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‘WCW BASH AT THE BEACH 1995’ Recap + Review – Hogan vs. Vader, Lifeguard Match, Coolest Wrestling Venue of All-Time

DATE: July 16, 1995
VENUE: Huntington Beach (Huntington Beach, CA)
COMMENTATORS: Tony Schiavone & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Bash at the Beach 1995 brings the action of World Championship Wrestling to an honest to god beach, the only place that contain a main event as big as Hulk Hogan vs. Vader in a Steel Cage. Since we’re on a beach and Baywatch is a thing we’ve also got a Lifeguard match as Ric Flair and Randy Savage continue their year-long feud, The Renegade defends the Television Championship against “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, and…Jim Duggan takes on Kamala? We sure this is a WCW show?


  • WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray)


  • The Renegade [c] vs. Paul Orndorff for the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP [RECAP]
  • Jim Duggan vs. Kamala [RECAP]
  • Dave Sullivan vs. Diamond Dallas Page [RECAP]
  • Harlem Heat [c] vs. The Nasty Boys vs. The Blue Bloods for the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP [RECAP]
  • LIFEGUARD MATCH: Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair [RECAP]





-Schiavone & Heenan open the show, the camera showing off the massive crowd that has gathered on the beach for this event. After some main event hype, they segue into a vignette for Meng, who will be challenging for the United States Championship in the opening contest.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund interviews Sting ahead of his title defense. Sting says Meng knows seven different forms of martial arts but HE knows seven different forms of CRAZY. Sting is on his home turf of California and his parents are at ringside, and he refuses to be embarrassed in front of his family.

Sting [c] vs. Meng [w/ Col. Robert Parker] for the WCW UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP

This is a rematch from last month’s Great American Bash, where Sting defeated Meng to win the vacant United States Heavyweight Championship. Michael Buffer handles the in-ring introductions, earning his money earlier on the card than he usually does. Probably not the last we see from him, but if it is that’d be funny. Parker must be DYING in his suit in this heat.

Meng swings and kicks wildly as he stalks Sting; they lock knuckles and Sting backs him into the corner, breaking clean. Meng backs Sting into the corner and DOES NOT, laying into the champ with forearms and chops. Sting fights back with rights and kicks; Meng absorbs the blows and yells, Sting backing away to reassess his strategy. The two lock up, Meng backs Sting into the corner and connects with a series of shoulderblocks to the midsection. Sting starts to fight back, Meng tries to stop it with a double nerve hold but Sting pulls him off. Meng doesn’t let up, bringing Sting to the canvas and connecting with a standing leg drop for the 1…2…Sting kicks out, Meng grabs a nerve hold but Sting escapes and counters into an armbar. Sting blocks a suplex attempt, ref forces separation and they lock up once more. Sting clotheslines Meng, Meng responds by yelling and throwing some martial arts poses his way. MENG IS TERRIFYING. Meng connects with a slam, Sting dodges a flying head button and immediately goes for the Scorpion Death Lock, eventually turning him over. Parker hops the apron, Sting breaks the hold and gets caught with a kick flush in the ribs. Meng pulls Sting to the apron and suplexes him back in Brainbuster-style for the 1…2…not yet. Meng continues the onslaught, hanging onto Sting for three backbreakers but once again Sting beats the count to stay in it. Meng ties Sting up in a leglock of his own but gets bored and switches things up to an abdominal stretch in the center of the ring.

Meng relinquishes the hold, Sting surprises him with a sunset flip for the 1…2…Meng kicks out and tries one of his own but Sting maintains his balance and splashes him. Meng recovers first and applies his own version of the Boston Crab, both legs tucked under his arm. Sting gets to the ropes and dodges an elbow drop, following up with a belly-to-back suplex. Sting continues his comeback with a trinity of clotheslines and a back bodydrop leading to a Thesz Press for the 1…2…Meng kicks out. Sting launches himself at his opponent, taking Meng over with a rana (?!?) for the 1…2…Meng kicks out once again. Meng reverses a corner whip, Sting surprises him with a crossbody for the 1…2…Meng slides out. Sting flies in with a Stinger Splash, Meng counters with a BIG OL’ F*CKIN’ KICK TO THE FACE for the 1…2…Sting gets his foot on the rope. Booooooo. Meng measures Sting and comes off the middle buckle with a splash for the 1…2…Sting kicks out, both Meng and Parker protesting the decision. Meng goes for a kick, Sting slides under and rolls him up for the 1…2…3!

Sting [c] defeated Meng via pinfall to retain the WCW UNITED STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (15:27)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Absolutely no sense of urgency from either man for most of this match, making every minute feel like ten. I wanted to like this more given how much I enjoyed their GAB match but this felt like a slog. Meng kicking the soul of Sting to counter the Stinger Splash did rule though. They should’ve strapped up Meng, I don’t know what the hesitation was. Dude was a believable monster. (*3/4)

Meng knocks Sting to the floor after the bell, his onslaught stopped by Road Warrior Hawk of all people who was apparently on the Main Event kickoff show.


-Okerlund is standing by with The Renegade and Jimmy Hart. Hart says everyone is talking about The Renegade, Renegade says Hart has programmed him to T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight).

The Renegade [c] [w/ “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart] vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff for the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP

Orndorff earned this title shot by winning the Slim Jim Challenge, which was either wrestling-related or WCW put on an eating contest. 1995 was weird so it could’ve been either. This is Renegade’s first PPV defense of the TV Title, having won it the month before by defeating another beloved veteran in Arn Anderson. He’s…not endearing himself well to the hardcore fans unfortunately, but that’s mostly the booking’s fault. Orndorff doesn’t even bother with a robe for his entrance, it’s way too hot for that sh*t. I respect it.

Match starts right at the bell, Orndorff yanking Renegade to the canvas by the hair and dropping a forearm. Orndorff drops an elbow to the hamstring, the crowd chanting “WONDERFUL” even as he tries to get them against him. Orndorff comes off the top right into the boot of The Renegade, who follows up with a pair of shoulderblocks and a clothesline that sends Mr. Wonderful crashing to the platform and onto the beach itself. Renegade pulls Orndorff in, dropping him to the canvas like a sack of potatoes and locking in a side headlock. Orndorff escapes, Renegade catches him with a jumping kick that was supposed to be a dropkick but…ehhh. Orndorff rolls back to the beach, grabs a handful of sand, and blinds Renegade with it in full view of the ref. Even he hates The Renegade. Orndorff follows up with a back suplex and elbows to the bridge of the nose. Orndorff connects with a dropkick of his own and takes some time to play to the crowd, who still are audibly chanting for him. Orndorff sets up for the Piledriver, Renegade counters with a backdrop followed by two more awkward dropkicks and a powerslam…to absolutely no reception outside of a few boos. Renegade blocks a suplex and connects with a back suplex for the 1…2…Orndorff gets his arm up…3!

The Renegade [c] defeated Paul Orndorff via pinfall to retain the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (6:11)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Arn Anderson was able to get a watchable match out of The Renegade last month, but I guess Paul Orndorff wasn’t up for this challenge this go around because WOOF. Awful match, but I can’t help but feel empathy for Renegade given how green he was and how WCW forced the issue anyway. (*)

Orndorff attacks Renegade and seemingly lays him out with a Piledriver (to the deafening cheers of the crowd) but Renegade SITS RIGHT BACK UP and catches him off-guard with a flying crossbody. Renegade stands tall to no reaction save for the crowd cheering Orndorff as he raises his hands.


-VIGNETTE: Kamala is given to The Taskmaster as a warrior in his war against Hulkamania, joining The Dungeon of Doom. Taskmaster’s “FATHAH” is none other than hardcore legend “King” Curtis Iaukea who easily has the greatest most theatrical voice in the history of pro wrestling.

-Okerlund interviews Kamala’s opponent “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Duggan says he’s trying to play by the rules but things are getting out of hand so he’s making a statement: NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY. Duggan is not shy about using his 2×4 and vows to strike down both Taskmaster and Kamala.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala [w/ The Taskmaster]

Kamala is Taskmaster’s latest “warrior” in his new Dungeon of Doom, whose sole purpose is to rid the world of Hulkamania. Commentary teases another warrior coming soon, which is a threat on MANY levels if you think about it.

Duggan hypes the crowd and trades bombs with Kamala, winding up and dazing the Ugandan Giant is a big right hand. Duggan teeters Kamala with a series of shoulder tackles, finally knocking him down with a clothesline. Duggan gets a “USA” chant going, Kamala tries to goad Duggan into a hug but instead connects with a chop and a side kick that sends Hacksaw into the corner. Duggan tries a slam but Kamala is too big and sends him crashing to the canvas with a forearm. Kamala locks in a bear hug in the center of the ring, Duggan tries to box his ears but Kamala hangs on. Duggan fights out but misses a corner splash and hurts his shoulder crashing into the buckles. Kamala squeezes Duggan’s pec, Duggan counters by biting him, following up with right hands. Duggan drops Kamala with a clothesline followed by a scoop slam. Duggan follows up with the 3 Point Stance, Taskmaster hops the apron and Duggan goes after him, sandwiching the ref in the process. In the confusion Zodiac hits Duggan from behind and Kamala covers for the 1…2…3.

Kamala defeated Jim Duggan via pinfall (6:06)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Well they certainly made people pay to see that match in 1995, huh? Yeesh. (3/4*)


-Okerlund is standing by with “The Macho Man” Randy Savage, decked out in Slim Jim colors and logos in synergy with tonight’s PPV sponsor (and his own personal sponsor, really). Savage says he and Flair have the chemistry to disagree, and Flair’s statement comes to an end in a little while. Savage doesn’t care who the Lifeguards are, it’s all about emotion and family and survival.

Dave (Evad) Sullivan vs. Diamond Dallas Page [w/ The Diamond Doll & Maxx Muscle)

Sullivan defeated DDP in an Arm Wrestling match last month at The Great American Bash, earning a date with The Diamond Doll. As expected DDP did not take kindly to either of these situations, attacking Sullivan during the date and continuing to humiliate the Doll in public, including before the match when a young fan tries to give her some flowers.

Sullivan attacks DDP mid-tirade, shoving the bouquet of flowers in his face and suplexing him back in from the apron. DDP begs off and yanks the tights, sending Sullivan into the buckles. Sullivan responds with an atomic drop followed by a clothesline and shoulder tackle. Sullivan sets up for the Bear Hug but gets distracted by the beauty of The Diamond Doll, allowing DDP to attack from behind. DDP connects with a corner clothesline, earning a 9 from Muscle at ringside, but misses a second corner splash and ends up crotching himself on the top rope. Sullivan catches a kick, spins DDP around, and connects with a clothesline, the crowd going wild for something happening off-screen. Sullivan drives DDP to the canvas with a clothesline and once again signals for a Bear Hug. Sullivan apologizes to the Doll before locking it in, but he quickly lets go thanks to a distraction from Muscle and DDP gets the win with the Diamond Cutter.

Diamond Dallas Page defeated Dave Sullivan via pinfall (4:23)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Well they were smart to keep this one as short as possible at least. DDP tried but man there’s just not a lot you could do with Dave Sullivan to keep a match interesting. Dave would stick around for the rest of the year, feuding with Big Bubba Rogers and participating in the first World War 3 PPV before leaving in early-96. No wait stop don’t. (3/4*)


-Okerlund’s guests are Harlem Heat & Sister Sherri. Sherri says they are the most cohesive unit in pro wrestling and it doesn’t matter what the Blue Bloods or Nasty “Girls” do because Harlem Heat will come out on top. Booker T tells tonight will be on like a steamin’ pot of neck bones, Stevie Ray says today they will whoop two suckas at the same time and there will be nothing to it.

Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) [c] [w/ Sister Sherri] vs. The Blue Bloods (“Lord” Steven Regal & “Earl” Robert Eaton) vs. The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) for the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

Tensions have been brewing between these teams for awhile, with The Nasty Boys having defeated The Blue Bloods at The Great American Bash to retain the Tag Team Titles at the time, thanks to “accidental” interference from Harlem Heat. Heat would go on to beat The Nasty Boys in the time between that PPV and this one, and The Blue Bloods are out for vengeance on both teams for perceived sleights. Before the match we get a rundown of the rules: the two starting teams will be decided via coin-toss, whichever team gets the pin or submission will be declared champions regardless if the reigning titleholders are involved or not, and if a team gets DQed they are eliminated from the match and the two remaining teams will continue battling to declare a winner. I’m used to multi-man matches being pure chaos so I kind of love that DQ rule, I hope it comes into play.

Harlem Heat and The Nasty Boys win the coin toss to start the match, but a giant brawl breaks out anyway with Regal and Eaton both taken to Pity City. Things settle down into a wrestling match, Knobbs turning Booker inside out with a clothesline. Regal tags himself in and connects with a hip toss on Booker. Booker sweeps the legs, steps over Regal, and connects with a back kick. Ray tags in and drops Regal with a forearm followed by an elbow to the side of the head. Eaton tags in and eats a backdrop, rolling to the floor only to get hit with a right from Sister Sherri. Back in the ring Sags tags himself in, attacking an oblivious Ray from behind. Knobbs tags in and peels Ray out of the corner, connecting with a headbutt to the midsection. Sags tags Regal in (?!?), Ray pokes him in the eye and tags Booker who drops Regal with a forearm. Regal goads Booker into the Blue Bloods corner and holds him as Eaton lays into him with rights. Eaton tags in Knobbs (?!?), who sends Booker out to the floor. Knobbs covers Booker but Ray quickly breaks it up. Sags tags in and the Nasties connect with a double shoulder tackle, Sags covering but only getting a one-count. Regal tags in and peppers Booker with a series of knee strikes. Sags gets tagged in (?!?) and the Nasties attack the Blue Bloods, freeing Booker to connect with a dropkick on Sags. The Nasty Boys & Blue Bloods continue working together sort-of to wear Ray down, Knobbs splashing and covering for the 1…2…Regal breaks it up. Booker tags in and connects with a kick for the 1…2…Sags makes the save with a stomp.

Ray tags in, Knobbs backs him into the Blue Bloods corner allowing Regal to tag himself in. Blue Bloods work Knobbs over for a bit, Eaton coming off the top with a flying forearm while Sags tries to shake him off for the 1…2…not yet. Regal traps Knobbs in the Regal Stretch but Sags quickly breaks it up. Harlem Heat gets briefly tagged in but Regal makes sure to tag himself in only to get slapped full-force in the face by Knobbs. Regal attempts a sunset flip, Knobbs counters with a splash and makes the tag to Sags who throws bombs at anybody who comes near him. Knobbs tosses Ray & Eaton out of the ring and backdrops Regal, Sags backdrops Booker onto Regal and Knobbs splashes both, Sags sitting on both for the 1…2…3!

The Nasty Boys and the crowd celebrate until the announcer makes it official: HARLEM HEAT have gotten the win as at some point Booker became the legal man against Regal so The Nasty Boys played themselves! OH!

Harlem Heat [c] defeated The Nasty Boys & The Blue Bloods to retain the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (13:09)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Easily the best match on the show to this point which is not saying much in the slightest but man was I happy to see these teams show up after the undercard we’ve had so far. Match was fun for the most part, had that Nasty Boys chaos that I dig in tag team wrestling, but it seemed like none of the teams really knew what to do with the Triangle Match rules so they kept tagging in other teams which made absolutely no sense. The finish was also…well I’ll take their word on who was legal, I lost track towards the end, but either way that was certainly a way to end it! Pretty dumb but I also didn’t hate it as much as I should’ve probably. (**1/2)

Okerlund interviews Harlem Heat & Sherri on the entrance…sand to gloat about their victory. The world just witnessed Harlem Heat doing exactly what they said they were going to do and they’re the best tag team in the world. Okerlund mentions their next challengers, Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater, Booker T says they aren’t closet champions and will put their titles up against anyone. Sherri says they do not underestimate anyone or run from anyone, and Buck & Slater will get their title shot.


-Okerlund is standing by with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Flair tells Savage he has three things to remember: 1. He swept Elizabeth off her feet, 2. He slapped his father when he got in his way, and 3. There’s only one limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, yadda yadda and that’s the Nature Boy.

-Some ladies in Baywatch bathing suits come out to the ring, horning up Heenan so much he STANDS ON HIS CHAIR to get a peek. Tremendous.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Flair defeated Savage in the main event of last month’s Great American Bash, using Savage’s father Angelo Poffo’s cane to get the tainted win. For some reason it’s been decided that Flair tries to run from Savage all the time so this one is being contested under Lumberjack rules; however since we’re on a beach and the Baywatch crew is here to shoot footage for their TV show WCW is embracing the theme and calling it a Lifeguard Match. “Lifeguards” here include Arn Anderson, Diamond Dallas Page, Harlem Heat, The Nasty Boys, Jim Duggan, Johnny B. Badd, Bunkhouse Buck, Dick Slater, Chris Kanyon (!!!), and probably others I didn’t see yet, and Michael Buffer is back out for the in-ring introductions. I wonder what he’s been up to all show, I highly doubt he’s actually been watching it. I’ve barely been watching it and I’m writing the recap. Oh, uh, thanks for reading btw.

Savage drops Flair with a shoulderblock and goes right to work, raining down rights to the Nature Boy’s forehead and sending him into the li-uh the sun I guess with a backdrop. Savage follows up with a series of clotheslines that sends Flair to the floor, the heel and face lumberjacks fighting each other due to their allegiances and whatnot. Flair counters corner mount rights with an inverted atomic drop followed by the first of what will be many chops. Flair dumps Savage to the floor, the faces trying to help him back in while the heels want to get some some cheap shots in. DENIED. Savage drops a charging Flair with a back elbow, following up with heavy buckle shots. Flair starches Savage with chops, Savage fires back with jabs and a running elbow. Flair gets sent out once again and he’s immediately rolled back in, keeping Arn Anderson at bay the whole time. Savage ends up on the floor and into the sand but gets quickly thrown back onto the apron. Flair tries a suplex, Savage counters and tosses him to the floor, quickly tossed in by Duggan and Brian Knobbs. Flair begs off, poking Savage in the eye and connecting with a back elbow off an irish whip. Flair traps Savage in a sleeper, Savage counters by sending him into the buckles which gives us a wonderful Flair Flop moment. Flair tries to come off the top but Savage shakes the ropes and he lands jaw-first on Savage’s back which he oversells to cover up for the awkward moment. Savage attempts a sleeper, Flair quickly counters with an atomic drop to the knee. Despite the hurt knee Savage still has some fight with him, Flair putting a stop to it with a kick before locking in the Figure Four in the center of the ring. Savage’s father Angelo Poffo is shown in the crowd, dressed like an old man at a European beach which is the BEST. Giant sunglasses and everything.

Savage turns the Figure Four around, forcing Flair to the ropes, but the Nature Boy quickly rebounds with an excellent suplex for the 1…2…not yet. Savage blocks an inverted atomic drop and sends Flair back into the arms of the “lifeguards”, attempting to flee but getting run back in. Okay we got the actual lumberjack spot that matters, cool. Savage drills Flair with a double axhandle from the top, ref gets distracted and Anderson tries to attack but gets dropped. Savage backdrops Flair into the arms of the Nasty Boys; ref gets distracted again and Anderson plants Savage with a DDT, Flair crawling over into a lateral press for the 1…2…SAVAGE KICKS OUT! Savage counters a hip toss with a backslide for the 1…2…Flair kicks out. Flair catches a charging Savage flush in the teeth with a back elbow and heads to the top; to the shock of NO ONE Savage slams him off and connects with another flying axhandle followed by a slam and the FLYING ELBOWDROP for the 1…2…3!

Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair via pinfall (13:55)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Not quite as heated as their Bash match but still pretty good considering this felt like them on autopilot. I know the gate is non-existent but people did pay for this PPV man, I need somebody to give a sh*t. Angelo Poffo getting squashed in the crowd like he was at a concert was pretty funny though and the lifeguards did their thing well. Knobbs catching Flair in mid-air was sweet. I liked all the things that weren’t the match. (**1/2)


-VIDEO: Big Van Vader’s “Roadkill Tour” heading to Bash at the Beach.

-After an aerial shot of the steel cage being put up we go to Okerlund and  Big Van Vader. Vader says the whole world knows what time it is and in a few minutes Hulk Hogan will find out as well! Vader fears no man and feels no pain, and says he grew up on the rough side of Los Angeles while Hogan was busy tanning on the beach.

-Schiavone and Heenan kill some more time during setup, discussing the upcoming match. Heenan asks if Schiavone has any chalk to outline Hogan’s body after Hulkamania is ended. Schiavone calls him a babbling idiot, Heenan retorts that he’s a moron and then they kiss. No they don’t. Schiavone then takes it to a video hyping next month’s special Collision in Korea.

-Back to Okerlund, who’s joined by Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart, and NBA player Dennis Rodman. Hogan says Hulkamania will make Woodstock look like a backyard BBQ and he’s got the killer whites waiting in the ocean to eat Vader when he throws him into the ocean. Jeez. Hogan has “Rod the Bod” here to stand outside the cage door, Rodman vowing to BASH SOME FACES if anyone attempts to interfere.

Hulk Hogan [c] [w/ “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart & Dennis Rodman] vs. Big Van Vader for the WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

The feud between Hogan & Vader began at the end of Starrcade ’94 when Vader confronted Hogan. The two eventually would battle at SuperBrawl V where Hogan got the win via DQ, then again at Uncensored ’95 where Hogan picked up the win (more or less) in a Strap Match. This is the big final match in their series, and the only structure that can contain this violence is a Steel Cage. Vader comes out with his old monster head gear from his earlier WCW/NJPW run, or at least I think it’s a return I can’t remember if he was still using it or not. Sadly Hogan doesn’t counter-program with his weird Gladiator fist helmet from the 80s; instead he’s led to the ring by Baywatch extras which is…fine. I’m surprised Hasselhoff didn’t show up.

Hogan attacks Vader right away, choking him with his ripped shirt and throwing him into the sides of the cage. There is no way anyone in the crowd can actually see what’s happening, not with that sun. Hogan connects with a series of corner mount rights, then climbs to the top and STOMPS THE SH*T OUT OF VADER followed by a FLYING AXHANDLE. New Moves Hulk is here to show off for the Baywatch cameras! Vader tries to slam Hogan into the cage, Hogan blocks it so they throw bombs at each other instead. Finally Vader introduces Hogan’s skull to the steel and works him over in the corner with the stiffest shots he can get in. Hogan fights back and PUTS THE VADER HEADGEAR ON for the coolest-looking but weak as sh*t headbutts ever. Vader feels no pain though and regains offensive control with a corner splash followed by two Vader Bombs for the 1…2…Hogan slides out and bails to the corner. Vader launches Hogan into the cage like a lawn dart and punishes him with more strikes and a suplex THROW. He doesn’t even follow him down. Love it. Vader tries to leave the cage, Hogan attacks from behind and throws him full-force into the cage. Vader easily blocks a slam attempt and connects with a charging knee to the jaw. Vader climbs to the top and MISSES A SENTON, damn-near breaking his neck in the process. Jesus. Hogan wakes up and connects with rights followed by a corner clothesline and karate thrusts to the throat. Hogan goes for another slam but Vader lands on top for the 1…2…Hogan kicks out and Vader grabs a rear-chinlock. One day I’d like to see someone win a match like that.

Hogan escapes and knocks Vader down then plays to the crowd before finally slamming the big man, hurting his back in the process. Poor baby. Vader smells blood in the water, connecting with a short-arm clothesline and a Frog Splash from the middle buckle for the 1…2…HOGAN KICKS OUT AND HULKS UP. Hogan blocks cage throw attempts and connects with a series of rights and bounces off each side of the cage. Hogan drops Vader with a kick, Zodiac and Taskmaster try to interfere but Rodman fights them off and scares them away with a chair. Hogan connects with the Big Legdrop, poses for the crowd, and hits a SECOND Big Legdrop. Hogan goes to climb out, Vader meets him on the buckles but gets knocked off, and Hogan climbs out to get the victory.

Hulk Hogan [c] defeated Big Van Vader to retain the WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (13:13)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Hogan came to play for this one and in turn it made for a damn fine main event, especially compared to the rest of this show. He even busted out some new/little-used moves, no doubt to give the Baywatch producers some good footage for their show but that’s fine at least it got us there. Vader made a good foil, a big man who could actually work, but I can’t lie and say Hogan dominating the feud isn’t sad to see in retrospect. Vader was THE big bad of WCW for so long and Hogan just stomped out all of his mystique within a year of being with the company. His career in the states would never recover, even when he went to the WWF and got his one main event push against the petulant bitch Shawn Michaels in ’96. But ANYWAY let’s not end this on too sad a note. This one is pretty fun if you can stomach Hulk Hogan in your wrestling diet nowadays. (**3/4)

Hogan & company quickly leave the ringside area, probably to find air conditioning, and the show concludes with Heenan throwing his headset in disgust. This time next year Heenan’s hatred of Hulk Hogan would be justified as a New World Order of wrestling would take over, brother. But I’ll get to that later.




  • Sting [c] defeated Meng via pinfall to retain the WCW UNITED STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (15:27) (*3/4)
  • The Renegade [c] defeated Paul Orndorff via pinfall to retain the WCW WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (6:11) (*)
  • Kamala defeated Jim Duggan via pinfall (6:06) (3/4*)
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Dave Sullivan via pinfall (4:23) (3/4*)
  • Harlem Heat [c] defeated The Nasty Boys & The Blue Bloods to retain the WCW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (13:09) (**1/4)
  • LIFEGUARD MATCH: Randy Savage defeated Ric Flair via pinfall (13:55) (**1/2)
  • STEEL CAGE MATCH: Hulk Hogan [c] defeated Big Van Vader via escape (13:13) (**3/4)



Bash at the Beach 1995 has always been a sentimental favorite PPV of mine, based on location alone. Holding a wrestling event on a beach was such a cool idea and gave this event a super unique look that no one has bothered to replicate since. On style alone this PPV has stood the test of time for me.

Sadly there’s more to a wrestling show than style though and when you boil it down this has to be one of the worst in-ring shows WCW ever asked people to pay to watch. The last three matches on the show were at least somewhat entertaining, but the undercard was so rough it almost wasn’t worth it to get through the good. Jim Duggan vs. Kamala and Dave Sullivan vs. DDP on a PPV? Feels like an attack, tbh. Sting/Meng II should’ve been a sure fire way to open the event but even that wasn’t great, a definite step down from last month, which should’ve been an omen.

That being said, overall…I’d watch it again. As bad as it is, there’s just something about it that I can’t help but love. Oh right it’s the beach venue. I like the beach venue. Don’t recommend anyone else watch it though, I can’t imagine someone who didn’t grow up on this stumbling across it and being entertained.

  • FAVORITE MATCH: Hulk Hogan vs. Big Van Vader
  • FAVORITE MOMENT: Meng detaching Sting’s soul from his body by countering the Stinger Splash with a kick. WCW were cowards for not giving Meng the win here.


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