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[Event Recap] ‘IW FINAL RESOLUTION 2020’ – Swann vs. Bey, Anderson vs. Page, Kenny Omega Appears

DATE: December 12, 2020
VENUE: Skyline Studios (Nashville, TN)
COMMENTATORS: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

Impact Wrestling presents its final Impact Plus special of 2020, Final Resolution, with an absolute banger of a main event on paper as Rich Swann defends the World Championship against Chris Bey. The Knockouts Championship is also on the line as Deonna Purrazzo defends against Rosemary and Larry D tries to avoid jail time for the attempted murder of John E. Bravo by facing Tommy Dreamer in an “Old School Rules” match, whatever that means.


  • IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION: “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo
  • IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPION: “The Desi Hit Man” Rohit Raju
  • IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Good Brothers (“The Big LG” Doc Gallows & “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson)


  • OLD SCHOOL RULES: Tommy Dreamer vs. Larry D (**)
  • Sea Stars vs. Havok & Nevaeh (**)
  • Alisha & Eddie Edwards vs. Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K (*3/4)
  • Hernandez vs. Fallah Bahh (*1/2)
  • Rhino vs. Eric Young (*3/4)
  • Rohit Raju [c] vs. ??? for the IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (***)
  • Deonna Purrazzo [c] vs. Rosemary for the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP (***1/4)
  • Karl Anderson vs. Ethan Page (***1/2)
  • Rich Swann [c] vs. Chris Bey for the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (****1/2)


“The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer vs. Larry D

Larry D’s alternate personality Lawrence D was discovered to be the man who shot John E. Bravo during his wedding ceremony at the end of October. But Larry D still has a chance to avoid jail time if he can defeat Dreamer in an “Old School Rules” match, which is a fancy way of saying Hardcore match (weapons out in the open and readily available). I’m not going to say I’ve been the biggest fan of this storyline outside of the initial wedding but if we’re getting a FINAL RESOLUTION here I’m game. 

Larry D tags Dreamer with a forearm and back elbow off an Irish whip. Dreamer brings it to the floor, cracking a cookie sheet off his head and bouncing him off the ring steps. Larry D battles back, hitting Dreamer with a cardboard box (must be something heavy inside it). Dreamer blocks a right hand with a garbage can lid, denting it. Dreamer throws the cardboard box in the ring, Larry D trips him up and stomps his face into the canvas. Looks like skewers or chopsticks or something were in that box. Larry D bends a baking sheet over Dreamer’s head and then uses another one and covers for a two-count. Larry D chokes Dreamer with his entrance chain (ENTRANCE CHAIN what’s a dumb thing to say I’m sorry), Dreamer escapes but gets sent into the corner and eats a European uppercut. Larry D follows up with a snapmare into a superkick, opting to bury his fists into the skull instead of going for the cover. Larry D wedges a chair between the top and middle buckle and whips Dreamer with his weight belt. 

Dreamer goes back on the offensive, connecting with a series of left jabs and whips with the weight belt across the chest. Dreamer connects with a belt-wrapped elbowdrop for the 1…2…Larry D kicks out. Dreamer avoids the chair and throws it into Larry D’s midsection, following up with a cutter for the 1…2…shoulder up. Larry D heel trips Dreamer into the chair and splashes for the 1…2…Dreamer kicks out. Dreamer puts Larry D in a tree of woe, lays a chair across his face and dropkicks the steel into the skull. Dreamer chants “TABLE” at himself and slides one into the ring. Acey Romero, Larry D’s XXXL partner, attacks Dreamer from behind and lays the table against the corner while Larry D connects with a lariat. John E. Bravo grabs Romero’s leg to prevent a splash and hits a double clothesline but XXXL is unfazed and sandwich him. Bravo dodges Romero, who goes through the table, and HULKS UP but gets dropped with a headbutt. Dreamer hits Larry D in the balls with a kendo stick and connects with a DDT for the 1…2…3.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Larry D via pinfall (11:41)

  • More entertaining than I was expecting, to be honest. Not much in the way of hardcore shenanigans but I liked Bravo coming in trying to puff his chest out and getting beaten up anyway. Definitely one way to conclude the story; now the question is does this lead to Larry D taking time off TV or are we about to get “Larry D in Wrestler’s Jail” videos? Is it bad I kinda want at least one of the latter? (**)

Dreamer cuffs Bravo, Romero screaming “NOOOOOOOO!”. Larry D rolls out of the ring and Dreamer brings him to the back, Romero forced to stand back to see his friend carted off. 

-Matthews and Rayne run down some of the matches still to come on tonight’s event. 

-Cut to the parking lot where Kenny Omega’s bus is shown in the parking lot. He’s baaaaaack.

Sea Stars (Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox) vs. Havok & Navaeh

Sea Stars lost their bid for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship, losing in the 1st round to Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz, while Havok & Navaeh have moved on to the semi-finals and will be facing the team of Jordynne Grace & Jazz. Redemption match for the former, possible warmup match for the latter.

Exo and Navaeh trade holds to start, Exo blocks a hip toss and connects with a hurricanrana followed by an elbow in the corner. Navaeh escapes Exo’s grasp and goes on the offensive, connecting with a bulldog followed by a basement dropkick for a two-count. Vox tags in and works Navaeh over with forearms, Navaeh shoves her off to escape the corner. Vox ducks a pair of clothesline and connects with a dropkick; Vox turns to brag as Havok tags in. Havok grabs her by the wrist, Vox stomps the foot to escape and grabs a stretch-like hold. Havok powers out, Exo tags in and Havok connects with a backbreaker. Navaeh tags in, Havok whips her into Exo in the corner then splashes Exo herself, Navaeh covers for a two-count. Genesis is announced as the next Impact Plus special, scheduled for January 9th, the weekend before Hard to Kill. Exo fights out of the corner, Havok catches her with a kick and Navaeh immediately follows with a release German suplex for the 1…2…not yet. Havok catches a crossbody, Exo slips out and makes the tag to Vox. Vox FISHHOOKS Havok and connects with a superkick. Havok charges, Vox sends her to the floor and goes for a tope but Havok catches her and slams her on the apron. Exo gets the blind tag and connects with a Codebreaker, holding on so Vox can connect with a top rope senton, Exo covers for the 1…2…Havok kicks out. Havok drops Vox, Exo stuns her with forearms and dropkicks her into the corner. Navaeh makes a tag and connects with a sliding cutter on Exo as Havok connects with a sitout wheelbarrow slam for the 1…2…3.

Havok & Navaeh defeated The Sea Stars via pinfall (8:16)

  • Seemed like some wires got crossed at the end there, but otherwise a good match, giving Havok & Navaeh more momentum heading into the semi-finals of the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament. Seeing the Sea Stars once again reminds me that I really should check out a SHIMMER show at some point. Big ol’ blindspot in my wrestling fandom. (**)

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are backstage, discussing what to do about the wad of cash they stole from Fallah Bahh, who stole it from Hernandez. Steelz wants to just give it back, Hogan is not so sure and says they will think of something.

Alisha & Eddie Edwards vs. Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K

Alisha tried to buddy up with Tenille & Kaleb, who sort of humored her until Alisha became more focused on her husband’s problems with Sami Callihan instead of them which ended that whole thing. Now Eddie’s here to help his wife in her battles the same way she’s trying to help in his.

Dashwood teases locking up with Alisha, tags in Kaleb. Eddie tags in as well, Kaleb catches him with a right hand and chop that hurts his hand. Kaleb has trouble taking his shirt off, Dashwood and the ref help him, and he walks right into a chop from Eddie. Eddie connects with an inverted atomic drop into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Kaleb sweeps the legs and fires off forearms. Eddie connects with a jawbreaker, Kaleb sends him into the ropes and Dashwood chokes him behind the ref’s back, wanting a photo but there’s no one there to take one. Alisha and Dashwood tag in, the former connecting with a low flatliner on the latter followed by a senton. Alisha connects with a bulldog out of the corner for the 1…2…Kaleb pulls her off. Alisha sends Kaleb to the floor, Kaleb trips her up and Dashwood goes on the offensive. Dashwood throws in a DashWoogie, Kaleb taking some pics, and a butterfly suplex for a two-count. Dashwood cheap shots Eddie to ruffle his feathers, Alisha kicks Dashwood and heads to the top but Kaleb trips her up. Dashwood puts Alisha in a tree of woe, then slides to the floor and pulls her hair back to bend the neck in an unnatural position. Back in the ring Dashwood hits a low crossbody for the 1…2…Alisha kicks out. Kaleb tags in and takes a couple pics, then flies right into a boot from Alisha. Dashwood quickly tags back in, Alisha kicks her away and Eddie gets the tag. Eddie tells Dashwood to get out of the way, Kaleb tries to “take the bullet” and flops to the mat. Eddie sends Kaleb flying with a backdrop, Dashwood thinks of getting involved but gets backed into the corner. Kaleb almost runs into Dashwood, Eddie chops him repeatedly, Dashwood stops a Tiger Driver attempt. Alisha gets the tag and connects with a Flatliner to Dashwood followed by a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Kaleb. Eddie rolls in, tope suicida to Kaleb on the floor (and some of the stage lights). Alisha heads to the top but THE ARENA GETS HACKED AND THE LIGHTS GO OUT. Lights go back on, Dashwood slams Alisha off and connects with a basement dropkick for the 1…2…3.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb with a K defeated Alisha & Eddie Edwards via pinfall (8:53)

  • DASHWOOD AND KALEB WIN, YESSSS. Entertaining match, Kaleb hurting his hand every time he landed a move was funny as was his hail mary dive to try and take a hit for Dashwood. They work so well off each other it’s insane. What an accidental goldmine that has turned out to be. Callihan interfering via HACKER TRICKS (Cyberpunk 2077 available now) was kinda lame but it gave the better team the win so I’ll let slide plus it furthers that neverending Edwards/Callihan feud. (*3/4)

Eddie checks on Alisha, Sami Callihan emerges from under the ring and hits Eddie with a baseball bat followed by a Package Piledriver. Callihan teases leaving but grabs Alisha instead, security and officials quickly rush out to save her. 

Gia Miller knocks on the tour bus outside, hoping to land an interview. Don Callis finally answers, Miller asks if Kenny Omega is in there, Callis says he is but he will not be getting involved in Final Resolution. Callis shoos her off to go spend some more family time with Omega.

Tasha Steelz makes her way out to the ring, fanny pack full of cash in hand, to be the special guest ring announcer for the next match. Naturally she clowns on both Hernandez and Fallah Bahh, the former for thinking he’s cool for wearing Chuck Taylors and the latter for thinking he’s a Panda. It’s damn good, make her the ring announcer permanently.

Hernandez vs. Fallah Bahh [w/ Kiera Hogan as Special Guest Referee]

Bahh, acting at the time as John E. Bravo’s Best Man, stole the wad of cash from Hernandez but then decided to keep it for himself, alienating all his friends in the process. Steelz & Hogan then stole it for themselves and now it’s a whole big thing between all these folks. Yes this storyline has lasted a lot longer than anyone though it would, thanks for asking.

Steelz rings the bell, dancing along with Hogan, and we’re off to the races. Hernandez chops Bahh in the corner, Bahh ducks a clothesline and connects with a crossbody, followed with a spinning headbutt for a two-count. Bahh charges, Hernandez puts Hogan in harm’s way to stop him. Bahh moves her, Hernandez rakes the eyes and gets sent to the apron. Bahh connects with a series of rights and charges, Hernandez stops him with a slingshot shoulderblock. Hernandez yells at Steelz to give him his money back, sends Bahh to the floor with a dropkick. Bahh ducks to prevent a splash, Hernandez slaps the back to raise him back up and this time hits a splash. Hernandez connects with a senton for the 1…2…Bahh kicks out. Bahh no sells a kick to the head and drops Hernandez with a clothesline. Bahh squashes Hernandez in the corner followed by a hip splash, Hernandez goes for a sunset flip but Bahh sits on him. He covers, Hogan spends too much time dancing between counts so it’s only a two. Bahh tells Hogan to stop being ratchet and ref the damn the match, Hogan tells him that’s not gucci. Hernandez knocks Bahh off the buckles and connects with a Superfly Splash for the 1…2…3.

Hernandez defeated Fallah Bahh via pinfall (6:18)

  • Hogan & Steelz were pretty great but the match was meh. (*1/2)

Hernandez rubs his hands together, expecting to get his money back. Steelz checks her fanny pack but IT’S MISSING. Hernandez pulls out TWO STRAIGHT RAZORS, Hogan & Steelz run to the back as he stalks them. IS HE GOING TO F*CKING MURDER THEM?

Gia Miller interviews Chris Bey. Bey says it’s a beautiful SaturBEY night here at Impact Wrestling, as he will ascend to main event status as he should have been since day 1. Bey will teach Swann the art of finessing and will take the crown. All he needs is one shot.

-RECAP: Eric Young & Joe Doering’s reign of terror that began last month at Turning Point. Heath was one of their victims, incurring the wrath of Rhino leading into this one.

Rhino vs. Eric Young [w/ Joe Doering]

Rhino gets the better of Young at the start, Young bails to the floor to get his bearings back. Doesn’t appear to work though as Rhino immediately punishes Young once he’s back in, chopping him down in the corner. Young does a Flair Spot, flipping over the buckles and getting slammed off the top. Action moves to the floor, Rhino rams him on the apron and rolls him back in. Doering distracts Rhino, allowing Young to clobber him from behind. Rhino fights back with a backdrop and short-arm clothesline. Rhino sets up, Doering climbs the apron for a distraction, Young takes advantage once again with a neckbreaker. Young distracts the ref, Doering decks Rhino and Young covers for the 1…2…kickout. Young continues the attack but Rhino hangs on, kicking out of each pinfall attempt and further frustrating his opponent. Young catches a charging Rhino with a boot but misses the follow-up moonsault (that I don’t think would’ve hit anyway but shhh). Rhino sidesteps Young in the corner, connecting with a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a pair of clotheslines. Corner whip, mini-Gore, TKO for the 1…2…Young kicks out. Rhino whips Young into the corner, squashing the referee. Doering tries to enter, Rhino kicks the middle rope into the family jewels to incapacitate him, Young drops Rhino with a superkick and grabs his entrance mask. Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake run interference. Deaner yells at Young that he’s not a nobody and HITS JAKE WITH THE MASK. Young smirks and nods, Deaner walks off while Jake rolls to the floor. Young grabs the mask and hits Rhino with it, Doering wakes up the ref for the 1…2…3.

Eric Young defeated Rhino via pinfall (10:36)

  • Young defeated Deaner this past Tuesday on Impact Wrestling, the latter desperately trying to prove to the former that he’s not a pushover. Looks like Young’s words has gotten to him, however. Rhino & Young was Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling but the Deaner turn was unexpected and could be cool. I’d be into a more serious Cody Deaner run, seems like he can do more than the comedy bits. (*3/4)

Scott D’Amore admonishes a security guard backstage for letting Gia Miller near the bus earlier. Karl Anderson walks by, he’s on the list. Family reunion time!

-RECAP: The Defeat Rohit challenge; Rohit beats TJP, TJP can never challenge for the X-Division Championship while he holds the title again.

Rohit Raju makes his way out for the final “Defeat Rohit” challenge of 2020. Raju asks the nimrods sitting at home if it’s set in yet, as he’s been out here PROVING THINGS as the most successful story of 2020. Raju has also been proving everyone wrong, beating all the challengers and staying two steps ahead, solidifying him as the greatest X-Division Champion of this lifetime. Raju asks who can “defeat Rohit” and the challenger is revealed as…Manik, who appears on the top rope and connects with a top rope crossbody.

“The Desi Hit Man” Rohit Raju [c] vs. Manik for the IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP

Ref shows his bias against Raju by calling for the bell, allowing Manik to keep the offense going. Manik goads Raju to send himself to the floor, following up with a slingshot corkscrew splash. Matthews knows TJP is under the mask but the Manik character CAN challenge for the X-Division Championship so this is perfectly legal. I CALL BULLSH*T but the match is happening so whatever. Manik splashes Raju in the corner and locks in the Octopus Hold into a roll-up for the 1…2…Raju kicks out and bails to the corner. Manik sweeps the leg, Raju pulls him out to the floor. Raju goes to follow up but Manik disappears under the ring and the ref starts his count while the champ swivels around trying to figure out where he went. Raju gets comfortable with the count, Manik runs in from behind with a neckbreaker for the 1…2…not yet. Raju sends Manik to the apron, Manik dodges a running kick but the ref won’t let him take advantage, so Rohit gets in a cheap shot. Raju counters a slingshot attempt and connects with a hanging sit-out front suplex for the 1…2…Manik kicks out. Raju drops a forearm, Manik kicks out of the arrogant cover and Raju goes for the mask. Manik fights him off but suffers a knee to the spine. Manik ducks a kick, Raju rebounds with a back suplex for another two-count. Raju seats Manik on the top buckle and goes after the mask again, Manik elbows him off and flips over into a backslide for the 1…2…Manik kicks out and Raju drills him with a clothesline. Manik catches Raju with a knee followed by a fireman’s carry into a kick. Manik catches Raju off-guard with a slingshot DDT for the 1…2…champ kicks out. Manik heads to the top, rolls through a senton attempt but Raju catches him with a running forearm, running kick, and a helluva CANNONBALL. Raju heads to the top, double stomp to the spine for the 1…2…Manik kicks out and the champ can’t believe it. 

Both men to their feet, Raju hits a leaping Flatliner for the 1…2…Manik kicks out, Raju immediately locks in a Crossface. Manik gets to his feet, counters into an Octopus, Raju makes it to the ropes to force a break. Manik ducks a right, connects with a kick that brings Raju to his knees. Raju ducks a spin kick, Manik with a standing switch, ref gets backed into the corner but he’s okay. Manik misses a boot, Raju connects with a jumping knee. Raju goes for a running kick, stops short of hitting the ref, Manik rolls him up for the 1…2…3!

Manik defeated Rohit Raju [c] via pinfall for the IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (11:20)

  • TJP found a loophole despite being VERY obviously the man behind the mask, and ruins Raju’s great 2020 by stealing the X-Division Championship. First standout match of the night, just great work from both guys, Raju proving YET AGAIN why he was worth giving the ball to in 2020. I hope he either regains the belt soon or gets a push to the World Championship because he has really put the work in and deserves it. (***)

Gia Miller asks Moose what his purpose is for being at the show tonight. Moose says taking out Willie Mack didn’t make him angry; what makes him angry is everyone talking about the Impact World Champion Rich Swann even though he holds the SECOND most important title in the company to his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Moose will be watching tonight’s main event, as he will take the championship from whoever wins. 

“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo [w/ Kimber Lee] [c] vs. “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary [w/ Taya Valkyrie]

Purrazzo got rid of one demon, Su Yung, but now finds herself facing ANOTHER demon in the form of Rosemary. Virtuosa just can’t catch a break and wrestle a normal person.

Rosemary dares Purrazzo to lock up, Purrazzo bails to the floor to regroup making Rosemary laugh. Lee picks the ankle but Rosemary is unbothered, spearing Purrazzo and raining forearms down on the champ. Rosemary throws Purrazzo around the ring and rams her head repeatedly in the buckles, Lee fanning her to try and wake her up. Purrazzo escapes the butterfly and sends Rosemary to the floor, Valkyrie heads over to make sure Lee doesn’t put her hands on her tag team partner. Purrazzo zeroes in on Rosemary’s left arm, sending it into the post and bending it in all sorts of positions. Purrazzo brings Rosemary to the mat with an armbar, Rosemary gets to her feet and tosses the champ to the floor. Valkyrie stalks her, Lee gets in between them and the two jaw jack. Rosemary pummels Purrazzo in the corner and connects with an inverted DDT for the 1…2…Purrazzo kicks out. Purrazzo sends Rosemary crashing off the apron with an elbow, Rosemary just beats the count and Purrazzo immediately puts the boots to her. Purrazzo connects with a short-arm clothesline, covers for the 1…2…Rosemary kicks out, Purrazzo buries a series of crossface forearms to the chest before cinching in a chinlock. Rosemary breaks Purrazzo’s MMA-like submission and catches her mid-charge with a sidewalk slam.

Rosemary and Purrazzo trade forearms, Rosemary hits a clothesline followed by a sling blade, stopping to clutch her hurt arm. Rosemary hits an Exploder suplex for the 1…2…champ gets her shoulder up. Purrazzo goes after the arm, Rosemary counters with a handful of hair and connects with a butterfly suplex for the 1…2…Purrazzo kicks out once more. Purrazzo yanks Rosemary to the mat and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar; Rosemary escapes and connects with the Red Wedding for the 1…2…Lee pulls the ref out. Valkyrie chases Lee around the ring, Rosemary turns into a pump kick from Purrazzo, who follows up with Cosa Nostra for the 1…2…3.

Deonna Purrazzo [c] defeated Rosemary via pinfall to retain the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP (13:14)

  • Great match. Both shined on offense and the closing stretch kicked ass enough to overcome the goofy-ish finish. I do appreciate that refs in Impact don’t want to immediately DQ anyone who puts their hands on them though. (***1/4)

Valkyrie shoves Lee on her ass and tosses Purrazzo out of the ring to stand tall at the end. Next contender maybe? If she and Rosemary don’t win the Knockouts Tag Team Titles anyway. I could easily see them as champs.

Karl Anderson hangs out with Kenny Omega and Don Callis in the tour bus talking about old times in Japan. Anderson would rather sit and talk but he has to go to work. Callis thinks Anderson should be able to beat Ethan Page in two minutes, Anderson says it might need to take a longer time. Omega and Callis want to see THE MACHINE GUN, Anderson hypes up and leaves the tour bus, Omega doing machine gun pantomiming.

  • Right on, I guess. Is Kenny Omega’s Impact involvement gonna be random tour bus segments? I mean there’s a novelty to it but it doesn’t feel like it benefits Impact all that much. But it’s only been two weeks, maybe I’m jumping the (machine) gun.

-FEUD RECAP: North vs. Good Brothers, leading to Karl Anderson vs. Ethan Page tonight. Highlights focus on Page losing his mind and going into business for himself much to the chagrin of his level headed tag team partner.

“Machine Gun” Karl Anderson vs. “All Ego” Ethan Page [w/ “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander]

Anderson backs Page in the corner, breaks clean. They lock up once more, Anderson backs Page into the corner but this time connects with a right to the midsection. Anderson drops Page with a back elbow and connects with rights from a full mount position. Anderson sends Page to the floor and connects with a knife-edged chop. Alexander picks the leg, Page brings him back in with a hanging butterfly backbreaker. Anderson spills to the floor, Page sends him spine-first into the apron and head-first into the post. Page catches Anderson with a superkick followed by a shoulder tackle. Page drops an elbow, covers for the 1…2…Anderson kicks out and Page immediately slaps on a chinlock. Page continues going after the back, hitting another backbreaker for the 1…2…Anderson kicks out and Page wedges his forearm into his face, leading into a double wristlock with a knee to the spine. Knee turns to foot as Anderson gets to his feet and turns it around into a kick. Anderson and Page trade shots, Anderson ducks a clothesline and hits a back suplex.

Anderson ducks a kick and connects with an uppercut, following up with a back elbow off a whip and a senton. Page bails to the corner, Anderson whips him across the ring and runs into an elbow; Page charges, Anderson connects with a spinebuster for the 1…2…Page kicks out. Page catches Anderson with a kick followed by a slam for the 1…2…Anderson kicks out and Page is getting frustrated. Anderson dodges Page in the corner and connects with a kick, Page escapes a fireman’s carry and runs into an elbow. Page ducks a clothesline and sends Anderson into the corner, following up with a chop. Page pulls Anderson to the mat and follows up with a brainbuster for the 1…2…Anderson kicks out! Anderson headbutts Page off the buckles and connects with a middle-buckle cutter. Alexander tries to interfere, Anderson knocks him off the apron and hits a Gun Stun that PAGE TAKES ON THE TOP OF HIS DAMN HEAD for the 1…2…3.

Karl Anderson defeated Ethan Page via pinfall (13:15)

  • F*CK YEAH. Just real good business here between Anderson and Page. If Ethan Page never wins a World Championship I will, I don’t know, angrily tweet about it when I’m in an old folks home or something. I haven’t thought that far. Anderson is an underrated singles competitor and really brought it here, just some great exchanges and that Gun Stun at the end looked like a real death knell. Once again Page f*cks up and Alexander has got to be getting tired of this at this point. When will the Walking Weapon snap? (***1/2)

Anderson gets his arm raised on the ramp, Page lying motionless and his eyes WIDE open. Alexander rolls in and disappointingly kneels over his partner. Page comes to and says it’ll be okay, they will think of something and everything is going to be fine. Alexander takes his North jacket off and walks off, ignoring Page’s insistence that he has a plan. Page tells everyone that everything is going to be fine, almost coming to tears.


-RECAP: The events leading to Rich Swann vs. Chris Bey, including some machinations from Moose.

Rich Swann [c] vs. Chris Bey for the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Swann backs Bey into the corner, Bey shoves him off and they reset. Second lockup Bey back Swann in the corner and breaks clean. Swann grabs a wristlock, twisting the arm, Bey twists out and counters into a hammerlock. Swann escapes into a headlock, bringing Bey to one knee, Bey escapes and counters into a side headlock, transitioning into another wristlock. Swann kips up and down, countering back into a side headlock. Bey with a whip and leapfrog, Swann flips through his legs, Bey gets sent to the apron and flips over Swann, Swann cartwheels through a headscissors and connects with a dropkick. HELL YEAH. Swann brings Bey to the mat with cravat and connects with a kick to the spine. Swann connects with a snapmare, hits another spine kick. Swann puts Bey into position, connects with a somersault legdrop for a two-count. Bey counters a rolling thunder splash with a pair of knees and rolls Swann up for a two-count. Bey sends Swann into the corner with a headscissors followed by a 619-style knee and neckbreaker for the 1…2…Swann kicks out. Swann rolls to the floor, Bey absorbs a chop and counters a whip, sending the champ into the guardrail. Back in the ring Bey goes for the cover but Swann kicks out once more and he settles into a chinlock, cracking him across the jaw en route to locking it in. Nice. Bey whips Swann chest-first into the corner, the champ bouncing out and on his ass from the force, Bey trash talks saying this is easy for him. Swann catches Bey with a sunset flip, Bey kicks out and immediately clobbers him with a spinning heel kick for the 1…2…Swann kicks out.

Bey goes for an abdominal stretch, Swann initially blocks it but Bey cracks him repeatedly in the ribs so he can get the hold applied. Swann escapes and tosses Bey to the floor, Bey rolls in and hangs Swann over the middle rope, hitting a flying elbow to the back of the head for the 1…2…Swann kicks out. Swann kicks Bey away and connects with a rolling thunder clothesline. Swann tees off on Bey with a series of jabs and a backfist, Bey charges and Swann connects with a neckbreaker followed by a leaping kick, treating Bey’s shoulder like a skateboard. I’m sure there’s a more elegant way to see that. Bey crotches Swann on the top buckle, inverted tree of woe and a running dropkick to the spine followed by an inverted TKO for the 1…2…SWANN KICKS OUT. Swann catches Bey with a kick, connects with a rana and a cartwheel standing moonsault for the 1…2…Bey kicks out. Bey dodges a standing 450, Bey connects with a sunset bomb for the 1…2…SWANN KICKS OUT. Swann and Bey trade kicks, Swann connects with a high kick but is too out of it to make the cover. F*CK YEAH. This match rules. Swann rolls Bey up with a crucifix for the 1…2…Bey rolls back on top for the 1…2…Swann kicks out. Backslide by Swann for the 1…2…Bey kicks out, backslide by Bey for the 1…2…Swann kicks out, Bey hits a fisherman’s buster for the 1…2…SWANN KICKS OUT AND BEY’S EYE STARTS TWITCHING OUT OF FRUSTRATION. Bey goes for the Art of Finesse BUT SWANN COUNTERS WITH A HANDSTAND and drops Bey for the 1…2…BEY KICKS OUT. Swann puts Bey in a seated position and connects with a DEEP KICK followed by a Phoenix Splash from the middle buckle for the 1…2…3!

Rich Swann [c] defeated Chris Bey via pinfall to retain the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (19:59)

  • Going into this show Swann/Bey had the potential to be the match of the night and BOY did it live up to the hype. MotherF*CK that was a tremendous match. Bey went toe-to-toe with the champ and proved why he belongs in World Title contention, hitting some absolute bangers that I even thought was going to get him the win. Swann proved why he’s the champ though, finding his way through the onslaught and getting the victory. Swann with the back to back Impact Plus special title defenses kicking huge amounts of ass. What a piece of business. F*ck yeah. (****1/2)

Moose interrupts Swann’s victory celebration, TNA World Heavyweight Championship in hand, and grabs the Impact World Championship. Swann gets to his feet, Moose hands him the title, and walks off as Swann’s music hits so he can finally celebrate.

  • Am I going to pay money to see these two unify the World Titles at Hard to Kill? You better believe it.


FINAL THOUGHTS: The undercard was a bit hit or miss but everything X-Division Title onwards is well worth your time, especially Swann vs. Bey. What a tremendous match with a post-match angle to likely build towards Hard to Kill. Impact really making Impact Plus a worthy monthly purchase on my end and I appreciate them for it.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Rich Swann vs. Chris Bey
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Ethan Page’s post-match “EVERYTHING IS FINE” meltdown


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