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[PPV Recap] ‘WWF SURVIVOR SERIES 1990’ – A Legacy Begins, an Egg is Hatched

DATE: November 22, 1990
VENUE: Hartford Civic Center (Hartford, CT)
COMMENTATORS: Gorilla Monsoon & “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Survivor Series ‘90 features a unique (and sadly one time only) spin on the Survivor Series format as the survivors of each match will go on to a final Survivor Series match to determine the ULTIMATE winner of the night. Also some dork named The Undertaker debuts but he doesn’t last long so we don’t need to bother talking about that. 


  • WWF CHAMPION: The Ultimate Warrior
  • WWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION: “The Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich
  • WWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Hart Foundation (Bret “The Hitman” Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart)


  • SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: The Ultimate Warriors vs. The Perfect Team (**1/2)
  • SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH:  The Dream Team vs. The Million Dollar Team (**3/4)
  • SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: The Vipers vs. The Visionaries (***)
  • SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: The Hulkamaniacs vs. The Natural Disasters (**1/4)
  • SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH: The Alliance vs. The Mercenaries (1/4*)
  • Survivor Series Grand Finale (**)


-INTRO: Vince McMahon runs us through the big Survivor Series matches as a jazzy sax plays in the background. Old WWF PPV music is the best.

-Monsoon and Piper welcome the home crowd from their commentary perch. Cut to the GIANT EGG that’s set to hatch tonight. I wonder what it could be! We’re at war with Iraq at this point so Piper has some CHOICE words for Saddam Hussein.

”Mean” Gene Okerlund interviews The Ultimate Warriors (Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado, & The Legion of Doom). Kerry Von Erich didn’t paint his face to match his partners, boo. Everyone seems confident in their victory, Ultimate Warrior spews nonsense as he usually does. Something about skeletons or some sh*t. Mullet game on point though.

The Ultimate Warriors (The Ultimate Warrior, “The Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich, Hawk, & Animal) vs. The Perfect Team (Mr. Perfect, Ax, Smash, & Crush) [w/ Mr. Fuji & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan]

Warrior became WWF Champion at WrestleMania VI earlier in the year and has been dominant ever since. Perfect lost the Intercontinental Championship to Von Erich at SummerSlam ‘90 and has been feuding with him since, while Legion of Doom and Demolition have been embroiled in a feud of their own, likely based on the fact the latter was a sort-of rip on the former. 

Animal attacks Smash, Smash gets turned into a pinball by the rest of the team. Smash catches Animal with a fist and a suplex for a two-count. Animal catches Smash with a powerslam, atomic drop into the arms of Hawk, he oversells beautifully. Tornado tags in and locks in the Claw on Ax but Smash attacks from behind. Warrior tags in, two shoulderblocks and a Warrior Splash for the 1…2…3! AX HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Warrior slams Smash and Crush and throws Perfect clear out of the ring, Crush attacks Warrior from behind. Smash tags in, backbreaker to Warrior, Crash with another tag and a flying kneedrop for the 1…2…kickout. Crush runs into a big boot, Warrior levels him with a clothesline and tags Hawk in. Perfect tags in as well and immediately regrets it as he eats a clothesline. Perfect sidesteps Hawk who runs shoulder-first into the post. Crush connects with a backbreaker, slamming his foot before he hits his move which takes away the impact of the move. Smash tags in, Hawk catches him with a leaping shoulderblock followed by a fistdrop. Hawk to the top, flying clothesline on Smash for the 1…2…Crush breaks it up. LOD and Demolition start brawling uncontrollably, forcing the ref to eliminate them both! HAWK, ANIMAL, SMASH, & CRUSH HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. 2-on-1 in favor of The Ultimate Warriors.

Perfect reluctantly gets back in and wants Von Erich, the man who beat him for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam back in August. Tornado tags in and connects with a Discus Punch that sends Perfect flying out to the floor. Von Erich slingshots Perfect in on one side, clotheslines him out on the other. Heenan goes over to check on his charge, Warrior noggin knocks them and sends Heenan into the first row. Von Erich sends himself into the ringpost, Perfect once again outsmarting his beefier opponent. Top buckle is exposed, Perfect rams his head into the steel and hits the Perfect Plex for the 1…2…3. KERRY VON ERICH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Perfect attacks Warrior and hits the Perfect Plex for the 1…2…Warrior kicks out! Perfect with a dropkick for the 1…2…Warrior presses out. Perfect with a clothesline, Warrior presses out of another lateral press and Perfect goes back on the attack. Warrior wakes up, turns Perfect inside out with three clotheslines, hits a running shoulder tackle, and finishes with the Warrior Splash for the 1…2…3. MR. PERFECT HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

The Ultimate Warriors defeated The Perfect Team; The Ultimate Warrior is the Sole Survivor (14:20)

  • High-energy opening match marred only by the cheap way they got rid of LOD and Demolition in the match. Hawk was the one who hit the ref so HE should’ve been eliminated but not everyone else. I’m calling Jack Tunney right now and comp-oh right this show happened 30 years ago and pretty much everybody in this match is dead now. Oof. (**1/2)

Warrior levels Heenan one more time to add insult to injury. 

Sean Mooney is with The Million Dollar Team (Ted DiBiase, Honky Tonk Man, & Greg Valentine), flanked by Jimmy Hart and Virgil. DiBiase says his mystery partner is here and soon enough everyone will know his identity. Vow to pluck Koko B. Ware’s feathers, send the Hart Foundation to the Heartbreak Hotel, & make Dusty Rhodes grovel at his feet.

The Dream Team are out first, captain Dusty Rhodes finally having shed his polka dots. His teammates all come out to his music in a sign of unity. Piper says this match is dedicated to Bret Hart’s brother Dean Hart who sadly passed away the day before. 

-After The Million Dollar Team is introduced, captain Ted DiBiase introduces the mystery partner: THE UNDERTAKER, led to the ring by Brother Love. He is a wrestling zombie in a tie. That’ll put butts in the seats. For real though Brother Love was a strange guy to pair Undertaker off with initially. Glad they rectified it a few months later.

The Dream Team (“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Bret “Hitman” Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, & “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware) vs. The Million Dollar Team (“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, The Honky Tonk Man, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, & The Undertaker) [w/ Virgil, “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, & Brother Love]

Rhodes and DiBiase have the main feud here, stemming from DiBiase “buying” Sapphire’s loyalty and causing her to leave his Rhodes’ side at SummerSlam ‘90. Hart Foundation are the current WWF Tag Team Champions, having beaten Demolition at the same PPV, and Rhythm & Blues are one of their many contenders. Undertaker spent most of 1990 in WCW as “Mean” Mark Callous but left the company to try his hand in the WWF, and at the time was likely a little bit concerned as to whether he made the right choice or not. He did. As for Koko, well, he’s just here y’all. Not much given to him in the way of storylines or feuds. 

Undertaker clobbers Hart to start, bringing him to the mat with a choke. Neidhart tags in, excited to fight the big boy. He charges, Undertaker slams him with ease. Ware tags in to give it a try but Undertaker sidesteps him and he lands in the ropes, Undertaker finishing him off with the Tombstone for the 1…2…3. KOKO B. WARE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hart lays in the rights, Undertaker no-sells and decides to tag Valentine for some reason, Rhodes tagging in for his side. Chop war breaks out, Rhodes connects with an elbow and tags in Neidhart who works the arm over. Tag to Hart who runs into a knee in the corner. Valentine drags Hart to his corner and tags out to Honky. Hart drops him with a shoulderblock but runs into a knee to the midsection. Neidhart blind tags in and powerslams Honky for the 1…2…3. HONKY TONK MAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

DiBiase goes on the attack, working Neidhart over in the corner. Neidhart reverses a corner whip, catches DiBiase with a clothesline followed by a scoop slam. Rhodes tags in, count along elbows in the corner and a dropkick. Neidhart tags in, double back elbow and lateral press for a two-count. Neidhart connects with a suplex, covers again for the 1…2…not yet. Virgil trips up Neidhart, DiBiase blindsides him with a clothesline for the 1…2…3. JIM NEIDHART HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hart sends DiBiase into Rhodes’ elbow and tags the big man in. DiBiase rakes the eyes and connects with a clothesline. Undertaker tags back in, jumping stomp. Hart tags in, fights out of the corner and catches DiBiase with an inverted atomic drop. Rhodes tags in and connects with elbows, Undertaker tags himself back in, rope walk double axhandle for the 1…2…3. DUSTY RHODES HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. 

Undertaker tosses Rhodes out, Hart catches him with a series of rights. Valentine tags in and connects with a back elbow but misses an elbowdrop. Brother Love cheapshots Rhodes, Rhodes stalks him up the aisle and Undertaker attacks from behind. Undertaker keeps the attacking going and the outside ref COUNTS HIM OUT. They brawl to the back as THE UNDERTAKER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Valentine keeps attacking Hart, Hart counters a Figure Four with an inside cradle for the 1…2…3! GREG VALENTINE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hart ducks a clothesline, atomic drop sends DiBiase flying out to the floor. Hart follows up with a slingshot splash and sends him into the steps. Back in the ring Hart stomps the midsection, Piper cheering him on with the energy I wish anyone in my life would use about me. DiBiase reverses an Irish whip, sending Hart sternum-first into the corner and cover for the 1…2…Hart kicks out. Hart catches DiBiase by surprise with a backslide for the 1…2…kickout. Hart trips over DiBiase and feigns hurting his knee, playing possum so he can roll DiBiase up for the 1…2…no! Virgil holds Hart but he moves out of the way, DiBiase hitting his own bodyguard, and Hart rolls him up for the 1…2…DiBiase kicks out again. Hart with an elbow from the middle buckle for the 1…2…still not enough. Hart with a crossbody, DiBiase rolls through and covers for the 1…2…3!

The Million Dollar Team defeated The Dream Team; Ted DiBiase is the Sole Survivor (14:00)

  • Historically significant for sure, and I loved the final few minutes with Hart/DiBiase. Great showcase for the Hitman, too bad he couldn’t win the match he dedicated to his late-brother. That’s gotta be awkward. (**3/4)

-GRAPHIC: Ted DiBiase challenges The Ultimate Warrior for the WWF Championship tomorrow night on The Main Event.

-”Mean” Gene Okerlund is in the showers with The Vipers (Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka, Shawn Michaels, & Marty Jannetty), so’s Roberts’ snake Damien can be more comfortable. One of Roberts’ eyes has a white contact lens in it to put over Martel blinding him with Arrogance previously. They are ready to go.

The Vipers (Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Shawn Michaels, & Marty Jannetty) vs. The Visionaries (Rick “The Model” Martel, Hercules, Paul Roma, & The Warlord) [w/ “The Doctor of Style” Slick]

Roberts and Martel, the team captains, have the main feud going in; Martel blinded Roberts with his “Arrogance” cologne, resulting in Roberts spending months rehabbing his eyesight so he could compete once again (and leading to some accidental attacks when trying to get revenge). Roma and Hercules, known as Power & Glory, defeated The Rockers at SummerSlam ‘90 and took the credit for injuring Michaels’ knee (his knee was hurt in real life so they attacked him before the match to take him out early). Snuka returned in 1989 after four years away from the WWF and has been jobbing since, and The Warlord is a few months into his new-look same-name gimmick after splitting from The Barbarian and ending their Powers of Pain team.

Jannetty sticks and moves with Warlord to start, dodges him in the corner and connecting with a slingshot kick. Warlord BRUSHES AWAY a pair of dropkick attempts, Jannetty dodges stomps and slides under his legs. Warlord accidentally charges into Roma, Michaels tags in and clotheslines Warlord but Warlord powers out. Martel tags in, Michaels flips through a hip toss to hit one of his own followed by a dropkick and monkey flip. Roberts tags in, Martel quickly tags out to Roma to avoid his wrath. Roberts works the arm, Snuka tags in and keeps the pressure going. Roma connects with a right but Snuka’s skull is too thick and he hurts his hand. Hercules tags in, Snuka with a knife-edged chop, Warlord tags back in to give it a shot. Snuka ducks a clothesline, Warlord catches a crossbody and slams him to the mat. Snuka dodges an elbowdrop and dropkicks him into the corner, Jannetty tags in. Warlord clubs Jannetty and grabs a bearhug. Jannetty quickly fights out but his flying splash is countered with a powerslam for the 1…2…3. MARTY JANNETTY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Warlord catches Michaels, Michaels with a hurricanrana and a tag to Roberts. Series of jabs, “DDT” chant loud and proud. Warlord reverses a corner whip, Roberts catches him charging with a knee and finally drops him with a clothesline. Michaels tags in for the 1…2…Warlord presses him up and out to the floor. Roma tags in, legdrop to Michaels as he re-enters the ring. Warlord tags in, HIGH backdrop to Michaels. Hercules tags in and covers for the 1…2…not yet. Hercules turns Michaels inside out with a clothesline, Martel tags in and drops a knee for the 1…2…Michaels kicks out again. Backbreaker, lateral press for the 1…2…once more Michaels reaches down to kick out. Roma tags in, turns Michaels inside out in the corner for the 1…2…STILL NO. Martel tags in, goes shoulder-first into the post. Roberts tags in to Snuka, rights and shots in the corner, a backdrop coming out. Snuka in pants and wrestling boots is so weird. Running headbutt, Martel kicks out of the lateral press. Snuka catches Martel with a crossbody, Martel rolls through with a handful of tights for the 1…2…3! JIMMY SNUKA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. 4-on-2 now.

Roberts tries to get his hands on Martel, who backs off and tags in Hercules. Roberts catches Hercules with a kneelift, Hercules bails out of a DDT attempt to The Snake’s disappointment. Roberts decks Hercules with jabs, Martel clotheslines him from the apron. Roma tags in, misses a top-rope fistdrop, Michaels gets the tag. Back elbow off the Irish whip, suplex, elbowdrop from the middle buckle for the 1…2…Roma kicks out. Atomic drop into Hercules, who makes the tag and elbowdrops him in the back of the head. Quick tags as The Visionaries work to weaken Michaels. Roma tags in for the Power Plex and Power & Glory nail it for the 1…2…3. SHAWN MICHAELS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. 4-on-1 time.

Roberts revs himself up, ready to take everyone on. Hercules clobbers Roberts in the corner, Warlord tags in for a standing bearhug. Roberts escapes and hits Warlord with the DDT but Power & Glory distract the ref. Martel tries to hit him with the Arrogance atomizer but Roberts sees it coming and grabs Damien! Roberts chases Martel all the way to the back with Damien in tow…and gets counted out. JAKE ROBERTS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

The Visionaries defeated The Vipers; Rick Martel, Hercules, Paul Roma, & The Warlord are the Sole Survivors (18:06)

  • Best Survivor Series match so far, I was really into this one. Visionaries worked as a cohesive unit, earning their way into the final round and giving the heel team a distinct advantage. So far it’s Warrior against FIVE men. Let’s hope some others can win a match so he gets a little backup. (***)

-Monsoon and Piper hype Royal Rumble coming in January, Piper having to towel himself off he’s so intense on commentary tonight. 

-Sean Mooney is with The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Jim Duggan, Tugboat, & The Big Boss Man). Hogan says he and the Hulksters have survived in the WWF for a long time DUDE, and this is the time they can prove the training, prayers, and vitamins will make you a survivor in any situation. Hogan glows up his teammates, Boss Man wants to beat up Bobby Heenan. Tugboat is loaded and ready for battle, Duggan has yellow ribbons on his 2×4 as a dedication to the military fighting in the Middle East. Hogan says they volunteer their services if George Bush needs additional firepower.

The Hulkamaniacs (Hulk Hogan, Tugboat, The Big Boss Man, & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan) vs. The Natural Disasters (Earthquake, “The World’s Strongest Man” Dino Bravo, Haku, & The Barbarian) [w/ “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan]

Earthquake put Hogan on the shelf earlier in the year, the Hulkster making his valiant return at SummerSlam ‘90 to vanquish his bigger foe…via countout. Tugboat led the charge on pro-Hogan support, emerging as a rando best friend, while Boss Man’s issues lie with The Heenan Family and their constant mocking of his mother. His original feud was with Rick Rude, but Rude has left the company so now it’s just more an all-encompassing hatred of Heenan and his group. Duggan doesn’t necessarily have a feud going into this one, but he did beat Bravo at WrestleMania VI (the match you probably fell asleep during) so there’s some bad blood there for sure.

Duggan starts, leading a “USA” chant to the shock and surprise of everyone. Slugfest breaks out between he and Haku, Duggan reverses a corner whip and ducks a crossbody attempt. Duggan drops Haku with a series of clotheslines, HOOOOOO. More meathooks, Haku dodges an elbowdrop and tags out to Bravo who connects with an inverted atomic drop. Barbarian tags in and lays in chops, Haku tags back in and hits a back elbow. Boss Man gets the tag, lays into Haku with a whole lot of rights but eats a dropkick that sends the sweat flying for a two-count. Boss Man with an Irish whip and Boss Man Slam for the 1…2…3. HAKU HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Barbarian attacks, Boss Man dazes him with a big boot and drops him with an elbow. Heenan climbs the apron, Boss Man sends him into the post. Barbarian blocks a hip toss, connects with a vertical suplex. Boss Man dodges a middle buckle elbowdrop, Duggan tags in and connects with a backdrop. Bravo tags in, attacking an unaware Duggan from behind. Earthquake with the quick tag, double clothesline to Hacksaw. Duggan tries to slam him which is a gigantic mistake. Duggan goes for the ropes, Hart pulls the top rope down to send him to the floor. Duggan chases Hart into the ring and hits Earthquake with the 2×4 which ref calls the bell for. JIM DUGGAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hogan with right hands and slams to Bravo and Barbarian, and even a slam to Earthquake which pops the crowd. Corner whip, Hogan follows him with a clothesline and count along rights until Earthquake counters with a powerslam. NICE. Bravo tags in and drops a pair of elbowdrops followed by stomps. Bravo talks with Earthquake for some reason, Hogan with an inside cradle for the 1…2…3. DINO BRAVO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Boss Man and Earthquake in for their respective teams. Quake misses a corner splash but CATCHES BOSS MAN IN MID-AIR; Hogan kicks Boss Man in the back to turn it into a pinning attempt but Quake kicks out. Barbarian kicks Boss Man from behind, Quake drops an elbow for the 1…2…3. BIG BOSS MAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hogan dazes Quake with a big boot, sends him into the boot of Tugboat. Clothesline staggers Quake, Quake easily blocks the second slam attempt. He tries it again, Quake lands on top for the 1…2…Hogan kicks out. Hogan dodges a splash, Tugboat tags in for the first time in the match. He and Quake collide, Hogan pulls him out to the floor for some reason. Tugboat and Quake clobber each other, Hogan attacking as well but being sent spine-first into the post and the ref rings the bell. TUGBOAT AND EARTHQUAKE HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hogan and Barbarian remain for their teams. Barbarian on offense, taking advantage of Hogan getting hurt earlier thanks to Earthquake. Piledriver from Barb but he closes his legs so Hogan only hits the knees and the camera catches it so Monsoon and Piper have to cover. Double clothesline drops both men. Barbarian catches Hogan with a big boot and heads to the top, Hogan turns right into a flying clothesline for the 1…2…HOGAN KICKS OUT AND HULKS UP. Three right hands, big boot, Big Legdrop for the 1…2…3. THE BARBARIAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

The Hulkamaniacs defeated The Natural Disasters; Hulk Hogan is the Sole Survivor (14:49)

  • I appreciated this one being staccato when it came to the eliminations, though Tugboat and Earthquake both getting counted out was lame. I blame Hogan for that, as he’s the one who pulled Quake out in the first place. He just wanted the glory for himself. Hulk Hogan: Always The Heel. Match was okay and full of hosses and also Dino Bravo got to hang out. (**1/4)

Hogan throws Heenan around for the f*ck of it and celebrates with a banner someone at ringside made. He wipes his sweat on it for a souvenir then poses for the crowd. You know, Hulk Hogan stuff.


“Mean” Gene Okerlund welcomes his guest, “The Macho King” Randy Savage, looking like the world’s most intense candy cane. HARD SHOT AT CANDYMAN BRAD ARMSTRONG, THE WCW/WWF WAR HEATING UP. Savage says The Ultimate Warrior will be the ULTIMATE TURKEY when he takes his WWF Championship back. Okerlund admonishes Savage for letting “a woman do his dirty work” by having Queen Sherri slapping Warrior during a Brother Love Show segment. Savage says Warrior has not responded to his challenge because he’s too scared and knows he will take the title back. Savage says he’s the greatest superstar to ever step in the squared circle and tells Okerlund not to bet against him. Okerlund has a final question: where does Savage go from here? Savage says that once he proves to everyone who is the best, he may just retire on top.

  • Savage cutting a promo always rules, can’t hate on this. I like the impending build to a Warrior/Savage match, especially since I’ve seen the match that it leads to, but it’s a bummer they didn’t get to do it for the WWF Championship.

The Alliance (Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana, Bushwhacker Luke, Bushwhacker Butch) vs. The Mercenaries (Sgt. Slaughter, Boris Zhukov, Sato, & Tanaka) [w/ General Adnan & Mr. Fuji]

Slaughter returned to the WWF over the summer and in an effort to lean into the current political climate is an Iraqi sympathizer. Oof. Volkoff, on the other hand, saw the “error” of his ways and is now a pro-USA babyface, leading to a split with his Bolsheviks partner Zhukov. Everyone else is along for the ride. Okerlund stops Slaughter’s team during their entrance to get some words, Slaughter says the only flag he salutes is the one of the great Iraqi nation. Slaughter then brags that he and his team got to eat a real Thanksgiving dinner while the TROOPS had to eat rations in the desert. Laid it on pretty thick for the troops watching overseas, jeez. No wonder this guy got death threats, what a stupid f*cking thing WWF did.

Bushwhackers drop Zhukov with a double clothesline, Santana tags in and connects with a Flying Forearm for the 1…2…3. BORIS ZHUKOV HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Sato immediately goes on the attack with a series of kicks. Tanaka accidentally kicks Sato, Bushwhackers hit him with a battering ram for the 1…2…3. SATO HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Tanaka misses a headbutt, Santana tags in and hits a Flying Forearm for the 1…2…3! TANAKA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. 4-on-1 in favor of The Alliance.

Volkoff tags in, Slaughter catches a kick and levels him with a clothesline. Slaughter drops a series of elbows, “USA” chant led by the New Zealand-born Bushwhackers. Volkoff starts fighting back, Slaughter rakes the eyes and sends him in the buckle with a battering ram of his own. Snapmare into an elbowdrop for the 1…2…3. NIKOLAI VOLKOFF HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. 

Butch attacks, staggering Slaughter with forearms. Luke runs in, Bushwhackers with a double slam and clothesline. Luke heads to the top, Slaughter catches him on the way down with a pair of knees that he oversells beautifully. Slaughter follows up with a gutbuster for the 1…2…3. BUSHWHACKER LUKE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Butch works Slaughter over in the corner, Slaughter reverses a corner whip and connects with a clothesline for the 1…2…3. BUSHWHACKER BUTCH HAS BEEN ELIMINATED. Sides are even.

Santana a house of fire, dropkick and backdrop followed by a top rope forearm for the 1…2…Slaughter kicks out. Slaughter blocks a monkey flip, connects with a reverse neckbreaker for the 1…2…Santana kicks out! Oh maaaan Slaughter is blown up, amazing. Slaughter with a backbreaker for the 1…2…Santana kicks out again, Piper owing it to his LATIN TEMPER. Slaughter stops a comeback with an eye rake and follows up with a vertical suplex, which hurts him as well I guess. Santana grabs a headlock, Slaughter throws him into the ref. There’s still an outside ref though. Santana comes off the ropes with a Flying Forearm, Adnan comes in and buries the flag into the spine of Tito. Slaughter locks in the Camel Clutch, ref taps him to get him off. The dazed ref talks to Howard Finkel, who announces that Slaughter has been DQed! SGT. SLAUGHTER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

The Alliance defeated The Mercenaries; Tito Santana is the Sole Survivor (10:55)

  • Monumentally awful, politics-aside. Slaughter was in no shape to carry the bulk of the match by himself and looked winded like three minutes in, and everyone else in the match save for Tito was a low-card geek so there were few to even root for. At least Santana got the win. I can’t believe the WWF wanted to give SGT. SLAUGHTER a main-event run with that gimmick/the shape he was in. Jesus. (1/4*)

-Mooney is in the “locker room” with Ted DiBiase & The Visionaries, who are prepping for the Grand Finale. Rick Martel says there’s no stopping them, DiBiase has given them a lot of “incentive” to survive again (MONEY). DiBiase doesn’t like the other chances, Santana a weak link and Hogan & Warrior still upset with each other after WrestleMania VI. He’s not wrong. Another plug for tomorrow’s Main Event and the Warrior/DiBiase WWF Championship match.


“Mean” Gene Okerlund is posted outside of the giant egg. After some speculation, the egg cracks and out pops A GUY IN A F*CKING TURKEY COSTUME, better known as The Gobbledy Gooker. The crowd is in stunned silence. He tries to interview him, music hits, and the Gooker drags Okerlund to the ring TO DANCE WITH HIM. Comedy ensues, I guess.

  • Some of the bad stuff in pro wrestling ages well and becomes fun to watch later on, but not this. A truly awful segment worthy of all the scorn it’s been given over the years. The WWF was smart to get Okerlund involved as NO ONE ELSE could’ve possibly saved this segment; granted he didn’t save it but not for lack of trying. Just real bad sh*t here. 

-Mooney is with Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, & Tito Santana. Hogan isn’t worried about the odds being stacked against them, Santana says they are here to SURVIVE BABY, Warrior spews his yelly nonsense. Cool of him to touch up his facepaint though.

Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, & Tito Santana vs. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel, The Warlord, Hercules, & Paul Roma [w/ “The Doctor of Style” Slick & Virgil]

Santana catches Warlord off-guard with a Flying Forearm for the 1…2…3! THE WARLORD HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Roma attacks Santana, drills him with a powerslam. DiBiase tags in, vertical suplex for the 1…2…Santana kicks out. Santana with a corner whip and backdrop, DiBiase ducks the Flying Forearm attempt. Santana launches at DiBiase, DiBiase stun guns him for the 1…2…3. TITO SANTANA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hogan attacks DiBiase, sends him into Warrior’s boot. DiBiase catches Hogan with a clothesline and it’s quick tags by the heel team as they work over Hogan’s kidney and spine area. DiBiase tries to finish it off with a kneedrop, Hogan kicks out of the lateral press. DiBiase drops a couple of fists and covers again, Hogan kicks out once more. Power & Glory with the Power Plex for the 1…2…HOGAN KICKS OUT AND POPS UP, clothesline to Roma for the 1…2…3. PAUL ROMA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Martel immediately clobbers Hogan with forearms and rights, Hogan counters a backdrop attempt with a kick and Warrior gets the tag. Rapid-fire kicks in the corner, backdrop coming out. DiBiase and Hercules get clobbered, Martel tries to take advantage of the brief distraction but can’t. Warrior sends him to the canvas face-first, Hogan tags in for the Big Boot and clothesline to the floor. Martel bails from the match and gets counted out. RICK MARTEL HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hogan counters a corner whip and catches DiBiase with a clothesline. DiBiase gets slung out of the corner, Big Boot and Big Legdrop for the 1…2…3. TED DIBIASE HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hercules runs in, Hogan hits a powerslam and tags out to Warrior. Warrior belts Herc with a series of clotheslines, a running shoulderblock, and the Warrior Splash for the 1…2…3. HERCULES HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, & Tito Santana defeated Ted DiBiase, Rick Martel, Warlord, Hercules, & Paul Roma; Hogan & Warrior are the Sole Survivors (9:08)

  • Love the idea of a grand finale, wish WWF tried it again after this one. That being said this was pretty one-sided, the heel team pretty much just feeding Hogan and Warrior to pop the crowd. It was fine. Santana at least got an elimination before he was ceremoniously taken out, though Hogan had to glory hog and help him get it. (**)

Hogan holds the ropes for Warrior, Warrior says NO and holds the ropes for Hogan instead. They raise their hands in victory and that’s the show.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Historically significant for good (debut of The Undertaker) and bad (The Gobbledy Gooker) reasons, but overall the show is okay. There’s stuff to like here and there, Vipers vs. Visionaries was kick ass and Piper being coked out of his mind on commentary ruled, but can’t say it’s worth checking out more than once unless you need some background noise.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: The Vipers vs. The Visionaries
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: The Undertaker debuts and starts a legacy spanning three decades.


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