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[PPV Recap] ‘AAW Windy City Classic XV’ – Bourbon Street Fight, Main Event Change, New Champions

DATE: December 28, 2019
VENUE: 115 Bourbon Street (Merrionette Park, IL)
COMMENTATORS: Tyler Volz & Marty DeRosa

AAW makes its Fite TV debut with the 15th annual Windy City Classic. Last time I watched an AAW show was back in 2013 so I have no idea about anything. GET PSYCHED FOR SOME HAWT WRESTLING TAKES.


  • AAW WOMEN’S CHAMPION: Jessicka Havok
  • AAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett)


  • SIX-MAN SCRAMBLE: Josh Briggs vs. Airwolf vs. Ace Austin vs. Clayton Gainz vs. Myron Reed vs. Colt Cabana (***)
  • Kimber Lee vs. Hyan (***1/4)
  • Matthew Justice vs. Killer Kross (***)
  • DOG COLLAR MATCH: Masked Good Brother #3 vs. Jimmy Jacobs (**3/4)
  • Jessicka Havok [c] vs. Kris Statlander for the AAW WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP (***)
  • BOURBON STREET FIGHT: David Starr & Eddie Kingston vs. Curt Stallion & Jake Something (***3/4)
  • Paco [c] vs. Hakim Zane for the AAW HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP (**1/4)
  • Besties in the World [c] vs. Sami Callihan & Jake Crist for the AAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (**3/4)
  • Josh Alexander [c] vs. ??? for the AAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (***)


-Feed goes live and the crowd immediately launches into an “AA DUB” chant. Two guys introduce the show, I’m not sure who they are. This launches into a cool video narrated by Sam Albertson showcasing the history of AAW and the event.

Josh Briggs vs. Airwolf vs. Ace Austin vs. Clayton Gainz vs. Myron Reed vs. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana

Gainz sizes up fellow big dude Briggs, Briggs belts him with a forearm. Cabana tries to make the sneak cover but Austin breaks it up. Everyone gangs up and tosses Austin out, Reed and Airwolf double dropkick Gainz. Briggs with a splash on Gainz, Cabana splashes them both, Austin misses everyone except Gainz who is his friend apparently. Superkick, and out roll Austin and Gainz. Reed belts Airwolf with an enzuigiri and matrixes out of a clothesline to hit Cabana with an enzuigiri. Reed tries the same with Briggs, Briggs drops him with a big ol’ boot. Big Boots for everyone in the ring, Gainz stops him in his tracks and distracts Briggs so Austin can hit him with a springboard kick. Gainz drops Briggs with a forearm and poses, allowing Austin to cover for a two-count. Austin clears Cabana off the apron, Austin with a flying knee to Briggs. Cabana and Airwolf get knocked off the apron by Austin so the DAMNED NUMBERS GAME can continue. Gainz tries to bring Reed in with a suplex, Reed escapes with knees and slams Austin. Float-over legdrop to Austin and takes too long to celebrate, allowing Gainz to attack. Reed flips off Gainz into Austin’s arms. Reed escapes, Gainz and Austin with corner clotheslines and Gainz slams for the 1…2…Reed kicks out.

Briggs dodges Gainz and Austin, and superplexes Cabana onto the dastardly duo. Nice. Airwolf slides in, chops Austin and kicks off him to hit a sliced bread on Gainz. Airwolf with a slingshot double flatliner and covers Gainz for the 1…2…not yet. Briggs hits Airwolf with a big boot, using such force that he sends himself flying out of the ring. Austin blocks a monkey flip, Airwolf comes flying off the top with a sunset flip for the 1…2…Reed kicks out and Austin rolls Airwolf up with a crucifix for the 1…2…kickout. Cabana re-enters the fray for some jabs and a Bionic Elbow. Gainz clears Cabana out with a TKO, Briggs with a pop-up choke power bomb for the 1…2…Reed breaks it up then hits a Hot Fire Flame on Airwolf on the entrance ramp. YES, RAMP MOVES. Reed rolls Airwolf in and hits the 450 for the 1…2…3!

Myron Reed defeated Josh Briggs, Clayton Gainz, Ace Austin, Airwolf, & Colt Cabana via pinfall (8:14)

  • Fun opening match, as chaotic as you would expect a six-man scramble to be. Didn’t know Ace Austin and Colt Cabana worked AAW so I feel like I’m going to be surprised at a lot of folks coming up on this show. (***)

Curt Stallion HATES David Starr and Eddie Kingston, Jake Something going to stomp somebody to death. Stallion says Starr is done and begs Something to finish this thing. This was great, Curt Stallion being VERY READY to just break some f*cking bones rules.

“The Crown Jewel” Kimber Lee vs. “The Renaissance Woman” Hyan

This is Hyan’s AAW debut, one of Booker T’s pupils. Lee and Hyan lock up jockey for position, Hyan moves to the apron and shoves Lee, then bails to the floor to avoid retaliation. Lee goes for a victory roll, Hyan blocks it and drops her face-first onto the top turnbuckle followed by a running knee for a two-count. Hyan charges in the corner, Lee uses the ropes to lock in an Octopus. Hyan rakes the eyes, a very renaissance move, and connects with a Northern Lights suplex into the bridge for the 1…2…Lee kicks out. Hyan with a rolling snapmare into a cravate and a pair of knee strikes into a dropkick. Heck yeah. Hyan takes too long to mock Lee and doesn’t get the pin off the lateral press like she should’ve. Hyan steps on Lee’s hands and fish-hooks her before stomping on the digits. Lee finds some FIGHTING SPIRIT and the two trade snapmares and spine kicks. Lee and Hyan trade chops and forearms, Lee with a victory roll for the 1…2…Hyan kicks out. Lee with a series of kicks and a bridging German suplex for the 1…2…Hyan kicks out once more. Lee grabs the ankle and bends the leg in an unnatural position, Hyan desperately breaks it up with an eye rake. Hyan lifts Lee up on her shoulders for an inverted airplane spin into a Blue Thunder Bomb for the 1…2…Lee kicks out. Hyan seats Lee on the top turnbuckle, Lee blocks a superplex attempt and knocks her off, following up with a Swanton for the 1…2…3!

Kimber Lee defeated Hyan via pinfall (8:38)

  • Match time was announced at 8:29 but I had 8:38 and I’m sticking to it. Good match, first time I’ve ever seen Hyan and I liked her a lot. I appreciate a good ol’ Greco Roman rake to the eye. (***1/4)

The Besties in the World throw shade at Sami Callihan and Jake Crist. They are looking to rid AAW of the Callihan/Crist cancer. Ain’t no bitch in their blood. That’s a cool saying, I’m stealing it.

“The One-Man Militia” Matthew Justice vs. “People’s Executioner” Killer Kross

HOLY SH*T I FORGOT KILLER KROSS FINALLY GOT HIS IMPACT WRESTLING RELEASE. Hell yeah. Kross grabs a side headlock and drops Justice with a shoulderblock. Justice takes it to Kross with chops and forearms, Kross responds with a couple of his own but gets dropped with a shoulderblock. Justice with another chop, Kross belts him with a forearm, Justice responds with a high knee. Justice tosses Kross to the floor and follows up with a pescado, damn near hitting a support beam (with a thermometer on it, something I find funnier than I should). Back in the ring Kross catches a flying Justice and dumps him onto the stage with an Exploder suplex. Oh it’s a stage, not a ramp. My bad. Kross tells everyone to move and sets up for a power bomb, Justice fights out and sends him flying down the stairs and into the crowd. Justice decides to be a crazy person and follows up with a cannonball off the stage, clearing the stairs. Justice climbs the balcony and wipes out Kross and various security guards with a goddamn New Jack dive! Justice tosses Kross into the ring and introduces a (very broken already) chair. Justice measures Kross and drives him into the steel with a flying knee for the 1…2…Kross kicks out and pops right up, a look of EXCITEMENT in his eyes. He loves the pain! Justice flings his body at Kross into two corners, but Kross catches him on the third and throws him like a sack of garbage into the buckles. Kross with a Yakuza Kick and a monster lariat for the 1…JUSTICE KICKS OUT. Justice tries to use the mangled chair, Kross punches it into his face for the 1…2…Justice kicks out and begs Kross to kill him. Kross obliges with a full-on chair to the skull. Kross flattens the chair and sends Justice into it with a Saito suplex for the 1…2…3.

Killer Kross defeated Matthew Justice via pinfall (8:21)

  • Matthew Justice is a crazy person and I respect the hell out of him for it. Good hard-hitting match with some fun spots from Justice that really put over how little regard he has for his body as long as it’s used in the pursuit of victory. Kross loving the pain was fun as well, I can’t believe Impact dropped the ball with this guy so badly. (***)

-FEUD RECAP: The feud between Mance Warner and Jimmy Jacobs. Warner under the hood as “Masked Good Brother #3”, Jacobs puts a hit out on him but no one can unmask the Good Brother so now he has to do it himself.

Masked Good Brother #3 vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Masked Good Brother #3 is in full Bunkhouse Buck mode, holy sh*t. I haven’t seen a dog collar match in ages, I’m pumped. If Good Brother wins then Mance Warner is reinstated.

Jacobs pulls out a railroad spike, Good Brother pulls out a spike of his own. They charge at one another and start STABBING ONE ANOTHER IN THE HEAD. Good Brother wins that, uh, stab-off and Jacobs rolls to the floor. Good Brother with more stabs and obviously Jacobs is busted open. Jacobs gets some distance and pulls the chain, sending the Good Brother repeatedly into the post. Jacobs tosses the Good Brother into the crowd and tosses a pair of chairs into the ring. He takes too long, and Brother pulls him right into the support beam. Brother uses a crowd member’s prosthetic leg to the pop of the crowd, and the action enters back into the ring. Brother buries a series of fists into Jacobs’ wound and drives a chair to the lower back. Brother lays the chair across Jacobs and climbs the buckles. Jacobs throws the chair at Brother, then piles them on top of one another so he can hit an Ace Crusher. Jacobs lays a chair across Brother’s back and hits it with the chain. “THREE!” chant from the crowd, Jacobs pulls Brother into a drop toehold into a seated chair. Jacobs covers, Brother breaks it by grabbing the bottom rope. Jacobs wraps the chain around his fist and belts Brother right in the mask with it for the 1…2…Brother gets the shoulder up! Jacobs tosses Brother to the apron, trying to hang him. Brother fights Jacobs off with right hands, Jacobs responds with a forearm and brings him back in. Jacobs measures Brother, who tells him to bring it. Jacobs drives the chair into Brother’s ribs and across the back. Jacobs wedges the chair between the top and middle buckle, Brother catches him with a big boot and yanks the chain to send him into the chair. Brother follows up with an Impaler onto the second chair, BENDING THE SH*T OUT OF IT, for the 1…2…Jacobs barely kicks out.

Brother wraps the chain around his knee and runs into Jacobs for the 1…2…Josh Briggs breaks it up (after almost tripping on the ropes, HA!). Jacobs apparently brought Briggs into AAW so they roll together. Briggs sets up a chair and chokeslams Brother on top, Jacobs covers for the 1…2…GOOD BROTHER AIN’T DONE YET AND BRIGGS CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Briggs goozles Brother, Brother yanks the chain and sends Jacobs into him. Brother knocks Briggs out with the chain and hits Jacobs with a lariat for the 1…2…3!

Masked Good Brother #3 defeated Jimmy Jacobs via pinfall (11:10)

  • An entertaining match that went maybe a minute or two longer than my attention span would allow me to focus, but hot damn we got dog collars in 2019 so I can’t hate too much. I appreciated the violence of it all, I’m new to AAW so the Briggs stuff didn’t land with me. (**3/4)

Jacobs slaps Briggs, Briggs goozles him and drives him into the mat with a chokeslam. Ungrateful friends get F*CKED UP. Crowd wants one more, Briggs obliges.

Sami Callihan may have lost his Heavyweight Title, but now he’s got his focus on winning the Tag Team Titles with HIS best friend. For Ohio, by Ohio, taking over EVERYTHING. Respect for keeping the gimmick across companies.

Jessicka Havok [c] vs. Kris Statlander for the AAW WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP

Statlander tries to attack Havok during her entrance, Havok drops her face-first on the stage for the transgression. Havok tosses her in and the match officially begins, champ in control pummeling the alien lady in the corner. Statlander dodges a splash and tries a back suplex but Havok fights out with elbows. Statlander drops Havok to one knee and connects with a sliding dropkick for a two-count. Statlander fights Havok off and connects with a missile dropkick that sends the champ to the floor, following up with a tope suicida that breaks the guardrail apart. The zip ties, they do nothing. Statlander takes too much time to celebrate though and gets chokeslammed on the apron. Havok jaw jacks with some fans and connects with a Yakuza Kick, then sends her challenger DINGING off the support beam. Havok tries a piledriver on the apron, Statlander fights out but eats a forearm. Statlander catches a kick and drives her down with a kick followed by a baseball slide and kickflip moonsault. Hell yeah. Statlander rolls Havok into the ring and hits a Scissor Kick to the back for the 1…2…champ kicks out. Statlander flies at Havok who counters with a power bomb for the 1…2…not yet. Havok with a roundhouse kick to the skull that sends Statlander into the corner, Havok face washes her twice. Statlander fights back with a Codebreaker followed by a knee strike. Statlander escapes a waistlock and connects with a pair of round kicks and a mini-Meteora from the back for the 1…2…Havok kicks out. Statlander tries an avalanche hurricanrana and almost falls but Havok hangs on and turns it into a power bomb for the 1…2…Statlander kicks out! Statlander counters the Tombstone with a roll-up for the 1…2…Havok kicks out. Statlander drops Havok with kicks and heads to the top, Havok crotches her and climbs the middle buckle for a series of forearms. Statlander fights back and sends Havok crashing down, then hits the Area 451 for the 1…2…3!

Kris Statlander defeated Jessicka Havoc [c] via pinfall to win the AAW WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP (9:40)

  • Very good match and considering the amount of buzz surrounding Statlander it was the right call to have her win the Women’s Championship. Imagine if she wasn’t skipping AEW Dynamite for Bar Wrestling on Wednesday, she could be possibly be winning ANOTHER title within a week. Jessicka Havok is an ass kicker and I’m always happy to see her truck fools. (***)

Havok and Statlander shake hands, then Havok pulls her in for some threats. YEAH, WRECK HER. Oh wait she walked away, nevermind.

-FEUD RECAP: Starr/Kingston vs. Stallion/Something. They all used to be in a group called “WRSTLING” I guess, which sounds kinda cool.

David Starr & Eddie Kingston vs. Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion & Jake Something

Kingston charges the ring and immediately attacks Stallion and Something. Starr quickly follows him and a brawl breaks out. Starr and Something didn’t get the street fight memo and are wrestling in trunks instead of jeans. Stallion knows what’s up though. Starr works Stallion’s ankle over, Kingston flattens Something with a tope suicida. Starr belts Stallion with a back elbow, stereo lariats and stereo kicks. Something climbs the apron, Starr sends him flying with a dropkick. Action moves outside of the ring for all four men. Kingston and Stallion trade chops and show how TOUGH AND MANLY they are before knocking each other silly with headbutts. Kingston tosses Stallion into the crowd, Stallion takes a seat to catch his bearings while Something gets beaten up. RUDE. Kingston seats Something next to Stallion. Starr takes flight and hits a double tope suicida, Kingston pulls out a…door? WHO PUT A DOOR THERE? He sets it up at the bar while Stallion and Something work Starr over. Starr and Stallion brawl further into the crowd, Something sends Kingston into GA chairs. Something seats Kingston and hits a running crossbody JEEZ.

More brawling ensues and the AAW cameras do their best to keep up. Kingston drops Something crotch-first on the guardrail and chops him to the floor. Kingston and Stallion climb the bar and trade slaps. Kingston headbutts Stallion and almost falls off the bar. Stallion sends Kingston knees-first through a table/door/something? It was the door. Stallion cracks Kingston with a piece of the door, Starr gets sent into the ring and Stallion rejoins his partner. Stallion and Something work Starr over, ending in a Michinoku Driver for the 1…2…Starr kicks out. Something chokes Starr as Stallion introduces ANOTHER DOOR as well as a pair of chairs. Stallion even throws a water bottle at him. Starr grabs a chair and tries to fight back, but Something takes it from him and cracks Starr in the spine. Kingston finally makes his way back to the ring and Stallion immediately goes on the attack. Stallion tosses in a trash can/lid, Something wedges the can in the corner. Kingston catches Stallion with a Saito suplex, Starr belts Something with a trash can lid. They set up a chair and they hit a DOUBLE BRAINBUSTAH on Something for the 1…2…Something kicks out! Oh right on. Starr sets up the door in the corner, Kingston belts Something with the trash can then knocks himself goofy by hitting himself with it repeatedly a la Terry Funk. They set the dented trash can up, Kingston gets Something on his shoulders but Stallion stops them. Something connects with a Sky High on Kingston. Starr gets caught in mid-air and they DROP STARR ON THE TRASH CAN WITH AN H-BOMB FOR THE 1…2…Starr kicks out. Stallion and Something beat on Kingston, Stallion misses a Yakuza Kick and Kingston drops Something with an STO. Something sends Kingston into Starr then spears both of them through the door! Everybody dead. Everybody f*cking dead. Something sets up another chair, Kingston drops him with a forearm. Kingston charges at Something, who puts him through the chair with a Black Hole Slam. Stallion follows up with a double stomp and both men cover Kingston for the 1…2…3.

Curt Stallion & Jake Something defeated David Starr & Eddie Kingston via pinfall (18:57)

  • Total chaos but I *LOVED* it whenever the AAW cameras were able to keep up with things. Just a real down and dirty brawl between two teams who absolutely hate each other. Good sh*t here. Also WHO KEEPS PUTTING DOORS UNDER THE RING? Show yourself. (***3/4)

Stallion and Something leave in unison, Starr and Kingston struggle to recover as the crowd gives them a round of applause. TEN MINUTE INTERMISSION TIME, I’m gonna go make a smoothie. Wait no I’m not, that was a weird thing to say.

Hakim Zane cuts a promo before the next match, vowing to win the Heritage Championship and calling the crowd a bunch of losers. New year, new champion. Karam says they are taking AAW over and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Paco [c] vs. Hakim Zane [w/ Karam] for the AAW HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP

Zane is better known to me at least as Rohit Raju of Impact Wrestling’s Desi Hit Squad, so I’m interested to see what he can do when he’s not saddled with that jobber nonsense.

Paco reverses a wristlock into one of his own, Zane counters into a side headlock. Paco trips Zane and rolls Zane up for a one-count. Zane catches a superkick, both men duck roundhouse kicks and reset. Paco with a series of chops to Zane and a spinning headscissors takeover followed by a monkey flip and basement dropkick for a two-count. Karam climbs the apron to distract Paco. Zane trips Paco up into the ropes, connecting with double knees and a driving clothesline for a two-count. Karam gets his licks in while Zane distracts the ref, then Zane covers for another two-count. Zane trips Paco, then brings him to his knees for a running knee to the face for the 1…2…champ kicks out once more. Paco and Zane trade rights, Paco wins the shootout but runs right into a back elbow. Zane backdrops Paco to the apron, Karam interferes to prevent a springboard and chokeslams him on the apron. No countouts or DQs in AAW…but the ref can eject people and there goes Karam! Paco goes on a comeback string, culminating with a tornado DDT for the 1…2…Zane kicks out. Zane catches Paco with a jumping knee followed by a Yakuza Kick and cannonball for the 1…2…Paco kicks out. Fans seem to be focused on something happening off-camera as Paco connects with a double knee of his own. Zane kicks back, Paco with another kick and cradle shock for the 1…2…Zane kicks out again! “NEW CHAMP/OLD CHAMP” chant is…dumb. Zane grabs the Heritage Title and tries to hit Paco, Paco ducks and gets sent into the ref. Zane drops Paco face-first on the belt for the 1…2…Paco kicks out! Paco connects with a lung blower and splashes Zane from the top for the 1…2…not yet. Zane grabs the trunks and sends Paco in the buckles. Zane tries to use the title, ref tugs of war with it. Zane hits a low-blow and connects with a Roll of the Dice into a flapjack for the 1…2…3!

Hakim Zane defeated Paco [c] via pinfall to win the AAW HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIP (10:47)

  • Okay match but well below the others I have seen on this show so far. AAW doesn’t do DQs apparently but they still made sure to do like three “blind ref” spots as well as a tug of war for a weapon which didn’t make sense given the context of the company. Either you allow it or you don’t, man. I know they said “referee discretion” but that sounded more like covering for it than an actual thing. Big pile of meh which is disappointing but we did get a new champion which could be interesting. Find your bliss, Rohit Raju. (**1/4)

Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) [c] vs. Sami Callihan & Jake Crist for the AAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

Besties in the World rocking a whole dance routine to “Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden, so they’re my new favorite tag team of all-time. Sorry, Road Warriors. Also props to the Liger/Guerrero gear.

Callihan and Vega do a little RASSLIN’ to start, but soon enough all four men end up in the ring. Besties clear Callihan, Fitchett with a kick followed by a splash by Vega on Crist. Quick tags as they work Crist over in the corner. Callihan runs in and clears Fitchett out of the ring, Vega puts him in an abdominal stretch and Fitchett runs in to add Octopus to injury. Crist breaks it up with a superkick, Callihan belts Vega with a forearm and puts him on the top buckle. Superplex into a sit-out power bomb for the 1…2…not yet. Callihan and Crist work like a well-oiled machine as they quick tag and stomp Fitchett in their corner. Thumbs to the eyes of both Besties, Callihan spits on himself and I hate everything. Crist covers Fitchett, Vega breaks it up. Callihan slows things down with a chinlock away from the hard cam. Fitchett tries to escape, Callihan rakes the back. Fitchett flips out of a suplex attempt and Vega gets the hot tag. Bicycle kick to Callihan, Vega blocks a power bomb attempt and connects with a double stomp. Vega floats back into the ring and flattens Callihan and Crist with a tope con hilo.

oVe regain control, Callihan biting Vega’s fingers until Fitchett breaks it up with a kick. oVe with a double Dominator, stereo superkicks and knee strikes, and Callihan covers for the 1…2…Vega kicks out. Crist with a snapmare, Callihan slaps on a rear-chinlock. Vega fights out of the corner, spiking Crist with a tornado DDT. Callihan kicks Fitchett, Vega connects with a snap German and both men are down. Crist pulls Fitchett off the apron in the nick of time to prevent the tag. Fitchett goes after him but gets dropped with a forearm. Vega takes oVe down with a double rana, Fitchett finally gets the tag and breaks Crist’s face with an enzuigiri. Crist climbs the buckles, Fitchett takes him off with a hurricanrana. Vega gets the tag, MURDER DEATH KILL and Vega covers for the 1…2…Callihan throws himself into the ref to prevent the pin. KICKS FOR EVERYBODY, Crist with an Ace Crusher for the 1…2…Fitchett breaks it up. Fitchett holds the ropes open, Vega with a tope suicida to Callihan. Crist sends Vega to the floor and hits a tope into a DDT on the concrete…then in comes Fitchett with a CANADIAN DESTROYER FROM OUTTA NOWHERE. Fitchett rolls Crist in for the 1…2…kickout? Really? But that was concrete! Fitchett with a poison rana and Canadian Destroyer, then in comes Vega with a Canadian Destroyer of his own. Callihan low-blows Vega and hits a Canadian Destroyer as well! Callihan goes for the Tiger Driver ’97, Fitchett counters with a roll-up for the 1…2…3!

Besties in the World [c] defeated Sami Callihan & Jake Crist via pinfall to retain the AAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (16:30)

  • Maybe the intermission cooled my buzz or something because while this was good it felt way too long and I was over it about ten minutes in. There were some cool spots here, Vega and Fitchett are high flying machines and I loves me a Canadian Destroyer spam, but I don’t know it just kept going and going and going until a sneak win. I do want to see the Besties against LAX and The Lucha Bros which got mentioned on commentary though, those are probably INSANE. (**3/4)

Callihan calls “BULLSH*T” on the mic, and calls their win a fluke. Callihan says they are the best tag team walking the planet and calls the Besties a pair of Jushin Thunder BITCHES (uhhh k?). Callihan want a FAHKIN’ rematch at the next show. Besties tell them to suck their d*ck. Cool. This was all very cool and edgy.

-AAW Heavyweight Champion “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander makes his way out for the main event. Alexander announces that his scheduled opponent, Jacob Fatu, isn’t here. Alexander says that Fatu didn’t show up because he’s afraid, and nobody in the AAW locker room can lace his boots. Alexander issues an open challenge…which is answered by the “returning” Mance Warner. AWWW YEAH BABY OL’ MANCER IS GON’ GET HISSELF A HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE. To be honest I’m much more interested in this than I was about the advertised main event.

“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander [c] vs. Mance Warner for the AAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Alexander brings Warner to the mat with a wristlock, Warner counters with a hammerlock into a side headlock. Alexander easily slides out and brings him back to the mat with a top wristlock. Warner tries to break out by biting his leg so Alexander clubs him away and they reset. Alexander blocks a hip toss and counters a waistlock with one of his own. Warner escapes and hits Alexander with a lariat to the back of the head then sends him crashing into the support beam with a knee. Warner chops Alexander and sends him into the crowd, unhinging the guardrail. These guardrails are just for show. Alexander and Warner sit down and trade shoot fists. Necro Butcher would be proud. Alexander kicks Warner and he goes crashing to the floor. Warner fights back and uses the guardrails to smush the champ before rolling him in. Warner introduces a pair of chairs and a broken piece of a door. They didn’t throw that away? Y’ALL HAD A WHOLE INTERMISSION.

Before Warner can use his toys Alexander drops Warner with a kick and just keeps on stomping. Alexander stomps the hand, Warner fights back with a whole lot of chops. Alexander responds with a forearm and goes chop crazy on his challenger. All of those sound like a bad time. Warner flips Alexander off so Alexander bends them and stomps on the elbow Baszler-style. Warner hits a series of chops, Alexander kicks him and hangs Warner out to dry. Alexander grabs a chair, Warner wants it but instead of the Walking Weapon sits down and makes fun of his challenger. Alexander loses focus and Warner launches off the chair for a tornado DDT and the 1…2…Alexander kicks out. Kneepad up, kneepad down, Alexander dodges and connects with a power bomb for the 1…2…Mance kicks out of the jackknife cover. Alexander goes flying, Warner catches him with a pop-up headbutt and a spinebuster through the chair for the 1…2…Alexander kicks out! Alexander blocks a lariat and connects with a forearm and BRAINBUSTAH for the 1…2…Warner kicks out again!

Alexander backs Warner into the corner and connects with another chop before seating him on the top turnbuckle. Warner fights off the superplex attempt but eats another forearm. Alexander tries again, this time from the top rope but Warner fights out once more and connects with a FLYING CHOKESLAM for the 1…2…Alexander kicks out. That was…a thing. Warner unhinges the guardrails and brings one into the ring. Alexander escapes a DVD and counters into an Ankle Lock. Warner escapes, Alexander sends Warner into the steel with a release German for the 1…2…Warner kicks out! Alexander with a sliding forearm for the 1…2…still no! Warner slaps Alexander, Alexander slaps harder and connects with a double underhook piledriver for the 1…2…OL’ MANCER LIVES. Garvin Stomp on the ankle, Alexander with an Ankle Lock. Alexander lets go and smashes the busted door all over the ankle, splintering it further. Warner flips Alexander off as the champ continues stomping the ankle. Warner tells him to bring it, Alexander lowers the straps and a FAHKIN SLUGFEST BREAKS OUT. Warner with a hard lariat, Alexander with a right jab, Warner with another lariat for the 1…2…3! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Mance Warner defeated Josh Alexander [c] via pinfall to win the AAW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (19:14)

  • As thrilled as I am that Ol’ Mancer is a goddamn Heavyweight Champion to end 2019, this all felt weirdly…flat? Like the match itself was fine for all intents and purposes but I think losing the advertised match kinda killed the crowd and even though Warner is tremendous it seemed like nobody was excited to see this happen. That’s disappointing. I really feel like the Bourbon Street Fight accidentally killed the crowd or something, or at least exhausted them. Either way AAW put on a good show overall tonight and I enjoyed myself, so they’re on my radar heading into 2020. (***)

Warner invites everyone to share in light beers as the PPV ends.


FINAL THOUGHTS: The Windy City Classic XV did a good job of getting me, someone who doesn’t keep up on their product, interested going forward. Not a bad match on the show, though after intermission it felt like the energy died a bit which was disappointing. But whatever Ol’ Mancer is the Heavyweight Champion and if AAW was looking for more of my money they figured out a way to get it.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Bourbon Street Fight
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Mance Warner wins the Heavyweight Championship. Light beers for everyone!

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