‘MLW FUSION 120’ Recap + Thoughts – Baklei Brawl, Los Parks vs. TJP & Bu Ku Dao

COMMENTATORS: Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent

Alexander Hammerstone visits the beautiful town of “Undisclosed Location” to meet Mads Krugger in a Baklei Brawl, Los Parks defend the Tag Team Titles against TJP & Bu Ku Dao, and Lio Rush hypes up a cool on paper match for next week.


  • MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Los Parks (LA Park y El Hijo de LA Park)


  • Jordan Oliver vs. Sentai Death Squad
  • Los Parks [c] vs. TJP & Bu Ku Dao for the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (1/4*)
  • Gringo Loco vs. Gino Medina
  • Baklei Brawl


-Opening video recaps the feud between Alexander Hammerstone & Mads Krugger leading to tonight’s Baklei Brawl.

Jordan Oliver [w/ Myron Reed] vs. Sentai Death Squad [w/ Daivari]

Oliver & Reed attacked Jacob Fatu & Daivari two weeks ago after Fatu successfully defended his World Championship, revenge for CONTRA’s attack on them at Kings of Colosseum. Sentai Death Squad is being represented by…a single man calling himself Sentai Death Squad which feels all sorts of off. Like saying Lone Rangers. Before the match we get pre-recorded comments from Reed challenging two members of CONTRA for next week 2 v 2. 

Oliver overcomes a sneak attack attempt but tweaks his knee after a kick. He fights through the pain, connecting with a running dropkick in the corner and covering for a two-count. Oliver whips the Squad member into the corner and comes out flying with a crusher for the 1…2…3. Oh okay cool.

Jordan Oliver defeated Sentai Death Squad via pinfall (1:25)

  • Jordan Oliver with a squash match win, 2021 is WILD. Also can’t tell if the knee was legit injured or if he’s just really great at selling.

After the match we go backstage to post-match comments from Oliver & Reed. Oliver says he’s not the 170 pound kid he was a year ago, he’s a heavyweight now and he’s coming for Jacob Fatu’s strap.

-EARLIER TODAY: Salina de la Renta tells Savio Vega he let down the entire island of Puerto Rico after losing the IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Title. The IWA is lacking money and could use an investor and the new owner of Promociones Dorado has deep pockets. Renta says they have made Vega a generous offer and look forward to hearing from him.

-LAST WEEK: Tim Donaghy “accidentally” helps Richard Holliday defeat Savio Vega in a Caribbean Strap Match to win the IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Championship for realsies. Alicia Atout are investigating the allegations of corruption with Donaghy, and will interview Holliday next week about it. 

  • So MLW, the company that’s all sports-oriented, had no idea Tim Donaghy was a disgraced former NBA official known for fixing games? Hmmmmmmm.

-FROM HAWAII: The Von Erich Brothers tease crashing Filthy Island in two weeks, if it even happens since sponsors are pulling out left and right from Tom Lawlor’s recent actions. 

-LAST WEEK: TJP & Bu Ku Dao defeated Violence is Forever to earn a Tag Team Title shot on this week’s show.

Los Parks (LA Park y Hijo de LA Park) [c] [Presented by Salina de la Renta] vs. TJP & Bu Ku Kao for the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

Salina de la Renta is joined at ringside by an unnamed associate of Azteca Underground, the new owners of Promociones Dorado. NOT Dario Cueto, unfortunately. Also did she come out in just socks? That’s…weird.

Los Parks attack the challengers at the bell, laying TJP out and forcing Dao to start the match on his own. Everybody shoves everybody, TJP is finally awake and goes right after LA Park who was the one who blindsided him. Park offers a handshake, TJP knows better. Park hits Dao from behind, Hijo drives him to the canvas with a clothesline and Los Parks double team as a hot-headed TJP accidentally distracts the ref. Dao doesn’t do enough damage so TJP shoves him aside and buries a series of rights into Hijo to show him how it’s done. Things break down, Los Parks connect with a double kick to TJP, Park drives Dao down with double boots and Hijo covers for a two-count. Los Parks whip TJP and Dao into one another but the challengers battle back, TJP connecting with a flying headscissors on Park. Dao clears the ring of Hijo, both splash the champs. Dao traps Hijo in a Crossface, TJP wraps Park in an Octopus but Park drops TJP on Dao to break both holds at once. TJP connects with a slingshot dropkick to Park, Dao plants Hijo with a spinning flatliner for the 1…2…not yet! Hijo drills Dao with a corner dropkick for the 1…2…Dao kicks out. Renta distracts the ref, LA Park Jr. replaces Hijo and connects with a shoulderbreaker for the 1…2…3.

Los Parks [c] defeated TJP & Bu Ku Dao via pinfall to retain the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (8:20)

  • I’m not going to mince words, this one sucked sh*t and felt 45 minutes long. Low-energy from everybody, dumb multiple LA Parks ending, none of this was good. Only reason I won’t go a full DUD is that TJP had a couple moments where he tried to inject a little energy. (1/4*)

A disappointed TJP shoves Dao to the mat when he tries to apologize, sick of having to carry the dead weight. Can’t blame him.

Mads Krugger hacks into the show to hype the Baklei Brawl and its roots in the South African slums. Sounds like bare-knuckle boxing to me, which is…I mean I could rent that kind of sh*t on Fite.

-LAST WEEK: Laredo Kid retains the AAA Cruiserweight Championship against Zenshi, then vows to become a double champion in MLW. Lio Rush accepts the challenge for next week, an “Interpromotional Title Fight”. Ooo now we’re talking.

-Calvin Tankman returns next week.

-MLW’s next big event, Never Say Never, will take place on March 24th. It’ll be free on all platforms they’re currently available on.

-FILTHY ISLAND CONTROL CENTER: Alicia Atout hosts the segment. No sponsors to promote since they’ve dropped out, cut to “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Violence is Forever (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) who hype the event in front of a very obvious green screen. Ku tries to warn Lawlor about an email but he brushes it off saying it’s spam. Back to Atout, who announces that Low-Ki will fight King Mo in a rematch from last February. Oh, uh, no thanks man. More details to come next week.

  • If they make ONE Fyre Festival joke I’m gonna scream.

Alexander Hammerstone has arrived to the “mysterious location” to fight Mads Krugger. Hammerstone knows Fatu is putting obstacles in his way but this won’t stop him.

Gringo Loco vs. “El Intocable” Gino Medina

Loco and Medina do some lucha things to start, as expected, flipping around and whatnot. Loco tries to shake hands for some reason and Medina kicks it away, then puts one hand behind his back and connecting with a snapmare. Loco responds with a springboard armdrag, Medina bails to the floor and sweeps the legs, sending Loco into the apron (hardest part of the ring, btw). Medina slows things down with a chinlock, showing off with a headstand as he cinches it in. Loco trips Medina and connects with a superkick followed by a torneo for the 1…2…Medina kicks out. Medina connects with a spinning enzuigiri, Loco responds with one of his own and Medina crumples to the canvas but kicks out of the lateral press. Medina counters a moonsault with a pair of boots followed by a Snake Eyes and running corner knee strike. Loco rolls Medina up for the 1…2…Medina reverses for the 1…2…3.

Gino Medina defeated Gringo Loco via pinfall (5:28)

  • Fun match for what it was! Feels like Gino Medina never really got a chance to show MLW viewers what he can do, getting folded into The Dynasty almost from his debut, and I’m glad to see him strike out on his own. Wonder what his finisher is going to be though because “roll-up reversal” doesn’t seem very eye-catching.

Medina’s post-match comments are mostly in Spanish. I think he wants a title? Either way Gringo Loco attacks him as soon as he’s done and a brawl breaks out.


Hammerstone walks around the “undisclosed location” with a referee and a scared cameraman. Krugger finally emerges and the fight…begins? Krugger gets the advantage, swinging a gate into another gate to hurt the Openweight Champ. Krugger tosses a pallet but Hammerstone dodges and runs back into frame with a bicycle kick and a whip into a dumpster. Hammerstone picks Krugger up and throws him into the dumpster like a lawn dart, covering for the 1…2…3…but it turns out it’s the WRONG GUY. The real Krugger attacks Hammerstone, saying he has big plans for him, as the show concludes. Uhhhh.

  • MLW stays on brand hyping something and not delivering. That felt like their version of a cinematic match and it was…yeah. It just was. I don’t know.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Loco/Medina was fun and the Baklei Brawl was…a thing, but overall this week’s Fusion was not great, Bob. Most of the blame goes to that truly awful Tag Team Title match, rest of the blame goes to MLW for never living up to the hype it creates for itself. As I’ve said before I like pieces of MLW enough to power through and even when a show sucks it’s at least interesting bad and not void bad, so I’m going to power through. But ugh. Big woof.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Gringo Loco vs. Gino Medina
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: MLW having NO IDEA about one of the biggest scandals in sports history for convenience reasons.