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‘NWA POWERRR EPISODE 24’ Recap + Review – Pope vs. Rosser, The End Debut, War Kings in Action

COMMENTATORS: Joe Galli, Tim Storm, & Velvet Sky

The TV Title is on the line this week as The Pope defends against Fred Rosser. Also on the show the NWA showcases its burgeoning tag team division with the debut of The End as well as the return of NWA stalwarts The War Kings who were a big part of the company pre-Powerrr Era. Also who does Nick Aldis have in mind for Strictly Business? 


  • NWA WORLD’S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis
  • NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Aron Stevens & Kratos


  • The End vs. Thom Latimer & Chris Adonis (**1/2)
  • Mims & Slice Boogie vs. The War Kings (*1/4)
  • The Pope [c] vs. Fred Rosser for the NWA WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (**1/2)


-LAST WEEK: Chris Adonis defeats Trevor Murdoch for the National Championship and celebrates with Nick Aldis and Thom Latimer. Is he the new member of Strictly Business? Man I don’t know, let’s find out.

-Galli and Storm are joined on commentary by Aron Stevens, his tag team partner Kratos being all menacing behind him. Stevens says they’re basically out here to scout talent. His spiel is interrupted by Sal Rinauro, who takes the mic from Kyle Davis at the podium. Rinauro asks why Stevens hasn’t contacted him about the Tag Team Title match he offered last week. Storm asks Stevens about this title shot, Stevens says he offered a match but the NWA has to sanction it. Rinauro and Davis talk inaudibly, Stevens tells them if Rinauro can find a partner they’d be glad to wrestle them…then leave the commentary table and head to the back?

  • Ah yes I too like to scout talent by leaving the vantage point and ignoring the matches. This…didn’t make a lot of sense and felt like a ton of rambling. I wonder who Sal Rinauro is going to get as his partner though. I’m still pulling for May Valentine.

The End (Parrow & Odinson) vs. Strictly Business (Thom Latimer & “The Masterpiece” Chris Adonis)

Parrow & Odinson do a Fury Road thing for their introduction, spraying their mouths with silver paint. That’s cool. Adonis was announced as part of Strictly Business by Kyle Davis. Galli says that answers the question but Storm thinks he’s still just an associate.

Latimer tries to move Parrow with shoulderblocks but he doesn’t budge. Odinson and Adonis tag in, Adonis goads him in for a test strength and catches him with a cheap shot kick. Odinson surprises Adonis with a suplex, Latimer tags in and eats a dropkick. Parrow tags in, Odinson PICKS HIM UP and SLAMS HIM on top of Latimer. Latimer baits Parrow to the floor, Adonis catches him with a clothesline and gets in a whole lot of cheapshots as Latimer distracts the ref. Latimer drives Parrow to the canvas with a lariat but not the pinfall and he continues trying to weaken his larger opponent. Adonis whips Parrow into a missile dropkick from Latimer and covers for the 1…2…not yet. Parrow counters a MasterLock attempt with a jawbreaker, Odinson gets the tag and delivers European uppercuts to both Latimer & Adonis. Odinson connects with a back suplex into a slam for the 1…2…Latimer breaks it up. The End dodge Strictly Business in the corner and connect with a SUPER COLLIDER, Kamille distracts the ref and Latimer sends Odinson BOUNCING OFF THE APRON. Latimer throws Parrow into the ringpost, Adonis traps Odinson in the MasterLock and knocks him out.

Strictly Business defeated The End via pinfall (6:25)

  • Weird to open the show with a video asking if Adonis is part of Strictly Business then have Kyle Davis announce him as such in the opening match. I wonder if that’s going to stick or if we’re going to hear from Aldis later about it. Match was pretty damn good though, this is the first time I’ve ever seen The End and I f*cking dug ‘em, Odinson is JAAAAACKED. They seem like a really fun team, bummer Strictly Business got the victory. (**1/2)

Thunder Rosa appears at ringside to yell at Kamille, who hides behind Adonis & Latimer. Rosa jaw jacks and heads to the interview podium with Kyle Davis…but I guess we got a commercial break first.


Thunder Rosa vows to take matters into her own hands with Kamille, telling her to be very afraid and yelling in Spanish. She’s interrupted by the bubbly Taryn Terrell (Kyle Davis calling her “Ter-IN”), who is making her NWA Powerrr debut. Terrell said she’d kick her ass but she has an owie in her hip and offers to be her cheerleader if she needs it. They’re then interrupted by Melina, who takes offense and says she’s going to be the one to help her if anything. Rosa tells them both to cram it and walks off.

  • Honestly I’m all in on a Rosa vs. Terrell match but if we could get to it without more segments like these I’d be okay with that. The talking segments this week have no rhythm to them so far and that sucks.

May Valentine interviews a neckbrace-wearing Trevor Murdoch, who puts Nick Aldis on notice for steppin ginto his lane.

Mims & Slice Boogie vs. The War Kings (Jax Dane & Crimson)

Dane hits Boogie with a cheapshot which makes him so mad he…tags Mims in to defend his honor. He does NOT, Dane throwing him overhead after countering an inverted atomic drop. Crimson tags in and gets in the throwing game to with an Exploder. Boogie tags in, Crimson drops him with a back elbow for a two-count. Dane tags in, War Kings take turns squashing Boogie in the corner. Boogie sends Crimson to the floor, Mims tags in and Dane sends him staggering with a headbutt. Crimson knocks Boogie off the apron and connects with a flying elbowdrop for the 1…2…Mims kicks out! Boogie trips Dane, who knocks himself out by hitting the apron. Oh dang he killed him. Storm isn’t buying it but eventually drops it at the behest of Galli. Boogie tags in, Crimson takes both down with a double clothesline and yells at Dane to get up. Boogie chop blocks Crimson’s knee and connects with a springboard elbowdrop but only gets a one-count. Crimson fights back with chops, Boogie regains offense, and DANE IS STILL WRITHING ON THE FLOOR KNOCKED OUT. Mims tags in, Crimson almost fights out of the corner so Boogie tags back in and they hit a double suplex for the 1…2…not yet. Dane is still out cold! Crimson surprises Boogie with a spinebuster but there’s no one to tag to, he connects with a Death Valley Driver on Mims for the 1…2…Boogie makes the save as a ref checks on Dane. Crimson pulls Boogie in by the neck, Mims rolls him up for the 1…2…3!

Mims & Slice Boogie defeated The War Kings via pinfall (7:15)

  • Is the NWA apron made out of concrete or something? Mims & Boogie pick up an upset victory, but it took them a lot longer to get Crimson’s shoulders down than it should’ve given that Dane was out cold on the floor for the bulk of the match. Match went WAY too long for the story they were going with. Cool to see Mims get the win; like Parrow he apparently lost his first name over the week. (*1/4)

Crimson finally checks on Dane and demands he get up as the show awkwardly cuts to a PSA about tackle football.


Kyle Davis is joined by the World’s Champion Nick Aldis who is NOT here to announce a new member of Strictly Business. Aldis says that when he’s “good” it pisses him off because he wants to be “GREAT” in everything from his promos to his matches, and the standards he has for himself transfer to his group. Aldis announces Strictly Business is actively recruiting and NOBODY’s position is guaranteed. Aldis’ invitation extends to every wrestler and organization in the world. 

  • Good promo from Aldis, this opens the door for some new blood in the NWA to make surprise appearances. Could possibly be the beginning of seeing some AEW folk appear on the show.

The Pope [c] vs. “Mr. No Days Off” Fred Rosser for the NWA WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP

The 6:05 time limit returns for Pope’s first televised defense of the NWA World Television Championship. He’s got two successful defenses under his belt; five more and he can cash in for a shot at the World’s Heavyweight Championship. Rosser earned the title opportunity two weeks ago and was supposed to get the shot last week but they got bumped for the National Championship match.

Rosser controls the arm, Pope rolls through and counters into a headlock but Rosser quickly gets to the ropes to force a break. Pope escapes a Gut Check, Rosser dodges an uppercut and they reset. Pope drops Rosser with a clothesline and hangs onto the wrist for an inverted atomic drop and senton. Pope misses a flying crossbody and Rosser follows in with a spear but only gets a one-count. Rosser focuses on Pope’s abdominal area, digging his knee into the ribs to wear him down. Pope fights back and stuns Rosser with a neckbreaker. Pope misses a corner splash, hurting his ribs even more by taking that bump chest-first and Rosser covers for the 1…2…Pope kicks out. Rosser ducks a strike and connects with the Gut Check but Pope rolls out to the floor to avoid getting pinned. Rosser rolls him in and covers for the 1…2…Pope kicks out having had enough time to recover. Pope drops Rosser with an uppercut followed by the Elijah Experience for the 1…2…3.

The Pope [c] defeated Fred Rosser via pinfall to retain the NWA WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP (5:45)

  • Glad the time limit got reinstated, 10:05 made absolutely no sense. Fun match, told its story well in the time given. Pope rolling to the floor to avoid getting pinned after the Gut Check was pretty great. (**1/2)

Tyrus and Austin Idol come out to sarcastically give Pope a round of applause, then laugh and point. Tyrus gives Pope a thumbs up and leaves to the back, leaving Pope to stand tall as the episode concludes. 



Weird episode of NWA Powerrr this week that felt disjointed the entire time. Stevens & Kratos opened the show to discuss scouting teams…then left to the back. Galli hyped that tonight was all about tag teams but then the episode was main-evented by a singles match. It just all felt…strange. The in-ring action was pretty good though, I really liked The End as well as Pope/Rosser. I’m also intrigued at who is going to take Aldis up on his Strictly Business offer and if the NWA can get some folks people want to see. Still some stuff to like this week but…I don’t know man, something felt weird. Also will someone turn Velvet Sky’s headset up?

  • FAVORITE MATCH: The Pope vs. Fred Rosser
  • FAVORITE MOMENT: Jax Dane does an NBA flop and peaces out of most of his match. NWA’s  aprons really are the hardest part of the ring.

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