[TV Rundown] ‘MLW FUSION 118’ – Fatu vs. ACH, Oliver vs. Gotch, Daivari’s Debut

COMMENTATORS: Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent

It’s a Contra-heavy episode this week on MLW Fusion as new member Daivari and Simon Gotch are in singles action and Jacob Fatu defends the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event against ACH.


  • MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Los Parks (LA Park & Hijo de LA Park)


  • Zenshi vs. Daivari
  • Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch


-Breaking news opened this show this week as Bocchini & Laurent discussed the attack on ACH earlier in the week, Tom Lawlor being rumored as the culprit.

Daivari defeated Zenshi via pinfall with a Hammerlock Lariat (6:11)
  • Daivari made his MLW debut as the newest member of Contra two weeks ago at Kings of Colosseum, helping Gotch and Fatu attack Myron Reed & Jordan Oliver backstage. This marked his in-ring debut and he won in relatively dominant fashion against Zenshi, who wrestles like a video game character come to life. Match was fine and gave Daivari a good first victory, and I kinda dig that he uses the same finishing move that his younger brother Ariya does on 205 Live. Family continuity rules. 

Myron Reed vowed that Contra would get justice.

Savio Vega challenged Richard Holliday to a Caribbean Strap Match for the Caribbean Championship on next week’s show, saying he would be supplying the same strap that was used back in 1996 against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. I won’t lie, I was heavily invested in that feud as a 10 year old.

Simon Gotch defeated Jordan Oliver by choking him out (7:28)
  • This match was originally slated for Kings of Colosseum but was called off; Gotch later attacked Oliver and Myron Reed backstage during an interview segment. 
  • Oliver came to fight in this one, and also finally ditched the orange overalls for actual wrestling gear which took a sec to get used to because my brain is small and change is scary. They traded bombs right away and Oliver did a damn good job holding his own, but Gotch outwrestled him and got the win MMA-style because he’s SERIOUS BUSINESS. Cool to see Gotch finally win a match and also shoot on Enzo Amore.
  • Gotch attacked Oliver after the match, connecting with a Gotch Driver just to be a dick about it.

Alicia Atout interviewed Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini, & Kevin Ku). Lawlor brushed off the accusations that they attacked ACH, Lawlor said he was more focused on Filthy Island coming next month and all he cared about was Team Filthy business. 

Alicia Atout discussed the sale of Promociones Dorado, but got no answers from Salina de la Renta in an attempted interview; Salina angrily brushed it off and instead put all her focus on regaining her power and bringing Mil Muertes to the top. BRING ON DARIO CUETO, DAMN YOU.

-CONTRA Unit sent in a video of Mads Krugger making all sorts of threats to Alexander Hammerstone. It was announced after that they would do battle once again two weeks from now in a “Baklei Brawl ” which is apparently a bare knuckle fight popular in the underground of South Africa. I’ll take their word for it.

Alicia Atout updated everyone on ACH heading into the main event, mentioning that ACH said he heard Dominic Garrini’s voice during the attack. She then said that ACH was dedicating his match to all his family and friends in Austin, TX.

Richard Holliday responded to Savio Vega’s challenge from earlier remotely from a “real” island (Martha’s Vineyard). Holliday said his lawyer/father told him not to sign the contract but he did it anyway because he’s twelve steps ahead of Savio and wanted to finally put an end to this.

Jacob Fatu [c] [w/ Daivari] defeated ACH via pinfall with a springboard moonsault to retain the MLW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (9:52)
  • ACH tried to tough it out, fighting against the odds with taped-up ribs, but Fatu was too much for him. No matter how much offense he strung together, every time he landed on the mat it sapped any momentum he was starting to gain. Fatu focused on the ribs for the majority of the match, which served him well in the end. He also yelled “CONTRA!” a lot so if you want to watch the episode and turn it into a drinking game be my guest also you’re dead now that sucks.
  • Kinda felt like an extended squash but ACH was really good here, selling the injury very well. Fatu is the dominant force in MLW and looked as such in yet another successful title defense.

Fatu and Daivari tried to gloat on stage afterwards but were attacked by two of CONTRA’s masked Sentai Death Squad members, later revealed to be Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver getting a little bit of revenge to end the episode.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Perfectly fine episode of MLW Fusion this week; as a CONTRA fan I was stoked to see them all in action. I wouldn’t say any of the matches particularly stood out but ACH did have the performance of the night, selling his rib injury better than most wrestlers I’ve seen. None of that “shake the body to heal” stuff or anything. Injustice turning babyface is still a little strange but makes sense, there’s already too many heel factions as it is and props to Jordan Oliver for being someone who I desperately wanted to see get punched in the face to someone I want to see do the punching.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Jacob Fatu vs. ACH
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Another possible Lucha Underground tease in Salina’s angry rant. I really hope MLW has the guy who plays Dario Cueto lined up because I’m not there’s anyone else worth revealing who could top that.