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‘IMPACT WRESTLING’ 06.10.2021 Recap + Review – Mack vs. Morrissey, Slammiversary Main Event Announcement, Tony Khan in the House

COMMENTATORS: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

Just two days away from Against All Odds, Impact Wrestling and AEW hold a special summit concerning the planned main event between Kenny Omega and Moose. Will Sami Callihan, who beat Moose last week, be added into the match as Scott D’Amore has threatened? Also on the show Willie Mack stands up for his best friend Rich Swann’s honor in a No DQ match against W. Morrisey and Havok ries to get herself put into this Saturday’s Knockouts Championship match by hopefully defeating Rosemary.


  • IMPACT KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION: “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo
  • IMPACT X-DIVISION CHAMPION: “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander
  • IMPACT WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Violent By Design (Joe Doering, Deaner, & Rhino)
  • IMPACT KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz)


  • Rosemary vs. Havok (*1/2)
  • Tasha Steelz vs. Kimber Lee (**1/4)
  • Trey Miguel & Petey Williams vs. Chris Bey & Rohit Raju (**1/2)
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Joe Doering (*1/4)
  • NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH: Willie Mack vs. W. Morrissey (**)


-PREVIOUSLY ON IMPACT WRESTLING: Josh Alexander defeats TJP to retain the X-Division Title in a 60+ minute Iron Match, Good Brothers & Kenny Omega attack Sami Callihan.


Scott D’Amore introduces his guest: AEW Owner/CEO Tony Khan to the ring, AEW-branded shoes and everything. Amazing. Khan tells D’Amore he’s a wonderful host and is excited about the big match he’s going to announce. D’Amore says that since they share a champion it requires consent, but before they agree on anything Don Callis interrupts. Callis brings up the “talk” about adding Sami Callihan to the World Title match on Saturday, D’Amore reminds him that Callihan beat Moose by DQ last week thanks to The Good Brothers so he has a claim to being added. Callis brings up Callihan’s sordid past and how dangerous he is, and tries to sell keeping Against All Odds Omega vs. Moose. D’Amore and Khan convene off-mic, then announces at Against All Odds it will be Kenny Omega vs. Moose, making Callis understandably happy. Khan gets back on the mic and says the Impact World Championship match should be held at Daily’s Place and assures Callis will NOT be in attendance because he doesn’t want him around AEW. Callis tries to hit his music and leave, D’Amore leaves him with one more thing: the winner of Omega/Moose will defend against Sami Callihan in July at Slammiversary!

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: I love Khan hamming it up on Impact, he’s having the time of his life and it’s weirdly infectious. Cool opening segment that upped the ante on Omega vs. Moose, moving the location to AEW’s home field of Daily’s Place which is great. I like Moose a lot and I’m glad he’s getting the chance to wrestle in a “bigger” place. Not exactly interested in Callihan being their waiting foe for the next actual PPV, but I’ll keep an open mind. Can’t blame Khan for not wanting Callihan stink at his arena though.

Gia Miller tries to interview Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and The Good Brothers but they brush her aside to have a little pow-wow. Callis tells the Good Brothers it’s time to do what they do best and get rid of Sami Callihan. Scott D’Amore interrupts, having heard everything Callis just said. D’Amore books a Street Fight between The Good Brothers, Sami Callihan, & whoever he finds as a partner for Saturday.  Good Brothers are not happy about it but Callis tries to hype them up, saying they’ve got this.

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Oh they’re totally getting Eddie Edwards to show up for this aren’t they? (Narrator: They did not)


Brian Myers asks Sam Beale what a promo is; Beale says it’s “just an interview” and Myers snaps at him. Myers tells him to cut a promo this Saturday night at the Deer Park Community Center against…”Alwayz Ready” Matt Cardona. Beale goes into promo mode and starts saying nice stuff about Cardona, Myers angrily interrupts and says he needs to “bury” him not build him up. K.

Scott D’Amore reiterates Sami Callihan & Mystery Partner vs. Good Brothers in a Street Fight at Against All Odds on Saturday. Sami Callihan interrupts, saying he has no friends and it’s a suicide mission. Tommy Dreamer interrupts and offers to be Callihan’s partner; Callihan says “what the hell” and agrees because if Dreamer messes up he’ll beat his ass again. Callihan walks off, D’Amore asks Dreamer not to stir the pot with Callis, whose an EVP and his boss. Dreamer apologizes and also tells D’Amore that Callis is his ENEMY. 

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: That’s…not as interesting as Eddie Edwards would’ve been. Strike my previous comment from earlier.

Rosemary vs. Havok

Rosemary goes right after Havok with a pair of spears and a Muta Lock but can’t put her away earlier. Havok rebounds, throwing Rosemary across the ring with a fallaway slam followed by a running knee in the corner. Back from commercial Havok is still in control, trapping Rosemary in a full nelson after ducking a lariat attempt. WHY IS EVERYBODY YELLING THERE’S NO ONE IN THE STUDIO. Rosemary almost escapes, Havok turns it into a backdrop followed by a hammer throw of a clothesline for the 1…2…Rosemary kicks out. Rosemary slips out of a fireman’s carry and connects with her third spear of the match but is too out of it to immediately cover so Havok kicks out of the eventual lateral press. They yell at each other, Rosemary hits a FOURTH spear and stacks her up for the 1…2…3.

Rosemary defeated Havok via pinfall (4:13 shown)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Eyyy that’s cool, I half-expected Havok to get the win to make it a multi-Knockout match. Purrazzo/Rosemary should be pretty good. SO MUCH GODDAMN YELLING THOUGH. (*3/4)

Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, & Susan attack Rosemary and Havok, Purrazzo trapping Rosemary in the Venus De Milo (Rings of Saturn) while Lee puts Havok in a chinlock. A hyped-up Susan gets on the mic and calls Tasha Steelz out for her match with Lee RIGHT NOW. Fire ‘n Flava start making their way out as the show goes to commercial.

Tasha Steelz [w/ Kiera Hogan] vs. Kimber Lee [w/ “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo & Susan]

Steelz dropkicks Lee right at the bell, Lee blocks a hurricanrana and turns it into a buckle bomb to take control. Lee pummels Steelz with a series of forearms and settles into a chinlock, pulling on her hair which forces the ref to break it. Steelz lights Lee up with a series of chops, Lee absorbs them all and drops her with a clothesline for the 1…2…not yet. Steelz beats the count back into the ring, Lee sends her around the world leading to a sidewalk slam for the 1…2…Steelz kicks out once again. Lee keeps it up, connecting with a pair of suplexes followed by a delayed vertical suplex but again Steelz manages to kick out of the pinfall attempt. Steelz counters a Swanton Bomb with a pair of knees and ducks a spin kick, hitting a Falcon Arrow for the 1…2…3! 

Tasha Steelz defeated Kimber Lee via pinfall (5:46)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Didn’t expect much, got a whole lot more. Kimber Lee is so damn good without barely exerting any noticeable effort and had a damn fine match with Steelz hyping Against All Odds. Someone give Lee a title already, dang. (**1/4)

A brawl breaks out with Fire ‘n Flava, Purrazzo, and Susan. Rosemary and Havok make their way out and get revenge for the attack before this match, Rosemary hitting As Above So Below on Purrazzo in a possible outcome for Saturday night and both finishing Hogan off with a double chokeslam. 

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Rosemary & Havok make sense as a tag team, and that division can use as many teams as Impact can get so I’m cool with it. I like that they attacked both teams too, showing they don’t discriminate in terms of who they bowl over.

-VIDEO: Steve Maclin says that once again his back is against the wall and it’s do or die; either he’s going to meet Mr. Mayhem or we will. Cool?

Gia Miller is standing by with the bruised X-Division Champ Josh Alexander. Alexander says he may not look it but he’s feeling great and has told D’Amore to line up any challengers he can find for him. Ace Austin (and Madman Fulton) interrupts and gives the “1 time champ” some advice: not to worry about any potential challengers but him. Austin admits Alexander beat him for the title but he never leaves things to chance and always has an ace up his sleeve.

Trey Miguel & Petey Williams vs. Chris Bey & Rohit Raju

These four (and Ace Austin) will battle on Saturday to decide the new number one contender to Josh Alexander’s X-Division Championship. Bey & Raju actually have a little experience teaming together but it’s not brought up on commentary and probably doesn’t matter. Williams blocks a kick attempt and drops him into the middle rope, following up with a running dropkick. Raju tries to escape a Canadian Destroyer attempt but Williams rolls through the sunset flip attempt and locks in the Sharpshooter. Raju shoves Williams away and tag out to Bey, Miguel tagging in for his side as well. Miguel and Bey work LIGHTNING FAST, countering and rolling through one another leading to a stalemate. Miguel catches a hip toss attempt, Bey counters into an armdrag, Miguel dropkicks Bey and sends him into the corner. Williams tags in, Miguel & Williams connect with a double spine kick leading to a one-count. Raju sends Williams to the apron, Bey trips him up and Raju sends him crashing to the floor so Bey can continue getting his cheapshots in. Raju hits a rolling suplex into a sit-out front facing suplex for the 1…2…not yet. Bey tags in and decides to show off, allowing Williams to try and mount a comeback but Bey snuffs it out with a snap suplex into a float over cover for the 1…2…Williams kicks out. Williams tries to go for a tag, Raju drops him with a back suplex. Bey tags in, Williams ducks a double clothesline attempt and sends Bey into Raju. Raju charges, Williams dodges and he splashes Bey, Miguel gets the hot tag and wrecks Raju with a running kick after running SO DAMN FAST around the ring. Miguel wraps Bey’s legs up and hits a Northern Lights suplex on Raju for the 1…2…kickout. Miguel sidesteps Raju and connects with a snap German then slingshots Bey into the ring who eats a Russian legsweep from Williams. Williams and Bey get sent to the floor, Miguel misses a double stomp and Raju drops him with a jumping knee strike. Williams slingshots back in with a Codebreaker on Raju, Miguel sweeps the legs and ties him up like a pretzel for the tapout!

Trey Miguel & Petey Williams defeated Chris Bey & Rohit Raju via submission (7:27)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: A fun sprint that did its job in hyping the five way match for Saturday. Trey Miguel is noticeably leagues above nearly everybody in the division at this point and I hope he gets his shot sooner rather than later. He and Alexander could tear the entire Skyway Studios down if Impact lets them. (**1/2)

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton go on the attack, Josh Alexander runs in to try and help but gets attacked as well. Raju, Williams, Miguel, and Williams attack Fulton, hitting an ULTIMATE CANADIAN DESTROYER TOWER OF DOOM on the big man! Okay that ruled.

Gia Miller interviews Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Mack says W. Morrissey got the best of him at Under Siege but tonight’s a new night and he may get taken down but he’s taking a piece of his ass with him. Swann tells Mack to save some for him at Against All Odds. Swann wants to be out there, Mack makes him promise to stay in the back and let him handle the match from start to finish. 

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: RIP in peace, Willie Mack.


Tenille Dashwood welcomes everyone to her show, along with Kaleb with a K. She brings in her “host” Rachael Ellering, joined by tag team partner Jordynne Grace which Dashwood and Kaleb do not approve of. Kaleb presents Ellering with a gift: a Dashwood/Kaleb shirt…which is for Tenille. Dashwood asks if Ellering has a question, Ellering asks why she’s here. Dashwood says the real question is why Grace is here, Ellering reiterates that she’s her teammate. Ellering has enough of Dashwood’s disrespect and challenges her for a match on Saturday; Grace interrupts and says it should be HER against Dashwood at Against All Odds because of the disrespect. Dashwood wants it in the form of a question, Grace asks her if she wants to face her. Grace walks off to go get the match made, Ellering following closely behind. Dashwood closes the show, Kaleb signals to cut.

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Eh wrestling matches have been signed for less. This was a big ol’ ball of awkward and it kind of worked, except for Kaleb saying generic social media terms. I guess the point is he’s just robotically doing it but also it wasn’t funny.

Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering, Rhino, & Deaner) are backstage. Young tells Deaner not to let him down in the Tag Team Title match scheduled on Saturday, then says Doering will make his mark both tonight against Eddie Edwards and at Against All Odds against Satoshi Kojima. 

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Eric Young is really good in this role. I don’t consider Violent By Design much of a threat faction-wise but I love his promos. Wish he had this group when he was World Champ.

Eddie Edwards vs. Joe Doering [w/ Eric Young, Rhino, & Deaner]

Doering uses his size advantage to back Edwards into the corner, Edwards escapes and gets in a series of elbows but Doering stops it with a simple side headlock. Edwards fights out, Doering runs him over with a shoulder tackle and stays on the offensive. Edwards blocks a suplex attempt, Doering clubs him with a forearm and tries again but Edwards surprises him and counters! Doering sends Edwards to the apron, Rhino pulls him off but Edwards fights him off. Edwards sends Doering to the floor but before he can take flight Deaner trips him and the ref calls for the bell.

Eddie Edwards defeated Joe Doering via DQ (3:53)

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Not much of a match, honestly. I keep getting excited by Joe Doering then almost immediately underwhelmed when he wrestles. I need to seek out his All Japan stuff I think. (*1/4)

Satoshi Kojima makes the save for Edwards, trading bombs with Doering and clotheslining him out to the floor. Doering wants back in but he gets held back by Deaner and Rhino. 

-VIDEO: Moose discusses the Impact World Championship which has eluded him for his entire career in the company. He says that if he had been in the main event of Rebellion instead of Rich Swann things would have gone a lot differently, and mentions that Impact is missing its most prized possession…and then it abruptly ends so Mathews & Brown can discuss who will win and hype Against All Odds.

  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Feels like Moose has had the World Title yanked away from him for the past three years I’ve paid attention to Impact and I honestly don’t see that changing at Against All Odds. I would be VERY OKAY with being wrong though, that dude deserves the shot at being at the top of the mountain.

Willie Mack vs. W. Morrissey

Morrissey goes on the offensive first, drilling Mack with right hands and choking him with his boot Nash-style. Mack fights back with rights of his own, Morrissey follows him into the ropes and connects with a knee to the midsection. Morrissey misses a corner splash, Mack tries to slam him but Morrissey powers out and levels him with a clothesline as the show goes to commercial.

Morrissey is still in control as the show returns, the action having moved to the floor. Morrissey charges at Mack, Mack dodges and sends him into the steps. Mack uses a chain and chair to continue the attack, Morrissey makes his escape back into the ring and Mack squashes him, following up with an inside out cannonball. Morrissey gets back to his feet and drops Mack with a big boot. Morrissey gets revenge on Mack with the same chair, cracking it across the back as Mack screams in pain. Morrissey reintroduces the chain as well, wrapping it around Mack’s eyes and nose while bending him over the apron. Morrissey hits Mack a few more times with the chair as Mack hangs over the top turnbuckle, seemingly not in the mood to end the match quite yet. Morrissey misses a very telegraphed corner splash, Mack fights back with a pair of roundhouse kicks and the NORMAN SMILEY PUMP SLAM HELL YEAH followed by a standing moonsault for the 1…2…Morrissey kicks out. Mack lays Morrissey on the chair and heads to the top, Morrissey moves and his Six-Star Frog Splash hits nothing but steel. Mack dodges an elbowdrop and this time Morrissey hits the steel. Mack grabs the chair, Morrissey kicks it into his skull and covers for the 1…2…3.

  1. Morrissey defeated Willie Mack via pinfall (10:37 shown)
  • JON’S THOUGHTS: Pretty tame as far as a No DQ match goes but Mack made a good tackling dummy for Morrissey’s power moves. Poor dude always gets put in the line of fire whenever Swann is feuding with someone, but at least he didn’t get wrecked as badly as he did at Genesis earlier in the year. W. Morrissey is friggin’ great though, he carries himself so well and he’s very believable as an angry/sorta crazy man with a chip on his shoulder. (**)

Morrissey wants to do more damage but Rich Swann quickly makes the save. Security tries to break them up, Swann hits Morrissey with a chair as he exits and they stare each other down as the episode concludes.



This is the first full episode of Impact Wrestling I’ve watched since February and I went in pretty cold deciding not to play catch up on any storylines and see what happened. What I got was an entertaining enough show. It did its job of focusing on Saturday’s Against All Odds Impact Plus special, with each match on tonight’s episode having to do with that upcoming event, but I won’t say any of the matches were particularly memorable on their own merits. The X-Division tag was the best of the bunch. I’m not sure if I would be any more excited for Against All Odds if I was a regular watcher, but for someone diving back in this got my interest piqued for Saturday and luckily for them I don’t have a social life or friends so looks like I got my plans all lined up! I will probably deflate when Moose loses to Kenny Omega and ONCE AGAIN comes up short for the World Championship though. Man I do hope this proves to be wrong.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Trey Miguel & Petey Williams vs. Chris Bey & Rohit Raju
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Madman Fulton eats a Tower of Doom Canadian Destroyer

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