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[PPV Recap] ‘MLW Saturday Night Superfight’ – Fatu vs. Park, Stairway to Hell, Hammerstone vs. DBS Jr.

DATE: November 2, 2019
VENUE: Cicero Stadium (Cicero, IL)
Rich Bocchini & AJ Kirsch

MLW’s first PPV features a No-DQ main event as Jacob Fatu defends the World Heavyweight Championship against LA Park. Also on the show The Dynasty defend the Tag Team Titles against The Von Erichs, Hammerstone puts his Openweight Championship on the line against Davey Boy Smith Jr. and much more. I’ve not been shy about Fusion not really grabbing me weekly, let’s see if I like MLW better in PPV form.


  • MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday)


  • TEXAS TORNADO MATCH: The Dynasty [c] vs. The Von Erich Brothers for the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (**3/4)
  • Septimo Dragon, Gringo Loco, & Puma King vs. Injustice (***1/4)
  • Teddy Hart [c] vs. Austin Aries for the MLW WORLD MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (***)
  • Low-Ki vs. Brian Pillman Jr. (***1/2)
  • Tom Lawlor vs. Timothy Thatcher (***3/4)
  • STAIRWAY TO HELL: Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Bestia 666 (****)
  • Alexander Hammerstone [c] vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. for the MLW NATIONAL OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (**1/2)


The Dynasty make their way out for the opening contest. MJF tells the crowd to shut their mouths, they respond with “SHUT THE F*CK UP”. MJF makes fun of the Claw, Holliday says when you’re in the same building as The Dynasty you’re breathing rarified air. Holliday calls the Von Erichs a bunch of fake Texans from Hawaii and can’t afford shoes. We’re better than you and you know it.

The Dynasty (Maxwell Jacob Friedman & Richard Holliday) [c] vs. The Von Erich Brothers (Ross & Marshall Von Erich) for the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

The Von Erichs attack right at the bell, sick of The Dynasty running their mouth. Stereo dropkicks send the champs scrambling to the floor to regroup. MJF throws Marshall into the guardrail, Dynasty with double-clubbing forearms to Ross. MJF rips up a sign, Holliday sends Marshall back into the steel. MJF hits Marshall in the skull with the ring bell, you can hear the ding and everything. Beautiful. Market Crash on the ring apron from Holliday. Dynasty work Ross over in the ring, MJF once again mocking the Claw. Holliday arrogantly covers Ross with one foot, obviously he kicks out. Ross tries to fight back, Holliday hits him with a back elbow and the 2008 for the 1…2…Ross kicks out. Dynasty with a double armbar, MJF talking trash to the crowd. Ross sends the Dynasty into one another, Dynasty respond with a double back elbow and double elbowdrop for the 1…2…Ross kicks out again and they argue with the ref. Marshall finally recovers and takes it to both Dynasty members with clotheslines and discus punches. Stereo cannonballs to the champs in opposite corners. Knee strike, leaping clothesline in the corner to Holliday followed by a pop up slam for the 1…2…Holliday kicks out.

Marshall goes for a moonsault, MJF shakes the ropes and sends him crashing. Ross puts the Claw on MJF, MJF breaks it up with a low blow. Holliday connects with a middle rope Superplex and MJF follows up with a Superfly Splash. Dynasty cover for the 1…2…Marshall breaks it up with a moonsault and all four men are out of it. Ross most of all, probably, he was at the bottom of that dogpile. Holliday falls for the floor, Marshall locks the Claw on MJF, Ross connects with a back suplex for the 1…2…3! New champs!

The Von Erich Brothers defeated The Dynasty [c] via pinfall to win the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (9:45)

  • Good opener, with the Von Erichs finally getting the best of The Dynasty after being ducked for so long. I liked The Dynasty taking out Marshall early so they could focus and defeat just one of the brothers, and that backfiring on them in the end. MJF making fun of the Claw so much before and during the match pretty much telegraphed that finish, but it worked. A feelgood way to start the show, and hey now I know Richard Holliday actually wrestles so that’s a plus. Feel like every time I’ve given Fusion a shot it’s never been when he’s actually competing. Dude is good. He and MJF have great chemistry. (**3/4)

-H2 TV: Brian Pillman Jr. prepares for the biggest match of his career with Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith talk about when Pillman’s dad used to train wrestlers at the Hart Dungeon, and tells Pillman Jr. that he has his father’s warrior spirit.

Septimo Dragon, Gringo Loco, & Puma King vs. Injustice (Myron Reed, Kotto Brazil, & Jordan Oliver)

Gringo Loco has been feuding with Injustice over the past few months, and has recruited Dragon and King to assist him in his war. Chicago LOVES Gringo Logo; he’s a hometown guy so that makes sense. Ref checks each member of Injustice, as they repeatedly pass a foreign object to one another to avoid detection. Smart. Reed also rockin’ that D-Lo Brown “chest protector” gimmick which I appreciate.

Injustice go on the attack at the bell and all sorts of brawls break out. In the ring Loco cartwheels out of Oliver’s rana attempt. Loco with a headscissors on Oliver that sends him to the floor, Loco wants to fly but gets pulled out by Reed and sent into the guardrail. Reed and Dragon do some flippy-dos, Dragon with a hook kick and standing Spanish Fly. Reed out, Brazil in, King with a pop-up faceplant and superkick. Brazil gets his face kicked in a whole bunch, Loco and Dragon with stereo moonsaults. Oliver runs in, Loco and King slam him and send him into Dragon for a slingshot DDT. King with a springboard plancha, Loco with a tope con hilo, and Dragon finishes it up with a BEAUTIFUL moonsault on Reed and Brazil. Loco and company try to chop Reed in the chest protector, but they all hurt their hands. Well duh guys, why do that? Injustice go on the attack, concluding with a snap German on Loco for a two-count. Brazil connects with a sling blade on Loco for another two-count. Reed connects with a step up kick, Oliver with a springboard back elbow. Snapmare, double kicks from Oliver and Brazil.

Oliver measures Loco, Loco counters a springboard rana attempt into a sit-out power bomb but can’t make the tag as Dragon and King are pulled off the apron. “DISCOUNT D-LO” chant towards Reed. King and Dragon to the apron, double kick to Reed, Dragon drops Oliver and Brazil with a springboard dropkick. Loco lays Reed on his knees, double stomp by Puma. King with a slingshot, Oliver and Reed catch him so Dragon drops ‘em all with a tope suicida. Loco connects with a split-legged moonsault to the back of Reed for the 1…2…kickout. Loco counters the springboard Ace Crusher with a tombstone piledriver for the 1…2…Reed kicks out again. Brazil connects with a rana followed by a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Oliver and Brazil with stereo tope suicidas to King and Dragon, Reed with a slingshot cutter on the floor! Brazil hits Sliced Bread #2 on Dragon, Reed follows up with a springboard 450 ACROSS THE RING for the 1…2…3.

Injustice defeated Septimo Dragon, Gringo Loco, & Puma King via pinfall (10:17)

  • Hard to keep up with, but in a good way. A very entertaining sprint with spots aplenty and a great finishing sequence en route to Injustice’s victory. I’m a little bummed the foreign object they went to so much trouble to hide didn’t come into play though, seemed like they were going to get the cheap victory but instead they won clean. Good on ‘em though, they’re going to be even MORE annoying now. (***1/4)

-FEUD RECAP/HYPE VIDEO: Teddy Hart vs. Austin Aries. Aries dropped Hart with a brainbuster on the apron, MLW fined him so he started a GoFundMe. Ha I hope people actually contributed and Aries got some free money from the gimmick.

Teddy Hart [c] vs. Austin Aries for the MLW WORLD MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Teddy Hart takes forever shaking hands with the fans, Mr. Velvet in his other hand, annoying the sh*t out of Aries. Hart keeps stalling so Aries finally belts him with a tope suicida. THANK YOU. Aries pummels Hart, including a belt shot, and sends him crashing into the guardrail. Aries tries for the Brainbuster on the floor, Hart counters but Aries lands on his feet and connects with a forearm. Aries rolls Hart into the ring and yells for the bell to ring but, uh, it already happened sooo anyway it’s time for a missile dropkick for the 1…2…kickout. Aries to the top, Hart shoves him to the floor, hitting the apron on the way down. Hart belts Aries with some stiff strikes but has to use the ring to keep himself up while clutching his neck/head. Ughhh don’t do a concussion thing, MLW. Please don’t let that be what’s happening. Hart hammer throws Aries in the corner and follows up with a springboard twisting legdrop but Aries kicks out at 1. Aries bails to the floor, Hart keeps the attack going as best he can. Aries rolls to the apron and connects with a Death Valley Driver on the HARDEST PART OF THE RING. Hart crashes to the floor, eyes rolling to the back of his head. Ewww. Aries teases letting Hart get counted out then connects with a flying forearm to the back of the head and neck, followed by a slingshot senton in the ring for the 1…2…Hart gets his feet in the ropes. Aries makes that leg pay, locking in a modified bow and arrow leg submission. Snapmare, flying elbow to the jaw from the middle buckle for the 1…2…Hart kicks out and Aries immediately goes into the Last Chancery. Hart gets to the ropes, Aries uses every second of the count to add pressure.

Hart blocks a suplex attempt, Aries buries in forearms to the back of the neck, Hart connects with a vertical suplex into a cutter. Hart counters a discus forearm with a lung blower and belly-to-back suplex. Hart with a lateral press for the 1…2…Aries kicks out and Hart takes a minute to regroup. Aries tries for a Sharpshooter, Hart kicks him away, Aries rebounds with a discus forearm. Aries with a corner mount talking trash, including making light of the Christy Hemme thing from TNA a few years back (maybe let’s not bring that up), Hart fights him off and hits a DDT for the 1…2…Aries gets his foot on the bottom rope. Hart places Aries on the top buckle, Aries fights him off by boxing the ears and hits a SUNSET BOMB for the 1…2…Hart kicks out and Aries goes right into the Last Chancery! Hart teases tapping but finally reaches the ropes. I cringed every time they moved, I thought Aries was going to accidentally snap his own damn neck. Christ. Aries tries a suplex on the apron, Hart counters and drops him throat-first on the top rope. Hart follows up with a springboard moonsault and staggers around instead of following up, still trying to get his sh*t together while Aries rolls in. Hart and Aries on the top buckle, Aries slides out and shakes the top rope, crotching the champ and sending him crashing to the canvas. Discus forearm in the corner followed by a corner dropkick and BRAINBUUUUUUSTAH for the 1…2…HART KICKS OUT AND ARIES CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Hart rolls to the floor and pulls the guardrail in, Aries tries a tope suicida but Hart side steps and he hits nothing but steel. Ouch. Lots o’ stalling, Hart brings Aries to the apron and drives some forearms to the back. Hart tries for a DVD, but Aries is dead weight and he falls into the ring. Aries, playing possum, rolls Hart up for the 1…2…Hart kicks out and hits the Canadian Destroyer for the 1…2…3!

Teddy Hart [c] defeated Austin Aries via pinfall to retain the MLW WORLD MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (18:31)

  • A lot more stalling and dead air than I would have liked honestly, but overall I enjoyed this one mostly for Aries. Yeah he’s a jerk or whatever but the dude is SO GOOD in the ring when he wants to be and it felt like he went out there and willed a great match by himself. That finish came out of nowhere, but I dug it; Aries tried to play possum and failed and Hart fought through the pain to hit the Destroyer for the win. Would have made perfect sense for Aries to get the win here though and I’m a little bummed they didn’t do it, but that’s life. This is the best challenger MLW has built for Hart too, and I have absolutely no idea where he goes from here in terms of defending the title. (***)

-CONTA Unit interrupts Hart’s celebration via backstage segment. Josef Samael congratulates Hart, saying he’s got a target on his back, and has an offer for The Von Erichs that they won’t be able to resist. Samael then says tonight we will witness the first-ever live public execution courtesy of Jacob Fatu. HAIL CONTRA.

-COMING THIS NOVEMBER: The MLW Women’s division is finally here.

-COMMERCIAL: Buy MLW merchandise, why don’tcha?

-MLW ON TOUR: Blood & Thunder November 9th in Orlando, 2019 Opera Cup December 5th in New York City, and Zero Hour January 11th in Dallas (NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, DAMMIT).

Low-Ki vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Ki apparently tried to give Pillman some advice, and Pillman was having none of it because he’s young and thinks he knows everything. He does at least know how to rock a mullet. Pillman comes out in his father’s Hollywood Blondes vest. Ki comes out hot, telling Pillman he’s about to learn a lesson in respect. Pillman is wearing a “Property of Pillman Jr.” shirt which is apparently a sign of disrespect? I don’t get it.

Ki slaps Pillman, Pillman responds with a series of chops. Ki gets sent into the corner, Pillman flattens him with a clothesline and teases a dropkick but lands on his feet and slaps him instead. COLD. Ki rips the shirt and lays into Pillman with a series of chops. Action moves to the floor and they light each other up with chops. Pillman connects with a kick to the chest, Ki drops him with a chop and breaks the count so they can continue brawling, then SLAMS HIM on the floor which has no protective mats. Dang. Ki rolls Pillman in and damn near caves in his chest with a kick. Ki covers for the 1…2…Pillman kicks out and Ki immediately applies a headscissors to wear him down. Pillman has now outlasted Ki’s competition over the past few months. Pillman catches Ki off-guard with a dropkick and covers but barely gets a one-count. Pillman with a chop to the spine followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Pillman charges in, Ki hits him with a back elbow but walks into a powerslam for the 1…2…he kicks out. Pillman connects with Air Pillman for the 1…2…Ki kicks out just in the nick of time. Ki kicks Pillman in the head, ref asks if he wants to continue which he does. Ki with a cartwheel into a kick and Pillman drops back down. Ref keeps separation so he can administer the knockout count. Pillman gets to his feet at 8 and throws his mouthguard at Ki, begging him to give him his best shot. Ki is happy to oblige and knocks Pillman out with a cartwheel kick, the ref immediately calling for the bell.

Low-Ki defeated Brian Pillman Jr. via ref stoppage (8:12)

  • Ki gets the win and beats some sense into Pillman, hopefully teaching him the value of respect. I dug this one a lot, Pillman has gotten so much better over the years and I thought he stood toe to toe with Ki very well here. Ki straight f*cking rules and I’ll never not be excited to see him kick a dude into oblivion. Good stuff here, Ki gets his win and Pillman shows he can almost hang. (***1/2)

Ki helps Pillman up to a seated position and tells him this was a hard lesson that he had to learn. Pillman nods in agreement and accept Ki’s offer to help him to his feet.

-VIDEO: MLW announces a partnership with AAA. Hell yeah. I’m into a Faby Apache Women’s Title run.

-Back to the arena in time to catch the ref starting a clap to wake the crowd up. Awkward.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Timothy Thatcher [w/ Douglas James]

Is this going to be the good kind of faux-MMA or is this going to be a dull-ass Bloodsport thing? Let’s find out!

Thatcher brings Lawlor to the corner with a front chancery. Ref forces a break, Lawlor sends Thatcher scrambling to the floor with a series of forearms. Thatcher pulls Lawlor out, Lawlor with a couple of jabs but Thatcher clubs him in the back to put a stop to that. Lawlor with a guillotine choke, Thatcher escapes by ramming him into the guardrail. Thatcher goes to work with forearms and rolls Lawlor in but only gets a one-count. Thatcher on Lawlor’s back, slapping him, Lawlor escapes and goes for a Figure Four but Thatcher grabs the arm and locks in a choke. Lawlor escapes and grabs the ankle, Thatcher tries to kick out so Lawlor escapes and kicks him. Thatcher with a kick of his own followed by a couple of knees to the ribs and a bow and arrow. Thatcher with a half-Crab, Lawlor rolls through and applies a leglock of his own. Thatcher and Lawlor jockey for position with slaps, Thatcher wins with a kick to the face. Lawlor fights out and locks in a Figure Four. Lawlor and Thatcher mean mug each other, Thatcher rolls to the apron for a rope break. Thatcher with a series of strikes, and an armbar back inside the ring. Lawlor counters into an airplane spin. Everybody dizzy now. Lawlor goes for a chinlock, Thatcher gets to the ropes to quickly break it. Ankle pick, Thatcher lays in a series of forearms. He goes for an armbar, Lawlor gets to the ropes.

Lawlor with a flurry of strikes, Thatcher grabs him and connects with a belly-to-belly suplex. Thatcher goes for another, Lawlor reverses into one of his own. Back to the floor, Lawlor with another guillotine choke and sends him into the guardrail when he tries to escape. Lawlor lights Thatcher up with chops around the ringside area. Back in the ring Lawlor connects with a series of kicks followed by a stalling corner dropkick. Thatcher with a slap and butterfly suplex for the 1…2…Lawlor kicks out and Thatcher immediately transitions into an armbar. Lawlor rolls through and connects with a release German suplex. Lawlor with a side headlock, Thatcher counters with a belly-to-back suplex he takes on his head. Lawlor rebounds by countering an armbar with a Tombstone piledriver for the 1…2…Thatcher kicks out and the Filthy guy can’t believe it. Lawlor grabs the wrists and drives a knee, Thatcher catches it and attempts an armbar. Lawlor blocks it, both men trade headbutts and Lawlor hits a pumphandle suplex for the 1…2…Thatcher kicks out again. Lawlor grabs the wrists and this time drives the knee in followed by a penalty kick and series of strikes as Thatcher tries to turtle. Lawlor grabs a rear-naked choke to the bloodied Thatcher, and he taps.

Tom Lawlor defeated Timothy Thatcher via submission (15:28)

  • Eyyyy it was more of the former for me, awesome! They almost lost me in the beginning, but once they started pummeling each other and dropping each other on their heads I bought in. Real hard-hitting fight that had me wincing every time someone struck the other. Still not sure this style is for me, I definitely can’t take a show that’s just this, but it was good for what it was. (***3/4)

Kaci Lenox interviews Lawlor post-match. Lawlor grabs the mic and puts Thatcher over as one of the best talents in pro wrestling, and says that MLW is going to STAY FILTHY. Lawlor puts his arm over Lennox, likely ruining that dress. HEEL.

-MATCH HYPE VIDEO: Stairway to Hell, baybeeee.

Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Bestia 666 [Presented by Salina de la Renta]

Barbed wire hangs above the ring for this one. This is going to get NUTS and I am HERE FOR IT. This was initially supposed to be Mance/Jimmy but Bestia 666 got thrown in after Havoc attacked his father, Damien 666, on an episode of Fusion. Salina de la Renta shows up right before Mance comes out.

Warner and Havoc immediately attack one another, the former hitting the latter with a trash can lid. Bestia slides out and Warner hits a series of headbutts. In the ring Warner drops Bestia with a big boot. Warner teases flying but pokes Havoc in the eye instead. HA. Warner grabs the metal trash can and hits Bestia with it when he attempts a tope. Dummy. Warner introduces the first ladder into the match and takes a swig of an audience member’s beer. Havoc runs in with a staple gun, Warner overpowers him and Havoc staples himself IN THE D*CK. Warner gets control of the gun and staples dollar bills to Havoc’s body. Havoc kicks Warner off and grabs the ladder from the ring, trying to bridge it on the guardrail but it’s too far. Warner helps him, Havoc tries to suplex him on it but Warner fights it off and chokeslams him on the steel. Bestia whips Warner into the ladder, knocking Havoc off in the process. Bestia and Havoc go for the barbed wire, slugfest breaks out and Warner pushes it over, sending both crashing into the ropes. Warner is BUSTED OPEN. Havoc rips another dollar off his body and pockets it which might be my favorite moment of the show thus far. Might as well profit from the pain. Warner introduces a pair of boards into the ring, laying one in the corner. Warner charges, Havoc belts him with a forearm. Havoc repositions the board then eats an elbow from Bestia. Bestia slams Havoc on the ladder then goes climbing. Warner pulls him off and lays into him with a series of strikes. Havoc climbs the ladder to go for the barbed wire, Warner realizes this and shoves the ladder, sending Havoc crashing through the board he himself set up.

Warner gets the barbed wire and closes in on Havoc. Bestia attacks from behind and grabs the barbed wire spool. Havoc holds Warner as Bestia RAKES THE BARBED WIRE ACROSS HIS FACE, F*CK. Bestia introduces the dented trash can into the ring, he and Havoc double suplex him onto it. Havoc tosses Bestia out, ending their temporary alliance, for the 1…2…Bestia shoves the ref to stop the count. Bestia drops Havoc crotch-first on the guardrail and sends him crashing to the floor with a superkick. Bestia rolls in and covers Warner for the 1…2…Havoc pulls him out and sends him into the side of the commentary table, pissing Bocchini off. Havoc sets up two chairs on their side and picks Bestia up, Bestia escapes and SIDEWALK SLAMS HIM ON THE CHAIR EDGES. Bestia climbs the ladder, Havoc grabs him by the jewels and throws him onto the chair edges, sending Bestia bouncing. F*CK. Havoc dumps the ladder and creates a makeshift table by laying a board across two chairs, placing the barbed wire in the middle. Warner mounts a comeback with a series of jabs, Havoc catches him with barbed wire to the head. Havoc then uses the barbed wire on Bestia’s family jewels, Warner belts Havoc with a lariat. Bestia cracks the trash can across Warner’s head and resets the fake table. Bestia does the knee pad up and down thing to mock Ol’ Mancer and knees Warner in the jaw. HA. Bestia lays Warner’s head on the board and heads to the top, Warner catches Bestia with a right and puts him through the board with a Superplex for the 1…2…3!

Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Havoc and Bestia 666 via pinfall (14:00)

  • VERY MUCH MY SH*T. Great plunder match, Mance Warner is so goddamn good and needs to be on every wrestling show going forward. Props to Havoc for still be willing to take the bumps he took despite having a (I assume?) big money AEW contract. And also Bestia 666 was there! I like Bestia but adding him into this match did not do anything for me, felt like Warner/Havoc was the story here and they just tossed him in for extra oomph. Helluva brawl by these folks and my favorite match so far. (****)

Havoc attacks Warner in the aisle and connects with a piledriver into the guardrail. HOT DAMN. Havoc follows with an Acid Rainmaker then LICKS MANCER’S BLOOD OFF HIS HANDS GROSS.

-Bocchini and Kirsch announce MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Night (November 28th) on YouTube. Cool.

-FEUD RECAP: Alexander Hammerstone vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. Hammerstone has been getting intimate with Smith’s sister Georgia I guess.

Alexander Hammerstone [c] vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr. for the MLW NATIONAL OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Smith comes out in a Bulldog mask honoring his family heritage, Hammerstone looking PUMPED UP. He puts the ref in between him and his challenger so he can pose without being attacked, which is a smart move given how all of these matches have pretty much started with a sneak attack. Somebody’s been watching the PPV!

Smith with a side headlock takedown to start. Hammerstone counters with a headscissors, Smith kips out and they reset. Smith works the arms, settling into a double wristlock with a knee to the spine. They get to a vertical base, Smith keeps control of both wrists until a rope break allows Hammerstone to connect with a cheap shot. Hammerstone pummels Smith in the corner and chokes him with a boot, Smith grabs the boot and gets to his feet, driving a headbutt to the bridge of the nose. A forearm sends the champ to the mat, Smith buries a boot to the midsection. Hammerstone rebounds and hits a vertical suplex, Smith pops right up and hits the delayed vertical suplex like his late father. Man I loved the British Bulldog. Action moves to the floor, Smith driving Hammerstone back-first into the barricade. Hammerstone rams Smith’s head on the apron, breaks the count, then sends him running into the barricade. Hammerstone charges, Smith drops him with a big boot. Hammerstone yanks the turnbuckle pad off, Smith blocks the buckle shot and goes for the Running Powerslam, Hammerstone escapes and buries forearms to the kidneys. Smith no sells some rights and HULKS UP, hits the big boot and the Big Legdrop for the 1…2…Hammerstone kicks out. What a…weird homage to do.

Smith in the corner mount for right hands, Hammerstone is sent to the apron and connects with a kick followed by a missile dropkick from the top for the 1…2…Smith kicks out. This crowd looks boooooored, I thought this was an MLW stronghold. Hammerstone climbs back up, Smith drives a headbutt to the gut like a Bushwhacker and meets him up there for a middle buckle Superplex. Smith goes back up and connects with a falling headbutt for the 1…2…Hammerstone kicks out. Hammerstone rebounds with a T-bone suplex for the 1…2…not yet. Smith blocks the exposed buckle shot again and hits a release German, but Hammerstone gets to his feet and answers with one of his own. Smith bounces back up and hits a pair of German suplexes. Hammerstone tries to escape with an elbow but Smith hangs onto the tights and hits the third for the 1…2…Hammerstone kicks out, Smith transitions into a crossface. Hammerstone almost gets to the ropes but Smith kicks them away and rolls through to bring him to the center of the ring. Out come MJF and Richard Holliday, Smith drops both from the apron, Hammerstone sends him back-first into the exposed buckle. Hammerstone measures Smith and connects with a Claymore kick for the 1…2…Smith kicks out! Smith counters a suplex with an inside cradle for the 1…2…Hammerstone kicks out. Hammerstone rolls through an O’Connor roll and rolls Smith up, handful of rope, for the 1…2…3!

Alexander Hammerstone [c] defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. via pinfall to retain the MLW NATIONAL OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (13:28)

  • Not as hossy as I was expecting but an alright contest nonetheless. They just had the unfortunate task of following up two hard-hitting matches and at least the televised portion of the crowd were too burned out to muster up a lot of enthusiasm. Tough break. I wanted to like this more, but I don’t know it felt a little flat. Hammerstone’s missile dropkick f*cking rules though. Interesting neither man hit their finisher in this one. (**1/2)

-VIDEO: Slideshow of all of the MLW World Champions from the past and present. I love it.

-RECAP: LA Park wins the 2nd Battle Riot, Jacob Fatu wins the World Title, Salina de la Renta announces that Park will challenge for the World Title at Saturday Night Superfight. Both men are undefeated in MLW singles competition.

-A host of veiled ladies with skeleton makeup and candles light the way for LA Park in his entrance. Salina de la Renta is in a black veil and dress. Lighting wasn’t great but I appreciate the effort and that was pretty baller. Jacob Fatu and Joseph Samael ain’t about that theatricality for their entrance though.

-Crowd has WOKEN UP for the in-ring introductions. Awesome. This match has sounded like trash on paper but oh man I am easily won over by a BIG FIGHT FEEL. Park gets on the mic and cuts a promo on Fatu in Spanish. If I paid attention in high school, or whenever my girlfriend’s family gets together, I would have been able to translate it.

Jacob Fatu [c] [w/ Josef Samael] vs. LA Park [Presented by Salina de la Renta] for the MLW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Slappin’ and clubberin’ to start, both men trading forearms and German suplexes. Park throws the ref into Fatu to distract him and hit a running knee to the face. Fatu rolls to the floor, Park with a tope suicida. Samael decks Park from behind and Fatu goes on the attack. Fatu with corner headbutts and a big ol’ slap to the face. HAIL CONTRA. Irish whip into the corner, corner clothesline, play to the crowd. Samael drives the railroad spike repeatedly into Park’s face and mask; ref is distracted but that’s not really necessary. Mask is ripped open, Park is bleeding. Fatu beats on Park at ringside as the skeleton bleeds buckets. Brawl goes into the crowd as the commentators talk about Salina de la Renta being too busy expanding Promociones Dorado to focus on getting Park ready for this match. Back in the ring Park reverses a corner Irish whip and connects with a head to the midsection. Park tries again but eats a foot, Fatu charges and Park hits a powerslam for the 1…2…Fatu kicks out. Fatu rebounds, splashing Park with a back handspring moonsault for the 1…2…Park kicks out. Park sends Fatu off the buckles with a headbutt and hits a twisting senton for the 1…2…Fatu gets his shoulder up.

Park tosses Fatu to the floor and hits him with the timekeeper’s plastic table followed by a chair for he is the Chairman. Park grabs the timekeeper’s bell and breaks it over Fatu’s head. Fatu is now BUSTED OPEN AS WELL. Park headbutts the wound and rolls him back into the ring. Park whips Fatu with his skeleton belt, Fatu with a twisting corkscrew senton of his own for the 1…2…Park kicks out. Park rolls to the floor, Fatu flattens him with a goddamn moonsault, CLEARING THE TOP ROPE. Goddamn my dude, goddamn. Fatu sets up a table in the ring as Samael pummels Park on the floor. Samael rolls Park in, the table set up in the corner. Fatu MISSES THE MOONSAULT, Park slowly crawls over to cover for the 1…2…SAMAEL F*CKING HITS THE REF WITH A FIREBALL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Salina slaps Samael, Park accidentally spears her through the table! GODDAMN! Fatu with a superkick, Samoan drop, and Moonsault for the 1…2…3.

Jacob Fatu [c] defeated LA Park via pinfall to retain the MLW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (19:59)

  • Bloody as f*ck and there was a fireball so for that alone I wanna give it all the stars, but I’m also irrational. A very good brawl that unfortunately for my attention span lost me a few times with its real slow pace. The final few minutes were great though and redeemed it in the end. I just wish it didn’t take 20 minutes to get to it, they did not have 20 minutes worth of material. FIREBALL THO SO MOTY. (***1/4)

Park carries Salina to the back as the PPV ends.


FINAL THOUGHTS: MLW has been a very much “not for me” company for a long time, despite giving it numerous chances, but I bought this PPV on a whim anyway because whatever. And you know what? I don’t regret it at all; Saturday Night Superfight is a great show filled with all types of action for all types of fans, with some real standout moments and matches. You got the technical stuff, the strong style stuff, high flying, bloody brawls, whatever your taste is MLW had a match for it on this show. And at 20 bucks this was definitely worth my time and money. Also THERE WAS A FIIIIIIIIIIIIREBAAAAAAALL. Maybe I do like MLW after all, and maybe I’ll give them another chance. Consider this PPV recommended.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Stairway to Hell
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Josef Samael takes out the ref with a fireball

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