOMENT: Sting’s balcony dive onto Andrade, Quen, & Blade


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