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[Match Recap] Jordan Devlin vs. David Starr – OTT Fifth Anniversary 10.26.2019

COMPANY: Over The Top Wrestling (OTT)
OTT Fifth Year Anniversary
DATE: October 26, 2019
VENUE: National Stadium (Dublin, Ireland)

I’ve heard a lot about this one on Wrestling Twitter and OTT has put the match up for free on YouTube so let’s check this one out! Watch the match below, then hit the jump for my recap.


-HYPE VIDEO: David Starr doesn’t believe in “good vs. evil”, he only believes in perspective. Jordan Devlin says he’s the one carrying OTT. Starr admonishes Devlin for showing the fans no reverence by making it all about himself, while Starr embraces “us” instead of “me”. Devlin calls Starr a hypocrite for fighting for independent wrestler rights while also having tryouts and conversations with WWE. Starr says their upcoming match is about saving professional wrestling. Cue BURNING CHESS BOARD AND INTENSE ORCHAESTRAL MUSIC. This rules so f*cking hard. SO F*CKING HARD. TAKING MY SHIRT OFF FOR THIS ONE, Y’ALL.

-“Miseria Cantare” by AFI hits as a hooded figure walks onto the entrance stage. The commentators and everyone thinks it’s Devlin as this was the same entrance he used when he won the NLW Championship…but it’s DAVID STARR! What a feckin’ statement, indeed! Commentators call Starr the “David Koresh of OTT”, which is the second reference to Starr being a cult leader I’ve heard in the past few days (first being at AAW Windy City Classic XV). I love cult sh*t so I’m apparently missing out.

Jordan Devlin is out next and the crowd BOOS THE SH*T out of him. Dublin has turned on their boy. Security detail enters the ring to make sure Devlin and Starr don’t immediately attack each other. The atmosphere for this one is unbelievable. Starr shows off a Karl Marx t-shirt as the ring announcer goes through all of his nicknames (the crowd chanting along). “YOU SOLD OUT” chants for Devlin, who’s part of the NXT UK roster.

“Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin [c] vs. David Starr for the OTT CHAMPIONSHIP

The bell rings and we’ve got a HYPED AF CROWD CHANTING THEIR HEADS OFF. Yeah! Devlin charges, Starr with a double leg takedown and they take turns with the ground and pound until the ref forces a break. Devlin and Starr tee off on each other, Starr with forearms and chops that cause the champ to crumble to his knees. Devin belts Starr with a right hook, Starr sends him to the floor and hits a tope suicida. Starr rolls Devlin back in, Devlin comes flying with a tope con hilo on Starr and two other randos. Devlin and Starr trade rights, Devlin kicks him away and tries a power bomb but Starr escapes and throws him into the first two (thankfully cleared out) rows. Starr charges, Devlin sidesteps and the challenger goes crashing into the chairs. Both men roll in and continue trading forearms. Starr with a side headlock takeover out of nowhere into a sternum stomp. Devlin kicks Starr off, Devlin with armdrag, Starr counters with a headscissors. Starr drops Devlin with an elbow and launches himself at him in the corner with reckless abandon for a one-count. GODDAMN. Starr works the wrist of Devlin, dueling chants from this red-hot crowd. Devlin counters a flying something with a urinage followed by a springboard moonsault from the apron for the 1…2…Starr kicks out.

Devlin hammer throws Starr into the corner and goes stomping. “YOU SOLD OUT” chants. Starr chops Devlin, Devlin slaps him so hard he ends up in the front row. Devlin suplexes Starr back in and locks in a Camel Clutch. Starr escapes with a jawbreaker and connects with a rolling heel kick. Devlin and Starr trade slaps, Starr with a spinning sidewalk slam. Devlin dodges a clothesline and connects with a head kick, Starr responds with a beautiful Lariat and both are out of it. Starr shoots the half, Devlin gets to the ropes to force a break so Starr buries a knee to the ribs to make him pay for it. Devlin dodges a corner splash and connects with a slingshot cutter for the 1…2…Starr kicks out. Devlin follows up by suplexing both himself and Starr out to the floor. They landed ugly, holy sh*t. Medics and the ref check on them. Devlin rolls in first, ready to accept a count-out victory (which is 20 in OTT, I guess). Starr rolls in just in the nick of time, much to the champ’s chagrin.

Sh*t turns into a boxing match as Devlin belts the hell out of Starr with body shots. Starr tags Devlin with a series of rights, busting the champ open. Starr concludes the flurry with a right to the jaw that sends him to the floor. Starr LICKS THE BLOOD OF DEVLIN OFF HIS HANDS. Starr tells the crowd to rise WHICH THEY DO and goes for a tope suicida, but Devlin counters with a DDT on the apron. Starr catches a charging Devlin with a boot and hits a Canadian Destroyer from the middle buckle, Devlin responds with a lariat and both men are down. Devlin peppers Starr with a series of short kicks. Starr breaks Devlin’s grip on his wrist and headbutts him in the sternum. Devlin responds with a running headbutt and Devil Inside for the 1…2…Starr gets a shoulder up. Devlin to the top, Starr crotches him and connects with an avalanche belly-to-back suplex. Devlin counters a clothesline with a headbutt followed by a kick, Starr with a power bomb backbreaker for the 1…2…Devlin kicks out! Starr revs up, Devlin counters a lariat with a backslide for the 1…2…Starr kicks out and hits a superkick followed by a straight jacket German with a bridge for the 1…2…Devlin kicks out again and Starr yells at the ref.

Starr gets in the face of the ring announcer and snatches the OTT Championship, holding it high as if he’s already won it. Starr fights through the pain and argues with the ref as he holds the title belt. Starr pushes the ref out of the way, Devlin counters a belt shot with a superkick, causing the champ to fall at his feet. Devlin grabs the title and Starr dares him to do it, calling him a capitalist pig. Starr spits on Devlin and the belt, Devlin throws the belt at the ref. Starr hits Devlin with a low-blow and rolls him up for the 1…2…DEVLIN KICKS OUT. Starr freaks out and goes to hit Devlin with the title, ref grabs it and Starr shoves him down, the belt breaking as it crashes down. Devlin kicks Starr in the family jewels, bringing Starr to his knees. THUMBS DOWN, Devlin with a DEEEP Package Piledriver for the 1…the 2…DAVID STARR KICKS OUT. Devlin belts Starr with a right hand and sets up for the Package Piledriver again but Starr counters with an Indian Deathlock-looking thing (Cloverleaf?). Devlin slaps the mat and grabs the rope. Single tap ain’t enough though and the ref allows it to continue. Starr stands over Devlin, tells him to “SUCK IT” and goes for a Pedigree, but Devlin counters with a backdrop. Devlin with a headbutt, Starr escapes the Package Piledriver and hits a straitjacket piledriver for the 1…2…Devlin kicks out. Lariat From Hell for the 1…Devlin kicks out. Starr gets a running head start and hits a massive Lariat From Hell for the 1…2…3!

David Starr defeated Jordan Devlin [c] via pinfall to win the OTT CHAMPIONSHIP (28:01)

Starr eats more of Devlin’s blood and hits another Lariat From Hell, standing on him while posing with the OTT Championship. Goddamn. Devlin is helped to the back as Starr tells the crowd the title is “OURS” not HIS. A real people’s champ/cult leader. I respect that. Starr invites a fan in the ring to raise his hand and gives him his Karl Marx shirt while the fan gets to hold the title up. Starr gets on the shoulders of his fans and gets carried to the stage, the commentators likening this to Jonestown. One of the commentators calls his fans “incels” and that’s PRETTY GOOD. Starr lays back and gets crowd surfed to ringside. Starr walks back through and celebrates on the stage once more before leaving.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Lot of talk about this being MOTY from wrestling fans with more variety in their diets than I have, and having sat through this I…HAVE TO F*CKING AGREE. An absolute masterpiece of a match where everything clicked. The opening video set the stage, the entrances were red hot, and as soon as the bell sounded these two beat the everloving sh*t out of each other like their lives depended on it. Just an out and out fight, mixing in pro wrestling and boxing in a tremendous way. Starr wanting to win the title to make it “independent” and Devlin being the formerly loved champion turned hated sellout was a great dichotomy, and props to the announce team that I didn’t get the names of for filling me in on their storied history while also enhancing the proceedings with their call of the bout. In-ring to storytelling this was a work of f*cking art. I need either a cigarette or nap after watching this one, MY GOD. (*****)



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