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[Event Recap] ‘DGUSA OPEN THE UNTOUCHABLE GATE 2009’ – Bucks vs. Real Hazard, Richards vs. Shingo, Danielson vs. Doi

DATE: September 7, 2009 (PPV Airdate: November 6, 2009)
VENUE: Congress Theater (Chicago, IL)
COMMENTATORS: Lenny Leonard & Phil Colvin

DGUSA Open the Untouchable Gate/Untouchable features a big Open the Historic Gate rematch as Dragon Kid takes on Masato Yoshino, plus Bryan Danielson and Davey Richards making their DGUSA debuts and The Young Bucks taking on Real Hazard’s Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi in the main event. 


  • Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino (***3/4)
  • Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. YAMATO & Gran Akuma (***)
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Naruki Doi (****)
  • CIMA vs. Brian Kendrick (***1/4)
  • Davey Richards vs. Shingo (****3/4)
  • The Young Bucks vs. Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi (***1/4)


Kevin Harvey welcomes the audience (Congress Theater looks cool as sh*t) and goes right into announcing the participants for the opening match. 

Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino

Kid defeated Yoshino at Open the Historic Gate, a rivalry spilling from the rings of the actual Dragon Gate. Kid tried to show some respect after the match, Yoshino shoved him down, Too Cold Scorpio played peacemaker and got them to agree to a rematch which is happening…well, right now. Shino & Naruki Doi stay behind this time though, letting their factionmates battle it out solo. AAW Commentator Phil Colvin joins Leonard on commentary, not sure if he’s sticking around or is just here for the opening match.

Yoshino grabs a wristlock, Kid flips through and counters with a hip toss, both sweep the legs and try to go for the pin but they stalemate instead. Kid connects with a spinning headscissors, Yoshino slides to the floor and avoids a 619 attempt, similar to their last match. Kid attacks Yoshino as he gets back in, earning boos from the Chicago crowd, and giving him offensive control which is more important. Kid drops Yoshino in the corner with a chop followed by a dropkick, Kid gets the crowd revved back up and hits a basement dropkick. They have forgiven him already, FICKLE. Yoshino catches Kid charging with a back elbow and goes on the offensive, burying a pair of overhand chops to the chest and grabbing a half-Crab. Kid gets the rope break, Yoshino makes him pay with a series of strikes focused on the back followed by a vertical suplex for a two-count. Kid takes Yoshino to the mat and floor with a Deja Vu headscissors followed by a slingshot hurricanrana that sends him into the guardrail. Aw yeeeeeah. Back in the ring Kid connects with a springboard dropkick, Yoshino crawls to the corner and eats a boot. Kid sends himself to the apron, comes back in with a flipping stunner for the 1…2…Yoshino kicks out. Yoshino dodges Kid in the corner, connects with a sling blade for the 1…2…not yet. Yoshino tries to follow up with a suplex, Kid counters with a stunner and a Christo in the center of the ring but Yoshino falls into the ropes to get the break.

Yoshino sends Kid to the apron and tries to come back in with a headscissors, Yoshino counters with a sitout faceslam. Kid crotches Yoshino on the top buckle followed by a palm strike to daze him, Yoshino blocks a top rope hurricanrana and follows up with a BEAUTIFUL missile dropkick for the 1…2…KID KICKS OUT. Kid connects with Jesus Walks (springboard moonsault) for the 1…2…YOSHINO KICKS OUT. Kid gets distracted with the dueling chants, Yoshino shoves him to the apron, Kid climbs back up and connects with a SUPER RANA for the 1…2…YOSHINO KICKS OUT AGAIN. Standing switch, Yoshino connects with a pair elbows, Kid sends him into the ropes followed by a slingshot dropkick and the Ultra Hurricanrana for the 1…2…YOSHINO KICKS OUT, Lee is stunned as that’s the move that won him the match at Open the Historic Gate. Kid heads to the top, Yoshino ducks under and sends him crashing with a Lightning Spiral for the 1…2…Kid kicks out! Yoshino connects with a palm strike followed by a Torbellino, Kid counters a second Lightning Spiral with Bible (Crucifix Bomb) for the 1…2…3!

Dragon Kid defeated Masato Yoshino via pinfall (14:12)

  • Excellent opening match, great callback to their first match at Open the Historic Gate with Kid unable to get the win the same way he did before, making him work harder to find a way to defeat Yoshino. I dug it a lot, and they also shaved a few minutes off in comparison to their first match which made it a lot quicker-feeling. Good sh*t right here, Kid is now 2-0 against Yoshino in DGUSA and appears to have turned the momentum in his favor for this long-running feud. (***3/4)

Kid asks for a handshake, Yoshino teases it but walks off instead. One day they’ll be best friends. Kid shakes it off and gives the crowd a top rope backflip to celebrate.

“Lightning” Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. YAMATO & Gran Akuma

Quackenbush challenged anyone at Dragon Gate to face him or any of his Chikara warriors, YAMATO answered by kicking him square in the beans. Jigsaw came out to make the save and thought Akuma was going to join in because YAMATO disrespected their company but instead Akuma kicked HIM in the beans and joined YAMATO in the beatdown. Now they battle GRUDGE MATCH-style. Quack and Jigsaw are wearing matching colors like a good tag team should, I like them already.

Akuma and YAMATO attack Quack and Jigsaw right away. Akuma and YAMATO splash Quack in the corner, Quack lays into them with a pair of chops but gets dropped with a double backbreaker. Jigsaw hops in, Akuma catches him with a kick and YAMATO takes him to the canvas with a spear. Things turn into a regular tag team match, YAMATO and Akuma wearing Jigsaw down and preventing the tag to Quack. YAMATO clears Quack from the apron, goes after the left knee of Jigsaw. Akuma rolls Jigsaw out of the ring and connects with a seated roundkick for a two-count. Jigsaw takes Akuma down with an armdrag, Akuma quickly rolls through into a headscissors and keeps the offensive advantage for his team. YAMATO slams Jigsaw, locks in an STF after a half-hearted pin attempt. Jigsaw rolls YAMATO up for a two-count, YAMATO stops him from making a tag with a good ol’ fashioned boot to the spine. Jigsaw tries to fight back, YAMATO locks in a sleeperhold then rolls into a leglock submission which Quack breaks up with a stomp. YAMATO goes after Quack, Akuma chokes Jigsaw in the corner. YAMATO and Akuma try an Irish whip, Jigsaw can’t keep any weight on his knee and he crumples to the mat. Jigsaw catches YAMATO with a double stomp and tries to transition into a rana on Akuma but doesn’t get all of it due to his knee (so they say).

Quack gets the tag, corner clothesline and knee faceplant followed by a diving clothesline. Quack catches a kick and connects with a BTS for the 1…2…YAMATO makes the save. Quack flips into a double chop from Akuma & YAMATO, Quack catches Akuma with a springboard elbow. Quack heads to the apron, headbutts YAMATO, YAMATO slams him off the top. YAMATO accidentally hits Akuma, Jigsaw shows up out of nowhere with a superkick for the 1…2…YAMATO kicks out. Akuma flips Jigsaw into a double kneebreaker for the 1…2…Quack makes the save. YAMATO kicks Quack’s elbow and drives him into the mat with a brainbuster for the 1…2…Quack kicks out, YAMATO immediately goes for the CBV but Quack gets to the ropes quickly. Quack takes YAMATO to the mat with a Thesz press for the 1…2…YAMATO kicks out. YAMATO blocks a German suplex, countering into a roll-up for the 1…2…YAMATO goes right into the Ankle Lock in the center of the ring. Quack gets close, YAMATO pulls him back in for an STF, Jigsaw breaks it up with a kick and hits a Michinoku Driver. Quack heads to the top, SENTON ATOMICO for the 1…2…Akuma breaks it up with a superkick to Jigsaw. Akuma traps the arms and hits a straitjacket neckbreaker on Quack. Akuma goes for an Exploder from the top, Jigsaw dropkicks him from behind. Akuma knocks Jigsaw back to the canvas but misses the moonsault, Jigsaw picks him up and drops to his knees, Quack hits a meteora for the 1…2…YAMATO makes the save and connects with a sleeper suplex on Jigsaw. YAMATO charges, Quack dodges and he hits Akuma instead. Quack sends YAMATO to the floor, sending him crashing into the guardrail, Quack connects with Quackendriver 2 for the 1…2…3!

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw defeated YAMATO & Gran Akuma via pinfall (14:17)

  • Fun tag match here, I really dug the mini-Doomsday Device Jigsaw & Quack did towards the end. Fast-paced as expected, I feel like I’ve been sleeping on Gran Akuma for most of my wrestling fan life and that’s a shame he’s pretty great. (***)

YAMATO grabs Quack from behind with a rear-naked choke, Hallowicked makes the save. I don’t know much about Hallowicked but I appreciate both the name & the fact his t-shirt is cut to look like a pumpkin.


The Young Bucks have requested some interview time ahead of the main event. Matt Jackson says they shed the “superstars of the future” label at Open The Historic Gate, proving that night they are the tag team of the present. Matt says they’ve got their hands full tonight against the Open the Twin Gate Champions, but the championship is not on the line for some reason. Matt calls on Real Hazard to put the championship on the line, but out comes Jimmy Jacobs flanked by Mustafa Ali (WAIT WHAT). Jacobs is here to recruit, saying he’s starting something big, and asks if they’re with him or if they’re like all the sheep in the crowd. Young Bucks reject the offer, Jacobs and Ali go on the attack. Young Bucks fight back, hitting them with stereo superkicks and a More Bang For Your Buck on Ali. Bucks attempt to celebrate but are attacked by their opponents tonight, Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi, who say the titles will NOT be on the line tonight.

  • This was okay I guess but MUSTAFA ALI showing up on a DGUSA show, especially an early DGUSA show, just broke my brain a little bit and I might need to lie down.

“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Naruki Doi

Danielson gets the Sabu treatment with the lights out, and is immediately showered with streamers and a standing ovation when he appears. DGUSA ain’t about to pay Europe for the rights to his theme song and I respect it. Doi defeated Shingo in the main event of Open the Historic Gate back in the summer and is still the reigning Open the Dream Gate Champion in regular Dragon Gate. This is billed as one of Danielson’s final independent matches, having signed a contract with WWE.

Chain wrestling to start as both men try to get control but can’t, they’re just too goddamn good. Doi and Danielson trade strikes, the former with chops and the latter with European uppercuts. Doi catches a kick, Danielson connects with a knee strike but misses a kick and Doi sweeps the legs out to ground the Dragon. Doi slows things down, working the left leg over with various holds and a running dropkick as it hangs over the middle rope. Danielson dodges the second dropkick and yanks Doi’s left arm to bring him to the canvas and giving him a limb to work on. Danielson sends Doi shoulder-first into the corner and works both arms over, standing on both to turn it into a pinning attempt for a two-count. Effortlessly great. Danielson twists the arm and cracks it across his shoulder, then brings him back to the canvas with a top wristlock and stomps on the elbow. Danielson bends Doi’s arm in a VERY UNNATURAL POSITION and hits a double underhook slam into a cross armbreaker, Doi gets his foot on the rope to force a break. Doi traps Danielson in between the ropes and connects with a dropkick followed by a somersault senton to the back as he hangs over the middle rope. Doi follows up with a hot shot and back suplex for the 1…2…Dragon kicks out.

Danielson crawls under Doi’s legs and connects with a chinbreaker followed by a running forearm in the corner and a missile dropkick. Danielson kips up into a running kick for the 1…2…Doi kicks out. Rapid-fire forearms from both men, Doi catches a charging Danielson with a back elbow for the 1…2…not yet. Danielson blocks the Doi 555 and grabs an Ankle Lock, Doi gets to the ropes. Doi kicks Danielson away, follows up with a Dragon Screw legwhip and a Figure Four in the center of the ring. Danielson escapes via rope break, repeated counters and roll-ups but neither get the win. Danielson levels Doi with a Busaiku Knee, both men are down. Doi drops down out of a full nelson, Danielson kicks him in the spine and rolls him up for the 1…2…Doi kicks out, Danielson immediately transitions into Cattle Mutilation but Doi is too close to the ropes so he doesn’t get a lot of time with it. Danielson and Doi trade forearms, sweat flying, Doi connects with a series of palm strikes but runs into a rolling elbow, Danielson counters a Bakatare Sliding Kick with an Ankle Lock, grapevining the leg to increase the strain. Doi rolls Danielson into the corner and follows up with a cannonball followed by Doi 555 for the 1…2…DANIELSON KICKS OUT. Tiger Suplex by Doi for the 1…2…Danielson kicks out again! Danielson meets Doi on the buckles, Doi sends him to the canvas but he runs right back with a running forearm. Doi knocks Danielson back down, Danielson shoves the legs to crotch him on the strut, connects with a SUPER BACK SUPLEX for the 1…2…DOI KICKS OUT, DANIELSON WITH THE CATTLE MUTILATION IN THE CENTER OF THE RING. Doi rolls to a seated position, Danielson drives repeated elbows to the jaw for the 1…2…DOI KICKS OUT. 

Danielson hypes himself up, trades strikes with Doi once more. Danielson connects with a rolling elbow, rapid open hand strikes, and a running kick to the chest, then heads to the top. Doi slaps Danielson and climbs up to meet him, Danielson connects with a series of elbowstrikes but Doi fights through and hits an AVALANCHE DOI 555 for the 1…2…Danielson kicks out! Doi with the BAKATARE SLIDING KICK for the 1…2…DANIELSON KICKS OUT AGAIN, Doi immediately connects with the MUSCULAR BOMB for the 1…2…3!

Naruki Doi defeated Bryan Danielson via pinfall (22:25)

  • From the sounds of it this was supposed to be Danielson’s only Dragon Gate USA appearance; it doesn’t end up being the case due to some…situations that happen the next year during his WWE run, but if it had WHAT A MATCH TO GO OUT ON. Great battle here, Doi and Danielson matching up well as they tried to submit and strike their way to glory. Just a real drag out fight between two of the best pro wrestlers going at the time, Danielson getting his wiggles out before having to adapt to the WWE style. Whether he’s Bryan Danielson or Daniel Bryan, this motherf*cker has been a joy to watch his entire career, and two shows into DGUSA I have become a HUGE fan of Naruki Doi. Big win for the Open the Dream Gate Champion over one of America’s top professional wrestlers, helping to cement him as a top guy for the American audience…or at least for me since I went into DGUSA cold. (****)

“THANK YOU DRAGON” and “DOI” chants from the Chicago crowd as both men struggle to regain composure after such a hard-fought contest. Referee Bryce Remsburg gets a microphone for Danielson as the “THANK YOU DRAGON” chants kick back up. Danielson says he wanted the toughest match possible for his Dragon Gate USA booking and thanks Doi for giving it to him. Doi bows and leaves the ring, letting Danielson have the floor (or ring, whatever). Danielson says it’s not a farewell speech, and challenges everyone on the independent scene to thrive and be the Best in the World to take his spot. Danielson names Davey Richards as someone who is fit to replace him as the Best in the World and challenges him to prove it tonight in his match against Shingo. Danielson thanks the fans for their support and asks them to continue supporting independent wrestling.

CIMA vs. Brian Kendrick

Kendrick is fresh off his WWE run, having been released from the company back in July, and as one of the big indie darlings of the early-2000s the crowds are happy to have him back. CIMA wrestled the previous DGUSA show in a tag team match, losing to The Young Bucks, but this is his first singles match for the offshoot company. Mike Quackenbush joins Lenny Leonard on commentary for the remaining card.

CIMA and Kendrick lock knuckles, the latter bringing the former to a bridge. CIMA kips up and counters into a wristlock, transitioning into a hammerlock, Kendrick rolls through to escape and they reset. Dueling chants from the Chicago crowd, Kendrick is LOVING it. Kendrick grabs a Fujiwara Armbar, CIMA rolls through and starts working the left leg. CIMA and Kendrick trade armdrags, CIMA goes for a dropkick but Kendrick drops down to avoid it. CIMA turns his back to gloat, Kendrick drills him from behind and boot chokes him in the corner. Kendrick tosses CIMA to the floor and whips him into the guardrail. Kendrick slows it down with a bodyscissors/cobra clutch combo, CIMA breaks it by biting the arm and gets to the rope. CIMA rolls under Kendrick, connects with a Superdrol. CIMA wedges Kendrick’s head in the buckle, teases whipping his d*ck out (?!?), spanks the former Spanky, and connects with a running dropkick to the spine, jamming him up. Kendrick connects with a corner forearm followed by an enzuigiri for a two-count. Kendrick heads to the top, CIMA intercepts him with a right hand and goes for a superplex; Kendrick fights him off but eats a palm strike and an Iconoclasm, Kendrick counters a Mad Splash with a pair of knees and rolls him up for the 1…2…CIMA kicks out. CIMA takes the knees out, Kendrick rolls him up with a handful of tights for the 1…2…CIMA kicks out, Kendrick sends him into the corner. CIMA catches Kendrick with a superkick followed by Schwein and a Meteora for the 1…2…3.

CIMA defeated Brian Kendrick via pinfall (10:20)

  • Kendrick deciding to play dirty in a desperate attempt to win in his DGUSA debut was pretty great, and I liked the sense of urgency throughout the match to get it done by any means necessary. Too bad it didn’t work out for him but it was a good debut and very good match regardless. (***1/4)

Davey Richards vs. Shingo

Richards got the seal of approval from Bryan Danielson earlier in the show, no uh no pressure in this match dude. Shingo lost his first DGUSA match to Naruki Doi, in the main event of Open the Historic Gate; interesting he’d be here given how the commentators have repeatedly said that people who lost at the first show are not on this one, but like everything in pro wrestling it’s a sometimes rule. 

“WHERE’S YOUR MULLET” chants from the Chicago crowd as Shingo comes into this one with a shaved head and clean face. I’ll admit it, it threw me off for a second too. Richards dodges a chop, Shingo dodges a kick, and they reset. Apparently Richards is getting DYNAMITE KID comparisons which…come on, guys. Come on. First mention of the Open the Freedom Gate Championship, the first champion to be decided in November. Richards brings Shingo to the mat with a snapmare followed by a spine kick; Shingo gets right back to his feet and exchanges blows with Richards, who wins with a series of kicks to the hamstring. Shingo grabs Richards’ leg as he tries to reenter the ring, sends him to the floor with a Dragon Screw legwhip over the middle rope. Shingo joins him outside, whipping him into the guardrail, and brings him back in for a leglock. Richards breaks out with forearms to the back of the head, Shingo releases then drops a fist right on the knee. Richards escapes another leglock and crawls to the corner, Shingo wraps the leg around the middle rope and drills him with an elbow to the jaw. The two exchange chops, Richards connects with a couple of kicks, Shingo ducks a clothesline and throws him out to the floor. Shingo drapes Richards’ leg over the barricade and charges in with a knee strike. Richards tries to fight back with a chop, Shingo chops him harder to stop any semblance of momentum. Shingo brings Richards to the apron, Richards wrings the arm and sends him crashing into the hardest part of the ring shoulder-first, Richards also landing hard on his hurt knee.

Richards ties Shingo’s arm in the guardrail and connects with a hobble-run kick. Back in the ring Richards connects with a hammerlock slam followed by a clothesline off the Irish whip. Richards wraps Shingo’s arm with his leg and applies a kneeling Cloverleaf, Shingo gets to the ropes. Richards sends Shingo in the corner, connects with a running forearm followed by a kick and snap suplex. Richards heads to the top, DIVING HEADBUTT for the 1…2…Shingo kicks out and Richards immediately goes for a Cross Armbreaker. Richards wrenches back, Shingo forces a break. Shingo fights back, connecting with a release German suplex and both men are down. Shingo and Richards trade forearms, Shingo connects with a series of jabs and a MONGOLIAN CHOP. Richards ducks a lariat, Shingo connects with a Death Valley Driver. Shingo hits one lariat with his bad arm, punches Richards, then hits a BETTER lariat for the 1…2…kickout! Richards counters a headlock with a Saito Suplex, Shingo rolls to the floor and Richards connects with a senton, BOUNCING OFF SHINGO AND FLYING HALFWAY INTO THE DAMN CROWD. Goddamn. Richards lays in a series of kicks to Shingo followed by a back handspring dropkick for the 1…2…SHINGO KICKS OUT. Richards charges, Shingo connects with a Flatliner, Richards lands on his feet in a Torture Rack Slam attempt and hits a penalty kick to the skull for the 1…2…SHINGO KICKS OUT AGAIN. 

Richards slams Shingo, heads to the top, Shingo gets to his feet and connects with a chop before climbing up to meet him. Shingo blocks a sunset bomb, Richards dazes him with a leaping enzuigiri followed by a top rope hurricanrana. Richards connects with a running kick followed by a bridging German suplex for the 1…2…Shingo kicks out and the “THIS IS AWESOME” chants kick back up. Richards goes for the DR Driver, Shingo counters with a backdrop and catches a kick, Richards brings him to the mat with a Cross Armbreaker. Shingo turns, Richards changes to a triangle choke, Shingo almost passes out but POWERS HIM UP and climbs the buckles, SUPER STAY DREAM for the 1…2…RICHARDS KICKS OUT. Richards eats a back elbow, Shingo follows up with a series of forearms. Richards back handsprings right into a Blood Fall, Shingo follows up with a lariat for the 1…2…RICHARDS KICKS THE F*CK OUT. Richards counters Made in Japan, connects with a pop-up kick, spinning heel kick and a D.R. Driver for the 1…2…SHINGO KICKS THE F*CK OUT. Shingo blocks a D.R. Driver, Richards connects with a series of short kicks to the head, Shingo ducks a kick and hits Made in Japan for the 1…2…RICHARDS KICKS OUT COME ON. Shingo connects with a corner lariat and seats Richards on the top buckle. Shingo blocks a superplex and sends Richards to the mat with a headbutt, Richards connects with a jumping kick. Shingo knocks him back off with a lariat, then climbs down and charges RIGHT INTO THE POST, Richards heads to the top and connects with a missile dropkick to the left arm. Richards heads back to the top, SHOOTING STAR PRESS for the 1…2…Shingo kicks out, RICHARDS GOES RIGHT INTO THE KEYLOCK AND SHINGO TAPS.

Davey Richards defeated Shingo via submission (25:44)

  • Richards’ whole tough guy demeanor is super funny to me but I won’t take it away from the man he could f*cking GO, and this match kicked ass bell to bell. A real war of attrition with countless nearfalls and some crazy moves by both as they tried to eke out the win. DGUSA seems to want Richards to be their American Dragon and between Danielson’s seal of approval and this crazy ass match I think they’re getting what they want. I don’t think it ends up shaking out due to Richards going other places but isolated this was a big statement match and a big way to introduce Richards to the DGUSA audience. (****3/4)

Richards gets on the mic after and says the credit for tonight goes to Shingo. Richards then brings up Bryan Danielson’s comments earlier about his potential of being the Best in the World, and asks him to come out to give his assessment. Danielson makes his way out and tells Richards he did a helluva job, calling him the new face of independent wrestling. Richards wants to show his appreciation and SUCKER KICKS Danielson; he tells the crowd he needs no one’s endorsement and he will RIP OPEN the Freedom Gate because his time is NOW.

  • GREAT segment to put Richards over as not only one of DGUSA’s new top guys but one of their top heels. That was awesome.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Real Hazard (Ryo Saito & Genki Horiguchi)

Young Bucks made a statement on the first DGUSA show, defeating CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka and calling out any team that wanted to step on their turf. Real Hazard, the Open the Twin Gate Champions, are here to answer the challenge and have the psychological edge going in after an attack on the Bucks earlier in the show.

Matt and Horiguchi wrestle it out to start, countering and switching themselves into a stalemate. Horiguchi backs Matt into the corner and slaps him in the chest, teasing a tag but deciding to keep going. Horiguchi with a hammerlock, Matt counters into a drop toehold and front facelock, Horiguchi counters but Matt counters back and keeps the front facelock applied. Back to a vertical base Horiguchi escapes with a wristlock, Matt nips up into a wristlock reversal, bringing Horiguchi down to a knee. Horiguchi counters into side headlock, Matt with a headscissors, Horiguchi escapes and we are at another stand-off. Saito and Nick tag in, fresh men on both sides. Saito takes Nick down with a shoulderblock, Nick connects with a step-up hurricanrana and dropkick. Horiguchi runs in, Banks with dual back handspring dropkicks. Matt connects with a snapmare, Nick slingshots in with a corkscrew splash for a two-count. Front facelock, Saito pulls Nick into the corner by the ponytail. Nick blocks a suplex and drives Saito into the corner, Young Bucks take turn working the left arm over. Horiguchi breaks the pinfall attempt, Nick gets backed into the corner again and Horiguchi locks in a seated abdominal stretch. Nick escapes, Young Bucks connect with a double stomp to Horiguchi’s hair (!!!) followed by a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for the 1…2…Saito makes the save. Ref gets distracted, low blow to Matt then Horiguchi rolls out, sending Nick into the crowd, Saito sending Matt into the barricade. 

Horiguchi piles up some chairs, connects with a snap suplex on Nick. Matt trades chops with Saito, Saito gets the upper hand with a deep eyerake. Real Hazard double team Matt, chinbreaker, face crusher, sliding baseball kick, Saito covers for the 1…2…not yet. Saito puts Matt in a tree of woe and teases a running kick but spits in his face again. TREMENDOUS. Nick tries to help, gets tossed back to the floor. Horiguchi tries to shake the ref’s hand and get in his good graces but Bryce Remsburg ain’t playing that. Matt fights back with forearms, gets caught charging with a back elbow by Horiguchi for a two-count. Saito comes off the top with a HARD double stomp and a choke with…a whip or something (?) as Nick accidentally distracts the ref, Horiguchi adding insult to injury with a basement dropkick. Saito knocks Nick back to the floor, Matt hits Sliced Bread #2 on Horiguchi and gets the hot tag to Nick. Springboard dropkick sends Saito to the floor, back elbow sends Horiguchi to the floor, blink and you miss it moonsault onto the latter, facebuster to Saito, Matt comes off the top with an elbowdrop and Nick covers for the 1…2…Saito kicks out. Nick connects with an assisted pop-up dropkick, Matt dropkicks Saito through the ropes, Nick connects with a dive. Matt blocks a tornado DDT, connects with a Falcon Arrow for the 1…2…Horiguchi kicks out. Did Falcon Arrows ever win matches? I must’ve missed that time period in wrestling. Matt connects with a powerbomb into Nick’s knees, swanton/legdrop combo for the 1…2…Saito makes the save. Horiguchi throws Nick into Saito for a German suplex, superkick to Matt and a German suplex that sends him right into Nick’s family jewels. Horiguchi connects with a brainbuster for the 1…2…Matt kicks out, Saito with a top rope splash for the 1…2…Nick makes the save. 

Horiguchi gets sent to the floor, Nick hits a running knee to Saito in the corner and a splash to Horiguchi on the floor, Matt with a front blockbuster on Saito for the 1…2…Saito kicks out! Nick goes for a superkick, Saito pulls Remsburg in the way and the ref is bumped. MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK on Saito but there’s no ref to make the count. Horiguchi spits mist in Matt’s eyes, Saito connects with the Double Cross for the 1…2…3!

Real Hazard defeated The Young Bucks via pinfall (17:04)

  • Real Hazard outsmarted The Young Bucks to get the win in a match that was alright but got a little mired in shenanigans. I’ll always pop for some EVIL MIST though as well as attacks to the hair. I liked it well enough but I don’t know, didn’t feel like the right end to the show. Richards/Shingo should’ve been the main event. (***1/4)

Real Hazard celebrates their tainted win as Leonard signs off hyping their next PPV Open the Freedom Gate in November. Nick protests the loss and checks on Matt, still blinded by the mist. Crowd gives a round of applause for the Bucks as Nick helps Matt to the back. 


FINAL THOUGHTS: DGUSA wasn’t going to hit Open the Historic Gate levels with their follow-up but they did get damn close, with Richards/Shingo alone being one of the best matches I have ever watched. I appreciated the story building as well, with Richards going rogue and shunning the attempt at being given Bryan Danielson’s seal of approval and the continued feud between Chikara and Dragon Gate. Quackenbush on commentary is driving me a little nuts though; he comes off like one of those condescending know it alls who’d “well actually” you if you said something he found to be incorrect. Something in his tone is just off. Lenny Leonard kicks ass though, as expected. All in all another excellent show minor quibbles aside, and well worth a watch. 

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Davey Richards vs. Shingo
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Davey Richards attacks Bryan Danielson, rejecting his attempt to give him his “stamp of approval”. TOO SERIOUS BUSINESS for that bullsh*t.


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