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[PPV Recap] ‘AEW All Out’ – Page vs. Jericho, PAC vs. Omega, Escalera de la Muerte

Date: August 31, 2019
Venue: Sears Centre Arena (Hoffman Estates, IL)
Commentators: Jim Ross, Excalibur, & Goldenboy

All Elite Wrestling brings the big guns tonight with All Out, as Adam “Hangman” Page takes on Chris Jericho for the right to be called the inaugural World Champion for the upstart company. Also on the show PAC finally makes his AEW in-ring debut against Kenny OmegaCody takes on Shawn Spears, and The Young Bucks challenge The Lucha Bros for the AAA Tag Team Titles in Escalera de la Muerte. It’s going to be a helluva show folks, let’s get to it!




  • The Jurassic Express vs. SoCal Uncensored (***1/4)
  • PAC vs. Kenny Omega (****1/2)
  • CRACKER BARREL CLASH: Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Joey Janela (****3/4)
  • Best Friends vs. The Dark Order (**1/4)
  • Riho vs. Hikaru Shida (***1/2)
  • Cody vs. Shawn Spears (***)
  • ESCALERA DE LA MUERTE: The Lucha Bros [c] vs. The Young Bucks for the AAA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (****)
  • Adam Page vs. Chris Jericho for the vacant AEW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (***1/2)


-Ross, Excalibur, and Goldenboy run down the card after an awkward National Anthem (mics weren’t turned on initially and PYRO was shot off during the song) and a cool opening video set to only the finest of nu metal.

SoCal Uncensored make their way out for the opening contest, but not before they get some talkin’ in. Daniels talks about how a year ago people thought they couldn’t draw a full house but they took that bet and they were ALL IN. New year, new deck, new shuffle, and now you’ve got three aces saying that AEW is All Out. All out of what? S-C-U singalong.

The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, & Marko Stunt) vs. SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, & Scorpio Sky)

Kazarian and Jungle Boy trade holds, flips, and roll-ups to start. Kazarian dodges a kick, Jungle Boy dodges a leg sweep, and they stare one another down. Kazarian drives Jungle Boy to the mat with a lariat, Daniels tags in and connects with an STO after Kazarian drives him into Daniels’ knee with a cutter. Jungle Boy with a rana and Arabian armdrag followed by a dropkick and the crowd goes wild. Luchasaurus gets the tag and the crowd chant his name immediately. He’s over, brother. Luchasaurus with a suplex throw. Stunt tags in and connects with a rana followed by a corner dropkick and running European uppercut. Sky runs in, eats a rana, Jungle Boy and Stunt send Kazarian to the floor. Jungle Boy opens the ropes, Stunt with a tope suicida on Daniels while Jungle Boy flattens the other two with a splash of his own. Luchasaurus then follows up with a step-up senton of his own and The Jurassic Express are eating SoCal Uncensored’s lunch. Stunt climbs on Luchasaurus’ shoulders for a flying crossbody for the 1…2…Daniels kicks out. Jungle Boy tags in and drops Daniels with a chop for a one-count. Sky tags in, Jungle Boy with a waistlock. Sky escapes and blind tags Kazarian who hits Jungle Boy with a leg lariat. Jungle Boy goes for a backflip, Sky counters with a double stomp right to the spine. DANG. Quick tags as SoCal continue wearing Jungle Boy down. Kazarian and Daniels with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo, Kazarian covers for the 1…2…not yet. Jungle Boy catches Daniels with a clothesline and Luchasaurus gets the hot tag, using his martial arts kicks to wreck SoCal Uncensored. Kazarian pulls Daniels off Luchasaurus, Lucha escapes a clothesline with a kip up and kicks away at everybody, goozling Kazarian into a chokeslam followed by a standing moonsault for the 1…2…Kazarian kicks out. Luchasaurus tosses Stunt onto Kazarian, Jungle Boy spins him around and Stunt hits a tornado DDT! SoCal Uncensored drop Luchasaurus with Celebrity Rehab and the Jungle Express are sent to the floor. Kazarian with a hurricanrana that sends Luchasaurus right into his partners. Sky is up next with a tope con hilo on Luchasaurus, Kazarian rolls Jungle Boy into the ring. Kazarian grabs both Jungle Boy and Stunt and they hit the BEST MELTZER EVER for the 1…2…3!

SoCal Uncensored defeated The Jungle Express when Frankie Kazarian pinned Marko Stunt following the Best Meltzer Ever (11:42)

  • Fun match to open the show, The Jungle Express f*cking rule. I’ve been on the outside looking in on Luchasaurus but now that I’ve seen him in action I’m VERY MUCH HERE FOR IT. Love those martial arts kicks. (***1/4)

Jungle Express and SoCal Uncensored show respect to each other after the match. LAME.

Kenny Omega vs. “The Bastard” PAC

This was initially supposed to be Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega, but Moxley had to pull out due to a MRSA injury. That match is what got me sold on this PPV so to say I’m super disappointed is an understatement, but props to Moxley for taking care of his injury instead of fighting through it and possibly making things worse. PAC was originally supposed to make his AEW in-ring debut at Double or Nothing earlier in the year but due to either VISA issues or not wanting to lose (he was Dragon Gate’s champ at the champ) he pulled out of the event. A good replacement action-wise, but Moxley/Omega was one of the BIG storylines so it can’t replace that.

Omega with a side headlock to start, PAC whips him off and gets dropped with a shoulderblock. PAC immediately kips up and stares Omega down. Omega showboats a bit, walking over PAC, angering the Bastard. Omega with a hammerlock, PAC counters with snapmare. Omega drops down, PAC steps on his back to showboat right back. Omega goes for a Kotaro Crusher, PAC flips through it, Omega sends him to the floor. PAC slides in and connects with a hurricanrana, sending Omega to the floor. PAC teases taking flight, Omega back in the ring and connects with a dropkick. PAC lands on his feet and punts Omega to counter a plancha. Omega whips PAC into the barricade and charges, PAC counters with a kick and fights out of a power bomb attempt, sending him into the barricade and into the apron. PAC belts Omega with a BEAUTIFUL missile dropkick, sending him sailing across the ring. PAC doesn’t go for the cover though, wanting to make Omega suffer. Omega with weak strikes, PAC stops it with a kick to the side of the head and a hammer throw into the corner for a two-count. Chinlock tiiiiime. Omega escapes and connects with a couple of chops followed by a running kick. PAC immediately grabs a headlock and drives his elbow into the back of the head. PAC goes to run the ropes, Omega clotheslines him to the floor. PAC climbs the apron, Omega knocks him back to the floor with a baseball slide and follows up with a tope con hilo, hurting himself as much as his opponent.

Omega rolls PAC in, takes a minute to soak in the cheers, then hits a MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE F*CKING HEAD followed by a fisherman buster for the 1…2…PAC kicks out. PAC catches Omega with an elbow and gets sent to the apron. PAC with a forearm and a slingshot RIGHT INTO THE FIREMAN’S CARRY position for a running slam but misses the follow-up moonsault. PAC with a moonsault, Omega catches him so PAC counters with a spiking DDT for the 1…2…Omega kicks out. PAC goes to the top, Omega rolls to the floor so he changes position and hits a moonsault, his legs crashing right on top of the barricade. YIIIIIIIIIIIIKES. PAC rolls Omega in but takes awhile to get to the top due to his now-hurt legs; he still manages to hit a 450 Splash though for the 1…2…Omega kicks out again. PAC and Omega trade forearms, Omega with a series of strikes and PAC with a hard elbow. Omega kicks PAC into the corner followed by a buckle bomb and sit-out spinebuster for the 1…2…PAC kicks out! PAC throws the ref into Omega, Omega catches him mid-flight with a dropkick followed by an Ushigoroshi. V-Trigger followed by a snap German for the 1…2…PAC KICKS OUT AGAIN. Omega goes for the Tiger Driver ’98, PAC counters with a backdrop. PAC dodges a corner kick and connects with a slingshot cutter. Omega flips out of a German suplex, PAC sends him into the ropes and hits a SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX followed by a DEADLIFT GERMAN WITH A BRIDGE for the 1…2…Omega kicks out!! Hot damn this match is slapppppppppppping.

PAC seats Omega on the top buckle and climbs up for a rana, Omega slides under and DROPS PAC FACE-FIRST ON THE TOP BUCKLE. Omega follows up with a snap Dragon Suplex and a second V-Trigger for the 1…2…PAC somehow manages to kick out. PAC catches a third V-Trigger and connects with a spin kick to the midsection. Omega ducks a step-up enzuigiri, PAC with a big boot and superkick. PAC charges, Omega with a V-TRIGGER, both men duck one another and Omega hits another V-Trigger. PAC tries to hit a poison rana but it does not go well as Omega slides out of it. They trade strikes, Omega dropping PAC with a knee. Omega picks PAC up in an electric chair, PAC counters into a standing Brutalizer. Omega fades and drops, and the ref calls for the bell!

PAC defeated Kenny Omega via KO (23:41)

  • Yup, no longer sad about Moxley/Omega not happening because this F*CKING RULED. An amazing contest with PAC making a real statement here to all of us dorks who don’t watch Dragon Gate; this ain’t the same guy who lost to Enzo Amore on 205 Live. Great near-falls, hard-hitting strikes, and some high-flying moves that I thought was going to break both men’s legs at one point. They should move those barricades back a little bit, damn. Can’t believe this went on so early, can’t believe we’ve got A LOT more show left. (****1/2)

Darby Allin vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. “Bad Boy” Joey Janela

This match is sponsored by Cracker Barrel, hence the “Cracker Barrel Clash” nickname. Nice. Cool of AEW following up two dudes almost killing each other with THREE dudes definitely killing each other.

Havoc immediately bails and pulls out three chairs, a table, and a STAPLE GUN from under the ring. Wasting no time here! Havoc STAPLES HIMSELF and dares Janela and Allin to come at him…which they do as the action spills to the floor. Janela rams Havoc into the steps, Allin seats him in the chair and grabs some gaffer’s tape and a cup. Allin TAPES Havoc to the chair and pours thumbtacks from the cup into his hand. Allin PUTS THUMBTACKS into Havoc’s mouth and Janela tapes his mouth shut! DANG! Janela rolls Allin into the ring, Allin immediately belts Janela with a tope suicida. Back in the ring Allin connects with a springboard armdrag followed by a stunner. Allin climbs to the top and flattens Havoc with a cannonball, after Havoc escapes from the chair and dares him to do it. Janela superkicks Allin on the apron. Allin fights back with chops and a kick. Allin goes for the Coffin Drop, Janela hits him from behind and connects with Emerald Frosion on the HARDEST PART OF THE RING. F*CK. Janela pulls a tennis racket out from under the ring, throwing it away because it’s useless (take THAT I guess, Jim Cornette) and sets up a table. Havoc spits thumbtacks out and throws them at Janela, sending him into the ring steps. Havoc rolls Janela in and grabs a chair, staple gun, and piece of paper(?). Havoc with a Michinoku Driver, Janela kicks out at two. Havoc grabs the piece of paper and GIVES JANELA A PAPERCUT BETWEEN THE FINGERS. Damn dude! Havoc does it again to a seated Janela. Havoc staples Janela in the head, Havoc with a monkey flip but Janela and the chair land in a seated position (!). Havoc papercuts Janela in the mouth, Janela responds with a brainbuster into the chair, then puts Allin through the table on the floor with a friggin’ Canadian Destroyer. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus. Janela goes for a moonsault on the floor but Havoc moves out of the way and The Bad Boy lands with a THUD on the floor. WHYYYYYYYYY, F************CK. Havoc grabs a tray full of Cracker Barrel biscuits and belts Janela with it, then drags another commemorative barrel to ringside to join his friend. Back in the ring Janela is somehow not dead and belts Havoc with a lariat, while Allin introduces a skateboard into the match (he’s a former pro). The bottom of the board is covered in thumbtacks and Allin drives it into Janela’s spine with a double stomp for the 1…2…Havoc pulls Allin out and throws him into the steps.

Havoc sets up a table, Allin launches himself at him to put him through the wood. Havoc shoots staples at Allin, Allin throws him into the steps then lays Havoc across them. Allin grabs a barrel and CLIMBS TO THE TOP. Allin goes for a Barrel-Assisted Coffin Drop but Havoc moves and the barrel (and Allin too, probably) splinters. Janela plants Havoc with a hanging DDT in the ring. Janela to the top and hits a flying elbowdrop for the 1…2…Havoc emphatically kicks out. Hey look at those thumbtacks embedded in Janela’s back. Janela brings the second barrel into the ring, Havoc hits Janela with an uppercut and superplexes him, his leg going through the barrel. Havoc resets and hits the Acid Rainmaker through the remaining part of the barrel for the 1…2…3.

Jimmy Havoc defeated Darby Allin & Joey Janela via pinfall (14:57)

  • An absolutely brutal garbage fight and I F*CKING LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. Inventive spots, crazy bumps, these guys came to play and delivered in spades. Helluva thing. HELL. OF. A. THING. Somebody talk some sense into Darby Allin before he ends up dying in the ring. (****3/4)

Officials help Darby Allin to the stage, Allin falls down then leaves on his own two feet. HOW DO YOU FOLLOW THIS?

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent Barreta) vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

The winner of this one gets a bye in the AEW World Tag Team Title tournament coming up once AEW hits TNT in October. The Dark Order is the weird cult-y version of The Super Smash Brothers. They have their own legion of masked dudes (“Creepers”) to do their bidding/take beatings.

Taylor ducks a lariat and belts Grayson with a series of elbows. Grayson drives Taylor into his corner and tags in Uno for some double teamin’. Taylor fends both men off, Barreta blind tags and all four men start brawling, Best Friends clearing the ring for a HUG. Taylor floats Barreta up into a splash on Uno for a two-count. Uno bails into the ropes to force separation, Grayson tags in. Uno grabs Barreta’s leg and Grayson knocks him off the apron and into the barricade. Uno covers Barreta following a guillotine elbow from Grayson but Barreta kicks out. Uno sends Barreta sternum-first into the corner, Grayson tags in and drops Barreta onto the top rope, which springboards him onto the canvas. Uno tags in, Grayson with a senton atomico on the apron, and Uno covers for the 1…2…not yet. Grayson sends Barreta into the corner, Barreta flips around and connects with a lariat. Uno tags in and sweeps the leg to prevent a tag, dragging him back to the Dark Order corner. Barreta sends Grayson to the floor and ducks a clothesline from Uno; he lunges for a tag, Grayson pulls Taylor off the apron. Grayson with an enzuigiri as Uno suplexes Barreta for the 1…2…Trent kicks out. Grayson says he wants Trent to die and tags in Uno. Uno misses a corner splash and Barreta follows up with a tornado DDT. Dark Order try to prevent it but Taylor gets the hot tag. Standing sliced bread to Uno, sit-out power bomb to Grayson for the 1…2…nope. Taylor sends Grayson to the floor, Taylor with a tope con hilo to The Dark Order, taking a jog up the ramp to show off. Grayson kicks Taylor, Barreta blind tags in and connects with a back elbow in the corner. Taylor sends Grayson into Barreta, who hits a German suplex. Taylor tags in, lawn dart ace crusher for the 1…2…Grayson kicks out again. Grayson kips under a double back elbow and belts Best Friends with dual Pele kicks. Uno tags in who hits a pump kick. Grayson with a torneo onto Taylor and the creepers on the floor, Uno hits a cannonball senton on Barreta for the 1…2…Barreta kicks out! Grayson with a belly to belly on Barreta, sending him into Taylor in the corner. Uno with a cannonball on Taylor, Grayson with a 450 Splash on Barreta for the 1…2…BARRETA KICKS OUT! Taylor shoves Grayson off the top rope, Barreta rolls Uno up for the 1…2…nope! Taylor tags in, Busaiku Knee on Uno from Barreta. Barreta tags in but can’t pick Uno up and Uno sends him into the post. Taylor with a missile dropkick on Uno. Grayson springboards around, Taylor catches him with an Awful Waffle and Barreta covers for the 1…2…Uno pulls Barreta out and throws him into the barricade. Uno distracts the ref so the Creepers can beat Taylor up and send him into the post. Uno rolls Barreta in and they connect with FATALITY for the 1…2…3.

The Dark Order defeated Best Friends via pinfall with the Fatality (13:46)

  • Having to follow PAC/Omega and that insane Cracker Barrel Clash was an unenviable task but these two teams did what they could. Match was pretty good but I don’t really get this whole Dark Order thing. I do like the idea of the Creepers though, human furniture is always fun. (**1/4)

Creepers pick Barreta up druid-style, but the lights suddenly go out. When they turn back on ORANGE BY GOD CASSIDY shows up inside the squared circle. Hands in pockets he clears the Creepers with a tope suicida, then rolls back in and kips up. AMAZING. Barreta and Taylor hug Cassidy, and we apparently have an additional Best Friend now!

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida

The winner of this one meets Nyla Rose for the Women’s Championship on AEW’s debut episode on TNT October 2nd.

Riho and Shida trade holds to start, Shida drops her with a shoulderblock. Shida blocks an armdrag and tries one of her own but Riho cartwheels out. Riho with a crossbody, Shida catches her into a backbreaker for the 1…2…Riho bridges out and connects with a dropkick. Nice. Shida whips Riho into the corner and connects with a jumping knee strike. Shida hangs Riho over the apron and hits a kneelift, stopping to high five the ringside fans. Shida with a cover, Riho kicks out. Riho with a forearm, Shida with a kick followed by a snap backbreaker for another two-count. Shot of the Women’s Title on the stage. It looks…okay. I’m not big on these belts yet, to be honest. Back to the match as Shida bends Riho in half with first a Boston Crab then a single leg Crab until a rope break. Shida applies a hanging backbreaker, shades of BRUNO SAMMARTINO, then places her in the corner and delivers a running knee strike to the SPINE for the 1…2…Riho bridges out. Riho escapes a fireman’s carry and takes Shida to the mat with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Shida charges, Riho sends her to the floor and climbs the buckles. Shida clubs her on the apron and goes for a suplex but Riho fights her off and connects with a double foot stomp! OOOOF. Shida charges, Riho sends her into the ropes with a drop toehold, Shida blocks the 619 and wrenches in on a Stretch Muffler. Riho hops up and counters into a roll-up for the 1…2…Shida kicks out! Shida ducks a forearm, Riho rolls her up and connects with a double stomp. Riho charges, Shida with a knee strike and both ladies are down.

Shida goes for a brainbuster, Riho almost fights out but Shida DEADLIFTS her and connects with the move. Riho blocks a knee strike but not the kick. Riho tries to block another knee strike but Shida connects with such force that it doesn’t matter and covers for the 1…2…Riho kicks out again! Riho counters a suplex with a roll-up for the 1…2…nope! Shida reverses out of an inside cradle and brings her to the apron. Shida with a step-up enzuigiri and climbs the middle buckle for a deadlift superplex for the 1…2…RIHO STILL KICKS OUT. Riho reverses a slam with a release Northern Lights Suplex and heads to the top. Shida and Riho fight on the buckles, Shida slips up and Riho connects with a hanging double stomp followed by double knees for the 1…2…SHIDA KICKS OUT. Shida rolls out of the way of a flying double stomp, Riho immediately recovers and hits double knees in the corner. Shida rebounds and connects with a backbreaker, damn near breaking her in half, for the 1…2…RIHO CANNOT BE KILLED BY CONVENTIONAL MEANS. Riho with a tilt-a-whirl crucifix into a roll-up for the 1…2…3!

Riho defeated Hikaru Shida via pinfall (13:22)

  • Really fun match; despite JR’s attempts to undermine her, I bought into Riho being able to defeat her larger opponent despite being 90 pounds or whatever. Fun fast-paced action, and a good win for Riho heading into another confrontation with Nyla Rose on the first episode of AEW on TNT. Will Riho pin Rose again, or will Rose floss her teeth with Riho’s bones? WE WILL FIND OUT IN OCTOBER. (***1/2)

Nyla Rose comes out for a brief staredown to sell their title match happening in a month and change. Man I wish these shows were spaced out better.

-FEUD RECAP: Cody/Shawn Spears. Cody called Spears a “great hand”, which insulted his former friend enough to hit him with an unprotected chair shot at Fyter Fest. Spears has procured the services of Tully Blanchard to help him in his feud, a former blood rival of Cody’s father.

-Lights turn on in the arena, two spotlights on Shawn Spears who is sitting in a chair on the stage. Oh hey it’s the same chair he used on Cody back at Fyter Fest. Spears’ hip hop theme plays as Spears slowly walks to the ring, dragging the chair behind him. Where’s Tully? I WAS PROMISED TULLY BLANCHARD. Oh wait there he is, he was just giving Spears his cool edgelord entrance. Phew. Almost had to call Frontier for a refund. Spears is wearing SPOOOOOOKY CONTACT LENSES.

-Cut to video of Brandi Rhodes walking Pharaoh to the ring as Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. She is joined by Diamond Dallas Page and MJF, also dressed like Star Trek characters for some reason. Cut to the arena and Cody emerges from under the stage, also wearing a Star Trek shirt but without sleeves to show his MUSCLES. Lots o’ pyro for Stardust. Brandi, Pharoah, MJF, and DDP join him and walk him to the ring. Only one of his Nightmare Family can be with him at ringside, which Earl Hebner explains to them. Cody picks MJF, who is TOTALLY TRUSTWORTHY.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes [w/ MJF] vs. Shawn Spears [w/ Tully Blanchard]

Rhodes immediately belts Spears with a tope suicida and belts Blanchard with a right hand. Spears pulls Rhodes into the crowd and they start brawling. Rhodes celebrates with the crowd, and even high fives a little kid. Rhodes rolls Spears in the ring and the match begins officially. Spears throws Rhodes out of the ring, Rhodes pulls him out and drills him with a powerslam. MJF “accidentally” distracts Hebner, leaving Rhodes open to a low blow. Spears rolls Rhodes in and drills him with back to back knife-edged chops. Rhodes fights back with chops of his own, Spears kicks at his knee and climbs the buckles. Rhodes with a right hand and an avalanche hurricanrana (!). Spears rolls to the floor and counters a tope suicida attempt with a forearm. Spears hangs Rhodes on the ropes and connects with a pump kick. Back in the ring Spears connects with a short-arm clothesline and a series of lefts to the side of the head. Spears belts Rhodes with a chop, and action moves back to the floor, Spears spitting water into his face (and some of the crowd, ewww). Rhodes with a drop down right hand but misses the splash and goes shoulder-first into the post. Spears immediately follows up with a hanging DDT on the apron. Spears takes Rhodes’ weight belt, spits on it, and Blanchard climbs the apron. Spears shoves Hebner repeatedly, Hebner fights back and threatens to DQ Spears if he doesn’t throw away the weight belt. He does so, distracting Hebner so Spears can use Blanchard’s OWN BELT on Rhodes. Spears jaws at MJF and whips Rhodes again. Rhodes no-sells and hulks up. Spears whips him, Rhodes immediately kicks him in the face and stomps a mudhole in the corner. Rhodes with a springboard cutter followed by an Alabama Slam. Rhodes slaps on a Figure Four Leglock, Spears quickly reverses it. Blanchard rolls in and helps Spears get some quick leverage before Rhodes can grab the ropes. Once again MJF’s inexperience allows Blanchard to interfere.

Rhodes bails to the floor, Spears picks him up and connects with the Death Valley Driver on the ramp, knocking them both loopy. Spears rolls in and Hebner begins the count. MJF tries to drag Rhodes to the ring, Hebner gets in his face to stop him. MJF yells at Rhodes not to quit and he rolls in just in the nick of time. Spears pulls the kneepad down, Rhodes catches him with the Cross Rhodes but Blanchard climbs the apron to distract Hebner. MJF climbs the other side of the apron. They both enter the ring, Blanchard with a TAPED FIST. MJF throws the scarf in Blanchard’s face and they start choking each other, Spears drops MJF with a bicycle kick. Blanchard puts the boots to MJF, but out comes ARN ANDERSON. Anderson enters the ring and hits Spears with a SPINEBUSTER. Anderson leaves, Blanchard follows him up completely surprised at what happened as they used to be partners and Horsemen. Spears grabs a chair, Rhodes kicks the middle buckle into the family jewels, and connects with a facebuster. Rhodes grabs the chair, Spears jaw jacks at him. Rhodes with the Dusty jabs and a chair-assisted Disaster Kick followed by Cross Rhodes for the 1…2…3.

Cody Rhodes defeated Shawn Spears via pinfall with Cross Rhodes (17:24)

  • A solid match that felt befitting of two guys who are supposed to hate each other. Had some slow moments but adding Tully and Arn into the mix, plus MJF’s “accidental” distracting of the ref at various moments kept it interesting. I wonder what Spears will do from here. Keep the feud going, or move onto…I don’t know, a feud with Jungle Boy or something? I don’t have a great read of how things are going to go without the weekly TV. (***)

MJF grabs the chair but throws it away and hugs Rhodes instead. SLOW BURN, BABY. I can’t buy MJF as a babyface. It’s impossible.

-FEUD RECAP: Lucha Bros vs. Young Bucks. Whoever is behind the music of these video packages needs to explore other genres on Spotify or something.

The Young Bucks make their entrance with their own lucha masks, complete with buck antlers and TASSLES. That’s pretty great, actually.

The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) [c] vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) for the AAA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

This is going to be way too fast for me to recap accurately. Brawling to start, Pentagon throws Nick Jackson to the mat to prevent an early Indietaker. Fenix with a power bomb to Matt Jackson, Pentagon Jr. with a flying double stomp to the back of the thighs. DANG. Lucha Bros try to take flight, Bucks throw a ladder at them instead. Smart. Matt launches Nick for a double dropkick, power bomb/enzuigiri combo to Fenix. Catapult into a kick into a double stomp over Matt’s knees. Bucks pose on a ladder and get kicked off the apron for their troubles. Pentagon with a splash to the Bucks, Fenix springboards over the ladder into a plancha on Matt and Nick. FENIX RUUUUULES. Lucha Bros set up a table on the floor and bring a ladder to the ring. Pentagon with a hard slap across Nick’s chest. Fenix sets up the ladder, Bucks quickly pull both Lucha Bros off. Fenix and Nick Jackson spring onto the ladder and battle, they are pulled off by Matt and Pentagon who take their place for forearm strikes. Each man is taken off by the opposite teams’ partner with rolling cutters. Fenix and Nick trade chops and pump kicks on the apron. Pentagon spears Nick through a table while Matt does the same to Fenix. COLD-BLOODED. Pentagon sets up a ladder in the corner but is met with right hands by Matt. Pentagon with a helluva thigh kick, followed by another that drops him to the canvas. Matt reverses an Irish whip, Pentagon slides to the floor to avoid the ladder, Nick Jackson springs off the ladder and connects with a splash. Matt with three Northern Lights suplexes on Fenix, the third into the corner ladder.

Nick lays Pentagon across a ladder, which hangs on the middle rope. Matt grabs the other side, Pentagon kicks him off and Fenix sends Nick into the steel with a springboard hurricanrana. Pentagon hops on the ladder, then springboards off the middle rope with a crossbody on one of the Bucks. Lucha Bros prop up a ladder, Nick with a superkick on Pentagon, Matt drops Fenix with a gorilla press then hits Pentagon with a spear. Nick with a penalty kick on Pentagon followed by a springboard X-Factor and a moonsault on Pentagon on the floor. Nick jumps onto the ladder, Fenix tips it over so Nick uses the ropes to hit a springboard splash on Pentagon. Fenix climbs, Matt grabs the ladder and tips it so Fenix hits a moonsault on Nick. Matt climbs the ladder, Pentagon climbs the other side and comes crashing down with a sling blade. Pentagon chops Nick, struts, and connects with a kick to the quadricep. Pentagon bails to the floor, Nick with a tope con hilo THROUGH THE LADDER. Fenix and Matt battle between the ladder, Fenix flies through with a CANADIAN DESTROYER. Fenix is more excited than the crowd is that it didn’t kill him. I can respect that. Pentagon introduces a table into the ring, Fenix sets it up as well as a ladder. Fenix lays Matt on the table and climbs the ladder. Matt meets him up there, Fenix fights out of a suplex and Pentagon CONNECTS WITH A CANADIAN DESTROYER OFF THE LADDER AND THRU THE TABLE. JESUS. Fenix and Nick climb opposite ladders on the floor and put the other through tables on the floor with Superfly Splashes. Well f*ck.

Nick sets up another table, Fenix lays a ladder across the apron and barriade. Nick hops the ladder and connects with a tornado DDT, Nick grabs a SECOND table and sets it next to the other one. Fenix tries to climb the ladder, Nick picks up in a power bomb position but Fenix escapes and connects with a superkick. Matt drops Fenix with a superkick of his own and starts climbing. Pentagon intervenes, Nick puts him in the Sharpshooter while Matt tries to climb but Pentagon grabs his boot. Matt puts the ladder over Pentagon and applies a Crossface, while Nick keeps the Sharpshooter applied. Fenix tries to climb, Nick releases the hold and connects with a series of right hands on Fenix. Matt grabs Fenix, Nick climbs but is caught between doing a Meltzer Driver or grabbing the belts. This allows Pentagon to push the ladder over and Nick goes through ONE of the floor tables, his feet catching on the top rope. Holy f*ck he’s lucky he didn’t die. Pentagon and Matt fight on the top of the ladder, MATT REMOVES PENTAGON’S MASK and he falls. Fenix climbs, gets superkicked, Pentagon pushes the ladder over and MATT F*CKING LANDS ON TOP OF THE LADDER WHAT THE F*CK. Pentagon gets his mask back on and they climb the hanging ladder, PACKAGE PILEDRIVER DOUBLE STOMP INTO THE LADDER. F*ck me running. The Lucha Bros make the climb and grab the belts.

The Lucha Bros [c] defeated The Young Bucks to retain the AAA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (24:11)

  • Every man in this match is lucky they didn’t die, these were some NASTY SPOTS. Nick Jackson especially barely escaped death, I’m glad he was able to walk at the end of this one. A tremendous spotfest that lacked any sense but made up for it in showmanship and spectacle and I f*cking loved it. (****)

Two masked men in hoodies show up and push the ladder over. The masked men beat The Lucha Bros to the floor, Nick Jackson rolls in, the masked men drop him with a Blockbuster/Power Bomb combo. They remove their masks and it’s SANTANA AND ORTIZ FORMERLY OF LAX! HELL YEAH! F*CK YEAH! KILL ‘EM ALL.

-HYPE VIDEO: AEW’s next PPV, Full Gear, is coming November 9th. Cool cool. Excited to see a PPV built from actual TV instead of YouTube sh*t.

-FEUD RECAP: Page vs. Jericho

Adam “Hangman” Page makes his main event entrance on the back of a horse, as promised. Page’s wife and parents are in the crowd to watch him.

Adam “Hangman” Page vs. “The Painmaker” Chris Jericho for the vacant AEW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Both men lock up, Page backs Jericho in the corner and they reset. Jericho with an armdrag and a smile for his much younger opponent. Jericho with another armdrag, dueling chants for both men. Page pummels Jericho with strikes and counters a crossbody attempt with a fallaway slam followed by a clothesline out to the floor. Page chases Jericho back into the ring and connects with a big boot for a one-count. Jericho catches a charging Page with a kick and follows up with a missile dropkick from the middle buckle for a two-count. Jericho goes for the Liontamer, Page uses his leg strength to send him to the floor and follows up with a tope suicida. Back in the ring Page catches Jericho with a flying clothesline for a two-count. Jericho sends Page to the apron, Page ducks him and Jericho spills out to the floor. Page with a shooting star off the apron but it’s COUNTERED WITH A CODEBREAKER. Bowling shoe ugly, but looked like it hurt like hell, goddamn. Page barely beats the count, Jericho sends him crashing off the apron and into the barricade, attempting to become the first World Champ via count-out. Jericho removes the “protective” covering on the guardrail and wraps Page’s left arm around it, right in front of his family. Jericho rings the bell himself then tosses it like nothing and belts Page in the head with a live mic for that beautiful POP sound. Jericho continues working on Page’s left arm then shows off his dad bod. Jericho plays to the crowd some more, Page comes back with a flurry of offense that’s stopped with a shot to the knee. Jericho takes a break, laying across the top turnbuckle before hitting a back splash for the 1…2…Page kicks out. Jericho with an ARRRRRRRRRRRRRMBAR. Page escapes and Jericho f*cking damn dear dropkicks Page out of his boots for the 1…2…not yet. Page sends Jericho to the apron, Jericho to the top for a crossbody but Page rolls through but Jericho keeps the shoulder up. Page DEADLIFTS Jericho up and connects with another fallaway slam.

Page kips up and goes to work, connecting with a rolling Samoan drop, sliding lariat, and standing shooting star press for the 1…2…Jericho kicks out. Jericho dodges a dropkick, Page stops a Lionsault and counters with a springboard Russian legsweep for the 1…2…Jericho kicks out again. Jericho rolls through a Tombstone and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Page rolls through and sends Jericho flying followed by a discus elbow to the eye. Jericho rolls to the floor clutching his eye, referee Aubrey Edwards stopping Page from continuing the assault. JERICHO IS BUSTED OPEN, Y’ALL. Page throws Jericho chest-first into the barricade, possibly ruining a ringside fan’s shirt with his blood. Jericho rolls in and Page drills him with a right hand aimed at the cut. Page stomps Jericho in the corner until the ref forces a break. Jericho floats Page to the apron, both men jockey for position on the buckles. Page wins and we get an AVALANCHE SWINGING NECKBREAKER for the 1…2…Jericho kicks out! Page drills Jericho with a rolling elbow, Jericho counters a suplex attempt and hangs Page out to dry across the top rope. Page counters the springboard dropkick with a superkick. Page connects with a Buckshot Lariat and sets up for the Dead Eye, Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. Page struggles, reaching into the bowels of his soul to get to the ropes. Jericho shoves Edwards, Edwards gets in his face. Jericho charges, Page backdrops him to the floor and connects with a moonsault, slamming his left knee into the metal ramp. Back in the ring Jericho counters the Buckshot Lariat with a Codebreaker for the 1…2…PAGE KICKS OUT! Jericho charges, Page connects with a rolling forearm, Jericho counters a shooting star with a pair of knees. Page catches Jericho’s Codebreaker attempt, Jericho counters with the Dead Eye with a sunset flip for the 1…2…Page kicks out! They trade pinfall attempts, Page finally gets Jericho in position and hits the Dead Eye for the 1…2…JERICHO KICKS OUT AND PAGE CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Page with a second Buckshot Lariat, Jericho counters the Dead Eye with a backslide then catches Page with the Judas Effect for the 1…2…3!

Chris Jericho defeated Adam Page via pinfall with the Judas Effect to win the AEW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (26:17)

  • Good main event to cap an amazing night of pro wrestling. Jericho and Page had themselves a great contest full of drama, and Jericho doing some fun playing to the crowd, and goddamn me if I thought Page had him with the Dead Eye at the end. Page might have lost but I am now a believer in him and I hope that in the future he gets the nod, that guy is DAMN GOOD and I love how he mixes in regular brawling with some high-flying moves. Tossing lariats and shooting star presses in the same match is my kind of sh*t. Jericho winning is the smart choice and a good way to endear themselves to more casual fans, plus it’ll lead to an actual motivated Y2J and I’m into that. What a night, y’all. (***1/2)

Jericho poses with the belt on the stage to end the show.


FINAL THOUGHTS: All Out f*cking ruled top to bottom, with only the whole Dark Order thing really dragging it down. So many great matches, so many INSANE spots, it had a little something for everybody and unlike WWE PPVs I wasn’t feeling every second of its near 4 hour runtime (5 including the Buy In). I’m going to be the weird guy who thinks the Cracker Barrel Clash was better than PAC/Kenny Omega but they were damn near equal, and the fact they happened early in the show is nuts. Escalera de la Muerte delivered, and the surprises (ARN F’N ANDERSON, LA MF’N X) popped me huge. I’m on board, AEW. You got me. Let’s fast forward to October and let’s see what you motherf*ckers can do.

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