Tony Schiavone Reportedly Signs with AEW; Will Remain with MLW

Credit – Major League Wrestling

Slapd*ck Nation is about to get bigger and…veinier? A whole lot of media outlets including PW Insider are reporting that Tony Schiavone has signed a deal with All-Elite Wrestling ahead of its debut in October on TNT, the same station Schiavone once sat behind the commentary desk of WCW Monday Nitro. No word on if Schiavone will be doing commentary, the AEW team is always three strong, but if it’s commentary you want it’s also being reported that he will remain with MLW in a color commentary capacity.

As a diehard WCW fan I can’t help but get a little excited when Schiavone shows up somewhere; AEW signing him before their debut on TNT is hilarious to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if he busts out a “greatest night in the history of our sport” for old time’s sake. Oh no now I’m expecting it and will be sad if it doesn’t happen. I have played myself.

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