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‘DGUSA OPEN THE ULTIMATE GATE 2010’ Recap + Review – Warriors vs. Evans & Young Bucks, BxB Hulk vs. Naruki Doi

DATE: March 26, 2010
VENUE: Celebrity Theatre (Phoenix, AZ)
COMMENTATOR: Lenny Leonard
VIEWING METHOD: DVD (Personal Collection)

Open the Ultimate Gate 2010 features a six-man tag team main event as CIMA, Gamma, & Dragon Kid of Warriors takes on Jack Evans & The Young Bucks. The Open the Freedom Gate Championship is also on the line as BxB Hulk defends against the now former Open the Dream Gate Champion Naruki Doi




  • Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush vs. Genki Horiguchi & Susumu Yokosuka (***1/2)
  • TJP vs. Yamato (***)
  • Jimmy Jacobs & Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick & Jon Moxley (**1/2)
  • Masato Yoshino vs. Shingo (****)
  • BxB Hulk [c] vs. Naruki Doi for the OPEN THE FREEDOM GATE CHAMPIONSHIP (***1/2)
  • Warriors vs. Jack Evans & The Young Bucks (***1/2)


-PREVIOUSLY ON DGUSA: Brian Kendrick brought Lacey out to play mind games with Jimmy Jacobs, Jon Moxley adding insult to injury by CLOTHESLINING her while Jacobs was powerless to defend. OTFG Champ BxB Hulk made his first successful defense of his championship against Dragon Kid, but both men were attacked after the fact by the group of YAMATO, Gran Akuma, Davey Richards, and new member Shingo who teased helping out Kid until leveling him with a right hook.

Jimmy Jacobs calls Brian Kendrick & Jon Moxley inhuman for using Lacey to get into his head before attacking her, and has brought someone from Kendrick’s past in to help as revenge tonight: an all too eager: PAUL LONDON. London accepted Jacob’s invitation to be Jacobs’ teammate tonight without even thinking about it, wanting to compete against his former partner. London continues rambling, Jacobs snaps at him to get his head in the game and take things seriously. Jacobs says they’re out for blood, London says blood is good for a vampire but not for a human and says he NEEDS Kendrick to push him again…and also may need to drink blood? Paul London is f*cking weird, man.

Jigsaw & “Lightning” MIke Quackenbush vs. Genki Horiguchi & Susumu Yokosuka

Quackenbush grabs a wristlock, Horiguchi counters out and brings him to the canvas with an armbar. Quackenbush traps Genki’s legs and pushes down on the thighs to bend them unnaturally and add pressure. Quackenbush rolls off a rope break and both men reset, this time Horiguchi locking Quack in a bodyscissors. Quack gets to his feet and muscles Horiguchi up into a swinging scoop slam. Pace picks up as Horiguchi connects with a snap armdrag followed by a dropkick and a corner elbow. Quack sits out a whip attempt and wrestles Horiguchi back to the canvas, rolling him up for the 1…2…Genki kicks out and both men get to their feet to make the tag. Yokosuka immediately runs Jigsaw over, Jigsaw ducks a clothesline and connects with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Team Chikara work Yokosuka over with a senton/double stomp combo, Yokosuka sends Jigsaw flying to the floor with a lariat which counts as a tag to Quack. Yokosuka escapes an Abdominal Stretch, Quack turns it into a double armbar of sorts after driving him to one knee. Quack rolls through a sunset flip, Jigsaw connects with a crossbody followed by a headscissors. Yokosuka rolls out, Horiguchi runs in and gets muscled into a slam by Quack followed by a legdrop by Jigsaw for the 1…2…not yet. 

Horiguchi dropkicks Jigsaw’s knee and sends Quack to the floor with an elbow. Yokosuka grinds and stomps Jigsaw’s knee and gets the ref distracted so Horiguchi can assist in further tweaking the ligaments. Quack protests the injustice going on but the ref won’t hear it. Horiguchi settles into a leglock grapevine, Quack now fully ARGUING with the ref. Yokosuka tags in and knocks Quack back to the floor again, Jigsaw starts fighting back with rapid chops but gets his leg taken out once again and trapped in a Figure Four in the center of the ring. Jigsaw tries to reverse but Horiguchi pushes him back to keep the pressure on until a rope break. Jigsaw floats Horiguchi to the apron and connects with an enzuigiri but gets flattened with a lariat by Yokosuka. Yokosuka seats Jigsaw on the top buckle, Jigsaw fights out of an Exploder attempt and connects with a front-facing missile dropkick. Quack finally gets the tag and lays into Yokosuka with palm strikes and chops followed by a corner lariat into a facecrusher and sunset flip for the 1…2…Yokosuka kicks out and gets sent to the ropes, Jigsaw connects with a kick, Quack hits the BTS (I think that’s what LL said) for the 1…2…Horiguchi breaks it up and drills Quack with a tornado DDT. Horiguchi misses a moonsault, Jigsaw connects with a bomb for the 1…2…Yokosuka breaks it up and exchanges chops with Jigsaw before being sent to the floor. Jigsaw climbs the buckles, Yokosuka quickly runs back in and connects with a SUPER EXPLODER and Horiguchi follows up with a BRAINBUSTAAAA for the 1…2…Jigsaw kicks out! Yokosuka removes his elbow pad and eats a superkick but pushes through with a lariat. Quack ducks a lariat and rolls Yokosuka up for the 1…2…not yet. Quack with a wheelbarrow rollup for the 1…2…Yokosuka kicks out, Quack connects with “GIMME THREE” (I think?) for the 1…2…Yokosuka kicks out again! Yokosuka drills Quack with the Jumbo no Kachi for the 1…2…Quack kicks out, Yokosuka quickly hits MUGEN for the 1…2…3!

Genki Horiguchi & Susumu Yokosuka defeated Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush via pinfall (13:34)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Good opening match, I wish Quack wasn’t such a geek because he really is good at stitching together moves in an entertaining way. His face is just so punchable though that I can’t get behind it. Jigsaw rules at latest. Yokosuka got the pin and heads into the next night’s show with momentum as he’s challenging for the Open the Dream Gate Championship, the first time the title has been defended in the United States. (***1/2)

TJP vs. Yamato

Yamato wrestled earlier in the show, beating Luke Hawx. It’s not included as part of the show in the DVD release, just an extra, so I skipped it. He’s also the current Open the Dream Gate Champ but the title is not on the line. Lenny Leonard mentions that TJP beat Gran Akuma to get this match and that Akuma isn’t even on the show tonight due to his loss back in Chicago. Also is it Yamato or YAMATO? I’m going lower-case this recap.

TJP and Yamato do a whole lot of chain wrestling to start, jockeying for position and trading kicks as their knuckles are locked. They catch one another’s kick and quickly break away in a truce of sorts to reset, Yamato even giving TJP a possibly sarcastic round of applause. Yamato gets on his knees and offers a handshake, TJP stuuuupidly accepts it and gets kicked for his troubles. THAT’LL TEACH YOU TO BE AN IDIOT. TJP baits Yamato into sending himself to the floor, Yamato crawls under the ring and clips TJP’s knee from behind, going to work on the limb with a double leglock, a Figure Four of sorts but not really. Maybe an Indian Deathlock? I’ll figure it out at some point (meaning never). TJP gets a rope break but Yamato keeps the pressure on, stomping the knee and even standing on it like a big ol’ jerk. Yamato grabs a toehold, wrapping the leg around his knee to bend it in a position I assume TJP would not prefer. TJP counters into a Dragon Sleeper, Yamato releases the leglock and escapes, kicking him in the back of the head to keep offensive control. Yamato bends TJP into a high-angle Cloverleaf, TJP gets to the ropes and dazes Yamato with a European uppercut. Yamato fires back, TJP connects with a pair of kicks, Yamato walks through and hits him with forearms. Yamato catches a kick and sends it into the ref, then catches TJP with a low-blow; TJP responds with a low-blow of his own and both men crash to the canvas clutching their family jewels. 

TJP hops the buckles, Yamato dropkicks him to take away the balance, TJP shoves off a superplex attempt and connects with a missile dropkick for the 1…2…Yamato kicks out. TJP dodges Yamato in the corner, Yamato holds the ropes to block the neckbreaker and applies a choke sleeper, TJP kicks off the buckles and turns it into a pinning predicament for the 1…2…Yamato releases the hold. TJP keeps it going, drilling Yamato with a Brainbuster for the 1…2…Yamato kicks out, TJP locks him in a Figure Four DEATHLOCK in the center of the ring. Yamato gets to the ropes, TJP pulls him back into the center of the ring, Yamato grabs an Ankle Lock, TJP lands on his feet off a release German suplex and rolls Yamato up for the 1…2…Yamato counters into a second Ankle Lock. Yamato ducks an enzuigiri and applies a choke sleeper, turning it into a SLEEPER SUPLEX followed by a BRAINBUSTER for the 1…2…TJP surprisingly gets the shoulder up. Yamato grabs another choke sleeper and this time TJP is forced to submit.

Yamato defeated TJP via submission (11:24)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Good match, I liked TJP pulling a Bret Hart to try a sneak a win on Yamato with that choke sleeper counter. Yamato is 2-0 tonight and has even MORE momentum than Susumu Yokosuka heading into tomorrow, but also has the mileage that two singles matches in one night will put on the body so is it more momentum? We’ll see…maybe. If that’s one of the DGUSA shows I have. (***)

Jimmy Jacobs & Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick & Jon Moxley

London comes out wearing astronaut gear, playing to the fans while Jacobs looks on in a mixture of amusement and annoyance as his partner still doesn’t appear to be taking things very seriously. London even gives a fan his glasses, the SECOND nod to Bret Hart on tonight’s show.

London tries to play peacemaker to start but Jacobs lunges right at Kendrick. London dumps Moxley to the floor, Kendrick dumps Jacobs, and now it’s the former tag team partners in the ring against one another. Or maybe not as Kendrick decides to tag Moxley instead. London floats over Mox and connects with a springboard moonsault for a two-count. London slides under Mox, my footage skips randomly, and Jacobs is now the legal man after a double team move. Huh, glitch in the matrix I guess. Jacobs stomps Mox down in the corner. Jacobs and Mox spill to the floor, London enters the ring ready to do battle with Kendrick. Kendrick refuses so London wrestles an invisible man instead for a few seconds. Kendrick finally enters the ring, London leaves and boots Mox as he walks around the squared circle/elevated platform. London finds a mic and rambles before telling Kendrick to stop being such a slit (GROSS DUDE). This angers Kendrick enough to finally lock up with London, the two men trade holds back and forth as they know each other way too well to get the advantage for any length of time. London kicks out of a pinfall attempt and connects with a cannonball kick in the corner. Kendrick tries to float, London catches him, Kendrick escapes into a roll-up for the 1…2..London kicks out and grabs a crossface but Mox distracts him long enough to let go of the hold. 

Kendrick low-blows London and Mox tags in, covering for the 1…2…London kicks out, Mox keeps the offense going and kneels on his back as he makes the tag to Kendrick. Kendrick goes after the arm, applying a cross armbreaker. Jacobs runs in to break it up, Mox tries to get a cheap shot in as well but gets caught by the ref. Mox tags in and puts London in the lights with a back bodydrop, covering for the 1…2…not yet. Mox pulls London to his corner and Kendrick tags in, London lands on his feet off a double backdrop attempt and makes the tag to Jacobs who counters a fireman’s carry with a guillotine choke…that gets stopped by with a superkick-ish by Kendrick. Jacobs responds with a spear on Kendrick for the 1…2…Kendrick kicks out, Mox runs in and eats a springboard Ace Crusher, Mox responds with a spinning Boss Man Slam for the 1…2…Jacobs kicks out, London connects with a missile dropkick on Mox. London connects with a double stomp to Mox’s back and trades forearms with Kendrick, Mox running in only to eat a spinning a heel kick. London dodges a kick from Kendrick and connects with a faceslam for the 1…2…Mox breaks it up. London connects with a dropkick on Mox/moonsault onto Kendrick for the 1…2…not yet! That was cool. Jacobs charges at Mox, Kendrick catches him out of nowhere with a small package for the 1…2…3!

Brian Kendrick & Jon Moxley defeated Jimmy Jacobs & Paul London via pinfall (13:38)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: A bit long in the tooth but it had its moments. London dropkicking into a moonsault was awesome, and Kendrick getting the win with a surprise roll-up just as Jacobs looked to be closing in on Mox was a cool finish. (**1/2)

Mox attacks Jacobs after the bell, biting at him. London pulls Mox out and holds him in place so Jacobs can connect with a dropkick through the ropes. Jacobs clears off the timekeeper’s table and Mox gets placed on top and it gets put into position. Jacobs holds Mox in place as London struggles back to the ring to do something, but Kendrick grabs his foot with one hand, holding a mic in the other. Kendrick pulls London in the ring and yells at London to listen to him. Kendrick tells London it’s not worth doing whatever he was looking to do because the fans are losers. Kendrick tells London the fans don’t care and will be cheering the next set of “clowns” that come out. Kendrick says he cares about him and that they’re friends; the people are just fans. Out walks Teddy Hart who snatches the mic from Kendrick. Hart says he risks his life for THESE PEOPLE and it’s too bad Kendrick & London have lost their balls before launching onto both Jacobs and Mox with a springboard moonsault all the way to the lower floor. London tells Hart to do another flip, Hart does and HE GETS ATTACKED BY LONDON & KENDRICK. Hart escapes the attack and talks trash from the apron. Eventually London has enough and connects with a dive on the floor, Kendrick once again joining the attack as this segment goes on for what feels like an eternity. Hart clacks their heads together and connects with a big ol’ splash on both, hurting all three men. Teddy Hart stands tall as this thing mercifully ends.

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Maybe don’t make your post-match angles five hours long next time. Sucked the air out of the room entirely, at least for me.

Masato Yoshino vs. Shingo

Yoshino comes into the match on a winning streak while Shingo has been on a bit of a downward curve. These two have been confronting each other on every DGUSA show leading up to this, building to this moment.

Shingo dodges a leapfrog and connects with a chop, Yoshino catches him charging with a kick then applies a poison rana-style headscissors over the ropes until forced to break. Nice. Yoshino grabs the wrist and repeatedly twists for extra torque, then brings Shingo to the canvas so he can splash the wing. Yoshino ties Shingo up in what looks like a seated Octopus of sorts, Shingo shifts it into a pinning predicament for a one-count. Shingo escapes an armbar with a series of headbutts, Yoshino connects with an armdrag into a gnarly-looking armbar. After a rope break Shingo fires himself up and absorbs a series of strikes from Yoshino, responding with a WRECKER of a chop himself. Goddamn. Shingo counters a leapfrog with a bearhug into an overhead release belly-to-belly suplex. Shingo follows up with a fistdrop but tweaks his taped up knee a bit, creating a moment of pause before he goes back to work, applying a chinlock. Shingo shows off his power, holding Yoshino up with one arm leading into a sidewalk slam for the 1…2…Yoshino kicks out. Yoshino goes back to the arm, snapping it over his shoulder but Shingo counters into a SWINGING CHINLOCK for the 1…2…Yoshino kicks out, Shingo goes right back to a regular ol’ chinlock. Yoshino escapes a suplex and ducks a chop, dropkicking Shingo right in his taped-up knee. Yoshino ducks a clothesline and counters into a sling blade, but is too dazed to immediately make the cover. Shingo connects with a series of jabs into a gutbuster and DDT; Yoshino dodges a senton and connects with a running kick to the side of the head. 

Yoshino traps Shingo in an Octopus in the center of the ring, Shingo blocks the sunset flip attempt and muscles him right into a snap vertical suplex. Shingo connects with a corner lariat (using his bad arm) and attempts a superplex; Yoshino powers out and connects with a flying armbreaker into Sol Naciente but Shingo quickly gets to the ropes. Shingo dazes Yoshino with an elbow and connects with a Death Valley Bomb followed by a bomber of a lariat for the 1…2…Yoshino kicks out. Yoshino counters Shingo with an armdrag, Shingo picks him up on his shoulders and tries to climb the buckles but gets blocked. Shingo chops Yoshino, Yoshino blocks another superplex attempt and they light each other with chops before Yoshino sends Shingo crashing to the canvas with a flying sling blade that hurts them both. Shingo blocks From Jungle and connects with a powerbomb, then muscles him up on his shoulders and comes off the buckles with the Stay Dream (?) for the 1…2…YOSHINO KICKS OUT. Shingo picks Yoshino up, Yoshino counters into a crucifix for the 1…2…Shingo kicks out, Yoshino hits Ude Yoshino, Shingo responds with a thick right hand, Yoshino hits Lightning Spiral for the 1…2…SHINGO KICKS OUT. Yoshino measures Shingo and charges in, connecting with a tilt-a-whirl armbreaker into Sol Naciente! Shingo gets to his feet and tries to muscle out, Yoshino wraps the leg to make it a Sol Naciente Kai and Shingo is forced to submit.

Masato Yoshino defeated Shingo via submission (16:05)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: That kicked ass. Just some good ass wrestling by two really talented pro wrestlers. Yoshino having a secondary and more brutal version of his submission is a cool wrinkle I wish more people did. (****)

Yoshino and Shingo shake hands in a sign of respect and Yoshino even leaves first to let Shingo soak in the adulation of the crowd…until he’s interrupted by Jon Moxley. Mox whispers something in Shingo’s ear and helps him to the back. 

The Young Bucks hype the six-man tag team main event and reveal their partner for tonight: Jack Evans.

BxB Hulk [c] vs. Naruki Doi for the OPEN THE FREEDOM GATE CHAMPIONSHIP

Doi was the Open the Dream Gate Champion up until the previous week, losing to Yamato and ending the longest-reign in Dragon Gate history. 

Feeling out process to start, Hulk cartwheels over Doi and connects with an armdrag but his dropkick gets swatted away. Hulk brings Doi to the canvas with a snapmare and follows up with a basement dropkick for a two-count. Hulk drops Doi with a back heel kick and covers once again but it’s too early to get a win over a man of Doi’s caliber. Hulk connects with a pair of chops. Doi dodges a corner big boot and traps his legs in a tree of woe for a hangman’s neckbreaker followed by a cannonball. Hulk connects with a series of kicks, Doi responds by planting him with a DDT for the 1…2…champ kicks out. Doi connects with a back elbow followed by a belly-to-back suplex for the 1…2…Hulk kicks out. Hulk cartwheels out of  a whip attempt and sends Doi crashing across the ring with a springboard dropkick followed by a cannonball  into a uranage and standing shooting star press for the 1…2…Doi kicks out! Doi avoids FTX and sends Hulk to the apron but misses a springboard dropkick. Doi surprises Hulk with a Saito Suplex and both men use the count to recover. Hulk charges, Doi connects with a Riding Bomb for the 1…2…Hulk kicks out. Hulk escapes a Tiger Suplex with a high kick, then blocks Doi 5s and counters into a superkick for the 1…2…not yet. Hulk MISSES the Phoenix Splash, Doi charges in with a sliding kick for the 1…2…Hulk kicks out.

Hulk counters out of Doi’s grasp and connects with FTX for the 1…2…Doi is still in it. Hulk and Doi exchange forearms, Hulk connects with Mouse followed by a lariat, Doi counters H-Thunder with an inverted flipping DDT and hits Doi 5s followed by a sliding kick for the 1…2…HULK KICKS OUT. Doi slowly climbs the buckles, Hulk dazes him with a spinning heel kick and climbs up…right into Doi’s shoulders who hits a SUPER DOI 5s for the 1…2…Hulk gets a shoulder up. Hulk escapes the Muscular Bomb and connects with an FTX but is too worn down to make the cover. Hulk and Doi light each other up with stiff forearms, Doi with rapid-fire slaps, Hulk staggers but hits a series of slaps himself followed by a big kick and EVOP for the 1…2…Doi kicks out! Hulk picks him back up and hits H-Thunder for the 1…2…3!

BxB Hulk [c] defeated Naruki Doi via pinfall to retain the OPEN THE FREEDOM GATE CHAMPIONSHIP (14:00)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: You guessed it another damn good match on the show! Shocking, I know. BxB Hulk is a ton of fun, doing goofy boy band dancing in his entrance but still being tougher than everyone else and worthy of being DGUSA’s top champion. Lenny Leonard did a good job adding in the wrinkle of Doi coming into this one with the weight of a 15 month title reign on him, giving him a bit of an out for losing. Not enough good things can be said about Lenny Leonard, this dude rules so much. (***1/2)

Jack Evans & The Young Bucks make their way out for the main event. Evans gets on the mic and calls out Paul London & SPANKY for attacking his friend Teddy Hart; he wants to fight them TOMORROW. Oof maybe don’t defend Teddy Hart? Gross.

Warriors (CIMA, Gamma, & Dragon Kid) [w/ Genki Horiguchi] vs. Jack Evans & The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

Matt traps CIMA in a hammerlock, CIMA sweeps the leg and goes for a leglock but Matt kicks him away for a reset. CIMA drops Matt, Matt ducks a kick and rolls CIMA up, and they reset once again. Nick Jackson tags in as well as Gamma, who looks like a psychopath which is fine by me. Nick gets bowled over by a tackle, Gamma dodges a monkey flip and gives him a Sweet Angel’s Kiss. Awww, cute. I thought he spit in his face. Maybe that’s what happened. Nick speeds around Gamma and connects with a dropkick, nipping up for added flair. Dragon Kid tags in so Jack Evans joins the match as well. Evans shows off some breakdancing skills, Kid stops him mid-spin with a dropkick to the face. Evans cartwheels out of an armdrag and slams Kid. Evans stands on top, Gamma knocks him off to stop the showboating. Gamma and Kid try a double team but Evans f*cks their day up with dropsaults and Air Sabus. Evans tries to take flight, CIMA stops him and connects with all of the elbow strikes. Every single one. CIMA and Gamma connect with a double elbow, Gamma blows his nose in Evans’ do-rag and SHOVES IT IN EVANS’ MOUTH. Kid tags in, Evans drives him into his corner and Matt tags in for rights. Nick tags in quickly after and hits a slingshot senton, mocking CIMA and Gamma. Young Bucks connect with a double suplex, Bucks then flip Evans onto Kid for the 1…2…CIMA runs in. Matt connects with a high legdrop and arrogantly covers for the 1…2…Kid kicks out. Kid drops Matt with a spinning kick and tags out to Gamma. Evans sends Gamma into the corner, following up with a back handspring elbow, Gamma spits in Evans’ face and CIMA tags back in for stomps. CIMA lifts Evans into a modified Gory Special, Evans escapes but flips right into a European uppercut. Gamma and Kid hold Evans in the corner so CIMA can connect with a running posterior dropkick. RIGHT IN THE BUTT MEATS.

Kid tags in and connects with a dropkick followed up by a handspring kneedrop for the 1…2…Evans kicks out. CIMA and Kid hold Evans down, Gamma chugs water and dribbles into Evans’ face, being gross yet again. CIMA and Kid hold Evans like a wishbone and Gamma comes down on the jewels with a kendo stick! JESUS. Poor Jack Evans, man. Evans fights off CIMA and Gamma using his insane agility, making the tag to Nick who takes both men down with a double crossbody. Nick gets sent to the apron, superkick to Gamma, springboard casadora to CIMA for the 1…2…Kid breaks it up. Bucks connect with a double hip toss into a double dropkick on Kid, Evans follows with a standing 450 but CIMA breaks up the pinfall attempt. Evans sends CIMA to the floor with a somersault dropkick, Evans & Bucks hit a trio of baseball slides that send Warriors to the bottom floor; Bucks & Evans then follow up with stereo moonsaults and now everybody is out of it. Heck yeah. More wrestling shows with elevated platforms. Back in the ring Gamma ducks a kick and connects with a powerbomb into a facebuster for the 1…2…Evans kicks out. Evans kickflips off Gamma, Gamma hits him with a kendo stick, Matt spears Gamma and the Bucks hit a splash/moonsault combo for the 1…2…CIMA breaks it up. Bucks hit a wheelbarrow Ace Crusher for the 1…2…CIMA kicks out. CIMA flips out of a double suplex and connects with a double stomp on the Bucks, then catches a springboarding Evans with a dropkick. CIMA rolls Evans back in and connects with a Perfect Driver for the 1…2…not yet. Nick dazes Kid with a forearm, Kid counters a Brainbuster attempt with a stunner for the 1…2…NICK KICKS OUT. Nick dodges the 619 and drills Kid with a butterfly backbreaker for the 1…2…Kid kicks out. Matt throws Kid into Nick’s knees in the corner, Bucks hit a legdrop/senton combo, Evans follows up with a 630 Splash for the 1…2…CIMA BREAKS IT UP. Gamma hits Matt with the kendo stick, Kid hits a super rana, CIMA connects with a double stomp, Matt surprises him a crucifix for the 1…2…not yet. CIMA and Gamma hit a pair of superkicks, Kid drills Matt with an ultra hurricanrana for the 1…2…NOT YET. Evans misses a moonsault, Bucks go for More Bang for Your Buck but Kid gets the knees up on Matt, CIMA and Gamma hit double missile dropkicks. Gamma connects with Schwein (sp?) and CIMA follows up with the Meteora for the 1…2…3!

Warriors defeated Jack Evans & The Young Bucks via pinfall (18:01)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Chaotic as f*ck but a really cool main event, especially Jack Evans who has always been INSANE in the stuff he’s able to pull off. How he never became like a top-tier guy is crazy to me, this dude is so exciting to watch. Could’ve done without Gamma being gross but it’s whatever I know Sami Callihan shows up at some point on these shows so I’m sure it’s not as bad as it’ll get. Damn good show. (***1/2)

Lenny Leonard signs off and CIMA does a “WARRIORS” thing with the crowd. Warriors vow victory in tomorrow’s six-man tag team match against BxB Hulk, Masato Yoshino, & Naruki Doi, while also apologizing for his bad English. NEVER APOLOGIZE CIMA. Good times.

Jon Moxley is backstage with Shingo, asking him why he’s showing people respect. He insinuates Shingo is lazy, Shingo slaps him for the insult and corners him. In walks Christina Von Eerie who Moxley uses as a human shield to escape from further punishment. 



Open the Ultimate Gate 2010 is a show filled with really good matches, and also a really bad post-match angle that would NEVER END. The London/Kendrick stuff took a little wind out of my sails but outside of that I dug this a lot. Hard to really come up with words when stuff is just…very good and enjoyable ya know?

  • FAVORITE MATCH: Masato Yoshino vs. Shingo
  • FAVORITE MOMENT: Paul London’s weird ass nonsense promo at the start of the show. What a weirdo. I love it. Wish that his stuff later in the show was as fun.
  • AVERAGE MATCH RATING: ***1/2 (3.33/5)

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