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[TV Rundown] ‘#NWAPowerrr Ep. 13: Who’s the Third Man, Brother?’ – Storm/Drake vs. Cabana/Anderson, Konley vs. Dice, ODB vs. Thunder Rosa

COMMENTATORS: Joe Galli & Stu Bennett

This week on NWA Powerrr the TV Title Qualifiers continue as Zicky Dice takes on Caleb Konley and the final two qualifying matches for next week are announced. Also on the show ODB battles Thunder Rosa and Nick Aldis makes Ricky Morton an offer he…probably could have refused, but doesn’t.


  • NWA WORLD’S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis
  • NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)


  • TV TITLE QUALIFYING MATCH: Caleb Konley vs. Zicky Dice (**1/2)
  • ODB vs. Thunder Rosa (***1/4)
  • 6:05 EXHIBITION MATCH: Ricky Starks vs. Nick Aldis (***1/4)
  • Eli Drake & James Storm vs. Colt Cabana & Mr. Anderson (**1/4)


-Show opens with a recap of the past few weeks, including the formation of Strictly Business and Tim Storm beating Royce Isaacs on last week’s show after Nick Aldis refused to participate in their scheduled match.

Joe Galli welcomes the audience at the interview podium, and introduces his guest Tim Storm. Storm says that he would be proud to be Television Champion, and says the ACTUAL tournament will have two “invitation” spots which could be anybody from an NWA legend to someone from another company. Storm turns his attention to last week, saying he and the fans were robbed of the match they deserved to see/have. Lots of “COWARD” chants directed at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. Kamille interrupts, grabs the mic, and gets in Storm’s face. Storm asks her how Nick Aldis could no-show a main event and if he’s a coward. Kamille responds with a slap, then walks away all smug while the veins bulge out of Storm’s head and neck.

-After a break we go back to the podium where Dave Marquez is standing by with The Dawsons (Zane & Dave) as well as Trevor Murdoch and Anastasia Fischer and the TV Title fishbowl. You think Fischer is going to be a bigger part of the show going forward or is this it? She pulls out the names for next week’s final two qualifying matches: first match will be ZANE vs. DAVE in a brother vs. brother match, leaving Murdoch to take on Thomas Latimer of The Wild Cards. Murdoch is confident in his chances, but also puts over Latimer as a tough opponent.

-First contest is a TV TITLE QUALIFYING MATCH pitting Caleb Konley against “Outlandish” Zicky Dice. Despite the short time limit Dice still finds time to showboat, and it almost costs him repeatedly as Konley tries to roll his opponent up in a variety of ways. Dice manages some offense, including a bear hug into a Northern lights suplex, Konley battles back but misses a moonsault and Dice seizes the moment with the Snake, Rattle, & Roll neckbreaker and the pinfall to advance. I enjoyed this one a lot. I appreciated Konley’s urgency and he looked good in defeat, and Dice picks up another unexpected win but got to show a little more of his arsenal. (**1/2)

-Cut to earlier in the day as Galli sits down with The Question Mark and the NWA “Third-Degree” National Champion Aron “Shooter” Stevens. Stevens puts over his strong bond with his sensei and reiterates their quest to capture ALL OF THE BELTS, not only because they can but because they deserve them. Galli asks Stevens when he’s going to defend the title he already has, Stevens quickly brushes him off and says he will when the time is right. I would also like to know.

-NWA Women’s World Champion Allysin Kay joins the commentary team for the next match. 13 episodes in and she hasn’t defended the title yet. That’s a damn shame.

-Second contest pits ODB against Thunder Rosa. Rosa “picked” ODB to be her opponent, mostly at the suggestion of her friend/leader Melina who obviously did not want Rosa to possibly win the Women’s Title from Kay before she could. I’m not sad though because this match SLAPPED. A total slugfest as ODB and Thunder Rosa beat the heck out of each other, energizing the crowd and creating a tremendous viewing experience and hyping me up even more. Rosa picked up the win following a top rope double stomp to the back in 5:48, but I could have watched them slug it out for the rest of the show, to be honest. Thunder Rosa f*cking RULES. (***1/4)

-A fake ad airs for The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express Hotline. 1-1-800-ROCK-ROLL if you want to try and call it. Good luck.

-Galli welcomes “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis to the podium. Crowd is MOLTEN, chanting “COWARD” and yelling all sorts of stuff at him, and the champ just drinks it in. Aldis mentions that he told the truth about Kamille not being his insurance policy a few weeks back and it wasn’t a swerve as she’s a full-fledged member of Strictly Business. Aldis calls Tim Storm a relic in his rear view and throws shade at the “carny” Ricky Morton, then turns his attention to his opponent tonight Ricky Starks, saying he has two reasons for the match: to prove he can hang with top-tier talent and to “make” Starks.

-This leads into the third contest, as Aldis takes on Ricky Starks in a 6:05 EXHIBITION MATCH. Being World’s Champion Aldis is initially cocky, showing off in the opening exchange. Starks, however, gives no f*cks and gives just as good as he takes, posing right back at the champ. Aldis takes control after turning a crossbody attempt by Starks into a delayed vertical suplex, following up with a clothesline and fallaway slam but Starks refuses to be pinned. Starks mounts a comeback, Aldis takes a powder and gets belted with a tope suicida. Back in the ring Starks jams his knee and after initially fighting him off, Aldis locks in the Cloverleaf with one minute to go. Starks, however, fights through the pain, and soon enough the bell rings. Aldis thinks he’s won but the referee calls for a DRAW. The arrogant champ could not get the job done and Starks gets the shine by hanging in there with the man at the top of the food chain. A great story, a solid match. Ricky Starks is going to do big things for the NWA. Only thing I didn’t like was Marquez announcing the time remaining in the match, felt like it telegraphed the finish. (***1/4)

Ricky Morton makes his way out after the match and asks the crowd if they want five more minutes (shocker, they do). Aldis refuses, saying he had the match won anyway and has nothing to prove. Morton then asks Aldis if he’ll fight him for five minutes. Once again Aldis refuses and exits to the back as the crowd lets him have it for being a coward once again. Great post-match segment, Aldis building that heel heat beautifully.

-Main event time as Eli Drake teams with “Cowboy” James Storm to take on Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana and Mr. Anderson. The Wild Cards were initially slated to be part of this one, but Bennett announces on commentary that Aldis has removed them. Main story focuses on Anderson using increasingly heel tactics to the shock and disappointment of Cabana, who defended him the week before at the interview podium. Anderson removes Storm from the match towards the end by whipping his leg into the apron and Cabana rolls Drake up with a Superman, but Drake kicks out. This infuriates Anderson who puts his hands on the ref and gets his team disqualified in 6:16. The match itself was decent, James Storm skinning the cat and hitting a tilt-a-whirl headscissors was cool, but it was here more for the Cabana/Anderson interaction. (**)

-After the match Cabana lets Anderson have it, saying he’s better than that, while Anderson stews. Boom Boom gonna get a knuckle sandwich if he’s not careful.

-With little time remaining, out comes the entire Strictly Business group. Aldis calls out The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and makes a proposition: Team Aldis vs. Team Morton and if the latter wins then Ricky Morton gets a World Title shot. Morton accepts, Aldis says he and Morton will not be wrestling in the six-man tag team match because he wants them both to be fresh if Morton’s team wins. Aldis announces The Wild Cards as part of his team then announces he has contracted someone on the outside to join them: “BIG POPPA PUMP” SCOTT STEINER, who gets a full music entrance (though it appears like the PA was playing both his and Marty Scurll’s music, weirdly enough) and embraces Aldis to end the show. SCOTTY F’N STEINER, BAYBEE. God I hope he cuts at least one promo while he’s here.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Great episode of NWA Powerrr this week. Two excellent matches, great heel work by Aldis, Ricky Starks getting the shine, and a surprise debut to conclude the episode. Can’t ask for much more. NWA continues its comfort food streak. Excited for Hard Times.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: ODB vs. Thunder Rosa
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Scott Steiner makes his Powerrr debut

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