‘NWA POWERRR EPISODE 22’ Recap + Review – Six Man Main Event, #1 Contender for TV Title, Thunder Rosa Speaks

COMMENTATORS: Joe Galli, Tim Storm, & Velvet Sky

NWA Powerrr makes its long-awaited (by me) return and has a heck of a PPV to build off of. How will they build off of Back for the Attack? Let’s find out together, friends.


  • NWA WORLD’S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis
  • NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Aron Stevens & Kratos


  • Alex Gracia vs. Kamille (SQUASH)
  • #1 CONTENDER’S TV TITLE MATCH: Matt Cross vs. Fred Rosser vs. Marshe Rockett (**1/4)
  • Jordan Clearwater vs. Mike Parrow (*3/4)
  • The Pope, Aron Stevens, & Kratos vs. Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer, & Chris Adonis (**1/2)


-The NWA is back and has brought “Into the Fire” along with it, HELL YEAH.

-Galli and Storm are joined on commentary by Velvet Sky who has apparently joined the team.


Kyle Davis is with Strictly Business (Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer, & Kamille). Davis asks who their partner is going to be in the six-man tag team match tonight, Latimer ignores it and goes off on The Pope, upset they went to a time limit draw at Back for the Attack. They will do battle again. Kamille gloats about becoming the new #1 contender to the World Women’s Championship. Davis tries to keep going, Latimer grabs the mic and yells at The Pope some more. Aldis calms things down and says today is a celebration as NWA Powerrr is back and Fite has secured the bag to air it exclusively. Aldis proclaims that Strictly Business will be holding gold at some point.

  • Man oh man I didn’t realize how much I missed this show on aesthetics alone. Just the look of the things gives me the warm and fuzzies. Aldis cut a great promo as always, and it’s cool to see Strictly Business is still a thing even though they’re one man down (miss you, Royce!). Brief mention of Trevor Murdoch being hospitalized and Aldis turning his nose at it. Hmmmm.

-HIGHLIGHT REEL: NWA Back for the Attack, replay available on Fite. The Corgan song is a BANGER.

Alex Gracia vs. Kamille

Gracia, one of Thunder Rosa’s prospects, tries to get one over on Kamille right at the bell with a surprise dropkick but Kamille quickly uses her power to gain offensive control and almost puts her through the mat with a power bomb. Rest of the match is Kamille playing with her food, busting open Gracia’s nose, and finally putting her away with a pair of spears, the second one as an added insult to injury. 

Kamille defeated Alex Gracia via pinfall (2:40)

  • Dominant squash for Kamille. She used two Spears to beat Thunder Rosa on Sunday but that one was more a necessity; here it was just because she could. Love it. (SQUASH)


Kyle Davis is with TV Champion The Pope. Pope says that although he technically won “last night” (he meant Sunday) against Thom Latimer, he wasn’t happy about it. However in this day and age all you need to do is survive and that’s what Pope is going to do. Davis brings up the “Lucky 7” rule which: if he can defend the title successfully seven times he earns a World Heavyweight Championship match. Oh cool that’s still in play too. Pope says that if  he does make six more defenses he’ll happily put the TV Title away to make room for the ten pounds of gold. 

Pope puts over the three men about to do battle but his ending spiel gets interrupted by Tyrus and his new manager (I guess) Austin Idol. Idol tells Pope he’s lucky to even be on the same set as him, and has some breaking news: Tyus is the newest Idolmania Sports Management client. Idol brags that he “made” Nick Aldis the World Champion he is today and now he’s going to make Tyrus next. Tyrus says if people have any questions they got to go through Idol.

-ADVERTISEMENT: Austin Idol’s wrestling school, which is apparently real.

-Pope joins Galli & Storm on commentary, not sure where Velvet Sky went.

Matt Cross vs. “Mr. No Days Off” Fred Rosser vs. “All Day” Marshe Rockett

Cross and Rosser work together to ground the larger Rockett, then Rosser catches Cross with a backbreaker and nearly runs away with the thing. Rockett re-enters the match by bodying Rosser and connecting with an awesome dropkick for a one-count. Cross catches Rockett with a springboard crossbody but only barely gets a one-count. Rosser dodges a Yakuza Kick in the corner and connects with a running knee to Cross before clipping Rockett’s other knee. Cross drops Rosser with a back elbow and lights Rockett up with a ROUGH chop. Cross charges, Rockett turns it into a powerslam for the 1…2…Cross kicks out. Cross catches Rockett with a back handspring cutter and a pump kick to Rosser. Rosser plants Cross on the buckles, Cross fights him off and rolls through a shooting star press attempt right into the Gut Check for the 1…2…3.

Fred Rosser defeated Matt Cross & Marshe Rockett via pinfall to become the #1 contender to the NWA World Television Championship (5:10)

  • Really fun triple threat match that didn’t rely on the usual “two in, one out” style WWE likes to implement. Everyone got their moment to shine and Rosser picked up a hard-fought win. I admit to not having seen him wrestle since the Darren Young days but it looks like I’ll need to catch up because he kicked ass here. (**1/4)

May Valentine interviews Slice Boogie backstage. Boogie doesn’t have his eyes on anyone on the roster currently, whoever wants to step up can get some, but he does seem to have a thing for May.

Jordan Clearwater vs. Mike Parrow

Bell rings and Parrow goes on the attack immediately with corner splashes and a Full Nelson slam. Parrow follows up with a senton for the 1…2…Clearwater kicks out. Clearwater tries to mount a comeback but Parrow puts a stop to that mess with a lariat. Parrow plants Clearwater with a chokeslam (which Galli calls a clothesline for some reason) and stares a hole into the souls of the commentary team (Velvet Sky is back!). Clearwater surprises Parrow with a neckbreaker for the 1…2…Parrow throws him off. Parrow beats Clearwater down with a series of forearms followed by a sorta Greetings from Asbury Park (I really need to figure out a better descriptor) for the 1…2…3.

Mike Parrow defeated Jordan Clearwater via pinfall (3:03)

  • I’ve seen the tweets of the man for years, but this is the first time I think I’ve seen Parrow actually wrestle and I loved it. Great presence to him, and I’m all about burly motherf*ckers squashing pipsqueaks. Wonder why he’s Mike Parrow here instead of just Parrow like everywhere else. Probably not worth thinking too hard on. Clearwater made a good tackling dummy. (*3/4)


Kyle Davis welcomes Thunder Rosa, which gets an immediate chant from the crowd. Davis talks about Rosa’s week in pro wrestling, from her awesome Lights Out match on AEW Dynamite as well as her showing against Kamille at Back for the Attack. Rosa is focused on getting her Women’s World Championship back, Davis brings out Melina who asked for this time. Melina says she’s proud of what Thunder Rosa has done and is here for her if she needs it. Rosa puts Melina over for paving the road for other Latinas in the business, but turns down Melina’s help as she has proven she can do things on her own. Melina says she understands but also offers to manage Rosa. Rosa says she doesn’t need her help right now, Davis quickly tries to get out of the situation because it’s awkward as hell for him.

  • Melina trying to hitch herself back to former charge Thunder Rosa now that she’s rocketed up the wrestling mountain is pretty great, and I like Rosa knowing her worth and awkwardly having to tell her no repeatedly. Sufficiently awkward. Who is Melina going to bring in to beat Rosa down is what I’m wondering, that’s gotta be where that’s headed. I appreciate the NWA hanging onto story threads from before the shutdown.

The Pope, Aron Stevens, & Kratos vs. “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer, & Chris Adonis

Adonis is revealed as Aldis and Latimer’s mystery partner, and is the man responsible for Trevor Murdoch being hospitalized thanks to a post-match attack on Sunday. Solid foreshadowing earlier in the episode to telegraph this, didn’t pick up on it initially because I’m an IDIOT.

Stevens and Adonis start the match for their respective teams as Galli reads an ad for friggin’ Conrad Thompson. This man’s reach is UNREAL. Stevens escapes a headlock and counters into one of his own and connects with a rolling fireman’s carry into a cover for a two-count. That was great. Commentary mentions Kratos not being too thrilled with Stevens’ change of heart lately. Stevens drives Adonis to the mat with a clothesline and follows up with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two-count. Adonis escapes an armbar with a poke to the eye and drills Stevens with a clothesline to tip the scales for the heels. Latimer tags in and distracts the ref so Aldis can get a cheapshot in. Anything for the champ! Aldis tags in and Stevens’ trip to Clothesline City continues. Aldis drops the leg and gets a two-count, Latimer tags back in and Strictly Business double up their offense. Latimer covers, Pope pulls Latimer off but the ref didn’t even start a count so that’s awkward. Stevens connects with a series of fists, Latimer brings him to the canvas with a drop toehold and almost gets the pin. More talk about Kratos being disgusted at seeing the state of his tag team partner. Aldis tags in, connects with a vertical suplex into a lateral press for the 1…2…Stevens kicks out, Kratos yells at Stevens to get up like he’s embarrassed or something. Adonis tags in, slows things down with a front facelock. Latimer tags in, Stevens sweeps the legs and connects with a DDT.

Adonis tags in but so does Pope (not Kratos, surprisingly) and he’s a house of fire with a corner splash and forearm. Latimer comes in for the DAMNED NUMBERS GAME, Pope catches them both with a double DDT. Pope catches Adonis with a bulldog for the 1…2…Aldis breaks it up and gets sent to the floor. Latimer tries to bring a chair in, Pope squashes the fingers and drops him with an uppercut. Pope turns into a spinebuster from Adonis, Kratos damn near takes Adonis’ head off with a lariat, Latimer catches Kratos with a spear, Stevens with a Thesz Press and rights to Latimer. Aldis goes for a Cloverleaf on Pope, Stevens breaks it up with a superkick. Adonis runs in, Pope drives him to the canvas with a reverse STO. Pope sets up for the double knees but Kratos tags himself in; as Pope argues with the ref Kratos tries to use a chair but Stevens pulls it out of his hands. Adonis takes advantage and rolls Kratos up, handful of tights, for the 1…2…3.

Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer, & Chris Adonis defeated The Pope, Aron Stevens, & Kratos via pinfall (10:35)

  • Story focused mainly on Kratos not liking the change of heart Stevens has gone through since they became Tag Team Champions, wanting to fight fair instead of the underhanded tactics they used to employ together. If I was more up on their history as a team I probably would like it more but it’s easy enough to follow. Pretty good match overall, nothing too exciting but nothing bad either. (**1/2)

Stevens tells Kratos they don’t need to use chairs, Kratos yells at him for getting his ass kicked. I don’t think these guys are going to be champs for long, folks.


FINAL THOUGHTS: I had no idea how much I missed NWA Powerrr until “Into the Fire” hit to open the show. Oh maaaan, this was like chicken soup in pro wrestling form. Just a well put together hour of wrestling, real meat and potatoes stuff. I was a little worried about the NWA coming back without some of its bigger names but honestly it doesn’t feel like they’ve lost much of a step, though without Eli Drake I’m not sure who’s credible enough to dethrone Nick Aldis. He was my pick but he’s off in NXT-land now. I’m on board for at least the next month of shows, I want to see where the NWA takes things in this new era and they’ve earned my five bucks.

  • FAVORITE MATCH: Pope, Aron Stevens, & Kratos vs. Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer, & Chris Adonis
  • FAVORITE MOMENT: “Into the Fire” being the opening music once again. Weird to be nostalgic about a show that’s only been gone a year, itself a show dripped in nostalgia. That’s a lot to unpack for me mentally.