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[Event Recap] ‘NXT TakeOver XXV’ – Gargano/Cole II, Baszler vs. Shirai

Date: June 1, 2019
Venue: Webster Arena (Bridgeport, CT)
Commentators: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, & Beth Phoenix

NXT abandons its usual piggybacking of WWE PPVs with NXT TakeOver XXV featuring Johnny Gargano defending his NXT Championship against Adam Cole, Tyler Breeze making his return to challenge Velveteen Dream for the North American Championship, and much more!


  • NXT CHAMPION: Johnny Gargano
  • NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPION: Shayna Baszler


  • Matt Riddle vs. Roderick Strong (****)
  • LADDER MATCH: The Street Profits vs. The Undisputed Era vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. The Forgotten Sons for the vacant NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (***3/4)
  • The Velveteen Dream [c] vs. Tyler Breeze for the NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP (***1/2)
  • Shayna Baszler [c] vs. Io Shirai for the NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP (***1/4)
  • Johnny Gargano [c] vs. Adam Cole for the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP (****1/4)


Matt Riddle vs. Roderick Strong

Riddle kicks his flip flops at Strong in a show of disrespect during his entrance, and honestly, I wouldn’t have faulted Strong for straight up murdering him immediately because THAT’S NASTY. Riddle is the only dude I’ll accept wearing flip flops; the rest of y’all need to be grown-ups.

Chain wrestling to start, Riddle throws Strong to the mat with a waistlock. Strong charges, Riddle outwrestles him and goes for the Bromission, Strong forces a quick rope break. Strong works Riddle over in the corner, Riddle quickly turns it into three gutwrench suplexes in a row and Strong bails to the floor. The two trade forearms, Riddle rolls Strong in, Strong quickly rolls out and gets dropped with a flying forearm from the steps. BROOOOO. Strong kicks Riddle away, Riddle responds with a forearm and the two duke it out on the apron. Strong drives Riddle into the ring post and connects with a slam on the apron (which is the hardest part of the ring, also Rellik is Killer spelled backwards). Dueling chants as Strong goes on the offensive, sending Riddle back out to the floor after being hung out to dry across the top rope. Strong rolls Riddle in and covers, only a two-count. Riddle tries for a jumping forearm, Strong catches him and connects with a urinage backbreaker for the 1…2…Riddle kicks out, Strong immediately pummels him with strikes in a full mount. To the chinlock we go, Strong bending Riddle back over his knee. Strong bends Riddle across the ring post, targeting his previously injured ribs.

Riddle fights back with palm strikes and rolls through into a pinning combo for the 1…2…Strong kicks out and immediately responds with an Olympic Slam for the 1…2…nope! Strong goes for a backbreaker, Riddle tries for the Bromission but Strong escapes, Riddle connects with a brainbuster. Riddle mounts a comeback with a series of strikes, ending in an Exploder suplex out of the corner. Riddle flips over Strong and connects with a senton followed a penalty kick for the 1…2…Strong powers out. Strong ducks a penalty kick, Riddle escapes a Fireman’s carry but gets a knee right to the ribs. Riddle bounces back with a Go to Sleep followed by a German suplex, bridging for the 1…2…Strong ain’t done yet! Riddle climbs the middle buckle, Strong scrambles his brains with a step-up enzuigiri and connects with a top-rope Superplex for the 1…the 2…the RIDDLE KICKS OUT. Riddle flips through a clothesline, Strong counters a power bomb and hits a jump up knee strike followed by a series of running forearms and a spike slam for the 1…2…RIDDLE KICKS OUT AND THE CROWD GOES WILD. “NXT” chants in full force. Riddle kicks Strong out of the ring, Strong runs in and Riddle hits him with a rip-chord knee followed by a power bomb and a knee strike for the 1…2…STRONG KICKS OUT. Strong counters Riddle’s top rope splash with a pair of knees, hits a knee strike and a gutwrench power bomb for the 1…2…Riddle kicks out and Strong immediately locks in the Strong Hold. Riddle almost escapes, Strong switches gears and turns it into a goddamn Lion Tamer. Riddle kicks Strong, Strong lunges in and Riddle locks in the Bromission but his ribs are too hurt for the full torque. Riddle wrecks Strong with a whole lotta elbows and connects with the Bro Derek (inverted cradle slam) for the 1…2…3!

Matt Riddle defeated Roderick Strong via pinfall with the Bro Derek (14:42)

  • Tremendous hard-hitting match to open the show. Some real insane sequences and they did a great job working the crowd into a frenzy with the nearfalls. Matt Riddle has acclimated himself to the NXT style very well and just keeps getting better. Props to Roderick Strong as well for holding up his end of the match, I thought he had Riddle there a few times. THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE SO F*CKING GOOD, Y’ALL. (****)

-Ad for next week’s WWE Super ShowDown which will feature Goldberg vs. The Undertaker in their first-ever match. They never explicitly say it’s in Saudi Arabia; they want that blood money but are now too chickensh*t to admit that’s where they are. Tremendous. Also calling it a “WrestleMania equivalent” show is hilarious.

Shawn Michaels and Road Dogg are in the audience. Hi guys. They check out each other’s HOF rings in a goofy moment.

Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. The Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake) for the vacant NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

The War Raiders, er, THE VIKING RAIDERS got called up to the main roster without having to lose the NXT Tag Team Championship so now they’re up for grabs in a four-way ladder match. I have no idea what a Forgotten Sons are, but I’m glad Wesley Blake is back doing stuff again. This is going to be hard to follow so bear with me.

Bell rings and chaos ensues. Era catch Ford with a double kick, Cutler runs in and get assaulted with all sorts of strike from O’Reilly. Blake tries to help and gets a dragon screw legwhip for his troubles. Lorcan and Burch roll in to try their chances. Lorcan lights them up with chops, O’Reilly kicks his leg out of his leg and the Era are the last team standing. O’Reilly and Fish grab the first ladder but take too long and Blake sends it into them with a tope suicida. Cutler tries to grab a ladder, Lorcan and Burch uppercut him into outer space. All sorts of brawling, Dawkins flattens them with a splash from the top turnbuckle. Profits set up a ladder and go climbing, but O’Reilly and Fish throw them off. They scale the ladder, Blake shoves the ladder over and down they go, O’Reilly landing back-first on the edge of the ladder. OUCH. Forgotten Sons use the ladder to inflict all sorts of pain, first as a battering ram then over their own necks until Lorcan and Burch double German them to hell, sending the ladder flying and almost murdering O’Reilly. JEEZ. Profits clear the ring, Ford hitting the FROGGIEST of FROG SPLASHES on Burch. Blake runs in, Dawkins lays him on the ladder and holds it up so Ford can leapfrog his partner and come crashing down. Ouch. Cutler runs in and gets flapjacked across the ladder, Dawkins lifts the ladder up for another leapfrog. Fish cuts Ford off, O’Reilly catches Ford with a missile dropkick, landing on Cutler as well on the way down. Fish sends Ford crashing into the ladder with a wheelbarrow suplex, getting some dangerous height upon impact.

Era set up the ladder and clear Lorcan from the apron. Fish climbs the ladder, O’Reilly tries to hold one of the Sons back but he picks O’Reilly up and power bombs him into the ladder, sending the ladder and Fish crashing to the mat! “Mamma Mia” chants, and well-deserved. Cutler sets up the ladder over O’Reilly and starts climbing, O’Reilly applies a leglock THROUGH THE LADDER, Blake breaks it up with a whole lot of stomps and tosses him to the floor. Cutler starts climbing again, Fish kicks him repeatedly. Blake grabs him from behind with the Sons wreck Fish with an inverted DDT/flying stomp combo. DAYUM. The Sons go climbing, Dawkins gets Blake in an electric chair, Ford hits a flying Blockbuster, and EVERYBODY DEAD.

Jaxson Ryker, the leader of the Forgotten Sons, hits a buckle bomb into a ladder to O’Reilly. Ryker wrecks everyone who comes near him, Dawkins tries to climb but Ryker flips the ladder over. Lorcan charges Ryker, Ryker backdrops him into the ladder in the corner he used to beat Dawkins down moments earlier. “WE FORGOT YOU” chants from the crowd. I get it. Ryker’s reign of terror is finally ended by both the Era and the Profits who pummel him into a grease spot with a ladder. Era clears the Profits from the ring, Ryker gets up on the apron so they battering ram the ladder right into his biker skull. BYEEE-EEEE. Ryker gets back to his feet and Ford comes out of nowhere with a tope con hilo over the ladder the Era are still holding. NOICE. Lorcan splashes Ryker as well, Dawkins runs in and gets a ladder to the gut. Burch dropkicks the ladder into Fish and O’Reilly. Bodies everywhere. Lorcan and Burch send Fish shoulder-first into the post, Lorcan hits O’Reilly with a full nelson suplex. Lorcan and Burch sandwich the Profits with two ladders, and then throw one right into all three Forgotten Sons on the floor. DANG. Lorcan and Burch climb, Fish and O’Reilly stop them. They set up a second ladder and start climbing while Burch and Lorcan climb the one right next to it. They brawl with one another, the Sons shove both ladders over, and they all fall to the floor. Sons toss the other ladder out, almost hitting the commentary team. Dawkins spears Cutler through the ladder. Blake climbs, Ford springboards ONTO THE LADDER, sending Blake falling to the mat with a right hand, and Ford grabs the belts!

The Street Profits defeated The Forgotten Sons, The Undisputed Era, and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch to win the NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (21:30)

  • I f*cking love NXT ladder matches and for the most part I loved this one too. Ryker coming to lay waste to everyone took a little wind out of the sails, as it felt like it went on too long and gave the match a real dead spot, but they picked it back up and finished strong. I wasn’t a fan of The Street Profits the few times I saw them on NXT TV awhile back, but they’ve gotten a lot better and Montez Ford is a FREAK OF NATURE. Overall I dug this one a lot; each time got to shine and from what it looks like the right team won. Special shout-out to Wesley Blake as well for his desperate grasps at the belts as he was falling off the ladder, that was a nice touch. (***3/4)

The Street Profits celebrate their victory in the crowd as all the uncool dorks wave their Solo cups without any sense of rhythm.

Io Shirai is working out backstage when Candice LeRae shows up to offer moral support. Kairi Sane too busy being a, uh, Kabuki Warrior(?) on SmackDown to cheer on her friend. Is that still a thing?

-Video recaps the feud between Velveteen Dream and Tyler Breeze. Dream calls Breeze the “Great Value” version of himself, SICK BURN.

The Velveteen Dream [c] vs. Tyler Breeze for the NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP

Breeze made his surprise return to NXT to prove he’s still the same guy who left years ago for main roster obscurity, setting his sights on the Dream and his North American Title. Dream is not impressed, but he’s never impressed by anyone other than himself (for good reason because he’s the best).

Dream throws his gloves at Breeze, Breeze is amused by this shimmying man’s antics. Dream with a wristlock into a hammerlock, Breeze reverses and goes for the Unprettier but an offended Dream quickly escapes. Breeze goes on the attack, connecting with a lung blower right to the ribs. Dream counters a tope suicida attempt with a right hand and connects with a double axhandle from the top turnbuckle. Dream follows up with a Lionsault, Breeze kicks out of the pinfall attempt and bails to the floor. Dream rolls him in, Breeze rolls back out and wraps Dream’s left leg around the ring post, following up with a flying forearm from the apron. Breeze goes for another flying forearm, Dream counters with a right hand. Back in the ring, Breeze escapes a Dream Alley Driver attempt and applies a half-Crab, the go-to move of his trainer Lance Storm. Dream decks Breeze with a right hand, Breeze stomps a mudhole and dropkicks him out to the floor. Dream catches Breeze with a superkick out of nowhere and rolls back in. Dream stops the ref from counting him out and rams Breeze’s head repeatedly into the commentary table. Dream grabs Breeze’s phone and takes a selfie with Breeze and the North American Title. Dream shows it off, giving Breeze a chance to catch his bearings and connect with a super(model) kick. Back in the ring Dream hits the Dream Valley Driver for the 1…2…Breeze kicks out. Dream to the top, Breeze rolls to the opposite apron. Breeze connects with an enzuigiri and both men are down.

Breeze connects with a flying crossbody, Dream rolls through into a lateral press for the 1…2…Breeze kicks out. Breeze escapes a fireman’s carry, Dream blocks the Supermodel Kick, Breeze blocks the DreamDT and hits the Supermodel Kick for the 1…2…DREAM KICKS OUT. “THIS IS GORGEOUS” chant. Ha. Dream counters the Unprettier, Breeze lands on his feet during a suplex attempt. Dream squashes Breeze in the corner and connects with a back elbow, Breeze holds on and sends him into the corner. Breeze counters a flying double ax with a dropkick, Dream hits the DreamDT for the 1…2…Breeze kicks out, blood flowing from his left ear. Breeze crotches Dream on the top buckle and goes for a DDT, Dream wakes up and throws him to the mat face-first. Breeze responds with a knee strike and goes for a Tombstone, Dream reverses, Breeze reverses back, Dream reverses once again. Breeze sends Dream into the corner. Dream to the top, Breeze throws a dropkick for some reason and falls to the mat, Dream awkwardly jumps down and goes for the Dream Valley Driver, Breeze escapes and Dream hits Breeze with THE UNPRETTIER for the 1…2…Breeze kicks out of his own finisher. Breeze counters the Purple Rainmaker with a pair of knees and hits the Unprettier for the 1…2…DREAM BARELY KICKS OUT. Dream rolls Breeze up for the 1…2…Breeze kicks out and hits the Beauty Shot, but Dream rolls to the floor to prevent the follow-up pin despite Breeze’s attempts to stop him. Breeze tells the ref not to count, Dream tries to hit him with the belt but Breeze pulls it out of his hands. He gives it to the ref, Dream connects with the Dream Valley Driver and the Purple Rainmaker for the 1…2…3.

The Velveteen Dream [c] defeated Tyler Breeze via pinfall with the Purple Rainmaker to retain the NXT NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP (16:46)

  • It feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve seen a proper Tyler Breeze match, and it was great to see him back in NXT doing what he does best instead of being stuck in catering on the main roster. He and Dream had a good match, but I don’t know for some reason it felt off to me. Some stunted moments and miscommunication it looked like. Overall though a solid match and another big feather in the Dream’s cap as his title reign continues. I hope Breeze gets to stick around awhile longer before he’s back to doing next to nothing again. (***1/2)

Dream hands Breeze his phone and poses with the North American Championship. Breeze stops Dream from leaving and they take a selfie OF RESPECT with each other. Breeze seems pretty cool with the guy who just essentially cheated to win. Fair enough.

-VIGNETTE: Damien Priest (ROH’s Punishment Martinez) is coming.

-Feud recap of the Baszler/Shirai feud. Baszler and her friends took out Kairi Sane, Shirai got a measure of revenge with a kendo stick, now here we are.

Shayna Baszler [c] vs. Io Shirai for the NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP

Baszler brings Shirai to the mat with a snap mare and arrogantly kicks her, playing mind games with her challenger. Baszler looks to stomp Shirai’s arm, Shirai escapes and slaps Baszler. Shirai trips Baszler and follows up with a beautiful delayed basement dropkick. Baszler rolls to the floor, Shirai sends her crashing near the commentary table with a baseball slide. Shirai rolls Baszler back in and heads to the top. Baszler sends her crashing with a single-leg trip. Baszler STOMPS THE ELBOW (called a Reality Check, I guess) and applies an armbar, bending the fingers back. Shirai escapes but gets belt with a lariat for the 1…2…Shirai kicks out. Baszler continues working the arm, Shirai goes for a waistlock but Baszler breaks the grip and kicks her right in the damn spine for the 1…2…Shirai kicks out again. Shirai dodges a corner knee strike, and connects with a German suplex but can’t keep a bridge due to her hurt left arm. Shirai mounts a comeback, hitting a 619 and a springboard dropkick for the 1…2…Baszler kicks out. Props to Shirai for climbing the ropes instead of going full springboard, helps sell the arm injury. Or maybe she does that all the time, I think this is the first Shirai match I’ve ever seen. Shirai locks in a Crossface, Baszler LIFTS HER UP and breaks it with a slam, both ladies are down.

Baszler climbs the buckles and applies a HANGING ARMBAR, Shirai escapes and dropkicks her out to the floor. Shirai takes flight and connects with a kick ass moonsault. Shirai with double corner knees, out come Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. Candice LeRae runs out as well, wrecking both with a kendo stick. Shirai drops Baszler with a palm thrust and lands on her feet in a moonsault attempt. Baszler locks in the Kirifuda Clutch, Shirai shifts her weight for the 1…2…Baszler kicks out. Baszler locks the Kirifuda Clutch once again, this time in the center of the ring. Shirai scrambles into a seated position, Baszler wrenches it in deeper and deeper until she taps (?!?).

Shayna Baszler [c] defeated Io Shirai via submission with the Kirifuda Clutch to retain the NXT WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP (12:14)

  • Well that was an abrupt ending. A good match that felt a lot shorter than it was, which I consider to be a compliment of sorts. The whole thing with Duke/Shafir/LeRae was kinda dumb though and didn’t need to happen, but it probably ties into something from TV that I haven’t seen. Baszler is SO GOOD at being a total bully as Women’s Champion, I hope she never loses the thing. (***1/4)

Shirai interrupts Baszler’s celebration with ALL OF THE KENDO STICK SHOTS followed by a Moonsault. Shirai asks for a chair from LeRae, who reluctantly gives it to her, and she hits another Moonsault this time with the steel. DAAAAAYUM. Not the most gracious of losers. Shirai bails, leaving the hurt Baszler to soak in her win with “YOU DESERVE IT” chants from the NXT crowd. Dorks.

NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff announced for August 31st, the same day as AEW’s next big PPV All Out. Man that’s going to be a helluva day for wrestling.

Stephanie McMahon is in the crowd checking things out.

-Video hype for the main event.

Adam Cole makes his entrance, with Josiah Williams rapping over the usual Undisputed Era entrance theme.

Johnny Gargano [c] vs. Adam Cole for the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP

Gargano beat Cole in a 2 out of 3 Falls match at NXT TakeOver: New York to win his first NXT Championship. Cole wants redemption AND the title, and to end The Undisputed Era’s disappointing night on the highest of notes.

Stalling and feeling out process to start so we’re in for a long one, folks. Dueling chants as Cole brings Gargano to his knees with a wristlock. Gargano reverses, taking Cole to the mat with a wristlock of his own, knee over the bicep and wrapping the other arm around his neck. Cole tries to roll through, Gargano shifts into a crucifix for a one-count. They trade forearms, Cole with a knee to the gut and corner strikes. Gargano catches Cole with a rana, Cole bails to the floor. They dodge one another’s moves until Gargano (sort-of) hits a cannonball off the apron. Gargano rolls Cole in, Cole immediately rolls back out. Gargano dodges an enzuigiri and hits a penalty kick and double stomp on Cole’s left arm, softening it up for a future Garga-No Escape. Gargano continues dismantling Cole’s arm, Cole escapes an armbar from the buckles and kicks his legs out, sending the champ crashing to the mat. Cole focuses his attack on Gargano’s right knee, hyperextending it with a kneeling kneebar. Gargano tries kicking him off, so Cole releases the hold and goes a clubberin’. Cole connects with a missile dropkick from the middle buckle right to the knee, which honestly doesn’t look any worse for it than a regular dropkick. The dragon screw legwhip Cole follows up with does the trick, however. Cole goes for a flying something and Gargano counters with a sit-out power bomb, and both struggle to get to their feet.

Gargano and Cole trade forearms, Gargano with two clotheslines followed by a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Gargano rolls Cole through into a kick followed by a step-up enzuigiri and a flying Tornado Flatliner for the 1…2…Cole kicks out. Gargano with a slingshot spear for the 1…2…Cole kicks out again. Cole tries a sunset bomb, Gargano hangs on…and flies right into a backstabber for the 1…2…champ kicks out. Gargano with a kick, Cole responds with an enzuigiri followed by inverted ushigoroshi for the 1…2…Gargano kicks out. Gargano and Cole trade forearms and superkicks, Gargano winning by hitting a superkick as Cole comes flying off the buckles. Both men roll to the floor on opposite sides as the crowd chants “NXT”. Gargano and Cole meet and hit a double superkick, knocking both on their asses. Cole makes it back in the ring, Gargano connects with a slingshot DDT for the 1…2…COLE KICKS OUT. Cole tries to chop block the knee, Gargano steps over and connects with a double stomp. Cole rolls to the floor, Gargano kicks the knee and hits an ushigoroshi on the floor. Cole rolls Gargano in for a second ushigoroshi for the 1…2…Gargano kicks out. Gargano locks in the Garga-No Escape, Cole counters into the Figure Four, all the pressure on Gargano’s injured right knee. Gargano struggles and tries to reverse it but Cole immediately forces a rope break.

Cole belts Gargano with hard rights and spikes Gargano’s knee into the canvas. Cole removes Gargano’s knee pad and STOMPS THE F*CKER. Gargano DDTs Cole, Cole rolls to the floor, Gargano goes for a tope suicida but it’s countered with a SUUUUUPERKICK. Holy sh*t indeed, NXT crowd. Cole measures Gargano and hits the PANAMA SUNRISE ON THE FLOOR GODDAMN. Cole rolls Gargano into the ring and covers for the 1…2…GARGANO F*CKING KICKS OUT. Cole trash talks and says it’s time for his special moment. He moves the kneepad and goes for the Last Shot, Gargano dodges it but COLE LOCKS IN THE GARGA-NO ESCAPE. Gargano, uh, escapes and hits Cole with THE LAST SHOT for the 1…2…COLE KICKS OUT AND BOTH MEN ARE SPENT. Gargano and Cole trade forearms once more, Cole with three pump kicks and Gargano turns Cole inside out with a lariat! Cole with a superkick, Gargano responds with one of his own followed by a reverse rana. Cole bounces to his feet and hits the Last Shot for the 1…2…GARGANO F*CKING KICKS OUT AGAAAAAAAAAAAIN.

A frustrated Cole grabs a steel chair from under the ring, the ref grabs it and Gargano accidentally bumps him with a tope suicida. DRAKE YOUNGER IS DOWN. Cole swings for the fences, Gargano ducks and superkicks the steel into his face. Gargano rolls Cole in and covers, getting the visual pin, but not the real pin since the ref is still out of it. Cole signals for the Undisputed Era, Gargano falls for the mind games, giving Cole a chance to hit a leaping half-Sunrise for the 1…2…NOT YET. Cole sets Gargano up in a kneeling position, Gargano goads Cole in by playing possum and locks in the GARGA-NO ESCAPE. Cole claws for the ropes, Gargano rolls through and brings him into the center of the ring. Cole escapes by targeting the hurt knee. Cole kicks it a couple more times for extra measure. Gargano counters the Panama Sunrise with a roll-up for the 1…2…Gargano kicks out. Cole fights Gargano off, hits the Panama Sunrise, and finishes things off with the Last Shot for the 1…2…3!!!!

Adam Cole defeated Johnny Gargano [c] via pinfall with the Last Shot to win the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP (31:46)

  • The opening was a bit slow for my tastes, but as the superkicks and counters started flowing I got more and more invested. They built it up beautifully, holding back when they needed to and ramping the action up as they entered the final stretch, two desperate competitors trying to find any way they could to get the victory. I honestly didn’t expect Adam Cole to win it, feels like Gargano JUST became champion, but he f*cking earned it after this banger of a match. A coronation of a new champion, yet another standout Gargano performance, I can’t ask for much better to conclude an already great show. (****1/4)

The Undisputed Era celebrate with their leader, O’Reilly and Strong lifting Cole on their shoulders. The system has been sufficiently SHOCKED as the show concludes.


OVERALL THOUGHTS: It’s an NXT TakeOver so of course it was amazing, what else would any of us expect at this point? Every match had purpose and got more than enough time to tell their story, and it was bookended by two certified slappers. A nice counterpoint to AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV from last weekend, NXT continues making its case for being THE brand in WWE.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Montez Ford leapfrogs onto the ladder and secures The Street Profits’ first NXT Tag Team Championship on their TakeOver debut.



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