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‘IW AGAINST ALL ODDS 2021’ Recap + Review – Omega vs. Moose, Purrazzo vs. Rosemary, Doering vs. Kojima

DATE: June 12, 2021
VENUE: Skyway Studios (Nashville, TN) & Daily’s Place (Jacksonville, FL)
COMMENTATORS: Josh Mathews & D-Lo Brown (Skyway); Tony Schiavone, Don Callis, & Scott D’Amore (Daily’s)
VIEWING METHOD: Impact Plus (On Demand)

Moose heads into enemy territory on a mission to bring the Impact World Championship home as he challenges Kenny Omega on his home turf: Daily’s Place, the home of All Elite Wrestling. Also on the show longtime rivals Joe Doering and Satoshi Kojima collide, three other championships are on the line, and W. Morrissey looks to make an example out of former World Champion Rich Swann.


  • IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION: “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo
  • IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPION: “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander
  • IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Violent By Design (Deaner, Rhino, & Joe Doering)
  • IMPACT KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz)


  • STREET FIGHT: Sami Callihan & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Good Brothers (*1/2)
  • Satoshi Kojima vs. Joe Doering (***)
  • #1 CONTENDER’S X-DIVISION MATCH: Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju vs. Chris Bey vs. Petey Williams (**1/2)
  • Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey (***1/4)
  • Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood (***)
  • Fire ‘n Flava [c] vs. Kimber Lee & Susan for the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (**1/4)
  • Violent By Design [c] vs. Decay for the IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (**)
  • Deonna Purrazzo [c] vs. Rosemary for the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP (***)
  • Kenny Omega [c] vs. Moose for the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (***1/4)


“The Draw” Sami Callihan & “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer vs. The Good Brothers (“Big LG” Doc Gallows & “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson)

This match was made this past Thursday on Impact Wrestling as a way to keep The Good Brothers from being in Daily’s Place for the World Championship match (conveniently forgetting that Omega has a WHOLE OTHER TAG TEAM at his side in AEW). Callihan initially did not have a partner and was prepared to send himself to the slaughter but Tommy Dreamer made his return and offered to team up with him for the good of the company despite there being no love lost between the two. 

Lockups go nowhere, Callihan remembers this is a street fight and soon enough the action moves to the floor. Callihan cracks a chair over Gallows, Dreamer bites Anderson’s head and uses the timekeeper’s bell on the family jewels. Anderson screams that it’s not part of the rules, but it’s a street fight baybeeee. No one dressed for the occasion though so I can see where he’d be confused. Callihan and Gallows trade rights in the center of the ring, Callihan switches it up and sends him to the floor with a pump kick then leaves to the back with Dreamer. The duo reemerge with a pair of trashcans full of PLUNDAH, Callihan spanking Gallows with a street sign as Dreamer cracks Anderson in the back with a garbage can lid. Anderson gets the better of Dreamer, crotching him on the guardrail, Gallows finds a chain and wraps it around Callihan’s mouth. Callihan trips Gallows and ties his legs up with the chain, throwing a trash can right on the legs. Gallows EASILY brushes that soff though and knocks Callihan out of the ring. Anderson wedges a chair in the corner, Dreamer whips Gallows into it but Gallows powers through and springs out with a lariat. Anderson throws Dreamer into the wedged chair, Gallows belts Callihan with a trash can lid. Callihan hits HIMSELF with it to show it isn’t working so Gallows boots him instead which does work. Good Brothers work Dreamer over, Gallows splashing him in the corner and covering for the 1…2…not yet. Callihan catches Gallows with a boot and a flying clothesline, Anderson connects with a cutter and he rolls to the floor. Anderson goes for another on Dreamer, Dreamer counters into one of his own and connects with a DDT on Gallows for the 1…2…Anderson makes the save. Dreamer charges, Anderson spikes him with a spinebuster for the 1…2…Callihan attacks the ref to break the count. 

Good Brothers set up a table in the center of the ring, Anderson brings Dreamer in as Gallows drops Callihan back to the floor. Dreamer goes for a superplex, Anderson blocks it and bites him in the forehead. Dreamer peels him off the buckles but Gallows stops the Death Valley Driver attempt and the Good Brothers hit the MAGIC KILLER through the table for the 1…2…CALLIHAN MAKES THE SAVE. Anderson whips Callihan into the wedged chair, Callihan uses his patented baseball to take Gallows and Anderson out, covering Anderson for the 1…2…3.

Sami Callihan & Tommy Dreamer defeated The Good Brothers via pinfall (11:08)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Went about the same as the other Impact street fights I’ve seen over the past year and change, so your mileage may vary. I found it dull personally, yeah there was plunder but I don’t know it felt like it lacked any energy. Callihan getting the pin was cool though and helps heat him up heading into Slammiversary. Legitimately shocked Impact is giving Callihan the big shot at their first show with fans in over a year; Eddie Edwards has been their new Sting for awhile now and I figured they would’ve slotted him in instead. (*1/2)

Callihan calls out Kenny Omega & Don Callis, seemingly having no faith that Moose is going to win the title tonight, and shakes hands with Dreamer in a show of mutual respect.

Satoshi Kojima [w/ Eddie Edwards] vs. Joe Doering [w/ Eric Young, Deaner, & Rhino]

Kojima has been battling in wrestling rings for almost as long as I’ve been a fan, and is a former MLW and NWA Champion in the States, as well as a multi-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion and AJPW Triple Crown Champion in Japan (at one point holding both at the same time), among NUMEROUS other championships and accolades. More importantly, according to his Twitter he really likes bread. Doering is a former Triple Crown Champion himself and they’ve apparently battled before but this is the first time they’re doing it in the States, at least on this level. Doering’s furry coat continues to amaze me.

Kojima grabs a side headlock, Doering whips him off and they run into one another, no one budging. Kojima stomps Doering’s feet and finally sends him to the canvas with a shoulder tackle but this only makes Doering angry and he quickly hits back with a shoulder block of his own. Kojima tries to fight back, Doering buries an elbow to the back of the neck and rains down right hands. Doering traps Kojima in a Boston Crab, Kojima quickly makes it to the ropes but some damage has been done. Doering continues methodically trying to break Kojima down, connecting with a slam followed by an elbowdrop for the 1…2…not yet. Kojima side steps a corner splash and lights Doering up with machine gun chops Kobashi-style which tires him out as much as hurts his opponents. Kojima comes off the top with a flying elbow to the sternum for the 1…2…Doering gets the shoulder up. Kojima brings Doering to one knee with a rolling elbow and charges, Doering surprises him with a spinebuster and rams him back-first into the apron when the action moves to the floor. Doering hops the apron to try and break the count, Kojima trips him up. Rhino tries to attack while the ref is distracted but gets sent into the post, and Kojima drills Doering with a DDT for the 1…2…Doering kicks out. Kojima ducks a clothesline, Doering F*CKS HIS SH*T UP with a running crossbody for the 1…2…Kojima somehow kicks out. Goddamn. Kojima fights out of a powerbomb attempt and connects with a clothesline to the back of the head followed by a cutter. Kojima signals for the end, Doering connects with a fireman’s carry slam into a lariat for the 1…2…KOJIMA KICKS OUT. Doering senses blood in the water though and immediately follows up with a SPINNING sit-out powerbomb for the 1…2…3.

Joe Doering defeated Satoshi Kojima via pinfall (9:02)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Easily the best Joe Doering match since he came to Impact Wrestling. These two I guess have a history together so they knew how to work together and Kojima brought out the good in his opponent here. Doering’s full force crossbody hurt MY ribs just watching it. Damn good, impressive (and clean) win for Doering. (***)

Rosemary hypes up Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve, saying tonight they will bring all the championships back to DECAY. Cue spooky lightning and whatnot.

“Inevitable” Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams vs. Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju vs. “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey

I’m assuming the winner of this one challenges Josh Alexander for the X-Division Championship next month at Slammiversary but you never know it could happen earlier. Austin and Madman Fulton attacked the other four competitors on Impact Wrestling but then they banded together and took Fulton out with a tower of doom Canadian Destroyer so he’s not at Austin’s side like he usually is. If Ace is going to win, it looks like he’ll have to do it on his own. I don’t have full confidence in my ability to keep up in this one but I’ll do my best, y’all.

Bell rings and Austin immediately leaves the ring, pulling Miguel out and throwing him into the guardrail. Williams fights off Bey and Raju, sending both int the middle ropes and connecting with a dropkick to the back of Raju. Williams slams Bey and drops Raju on top with a bulldog, then hits a dropkick/senton combo but Bey kicks out at one. Bey sends Williams down with a headscissors and follows up with an enzuigiri for a two-count. Austin yanks Williams off the apron and goes after Bey, rolling him up with a cradle for a two-count. Bey gets sent to the floor, Austin superkicks Raju after cartwheeling over a legsweep attempt, Miguel takes Bey, Raju, & Williams out with a tope con hilo that Austin ducks. Miguel connects with a Northern Lights suplex, then rolls through into a deathlock. Bey lays into Miguel with forearms, Williams locks him in a Sharpshooter and trades strikes with Miguel as they stare one another down. Raju breaks it all up and pats himself on the back for a job well done. He earned it. Miguel dropkicks Williams in the corner, Raju connects with a cannonball to Williams & Miguel in the corner. Raju sends Bey onto Austin then hits Bey with a rolling neckbreaker into a Falcon Arrow-ish for the 1…2…Miguel goes for a kick but Raju ducks and rolls Miguel up for the 1…2…not yet. Raju counters a suplex attempt from Williams, Miguel tries to run but Raju pulls him back into a back suplex for the 1…2…Miguel kicks out. 

Raju and Miguel trade forearms, Miguel connects with a back kick and Raju responds with a jumping knee strike and running knee slide but Bey attacks him before he can go for a pin. Bey connects with an inverted F5 for the 1…2…Raju kicks out. Bey sends Austin into Raju, Austin sends Bey into Raju and connects with a DOUBLE FAMEASSER from the top for the 1…2…Bey kicks out. Awesome. Williams connects with a slingshot codebreaker and side Russian legsweep on Austin, rolling him up for a crucifix for the 1…2…not yet. Williams signals for the Canadian Destroyer, Austin escapes and hits a corner clothesline and sits him on the buckles. Austin tries to do something but is way too out of it and it gets awkward for a sec, Austin finds his wind and goes for a top rope superplex but Williams fights it off and connects with an AVALANCHE CANADIAN DESTROYER for the 1…2…Miguel leaps in and breaks it up. Miguel heads to the top but out comes MADMAN FULTON from nowhere. Fulton shoves Miguel to the floor and throws Bey and Williams around. Miguel tries a crossbody, Fulton catches him, goozles Raju and Williams, and catches Bey on his shoulders for a SLAM/CHOKESLAM/POWERBOMB COMBO…and the ref calls the match a No Contest. Fulton loses his MIND, chasing the ref to the back and pulling Austin out of the ring.

Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, Rohit Raju, Petey Williams, & Chris Bey fought to a no-contest (12:32)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Well that was a lame finish to what was otherwise a really fun X-Division match. I honestly didn’t know who was going to actually get the win and was invested but then out came Madman Fulton to be a jerk about it. Lame. (**1/2)

-A video plays hyping next month’s Slammiversary, featuring audio about the recent talent releases from WWE. Very subtle. 

Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey

Not sure what the overarching beef is between these two but Morrissey did beat the hell out of Swann’s best friend Willie Mack this past Thursday so whatever is going on is even more personal than before I guess. Morrissey by all accounts has been doing bang-up work since making his Impact debut earlier in the year.

Swann grabs a side headlock, Morrissey whips him off so aggressively that Swann gets sent out to the floor. Swann kicks at the legs and dazes Morrissey with an enzuigiri and series of rights. Swann goes for a headscissors, Morrissey muscles it off, Swann escapes by biting the forehead. Swann dropkicks Morrissey to the floor and follows up with a cannonball off the apron. Morrissey absorbs some more punishment and turns the tide by catching Swann with a big boot mid-springboard dive. Morrissey lays Swann over the top buckle and clubs the hell out of his spine and kidneys, then hangs him over the apron for the same, Morrissey dropping him without a second thought afterwards. Swann beats the count, Morrissey kneels on the back of his neck and steps on his face, using the ref’s count to his advantage. Morrissey locks in a chinlock/armbar combo and SWINGS him around like a ragdoll, Swann crashing hard to the canvas, and follows up with a corner splash. Swann dodges the second splash and Morrissey hangs himself up over the top rope, Swann taking advantage with a roundhouse kick and a leaping throw into the post off the apron. Cooler as an idea than in execution. Swann breaks the count and connects with a 450 Splash off the apron, hurting himself almost as much as his opponent. Swann beats the count at 7, Morrissey re-enters at 9 and Swann drops him with a kick to the back of the head followed by another 450 Splash (from the middle buckle) for the 1…2…Morrissey kicks out and SITS UP, Swann kicks him back down and hits the Phoenix Splash for the 1…MORRISSEY GRABS SWANN, ROLLS THROUGH TO HIS FEET, AND HITS AN F-5! Hot damn! Morrissey splashes Swann in the corner, Swann flips out of a chokeslam and goes for a back handspring cutter but Morrissey counters with a BIG OL’ F*CKIN’ KICK TO THE SPINE, almost like swatting him out of the air. Morrissey connects with a powerbomb, then hangs on and connects with a second. Morrissey stands over Swann, Swann flips him off as an act of defiance, and Morrissey hits a THIRD POWERBOMB for the 1…2…3!

W. Morrissey defeated Rich Swann via pinfall (11:42)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Morrissey gets a BIG win over a former World Champion, looking dominant as hell by essentially brushing off Swann’s finishing move. Impact must really have some plans for this guy if they were willing to feed Swann to him like that. Swann for his part was great at playing the underdog, having to take some crazy chances in order to stay competitive. Good match, I enjoyed it a lot. Morrissey is already at least 10000% better than I was expecting him to be when he showed up. (***1/4)

Gia Miller interviews Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan. Purrazzo knows the odds are in their favor tonight to all leave as champions. Susan tells the people to get the graphics ready because Fire ‘n Flava will be “BURNED N BLAND” when they’re done with them. Purrazzo brushes that bad joke off and reminds them this is their chance to win the Tag Team Titles and prove they belong at her side.

Jordynne Grace [w/ Rachael Ellering] vs. Tenille Dashwood [w/ Kaleb with a K]

This match was signed after the events on Thursday where Dashwood disrespected Grace while trying to interview Ellering for her talk show, essentially calling her the weak link of her team. 

Grace backs Dashwood into the corner and levels her with clotheslines, Dashwood goes low and grabs a side headlock. Grace and Dashwood collide, Grace brushes her off but gets caught in another headlock. Grace catches a crossbody attempt, Dashwood escapes with elbows and dodges a corner splash, Dashwood runs into a big boot and Grace follows up with a pair of shoulder tackles followed by the World’s Strongest Slam for a near-fall. Grace throws Dashwood around after an airplane…full nelson/chicken wing (?) and hammer throws her into the corner, Kaleb with a K pulls her to the outside. Grace tries a baseball slide, Dashwood spins her around and catches her with a boot to the side of the head. Dashwood and Kaleb throw Grace to the floor while the ref is distracted with Ellering, Ellering helps her to her feet and she beats the count. Dashwood continues the attack, rolling through into a double wristlock, attempting to pull Grace’s arm out of her sockets. Grace tries to kick her way out, Dashwood catches her legs into a cradle for the 1…2…Grace kicks out. Dashwood somersaults to show off and connects with a corner crossbody but GRACE HOLDS ONTO HER AND TURNS IT INTO A FALLAWAY SLAM. Hell yeah. Grace revs up, absorbing Dashwood’s strikes and throwing her to the canvas with a pair of slams. Grace connects with double knees to the back followed by a running corner strike and VADER BOMB for the 1…2…Dashwood kicks out. Dashwood catches Grace charging in with a back elbow and connects with a flying crossbody for the 1…2…Grace kicks out. Dashwood sends Grace to the apron and connects with a neckbreaker over the middle rope, stacking her up for the 1…2…Grace grabs the ropes. Grace catches Dashwood with a forearm and rolls back into a rear-naked choke, Kaleb with a K distracts the ref before he can count her out and Ellering pulls him off the apron. Grace FREAKS OUT at Ellering, saying she can do it on her own but her hubris costs her as Dashwood counters the Grace Driver with an inside cradle for the 1…2…3!

Tenille Dashwood defeated Jordynne Grace via pinfall (10:57)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Grace & Dashwood killed it here, I dug this one a lot. Dashwood & Kaleb might low-key be my favorite act in Impact Wrestling and I’ll always pop when Dash gets the win (it’s rarer than it should be). Grace rocks and was great here as well, countering the corner crossbody with a fallaway slam like a f*ckin’ boss. I like the mounting tension between Grace & Ellering and the eventual match between them should be pretty great. (***)

Ellering tries to calm Grace down, Dashwood & Kaleb point a little TOO much fun and Grace rushes the ring, dropping Kaleb with a Michinoku Driver and standing tall. Grace leaves the ring and tells Ellering to leave her alone, she’s got this.

Brian Myers is backstage talking with Sam Beale about what he’s learned so far from Against All Odds. Jake Something walks by and tells Beale to do the opposite of whatever Myers says. Myers tells Beale not to take advice from someone who isn’t even booked, Something pulls Myers to his feet and tells him to teach Beale how to step up. Myers tells Beale to write this next nugget down: “don’t take the bait”. Both bail, leaving a seething Jake.

Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) [c] vs. Kimber Lee & Susan for the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

Susan insists on starting the match, not even removing her blazer to lock knuckles with Hogan. Steelz runs in and hops on Hogan’s back, poking Susan in the eye as the ref is distracted. They lock up again, Lee tries to cheat the same way but Susan falls down instead. Lee tags in, Hogan clotheslines her in the corner and connects with a basement dropkick, Steelz following up with an elbowdrop for a two-count. Lee floats over Steelz and screams, clutching her knee, distracting the ref so Susan can get in a DEEP eye rake. Lee miraculously heals up and connects with a spin kick followed by a Lotus Lock in the center of the ring. Steelz tries to turn it into a pin, Lee lets go of the arms and turns it into a bodyscissors. Susan tags in and connects with a swinging uppercut, covering for the 1…2…not yet. Lee & Susan connect with a double suplex, Steelz kicks out of the pinfall attempt and connects with a series of chops, Lee drops her to put a stop to that. Steelz counters a powerbomb and makes the tag to Hogan, who damn near knocks Susan’s teeth out with a superkick. Steelz trips Susan, Hogan connects with a running kick and covers for the 1…2…Susan kicks out. Susan connects with a jawbreaker and tags to Lee, who hits a sidewalk slam; Susan adds insult to injury with a legdrop and Lee covers for the 1…2…Steelz makes the save. Hogan hits Sliced Bread #2 on Lee for the 1…2…Susan tries to make the save BUT HITS LEE INSTEAD. Steelz climbs the buckles, Susan meets her and brings her back to the canvas with a superkick. She goes to cover but she’s not legal, Hogan knocks her out with a kick, Lee takes Hogan out with a pump kick. A dazed Susan tags in, Lee hits Hogan with a swanton and Susan covers for the 1…2…NOT YET. Steelz tags in and hits a missile dropkick on Lee then hits a Frog Splash on Susan for the 1…2…3.

Fire ‘n Flava [c] defeated Kimber Lee & Susan via pinfall to retain the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (9:12)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Good win by Fire ‘n Flava, who at this point I assume Impact keeps this title around for because they don’t really have many other teams. Purrazzo is probably going to kick Susan out of the clique at some point, which may set up the return of Su Yung. Props to Yung/Susan/Susie for being that damn good and playing three different characters with unique movesets. I probably say that every time I review a match she’s in but it’s always impressive (**1/4)

Violent By Design (Deaner & Rhino) [c] [w/ Eric Young] vs. Decay (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) for the IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

Deaner brings Steve to one knee with a wristlock, Steve flips through and counters into a side headlock into a drop toehold and Deaner bails from the ring to regroup. Steve ducks a clothesline and brings Deaner to the canvas, twisting the neck. Taurus tags in and immediately flattens Deaner with a senton, Deaner once again rolls to the floor to get advice from Eric Young. Rhino tags in and drops Taurus with a shoulder tackle, Taurus dodges a corner splash and connects with combo strikes and an armbreaker. Steve tags in and connects with a European uppercut in the corner, Rhino counters the second attempt with a strike of his own. Steve ducks a clothesline and tags out to Taurus, Taurus bends Deaner in half with a high-impact backbreaker but spends too much time gloating and gets dropped with a clothesline from the apron by Rhino. VBD go on the offensive as they try to wear Taurus down, Deaner slowing it down with a rear-chinlock. Taurus escapes and connects with a flying crossbody, hurting himself in the process but managing to get the tag to Steve, who hits a Rude Awakening for the 1…2…Deaner kicks out and Steve immediately locks in a Crossface, Young yelling at Deaner to reach for the ropes and not tap out. Steve tries to go for a tag but Deaner pulls him away and knocks Taurus off the apron; Steve fights back and connects with a tornado double underhook DDT for the 1…2…DEANER KICKS OUT. Deaner attacks Steve and lays him over the buckles, connecting with a running knee strike right to the ribs, following up with a pull-up sit-out powerbomb for the 1…2…Steve kicks out! Steve rolls Deaner up, Deaner rolls through but gets DDTed and Taurus gets the tag, hitting a pop-up Samoan drop. Steve tags back in and connects with a Swanton for the 1…2…Rhino breaks it up. Taurus misses a corner knee and FLIES to the floor, Steve stuns Deaner with a jawbreaker and follows up with a series of corner clotheslines. Steve squashes him with a cannonball and talks trash at Young, allowing Rhino to sneak up and club him from behind, Steve hitting his head on the top buckle on the way down. Deaner takes advantage, hitting a Deaner DDT for the 1…2…3!

Violent By Design [c] defeated Decay via pinfall to retain the IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (10:37)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Violent By Design is having a helluva night tonight, first Doering won his match against Kojima and now VBD retain the Tag Team Championship. The match was pretty good, Crazzy Steve seems to have kicked it into a new gear in 2021 after his Super X Cup performance and I really dig it. Glad he’s getting the chance to work. Black Taurus is a strange grab for the Decay stable but it works in its own way. (**)

-VIDEO: Maclin says that torture is not pain, torture is time. Life is torture and torture takes time. Maclin has had an abundance of time over the years, a constant unknown mixed with boredom and isolation. Maclin has had to bury who he is deep down over the years but now it’s time to meet “Mr. Mayhem”. Hi Mr. Mayhem I’m Dad.

“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo [c] vs. “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary for the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP

Purrazzo has already defeated Rosemary during her time as Knockouts Champion, but the Demon Assassin has fought her way back to another opportunity. 

Rosemary attacks Purrazzo right at the bell, connecting with a pair of clotheslines and a sling blade. Purrazzo dodges a corner splash, Rosemary stuns her with an elbow and takes her to the UPSIDE DOWN. Rosemary pulls Purrazzo out to the floor and continues inflicting punishment, including an Exploder suplex on the ramp that hurts everyone involved (especially whoever built that ramp, they didn’t make that for people to throw each other onto, that’s just disrespectful). Rosemary breaks the count, Purrazzo attacks and starts working over the left arm, WRAPPING IT IN THE POST and connecting with a pump kick. COLD-BLOODED. Purrazzo continues the arm-focused offense, wrapping it around the top rope and twisting it in unnatural positions. Rosemary surprises Purrazzo with a clothesline and tries to hit As Above So Below but Purrazzo counters by yanking her arm and sending her crashing back to the canvas. 

Rosemary mounts some offense after a double clothesline, fighting through an armbar to throw the champ halfway across the ring with an overhead suplex. Rosemary goes for the Muta Lock and fights through the pain to use her bad arm. Purrazzo easily escapes, Rosemary counters back into a front facelock. Purrazzo escapes with a Russian Legsweep and locks in the Venus de Milo in the center of the ring, Rosemary almost passes out but makes it to the ropes to force a break. An irate Purrazzo channels her inner Ron Garvin by stomping various body parts, then REMOVES ROSEMARY’S KNEE BRACE which the ref just f*cking allows like a jerk. Purrazzo teases using the brace as a weapon but instead lays her out with a pump kick…but ROSEMARY POPS BACK UP and hits Purrazzo with a spear for the 1…2…Purrazzo kicks out! Rosemary’s knee buckles when she attempts a fireman’s carry, Purrazzo wrecks her with a series of kicks and finishes her off with Cosa Nostra (Gotch-Style Piledriver) for the 1…2…3!

Deonna Purrazzo [c] defeated Rosemary via pinfall to retain the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP (12:00)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Another dominant showing from the Knockouts Champion, showing off not only her submission offense but her ring savvy by switching up her game plan towards the end to win by pinfall instead of submission as she appeared to be going for at the beginning. I can’t even FATHOM someone beating her for the title at this point, there’s not a Knockout on her level. Rosemary kept it competitive and showed lots of guts as Purrazzo broke her down but couldn’t overcome in the end. Good stuff. (***)

-After a hype video for the main event, Mathews takes it to Daily’s Place where TONY SCHIAVONE is standing by with Scott D’Amore. TONY SCHIAVONE IS CALLING AN IMPACT MAIN EVENT IN AN AEW ARENA. Crazy. Glad Moose is getting his World Title shot in front of an actual crowd. Well maybe, could just be AEW folks. Speaking of there are NO AEW logos anywhere on the set, everything is black which is strange.

Kenny Omega [c] [w/ “The Invisible Hand” Don Callis] vs. Moose for the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Omega grabs a side headlock, Moose lifts him up with NO HANDS and tells Omega he’s a wrestling GAWD. Omega rakes the eyes and backs Moose in the corner, choking him with his boot. Moose blocks an Irish whip, Omega lays into him with a series of rights. Moose runs into a back elbow but catches a kick and knocks him silly with a right hand. Moose throws Omega across the ring, Omega dodges a corner splash and goes for the One-Winged Angel but can’t even pick him up. Moose breaks out of a Full Nelson attempt and tries to counter a rana with a powerbomb but Omega holds on and finally executes the move, sending Moose to the floor. Omega wants to fly but Moose hops the apron and stops him. Omega kicks Moose back off the apron and this time connects with a Terminator dive. Can’t tell if Moose caught him too late or Omega was about to miss but either way Omega’s life just got saved! Omega comes off the top, Moose catches him but Omega escapes his grip and brings him to one knee. Omega connects with a forward roll and goes for a moonsault but Moose kips up to escape and hits a standing moonsault of his own. Hell yeah.

Moose throws Omega into the buckles with such force he falls to the canvas. D’Amore asks Callis if he’s ever seen Moose submit, Callis says no but he’s also never seen Moose win a title before. Yeah and I’ve been pissed about it for three years now. Action moves to the floor and Moose whips him into guardrail; Moose charges but Omega counters with a backdrop and MOOSE TAKES FLIGHT INTO A ROW OF EMPTY CHAIRS. Dang. Omega hits Moose with a FULL trashcan and poses for what crowd is left in Daily’s Place. Omega works Moose’s right arm, sending him shoulder-first into the post. Omega trash talks Moose and fires elbows into the shoulder, Moose goes for a discus lariat but Omega catches it and brings him to the canvas with a cross armbreaker attempt but doesn’t get the full extension. Omega tries to transition into a triangle choke, Moose muscles him up and breaks it with a powerbomb right on the shoulder. Moose dropkicks Omega in the corner, followed by another with extra hangtime. Omega catches Moose with a kick and hops the buckles, Moose peels him off into a sit-out powerbomb for the 1…2…Omega kicks out! Crowd ROBOTICALLY chants “This is Awesome!” with absolutely no energy behind it then quickly give it up. Omega stuns Moose with a snap Dragon Suplex followed by TWO V-Triggers for the 1…2…Moose gets the shoulder up. 

Moose and Omega trade forearm shivers, Omega goes after the shoulder, Moose responds with a headbutt, Omega turns Moose inside out with a clothesline and connects with a double underhook piledriver for the 1…2…Moose kicks out! Omega connects with a V-Trigger to the shoulder followed by one to the side of the head. Omega goes for the OWA but he’s too big so he’s gotta psyche himself up. Omega gets him on his shoulders, Moose escapes and turns Omega inside out with a rip-cord discus lariat. Moose favors his shoulder, ref calls in an AEW Trainer to check on him. Moose tells the trainer to get the hell out and shoves the ref aside, Omega belts him with another V-Trigger and climbs the buckles, a dazed Moose HOPS THE ROPES and connects with a SPANISH FLY for the 1…2…OMEGA KICKS OUT. Moose charges, Omega pulls the ref in and MOOSE SPEARS THEM BOTH. Moose checks on the ref, in come The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) who hit Moose with various Superkicks and a BTE Trigger, with Matt sarcastically saying “IT’S MAX AND JEREMY BUCK!” to pop the dorks like me watching. Young Bucks help get Moose in position, Omega hits the One-Winged Angel and the ref groggily counts the 1…2…3.

Kenny Omega [c] defeated Moose via pinfall to retain the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (22:48)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: There’s too much juice in the Kenny Omega run right now to take the belt off of him, especially before Impact returns to having actual paid fans. I get that, I do. But MAN does it hurt to see Moose once again lose in his bid to become World Champion. At this point he’s starting to become the Lex Luger of Impact, a guy who almost gets to the top but ends up choking or slipping on banana peel. Again I understand the WHY and the timing and all that but Impact really should sh*t or get off the pot with Moose because it’s been three years and it’s driving me NUTS. All that aside this was a great World Title contest, Omega made Moose look like a monster and Moose stepped it up and kept pace with one of pro wrestling’s greatest performers (according to folks who know more than me, I missed his entire NJPW run). Omega and Moose wrestling in a pitch black arena sans any logos with a lifeless crowd “chanting” was REAL off-putting but I guess it was an attempt at ambience? Overall very good match, Impact needs to throw Moose a bone eventually or let him leave, Impact looks dumb for thinking getting rid of The Good Brothers meant there’d be no interference. Maybe watch the AEW show your World Champion is also the World Champion of. (***1/4)

Young Bucks dance to Omega’s theme in celebration as the champ comes to. Arena gets HACKED and suddenly Sami Callihan shows up, attacking Omega & the Bucks with his baseball bat. Callis gets on the mic and reminds Callihan he’s his boss and not to touch his family. Callihan throws a chair into the ring, setting it up over Omega’s face but before he can do anything CALLIS FIRES CALLIHAN. Scott D’Amore leaves the announce booth and argues with Callis all the way to the back, leaving Callihan screaming “BULLSH*T” in the ring as the show goes off the air.

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: So did Sami Callihan take a private jet to Jacksonville or does he have the power of teleportation? I assume Impact was portraying this as all happening on the same night and I’m pretty sure Nashville and Jacksonville aren’t THAT close to each other. Callis ending the show by firing Omega’s next challenger ahead of Slammiversary is an interesting turn and I’m sure D’Amore will figure out a way to reverse that over the next few weeks. Bless Schiavone’s heart for having to react to this like he knew what was going on.



Against All Odds is a tremendously fun show, with not one awful match on the card. Everything was good to great and served its purpose, with the title matches delivering for the most part and a helluva main event action-wise. Moose losing AGAIN and the show-closing angle where Sami Callihan appeared to teleport across state lines didn’t work for me as well as I think Impact wanted it to but I’m hoping the TV builds on it well. Seriously though is Impact ever going to let Moose run with the f*cking ball? I feel like I made the same statement in 2018 when they fed him to Austin Aries. 

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: W. Morrissey brushing off Rich Swann’s Phoenix Splash and turning it into a standing F-5. Giving Morrissey that counter to the former World Champ’s finisher is ballsy, Impact must have something big planned for the man.

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