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[Event Recap] ‘IW TURNING POINT 2020’ – Swann vs. Callihan, North vs. Good Brothers

DATE: November 14, 2020
VENUE: Wherever Impact Tapes Stuff in a Pandemic (Nashville?)
COMMENTATORS: Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne

Impact Wrestling presents Turning Point exclusively on Impact Plus (complete with spiffy new app!), as Rich Swann defends the World Championship against longtime enemy Sami Callihan. Also on the show The Good Brothers try to dethrone The North for the Tag Team Championship, Su Yung defends the Knockouts Championship against Deonna Purrazzo in a No-DQ match, and much more. 


  • IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION: “The Undead Bride” Su Yung
  • IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPION: “The Desi Hitman” Rohit Raju
  • IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The North (“All Ego” Ethan Page & “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander)


  • Eddie Edwards vs. Daivari (**1/2)
  • Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood (**)
  • Swoggle vs. Brian Myers (**1/4)
  • Chris Sabin & James Storm vs. XXXL (**)
  • Rohit Raju [c] vs. ??? for the IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (**1/2)
  • Moose [c] vs. Willie Mack for the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (***)
  • The North [c] vs. The Good Brothers for the IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (***)
  • NO-DISQUALIFICATION MATCH: Su Yung [c] vs. Deonna Purrazzo for the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP (***1/4)
  • Rich Swann [c] vs. Sami Callihan for the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (***1/2)


Eddie Edwards vs. Daivari

Daivari, formerly Sheik Abdul Bashir, made his return to Impact Wrestling during the Call Your Shot Battle Royal at Bound For Glory. Glad to see he’s sticking around for a little bit, even if it’s just appearances here and there.

Daivari with a side headlock takeover, Edwards quickly counters with a headscissors. Daivari escapes, Edwards brings him back to the mat with an armdrag into an armbar. Daivari grabs a side headlock, Edwards escapes and connects with a hip toss followed by another armdrag/armbar combo, keeping the match under his control. Daivari stuns Edwards with a jawbreaker, Edwards rebounds with an inverted atomic drop and release overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Daivari sidesteps Edwards, sending him crashing into the post and to the floor. Daivari goes to work on the arm, using the steps and the guardrail, and applies an overhead armbar in the center of the ring. Edwards escapes with an armdrag, Daivari drops him with a back elbow but can only get a one-count out of a lateral press. Edwards counters a suplex with one of his own, Daivari goes back to the arm to stop the momentum, sending him shoulder-first into the post on the floor. Edwards mounts a comeback, lighting Daivari up with a pair of chops and a backpack stunner for the 1…2…not yet. Edwards catches a charging Daivari with a boot and heads to the top, Daivari climbs up after him but gets sent to the mat with a headbutt; Daivari rebounds and uses the ropes to crotch him. Daivari follows up with a top rope hurricanrana (eyyy) for the 1…2…Edwards kicks out! Daivari charges, Edwards catches him with an elbow followed by a Tiger Driver for the 1…2…Daivari gets the shoulder up. Daivari dodges the Boston Knee Party and rolls him up with his feet on the ropes for the 1…2…ref catches him and stops the count. Daivari argues with the ref and turns right into the Boston Knee Party for the 1…2…3.

Eddie Edwards defeated Daivari via pinfall (11:26)

  • Went a little longer than I was expecting but I enjoyed it. Good opener between two dudes who are good at the whole pro wrestling thing, and Edwards gets a win after coming up short lately on TV. (**1/2)

-Matthews and Rayne hype Impact Plus, then run down the remaining matches for tonight’s show. 

Kaleb with a K introduces Tenille Dashwood for the next match. His douchebag attire is on point, including the ripped jeans and Starbucks cup. Goddamn. 

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood [w/ Kaleb with a K]

Dashwood initially ignored Grace’s attempt to partner up ahead of the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament, but after Dashwood’s team with Madison Rayne came up short she apparently reconsidered. Can’t tell if this is a positive or negative for Grace. Rosemary & Valkyrie have found a lot of success over the weeks as a team (maybe longer, but I hadn’t been watching them) and should be considered one of the favorites going into the tournament…provided neither one gets arrested for ATTEMPTED MURDER beforehand.

Dashwood stops a stalking Rosemary so she can get some selfies from Kaleb with a K. Rosemary joins in and scares her into the ropes, scaring the life out of her. Valkyrie tags in, Dashwood escapes the corner and makes the tag to Grace. Grace takes Valkyrie to the mat with a side headlock, easily batting off a headscissors attempt. Valkyrie counters into a wristlock, Grace cartwheels to break and bowls her over with a pair of shoulder tackles followed by a senton for a two-count. Grace tries to get a tag, Dashwood is too busy stretching. Valkyrie belts Grace with a pair of kicks for a two-count. Rosemary and Valkyrie double-team Grace, Rosemary cinches in a Muta Lock but Grace gets to the ropes. Grace fights out of the corner and tries to make a tag, Valkyrie tags in and connects with a release German after a kick from Rosemary for the 1…2…not yet. Grace connects with a rolling elbow and spinebuster but Dashwood tags herself in and the pinfall attempt is null and void. ALL ABOUT HER. Dashwood connects with a low crossbody to Valkyrie in the corner for the 1…2…Valkyrie kicks out, Dashwood with a DASHWOOGIE and double wristlock, boot right to the spine. Dashwood pulls Valkyrie to her corner, Grace tags in and drops an elbow for the 1…2…Valkyrie kicks out. Grace rolls over Valkyrie, Valkyrie connects with a spear and both are down. Grace goes for a tag, Dashwood bails from the apron to take selfies while Rosemary gets the tag on her end. Rosemary spears Grace and goes to town, including an Upside Down, and finishes it off with the sit-out double underhook driver for the 1…2…3.

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie defeated Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood via pinfall (8:13)

  • Tenille Dashwood once again costs herself a match by caring too much about her social media presence than the actual match. It’s growing on me though, her and Kaleb are great at being a tandem you just want to throw off the edge of the earth. Poor Jordynne Grace though; I don’t get why it’s so hard for her to find a partner, she’s hoss as f*ck. (**)

-Cousin Jake has news of an opportunity but Cody Deaner is still livid about losing to JOHNNY FRIGGIN’ SWINGER. Jake apologizes for not having his back, Deaner says he’s sorry as well. Jake suggests they get back at Johnny Swinger, and Deaner is onboard for a GIVER. I don’t know what that means but I hope it isn’t sh*tting in Swing-Man’s bag.

Swoggle vs. “The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers

Swoggle has come to Impact Wrestling with a mission: to prove that he can be taken seriously as a professional wrestler. Myers, the MOST Professional of Wrestlers and Swoggle’s supposed friend, doesn’t think so. He thinks Swoggle should stay the “sideshow” he is and also wants revenge for Swoggle interfering in the “Halloween Hardcore” match against Tommy Dreamer.

Myers tells Swoggle to lay down, he refuses and catches Myers with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors followed by a hip attack in the corner. Myers rolls to the floor, Swoggle connects with a tope suicida, Myers picks the ankle and sends him crashing on the apron. Myers yells at the ref to count Swoggle out, embarrassed that he’s even having this match. Swoggle beats the count, Myers puts the boots to him. Myers drops a series of elbows, talking trash the entire time. Swoggle fights back with chops and a schoolboy for the 1…2…Myers kicks out and connects with a running boot, arrogantly covering for the 1…2…Swoggle kicks out. Myers throws shade, Swoggle slaps him and snaps off a release German suplex. Swoggle brings Myers to his level and connects with a basement cutter, then heads to the top. Myers stuns him with an enzuigiri to the back of the head and goes for a superplex, Swoggle sends him to the mat by biting his leg. TADPOLE SPLASH for the 1…2…Myers gets the shoulder up. Myers drops Swoggle throat-first across the middle rope and follows up with a lariat for the 1…2…3.

Brian Myers defeated Swoggle via pinfall (8:19)

  • Myers picks up the win but it wasn’t easy, and props to Swoggle for taking the chance to have a REAL match and running with it. His height was of no real hindrance in this one, snapping off moves like everyone else and proving he can be taken seriously. Props to Impact Wrestling for giving him the chance to do it, and honestly about f*cking time a wrestling company gave it a shot. I really like Myers’ character in Impact Wrestling and as much as I’m sure he likes wrestling his real-life friends, I think he could be doing at least a little more. Hopefully he’ll get to mix it up in one of the title divisions at some point. (**1/2)

Myers continues putting the fists to Myers until Crazzy Steve of all people makes the save.

Gia Miller interviews XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D). Romero says they are going to show everyone while XXXL should be #1 contenders. They will make their own Turning Point at the expense of Chris Sabin & James Storm. 

Chris Sabin & “Cowboy” James Storm vs. XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

XXXL attacked Sabin’s already injured Motor City Machine Guns partner Alex Shelley, so Sabin sought the help of fellow Impact tag team legend James Storm. Beer Money & MCMG combine into a supergroup for this one. Personally though I’ll always associate Storm with America’s Most Wanted more, but that was the era of TNA I was most into and I can admit my bias.

Sabin grabs a side headlock, Larry D whips him off and almost dislocates his shoulder with a shoulderblock. Sabin tries again, Larry D still doesn’t budge. Sabin teases doing it again but instead dropkicks him in the legs and the back of the head. Storm tags in, both end up on the floor and Larry D gets whipped into a kick from Sabin. Larry D grabs a front facelock and Romero tags in, Storm connects with a series of rights but the Irish whip is easily blocked. Sabin tags, double corner whip, corner clothesline from Storm and flying elbow from Sabin. Sabin knocks Larry D off the apron, Romero catches him by surprise with a dropkick (!!!). Goddamn. XXXL take over on offense, Larry D hits a sit-out suplex but Storm breaks up the pinfall attempt. Sabin goes for a sunset flip, Romero tries a sitdown splash but Sabin dodges in the nick of time. Romero gets the last laugh though, sitting on Sabin’s back to stop any momentum. Romero with a snapmare into a head vice, twisting the neck in unnatural positions. Sabin fights out and stuns Romero with a jawbreaker, Larry D tags in and pulls him away but Sabin kicks him off and Storm gets the hot tag. Pair of clotheslines and a flying forearm from Storm, inverted atomic drop into a neckbreaker for the 1…2…Romero breaks it up. Romero stuns Storm with a headbutt, Sabin takes him down with a top rope crossbody. Storm & Sabin with stereo kicks a la MCMG, Larry D sent to the floor. Storm and Storm both take flight, splashing both XXXL members. BEER…GUNS! Bet that would’ve killed with the right crowd. Sabin connects with a tornado DDT, Storm covers for the 1…2…Larry D kicks out. Larry D clotheslines Storm, Sabin kicks him and Romero gets the tag as his partner falls to the mat. Romero squashes Sabin with a senton for the 1…2…SHOULDER UP. Sabin dodges the human sandwich, Storm hits a Codebreaker on Romero, Sabin connects with a step-up kick, and Storm finishes him off with the Last Call, both men covering for the 1…2…3.

Chris Sabin & James Storm defeated XXXL via pinfall (11:25)

  • Sabin & Storm gelled well together, Storm even joining Sabin on some MCMG signature moves. The “BEER…GUNS!” thing was pretty fun too. What was NOT fun was listening to Matthews mix up the wrestlers constantly and be all around bad on commentary; I know this is Impact Plus and you’re playing to the weird segment that gives you money every month (HIII-EEE) but goddamn pal pay attention. But still, always a pleasure to have James Storm in Impact Wrestling. NOW WILL SOMEONE GIVE HIM A REAL WORLD TITLE REIGN ALREADY? (**)

-The Deaners search for Johnny Swinger backstage. They are unable to find him until a lady exits one of the locker rooms out of disgust. Swinger bails for the Men’s room, Cody Deaner points to the Fanny Pack, the foreign object that cost him the match. They open it up and inside is…A GUN?!? DID SWINGER SHOOT BRAVO? DUN DUN DUN.


-X-Division Champion Rohit Raju makes his way out for a “Defeat Rohit” challenge. Raju says the challenge is open to anyone…except TJP, who lost on Tuesday and cannot get another shot while he is champion. Womp womp. Challenger is revealed to be…Cousin Jake of The Deaners, accompanied by Cody Deaner who is still spooked at having seen the gun in Johnny Swinger’s bag. 

“The Desi Hitman” Rohit Raju [c] vs. Cousin Jake [w/ Cody Deaner] for the IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP

Raju PUFFS HIMSELF UP to mock Jake and catches him with a series of quick strikes. Jake chases Raju back into the ring, Raju ducks a clothesline but can’t duck a full on bodyblock and down the champ goes. Raju drops Jake to one knee, Jake ducks a kick and connects with a big ol’ honkin’ forearm for a two-count. Raju rolls to the apron, dropping Jake across the top rope. Raju connects with a spin kick to the head but can only get a two-count off a lateral press. Raju counters Jake, connecting with a double stomp to the back for the 1…2…Jake kicks out once more. Jake quickly flings Raju off a crossface attempt, Raju comes back with a dropkick for the 1…2…kickout. Jake overpowers Raju, escaping a keylock and countering with a suplex throw. Jake fakes Raju out, belting him with a pair of rights followed by a clothesline and back elbow. Raju tries a tornado DDT, Jake counters into a sorta Greetings from Asbury Park for the 1…2…Raju manages to kick out. Raju dazes Jake with a rolling forearm, pump kick, and a running boot in the corner. Raju charges in again, Jake powers him up into a LIGER BOMB for the 1…2…Raju kicks out again! Raju blocks a superplex and shoves him to the canvas after a throat-thrust. Raju rolls through a double stomp attempt and connects with a double knee followed by a Knee Trembler of sorts for the 1…2…3!

Rohit Raju [c] defeated Cousin Jake via pinfall to retain the IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (7:10)

  • Raju not only holds onto the X-Division Championship but does so cleanly, adding to the legitimacy of his reign. Good match here, Raju sticking and moving while Jake used his brute strength to almost pick up the win in some close near-falls. I liked this a lot, Raju really has taken the ball and ran with it. I honestly have no idea who is going to finally unseat him as champion. (**1/2)

Eric Young and the debuting JOE DOERING make their way out, a goozle slam to Cody and a fireman’s carry slam into a lariat to Jake. Young throws Cody into Doering who finishes him off with a Liger Bomb. He’s got the same crazy eyes as Young, looks like maniacs attract.

  • Doering is a big deal in Japan, a former multi-time Triple Crown & Tag Team Champion in All-Japan Pro Wrestling. He was last seen in the company back in 2005 for a few matches but outside of that he’s been mostly out of the country making a name for himself. And even more impressive Doering overcame a BRAIN TUMOR in 2016, and is still killing it. Much respect to him. I can’t lie and say I’ve seen any Joe Doering matches from AJPW but if he was good enough to be Triple Crown Champion then he’s good enough for me. He and Young could make one helluva team.

Gia Miller gets some comments from The Good Brothers ahead of their Tag Team Title match. Karl Anderson says they’ve won tag team championships around the world, but one set has always eluded them: the Impact Tag Team Championship. Anderson says The North are good…but they aren’t the Good Brothers. Doc Gallows says The Good Brothers are the best tag team going and the Impact Tag Team Titles will be leaving Turning Point around their pristine waists.

Moose [c] vs. Willie Mack for the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Moose picked a fight with Mack a few weeks back on TV, attacking him while he was taking a selfie with a fan outside of the arena, and displaying a more calm and scary demeanor following his win over EC3 “in an undisclosed location” at Bound For Glory. The TNA World Heavyweight Championship is being defended here so I guess the title is sanctioned by Impact now? I’ll at least add it to the roll-call for the show.

Moose and Mack trade rights and elbows, Mack dodges a pump kick and sends him to the floor. Moose hops the apron, Mack connects with an enzuigiri and they battle on the HARDEST PART OF THE RING. Mack drops Moose, Moose sweeps the legs and he goes crashing. Moose steps on Mack’s head, telling the camera to focus on it while sending a message to the Impact Champ Rich Swann. Moose repeatedly whips Mack into the guardrails around the ring and rolls him back in, Moose taking his time reentering knowing he has control of the contest. Moose applies an overhead chinlock, Matthews talks about how he’s changed so much from the guy who used to buy everyone smoothies. That made me laugh much more than it should have. Mack charges, Moose connects with a dropkick for the 1…2…Mack’s still in this one. Moose continues his methodical breakdown on Mack, each move measured and with purpose. Mack dodges a corner splash and connects with a running forearm, boot, and inside out cannonball. Moose ducks a right, throws Mack to the canvas with a pair of standing urinages. Moose slaps Mack, Mack’s eyes go wide and he lays in a series of jabs followed by a pair of clotheslines, Moose catches him with a kick then runs right into a spinning heel kick. Mack slams Moose and drops the leg for the 1…2…kickout. 

Mack to the top, Moose meets him and connects with a TOP ROPE superplex, stunning both men. Mack leapfrogs Moose’s spear attempt and connects with a Samoan drop, nip up into a standing moonsault for the 1…2…Moose kicks out. Moose counters Mack’s stunner, both men off the ropes, Moose connects with a spear but instead of going for the pin gets in a full mount and levels him with strikes and elbows until the ref calls for the bell.

Moose [c] defeated Willie Mack via ref stoppage to retain the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (12:24)

Moose pushes the ref off and goes back on the attack, ref pushes him off and REVERSES the decision.

Willie Mack defeated Moose [c] via DQ; Moose retains the TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (12:24)

  • The decision reversal fell a little flat as Moose’s attack wasn’t all that devastating-looking but I get the point they were trying to get across. Match was hard-hitting, Moose showing off his new attitude and mean(er) streak and doing double duty in both keeping the match right now interesting and building towards a possible “unification” match with Rich Swann, maybe at Hard to Kill. Mack kicked ass like always, showing he can play it serious when needed and I bought into a few of his hope spots. Good stuff all-around, now Impact needs to get off the sh*tter and give Moose the World Title run he should’ve had TWO YEARS AGO. (***)

Eddie Edwards catches up with Rich Swann backstage. Swann congratulates Edwards on his win earlier, Edwards says he’s got his back tonight against Sami Callihan (and possibly Ken Shamrock) if he needs it.

The North (“All Ego” Ethan Page & “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander) [c] vs. The Good Brothers (“The Big LG” Doc Gallows & “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson) for the IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

The North regained the Tag Team Championship at Bound For Glory in a wild four-way match, and immediately got into with The Good Brothers. Gallows & Anderson repeatedly have mocked Page and his “Karate Man” shtick, North consider Good Brothers a waste of Impact Wrestling money, and the two biggest teams in the company collide here tonight exclusively on Impact Plus.

Alexander counters a waistlock with a wristlock, Anderson counters in a headlock but Alexander easily rolls him off for a reset. Good Brothers go to work on Alexander’s left arm, Gallows with a snap suplex and a series of elbowdrops but Page breaks up the pinfall attempt. Anderson tags in, misses a corner splash. Page tags in, Anderson arms him into the buckles and Gallows gets the tag and works Page over with jabs in the corner. Standing legdrop only gets Big LG a two-count. Anderson slows it down with an armbar, Page backs him into the ropes. Alexander tries to attack, Anderson dodges that but the distraction allows Page to attack from behind, putting the champs on offense. Alexander goes after the left knee of Anderson, Anderson tries to break out of the corner but eats a chop. Anderson goes for a tag, Alexander pulls him back into a shoulderblock from Page. NICE. Anderson catches Alexander with a series of forearms, Alexander sends him into the buckles and Page tags in, swinging him around for a spin slam from Alexander and the 1…2…Anderson kicks out. Page slows things down with a reverse chinlock, Anderson fights out and connects with a neckbreaker. 

Alexander gets the tag BUT DOES THE BIG LG. Big boot to Page, corner splash to Alexander followed by a leaping shoulderblock and pump kick for the 1…2…Alexander kicks out. Page pulls Anderson off the apron to prevent a tag, kicks and forearms to Gallows from The North followed by a DOUBLE GOTCH SLAM for the 1…2…Gallows kicks out. Good Brothers rebound, back suplex into a neckbreaker for the 1…2…Alexander kicks out. Anderson tags in, Page stops the Magic Killer with a superkick to Anderson. Gallows drops Page with a superkick, Anderson drops Alexander with a running kick and everybody’s down. Page tags in, Anderson sidesteps him but runs into a back elbow, Anderson plants him with a spinebuster. Alexander runs in, Gun Stun from Machine Gun, MAGIC KILLER to Page for the 1…2…3!

The Good Brothers defeated The North [c] via pinfall to win the IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (12:54)

  • The Good Brothers becoming Tag Team Champions make all the business sense in the world for Impact Wrestling due to their popularity so despite the fact I don’t really like ‘em all that much I respect the decision and agree with it. Also helped that the match itself was pretty damn good too, I f*cking love watching The North operate as a unit and they got a better match out of The Good Brothers than most teams were able to do back in “New York”. I’m sure the feud will continue since nobody has much else going on, but I wonder what’s left for The North to do as a team in the company. Page and Alexander would both be great choices as a World Champion, maybe the former more than the latter when you factor in just HOW GOOD Page is at being someone you want to punch in the throat, but it would also suck to split them up. Hm. Anyway good match for The Good Brothers, and the inevitability has come to pass. (***)

Jordynne Grace angrily confronts Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K for what happened earlier, Dashwood is nonplussed about it since Grace was the one who “lost”. Grace angrily storms off, Alisha shows up and says she agrees with Dashwood saying Jordynne should be “Jordynne DIS-Grace”. Fake laughs all around. Dashwood says the enemy of her enemy is her friend, Alisha asks if that means they’re friends, Dashwood says tag team partners. Alisha dances off saying Dashwood wants to be like her, then her and Kaleb walk off rolling their eyes.

“The Undead Bride” Su Yung [c] vs. “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo for the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP

Yung made her surprise return at Bound For Glory, answering Purrazzo’s open challenge and defeating her for the Knockouts Championship. Purrazzo cried foul and involved her Barrister RD Evans, threatening to sue the company unless the title was returned to her. Scott D’Amore offered her one better: a rematch for the title. Rematch went down but quickly ended via DQ, and D’Amore met with Evans again to make this second rematch, this time adding a No-Disqualification stipulation to ensure a winner.

Purrazzo tries to get the jump during Yung’s entrance, Yung sends her to the floor and throws a chair at her but it misses and hits the guardrail. Yung connects with a back elbow and a driving clothesline. Yung grabs a headscissors and PULLS PURRAZZO INTO THE RING, adding extra torque to the neck. Purrazzo breaks free and counters into a toehold, Yung puts the bloody glove on, Purrazzo blocks it and goes on the offensive, tying Yung up in a Paradise Lock so she can hit a baseball slide to the floor without resistance. Purrazzo tosses a bunch of weapons into the ring, including two chairs, a kendo stick, and…a piece of particle board? Purrazzo wedges one of the chairs between the top and middle buckle. Both block getting sent into it, Purrazzo drills Yung with a release German suplex. Purrazzo works the left arm, stomping the elbow and hyperextending it. Purrazzo takes the white board, which is I guess a painting canvas, and rubs Yung’s face into it. Yung catches her with a kendo stick shot, Purrazzo ducks another and hits a White Russian Legsweep. Yung rolls to the floor, Purrazzo sends her shoulder-first into the post and wraps it around the guardrail. Yung introduces a rope and a pair of baking sheets into the ring, Matthews confused as to why they’re even under the ring. Good question. Purrazzo drives Yung into the canvas and tees off with the kendo stick. Yung kicks her away and sidesteps a charging Purrazzo who crashes into the wedged chair.

Yung and Purrazzo trade forearms, Yung repeatedly cracks off shots with a baking sheet. Purrazzo bails to the floor and up the ramp, Yung stalks her and connects with a Pedigree on the stage. Yung rolls her into the ring and covers for the 1…2…Purrazzo kicks out, having enough time to get her bearings together. Purrazzo escapes the Panic Switch and blocks the mist with the canvas, smashing it over her head. Purrazzo wraps Yung’s head in the chair and locks in the Venus de Milo, Yung appears to pass out but the ref hasn’t made the call yet. Ref checks the arms, Yung gets her hand up and catches a flying Purrazzo with the Mandible Claw. Purrazzo fades, Yung lets go and wraps the rope around Purrazzo’s neck, HANGING HER FROM THE BUCKLES, Purrazzo manages to pull her off and connects with a Gotch-Style Piledriver (Purrazzo calling it “Cosa Nostra”) for the 1…2…3!

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Su Yung [c] via pinfall to win the IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP (14:47)

  • So Su Yung won the Knockouts Title…why? I know Impact was trying to make the best of a bad situation with hotshotting Yung’s return at Bound For Glory and probably didn’t want her to lose immediately but it just feels like an unnecessary short reign to me. Aside from that and the weird “check on Yung” spot that felt out of place (wouldn’t the ref just call it if she’s knocked out, no one checks arms anymore), this match was pretty great. Purrazzo normally relies on her wrestling acumen but proved here that she can also mix it up in a garbage match if needed, introducing a new finishing move to boot, and Yung always f*cking rules. Circumstances around this one are a bit dumb but the match itself was great so I’ll give it a pass. Introducing a painting canvas just for that mist spot made me laugh too; definitely shoehorned in but I dug it. (***1/4)

-Matthews and Rayne show off the bracket for the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament that starts on Tuesday. 1st round matches are:

  • Havok & Navaeh vs. Tenille Dashwood & Alisha
  • Killer Kelly & Renee Michelle vs. Jordynne Grace & ???
  • Current SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz
  • Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee

-Next week’s IMPACT Wrestling will also feature the goodbye match of The Rascalz as Dez & Wentz team up to face fellow Rascal Trey Miguel & Rich Swann.

-VIDEO: The history between Rich Swann & Sami Callihan. Callihan tries to leverage their past to get Swann to join oVe but he refused and a feud ensued. Callihan & Eric Young defeated Swann & Eddie Edwards two weeks ago on IMPACT Wrestling, leading to this championship match.

Rich Swann [c] vs. Sami Callihan for the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Callihan chops Swann, Swann fires back with rights and corner stomps. Callihan counters a rana attempt with a Stretch Muffler attempt but Swann counters with a roll-up for a two-count. Callihan rolls to the floor to regroup and play some mind games. Callihan re-enters, then quickly rolls back out, Swann follows him out this time and connects with a right hand. Callihan kicks Swann in the gut and sends him into the steel steps, then squashes his head against the post. Callihan breaks the count and goes for a powerbomb, Swann uses the ropes to escapes and flattens him with a cannonball. Callihan goes to the eyes to stop Swann’s momentum, backing him into the corner for a chop. Swann chops back and hooks Callihan’s arms around the top rope so he can can deliver some rights in a corner mount. Swann flips out, tweaking his left knee and slowing him down a bit. Swann tries more corner mount rights, Callihan slides out and kicks his leg out to send him crashing. Callihan goes after the knee, applying a version of an Indian Deathlock, rope break. Swann slaps Callihan, who begs him for more. Swann with a headbutt, Callihan throws him to the mat and connects with an elbowdrop for two. Callihan slows things down, first with a chinlock then with some REAL INTENSE rakes to the ribs and back. Damn dude.

Callihan twists the arm, then wraps it around his leg while pulling back with a chinlock on Swann. Swann goes to escape, Callihan slaps him in the spine which pisses the champ off. Swann and Callihan trade shots, dazing one another. Swann connects with a series of palm strikes, Callihan catches a kick but not the superkick, Callihan bounces against the ropes and hits a pump kick, both men bounce back and knock one another down with kicks. Swann drops Callihan to his knees and connects with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head followed by a rolling thunder standing frog splash for the 1…2…Callihan kicks out. Callihan counters a splash with a pair of knees and follows up with a buckle bomb and Brainbuster for the 1…2…Swann kicks out. Callihan pulls one of Swann’s dreadlocks off (JEEZ) and chops him in the throat. Swann counters an Irish whip with a swinging neckbreaker and splashes for the 1…2…Callihan gets the shoulder up. Callihan counters a Sliced Bread #2 with a CRADLE TOMBSTONE for the 1…2…SWANN KICKS OUT and CALLIHAN CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Action moves to the apron, Callihan drills Swann with a Piledriver. Callihan tries to throw Swann back in, Swann back handsprings off the ropes into a cutter and both men are out on the floor. Both men beat the count in the nick of time and struggle to their feet. Swann picks Callihan up, Callihan LEVELS him with a lariat, Swann counters a Piledriver attempt with a roll-up for the 1…2…Callihan kicks out. Swann superkicks Callihan and heads to the top. Ken Shamrock walks down to get involved, Eddie Edwards attacks him and the fight spills to the “crowd”. Callihan pulls Swann off the ropes, Swann connects with a series of kicks to the skull, Callihan falls to his knees and Swann connects with one more superkick, using his entire body, for the 1…2…3.

Rich Swann [c] defeated Sami Callihan via pinfall to retain the IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (20:32)

  • A great physical main event and solid first real title defense for Rich Swann (I’m not counting the random rematch he had with Eric Young two weeks ago on TV). These two know each other really well and have had a lot of wars in the past, and they once again delivered here. Swann is staking his claim on being a worthwhile World Champion while Callihan continues being a great foil to the babyface roster of Impact Wrestling. Great way to end the show. (***1/2)

Swann poses with the World Championship as the show concludes.


FINAL THOUGHTS: If this is the quality I can expect from Impact Plus specials going forward then Impact Wrestling has got themselves a loyal subscriber. Turning Point is a damn good show, with all the championship matches delivering, with the World Title being at the top of the heap like it should be. The undercard was a little iffy here and there but the final four matches made everything worth. They even managed to sneak in a “Who Shot Bravo” revelation without actively ruining the show! Well-done, Impact. This rocked.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Deonna Purrazzo blocks Su Yung’s mist with a paint canvas then breaks it over her head. The canvas being there made no sense but it led to a fun moment. In normal times I’d assume they would end up putting that on sale but it’s pandemic times so hopefully they don’t. Selling anyone’s spit while Covid is still running rampant seems like a poor idea.

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