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[TV Recap] ‘#NWAPowerrr Episode 17: Pride vs. Thunder’ – Rosa/Kay II, Stevens vs. Murdoch

COMMENTATORS: Joe Galli & Stu Bennett

We’ve got a banger of a main event this week on NWA Powerrr as Thunder Rosa defends the Women’s World Championship against Allysin Kay in a Hard Times rematch. The National Championship is also on the line as Aron Stevens and his three degrees defend against Trevor Murdoch.


  • NWA WORLDS HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis
  • NWA WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION: “Stroke Daddy” Ricky Starks
  • NWA NATIONAL CHAMPION: Aron “Shooter” Stevens
  • NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Eli Drake & “Cowboy” James Storm


  • Matt Cross vs. Caleb Konley (***1/4)
  • Aron Stevens [c] vs. Trevor Murdoch for the NWA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (*3/4)
  • Eli Drake & James Storm vs. Jocephus & Mims (SQUASH)
  • Thunder Rosa [c] vs. Allysin Kay for the NWA WORLD WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP (****)


-VIDEO HYPE: Rosa/Kay II, tonight on Powerrr.

-The NWA Powerrr opening video has been updated with new clips and…A NEW SONG? Boo. BOOOOOO. It’s generic hard rock/metal too, which is even more disappointing.

-Galli welcomes the home audience from the interview podium. He hypes the Rosa/Kay main event then welcomes Tim Storm as his special guest. The GPB Studios goes WILD, an expected response for the best babyface in pro wrestling. Storm will be facing Thom Latimer next week, with Kamille at ringside. Storm says he ASKED for this match, Galli says he’s heard that Storm is considering retiring from pro wrestling and wants him to set the record straight. Storm says it’s not going to happen because everything about him is the NWA. Galli asks how Storm plans to go up against Strictly Business, Storm says it’s nothing he can’t handle, out come Thom Latimer and Kamille to interrupt. Latimer says no one cares what Storm has to say and he doesn’t give a crap about their match next week. OH SNAP HE SAID CRAP, WHAT A MONSTER. Galli gets a message in his earpiece and introduces MOMMA STORM…who’s just a dude in drag pretending to be an old lady. Latimer and Kamille bail as “Momma Storm” makes a bunch of old people jokes. Storm calls this ridiculous and insulting and is done with whatever it is. “Momma Storm” warns him to not to face Latimer next week, to go back to teaching so he can learn how to win a match. Storm stalks off as the segment mercifully ends.

  • Storm’s promo was great, but once Latimer & Kamille showed up this thing fell off a cliff. Having Strictly Business hire someone to impersonate Momma Storm to be a jerk to one of their most hated rivals makes sense, but also wasn’t that funny or necessary.

-NEXT PPV HYPE: The Crockett Cup in April, to be held outside of the GPB Studios.

-HARD TIMES CLIP: Thunder Rosa beats Allysin Kay to win the Women’s World Title.

-Galli and Bennett are joined at the announce table by Ricky Starks. He is not surprised he beat Zicky Dice last week. Fair enough.

Matt Cross vs. Caleb Konley

Both men counter one another and nip up into a stalemate. Cross with an ankle pick, Konley leapfrogs him, Cross rolls through a monkey flip, Cross hits a headscissors and follows up with a running forearm. Snapmare into a lateral press, Konley kicks out. Cross counters a whip with a trip and drops an elbow for another two-count. Konley connects with a step-up enzuigiri and trips Cross off the buckles. Snapmare into a basement dropkick, Konley covers for a two-count. Konley catches a kick, trips Cross up, and follows up with a senton for the 1…2…Cross kicks out. Cross flips out of a back suplex and belts Konley with a pair of clotheslines followed by a back-handspring elbow and springboard crossbody for the 1…2…Konley kicks out. Cross kicks out a roll-up and hits a pump kick, Konley connects with a superkick followed by a tornado DDT (one of Starks’ main moves) for the 1…2…Cross kicks out. Konley catches a charging Cross with a rolling European uppercut, Cross responds with a springboard cutter and a shooting star press for the 1…2…3.

Matt Cross defeated Caleb Konley via pinfall (5:51)

  • Damn good match between two guys a lot of folks tend to sleep on. Cross picks up his first NWA win and maybe earmarks himself for a TV Title shot in the future. I hope so. He deserves some spotlight. Also I miss Lucha Underground. (***1/4)

Cross and Konley shake hands, crowd showers everyone with an “NWA” chant.

-LAST WEEK: Nick Aldis says he’ll defend the World Title against Marty Scurll at The Crockett Cup with one catch: if Aldis wins, Scurll will have to personally refund the entire crowd. Money back guarantee.

-VIDEO: Nick Aldis says it’s been 471 days since he regained the Worlds Heavyweight Championship, but it’s been 7 days since he challenged Marty Scurll and hasn’t heard back. Aldis tells Scurll he’s entering very treacherous territory but his patience is wearing thin; Scurll doesn’t have to accept but he has to respond and is open to a counter-offer as long as it’s high stakes. Aldis wants an answer by the time ROH Free Enterprise happens this Sunday in Baltimore.

-VIDEO RECAP: Eddie Kingston is beaten up by both Dawson Brothers on orders from The Pope.

INTERVIEW PODIUM: Dave Marquez is standing by with The Pope and The Dawsons. Pope says The Dawsons simply capitalized on opportunity unlike Outlaw Inc. did when he got them a Tag Team opportunity. Pope says the failure doesn’t reflect on Eddie Kingston’s star, but it reflects badly on Homicide. Pope says you don’t cross the cashier bringing change to the NWA. An ENRAGED Eddie Kingston interrupts, hands behind his back. Kingston says he’s being a good boy because the NWA told him he had to relax. Kingston tells Pope he should go after his eyes and tongue and tells Pope to look at him as Pope hides behind The Dawsons. Kingston tells Pope never to disrespect Homicide like that, a man who has made stars, and talks about Homicide saved him from suicide. Kingston says he would die for that man and should bury Pope where he stands. Kingston says he got a phone call from two green kids who needed a favor, and introduces The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) from Ring Of Honor. Kingston and The Bouncers enter the ring, Bouncers fight the Dawsons off and BEGS Pope to get in the ring, wanting to go to war. Pope dismisses the idea.

  • Eddie Kingston KILLED IT with that promo. Great stuff. I really want to see him get his hands on The Pope in the worst way. MAKE THAT MAN BLEED. Also as someone who pays little attention to ROH I didn’t realize The Bouncers were still around but I’m glad they are. Beer City Bruiser is DA CRUSHER for the 21st

-LAST WEEK: Trevor Murdoch tells Aron Stevens he’ll be challenging him for the National Championship next week. Which is today. Today is next week.

-MAY VALENTINE’S DIARY: May Valentine talks about how excited she was to be part of Hard Times and shows off her outfit. She’s making a lot of new friends in the NWA, but was disappointed that the love of her life Royce Isaacs lost at the PPV. Valentine shows off her outfit from the Powerrr tapings and talks about how Isaacs is a sensitive man and got his mojo back against Andre Guhn. Valentine talks about Isaacs getting jealous at Sal Rinauro for talking to her.

  • This was rough but it has potential. I like her cutting away to talk about her outfits, and the subtle emasculation of Royce Isaacs. I’ll give it a few more segments, could grow on me more.

Aron “Shooter” Stevens [c] [w/ The Question Mark] vs. Trevor Murdoch for the NWA (3RD DEGREE) NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

Murdoch with a side headlock takeover, Stevens escapes with a headscissors, Murdoch kicks out. Stevens nips out of a headscissors from Murdoch but gets dropped with a right hand, and the champ hides in the corner for a moment to recover. Murdoch grabs a waistlock, Stevens elbows out and runs into an elbow from a challenger. Murdoch follows up with three scoop slams, Stevens rolls to the floor. Murdoch goes after him, Question Mark gets in the way…AND GETS KICKED OUT OF RINGSIDE FOR THIS. Stevens takes advantage of a distracted Murdoch with a baseball slide and rams him into the apron. Murdoch fights back and sends Stevens into the HARDEST PART OF THE RIIIING and rolls him in. Murdoch charges, Stevens ducks down and Murdoch goes crashing to the floor. Murdoch gets back in, Stevens dumps him back out and asks for the time of the match. Murdoch rolls in, Stevens rains down right hands and a kneedrop. Stevens gets distracted with the chanting of the crowd, Murdoch rolls him up for the 1…2…Stevens kicks out and drops Murdoch with a karate chop lariat. Stevens rolls Murdoch back to the floor and demands the ref count. Murdoch gets to the apron, Stevens brings him in and gets sent into the buckles. Stevens counters a backdrop with a neckbreaker and covers for the 1…2…Murdoch kicks out. Chinlock time. Murdoch almost escapes, Stevens pokes him in the eye and delivers more crossfaces and dumps him to the floor to try and get a countout. Murdoch rolls in, Stevens goes a stompin’. Stevens with a side Russian Legsweep and asks for the time again to see if it’s been ten minutes yet. Stevens rains down lefts and covers for the 1…2…Murdoch kicks out. Stevens tries again, hooking both legs, and Murdoch kicks out with two minutes remaining. Stevens tosses Murdoch out again but this time he lands on his feet. Murdoch mounts a comeback with some clotheslines and count-a-long rights in the corner mount. Murdoch connects with a full nelson slam for the 1…2…Stevens gets the shoulder up. Stevens grabs a sleeperhold, Murdoch escapes and applies one of his own, Stevens escapes via jawbreaker and the bell rings.

Aron Stevens [c] & Trevor Murdoch fought to a time-limit draw (10:00); Stevens retains the NWA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

  • Stevens trying to weasel his way into keeping the National Championship is on brand, but all this time limit stuff feels weird to do given there’s a whole championship built around time limits already. Feels like a storyline built better for the Television Title. The stalling made this match boring but I appreciated the story I guess. (*3/4)

Despite the match being over Murdoch continues his offense, hitting the flying bulldog and getting the visual pin as the crowd counts along.

-A SPECIAL CHALLENGE…: Zicky Dice “challenges” the viewers to subscribe to the NWA’s YouTube challenge and will do whatever the fans want if they do 100,000 more subs than they have now. Cut-off date is 3/1/2020.

-TWO MINUTE UPDATE: Sean Mooney says it’s been an honor to join the NWA, then zeroes in on the Aldis/Scurll meeting from the end of last week’s show. Aldis and Scurll will be both be in Baltimore for ROH Free Enterprise in a tag team match as Scurll teams with PCO against Aldis and Rush. Mooney goes over the Lucky 7 rule for the Television Title; if the champ can beat or go to the time limit in 7 straight defense he can challenge the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Mooney announces that Melina has told the committee that she wants to be next in line for a  shot at the Women’s World Championship.

Eli Drake & “Cowboy” James Storm vs. Jocephus & Mims

Jocephus with a wristlock, Storm breaks it and counters into a hammerlock followed by an armdrag takeover. Drake tags in, basement dropkick to the knee, and Storm hits a kneedrop on his way out. Drake continues working on Jocephus’ left arm, Jocephus whips him off and hits a back elbow to finally turn the tide for himself and his team. Mims tags in, Drake IMMEDIATELY belts him with a lariat after springing up. DAMN. Storm tags in, double back elbow and Storm covers for a one-count. Storm ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning midsection kick followed by a snapmare and chops to the spine. Storm tosses Mims into Drake who hits a powerslam, then follows up with his leaping People’s Elbow thing. Storm tags in, Drake throws Mims into a lung blower from Storm for the 1…2…3.

Eli Drake & James Storm defeated Jocephus & Mims via pinfall (3:14)

  • Solid showcase for the new Tag Team Champions as they continue to gel as a tag team, even debuting a new finisher. Jocephus essentially being enhancement talent now is an odd turn, my pre-NWA memories of him are when he was doing the Bruiser Brody knockoff thing, but maybe it’ll lead somewhere. Or maybe it won’t. Life is funny that way. (SQUASH)

Jocephus leaves his partner behind and stalks off to the back as the champs celebrate. So I guess it will maybe lead somewhere.

-MUSIC VIDEO: Highlights from Rosa/Kay at Hard Times. Music is all percussion and as a former drummer I LOVE IT.

Melina joins Galli & Bennett at the table, but refused a headset. She may or may not say words tonight.

Thunder Rosa [c] vs. Allysin Kay for the NWA WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Standing switches from both as they jockey for position. Kay brings Rosa to the mat, quickly rolls into a front chancery, Rosa counters, Kay counters back, and so on and so forth until Rosa grabs a crossface. Kay rolls her up for a two-count, both separate and trash talk. Rosa and Kay pie-face each other, Rosa with a snapmare and kick to the spine. Kay with a snapmare and spine kick of her own, Rosa angrily gets to her feet, another snapmare, Kay ducks a PK and rolls her up for the 1…2…Rosa kicks out and rolls to the apron. Rosa yanks Kay’s left arm across the top rope and connects with an armbreaker. Kay fights back with some hard chops and forearms, Rosa counters a tilt-a-whirl slam into a Fujiwara Armbar in the center of the ring, transitioning into a double armbar. Kay and Rosa belt each other with running forearms and a shootout commences as they throw more bombs. Both women charge, both knock each other down with big boots.

Rosa connects with a flying clothesline in the corner followed by a double knees to the chest. Marti Belle shows up for some reason, Rosa tells her to get out of here as does Kay. Out come Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox who stalk Belle around the ring. Both Rosa and Kay are confused, Rosa tries to roll her up but Kay kicks out and hits a neckbreaker followed by a pump kick and suplex for the 1…2…Rosa kicks out. The three ladies join Melina at the commentary table and do a whole lot of staring. Rosa escapes the AK-47 and connects with a wheelbarrow stunner for the 1…2…Kay kicks out. Rosa with a snap release German suplex for the 1…2…Kay kicks out again. Rosa with a death valley driver for the 1…2…Kay gets her shoulder up! Rosa with a stun gun and rolls Kay up again, rolling her whole body over her legs, for the 1…2…3!

Thunder Rosa [c] defeated Allysin Kay via pinfall to retain the NWA WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (9:23)

  • Another great match between these two. Man I dig their chemistry. The stuff outside of the ring was not really needed but didn’t take away from this as much as I was afraid it was going to. Looks like Rosa is going to branch out on her own soon, given that her next title defense is probably going to be against Melina. Wouldn’t be surprised if Melina demands Rosa take a dive or something. (****)

Rosa sort-of celebrates her win but is still miffed at Belle, and I guess Melina, as the show ends.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Rosa/Kay had the best match in (this era’s) NWA PPV history, and can now say they’ve had the best match in the history of NWA Powerrr so far. Great main event capping off a solid show that included another very good match (Cross/Conley) as well as some great promo work from Tim Storm and Eddie Kingston. Show only faltered really during Stevens/Murdoch; using a time limit shtick feels redundant when the Television Title already has that baked in (for now). Overall though hell yeah, NWA keeps rockin’ and rollin’.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Tim Storm being Tim Storm…until that Momma Storm thing happened.

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