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[TV Recap] ‘205 Live 9.3.19’ – Dorado/Carrillo, Nese/Kanellis

Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, & Aiden English

This week on 205 Live Lince Dorado takes on Humberto Carrillo with Clash of Champions stakes, Tony Nese takes on Mike Kanellis, and the show opens with…the conclusion of SmackDown Live? Weird.




  • Tony Nese vs. Mike Kanellis (***1/2)
  • Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick vs. Brandon Scott & Tyler Hastings (NR)
  • Lince Dorado vs. Humberto Carrillo (***1/4)


-The fallout of the end of SmackDown Live opens the show for some reason. Tom Phillips recaps Rowan’s attack on Roman Reigns and former friend Daniel Bryan, putting the latter through the announce table. Rowan is the man who spent the week attacking Roman Reigns in various harebrained ways, proving Bryan wrong who thought his friend was innocent. Reigns and Rowan will meet at Clash of Champions. Reigns gets to his feet and looks at Bryan, who is still barely moving, with a confused stare. I think he owes Bryan an apology for real now and HE BETTER GET IT.

-EARLIER TODAY: GM Drake Maverick is joined by Lince Dorado and Humberto Carrillo. They will be main eventing against one another tonight. Maverick has the 24/7 Championship around his waist (he lost it during SmackDown). Dorado is mad because he has yet to receive a Cruiserweight Championship match despite being in 205 Live since the beginning. Maverick says if Dorado can beat Carrillo he will add him to the Cruiserweight Title match at Clash of Champions. Dorado is pumped, Carrillo is a dimple with teeth.

“The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese vs. Mike Kanellis

Nese apparently took offense so some tweets that Kanellis sent, so now we have this match. Maria is pregnant so she’s not by his side. Props to Kanellis for dropping weight to compete on this show, I wish I had the determination to do…anything, really.

Kanellis chops Nese, Nese answers back so Kanellis responds with a headbutt. Nese flips over a charging Kanellis and Matrixes under a clothesline before a combination of strikes for the first two-count of the contest. Kanellis bails to the floor, Nese cartwheels over a trip attempt and nails him with a left hand. Kanellis drives Nese into the barricade followed by a DDT on the metal part of the entrance ramp. DANG. Nese beats the count, Kanellis immediately plants him with a sit-out Death Valley Driver for the 1…2…kickout. Oh hey Maria Kanellis is actually here, she’s just watching from the back at a weird angle for camera reasons. Nese fights out of a chinlock and trips Kanellis after sliding to the floor. Nese lands on his feet during a springboard Moonsault attempt and charges, Kanellis sends him returning to the floor with a backdrop. Kanellis hangs Nese across the barricade and connects with a one-foot dropkick from the apron. Eyyy that’s new for him, cool. Kanellis rolls Nese in for the 1…2…Nese kicks out. Kanellis hammer throws Nese into the corner and picks him up in a fireman’s carry position; he takes too long to do anything, however, and Nese manages to counter with a release German suplex into the buckles. Who needs a spine anyway?

Nese goes a comeback string of strikes, Kanellis sends him to the apron. Nese kicks Kanellis and follows up with the springboard moonsault for the 1…2…Kanellis kicks out. Nese catches a kick, Kanellis blocks the German suplex so Nese rolls him up with an O’Connor for the 1…2…Kanellis kicks out. Nese with an inside cradle for the 1…2…Kanellis kicks out and plants him with a spinebuster for the 1…2…Nese kicks out! Nese fights out of a backpack driver but runs into a kick, Kanellis climbs the buckles and Nese stuns him with a European uppercut followed by a hurricanrana for the 1…2…Kanellis kicks out. Kanellis escapes a pumphandle and connects with a lariat, both men are loopy. Kanellis tells Nese to hit him, Nese drills him with a left hook and Kanellis responds with a big boot. Nese with a forearm, Kanellis sent to the apron. Kanellis blocks a kick but gets tripped and sent to the floor, Nese follows up with a twisting tope con hilo. Nese rolls Kanellis in and connects with the 450 Splash for the 1…2…KANELLIS KICKS OUT AND NESE CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Maria is all smiles backstage. “THIS IS AWESOME” chant from the crowd. FOR A MIKE KANELLIS MATCH. Norfolk rules. Nese counters a kick with a right hand and rolls through a sunset flip for a spin kick. Kanellis with a superkick and a twisting inverted neckbreaker for the 1…2…3! MIKE WINS!

Mike Kanellis defeated Tony Nese via pinfall (11:31)

  • Nese and Kanellis got the Norfolk crowd to chant “THIS IS AWESOME” and that in and of itself was a tremendous feat. I like this match a lot, great back and forth, each man having an answer for the other until the finish. Helluva fight from Kanellis and helluva job by commentary, McGuinness in particular who treated this like Kanellis had won the World Title. The frustration for Nese keeps building, interested to see where it goes. (***1/2)

Ariya Daivari interrupts Lince Dorado’s warm-up. Daivari wishes him good luck and wants a thank you. Dorado asks what for, Daivari says if it wasn’t for him taking out Gran Metalik and Kalisto then Dorado wouldn’t have this opportunity. Dorado rips on Daivari, calling him a “leech” and saying that after the match he’s going to apologize to his Lucha House Party hermanos for letting said leech get into his head over the past few weeks. Aw man no heel kitty after all? Boooo.

The Singh Brothers are at the “Bollywood Actor’s Studio”. They throw shade at Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick, saying they can’t even dance, and will reintroduce them to the lights, camera, and BOLLYWOOD action. That was bad. This is a bad gimmick. Knock it off, 205 Live.

Akira Tozawa & “The” Brian Kendrick vs. Brandon Scott & Tyler Hastings

I think Hastings is the same guy who got bodied by The Viking Experience on RAW, glad to see him get some more work. Tozawa and Kendrick show off their tandem offense and other team-like team things. Team team team team. Hastings tags in and the crowd POPS, must be a big deal on the Virginia indie scene. Scott and Hastings get brief offense on Kendrick, but he and Tozawa quickly regain control and win with a Flatliner/running kick combo.

Akira Tozawa & Brian Kendrick defeated Brandon Scott & Tyler Hastings via pinfall (2:41)

  • Fun squash to establish Tozawa and Kendrick’s tag team prowess. I want to see more of Scott and Hastings though, crowd loved them so they gotta be doing cool stuff that I just have never checked out. (NR)

Kendrick grabs a mic after the match. He’s not surprised that Jack Gallagher no-showed once again, but he’s talked to Maverick and next week at MSG Gallagher will team with whoever he chooses to take on Kendrick & Tozawa…if he’s up to the challenge.

-One of the interview ladies tries to get words from Oney Lorcan but they’re interrupted by a frustrated Tony Nese throwing stuff around. Lorcan tries to calm him down, Nese beats him up until a pair of officials break it up. Well okay then.

Lince Dorado vs. Humberto Carrillo

As stated at the beginning of the show, if Dorado can beat Carrillo he will get added to the Cruiserweight Championship match at Clash of Champions. Probably shouldn’t have insulted Ariya Daivari before the match though, he pretty much begged Daivari to cost him the match. Dorado and Carrillo have had their issues over the weeks as well so this has some extra oomph to it.

Dorado with a flashy snapmare and a flip-up to send a message to Carrillo. “LU-CHA” chants from the crowd. Carrillo with a flip into a toehold, transitioning into a bow and arrow but Dorado counters into a lateral press for a one-count. More flippy-dos from both men until Dorado connects with an armdrag. Carillo with a sunset flip, Dorado counters into a cover but Carrillo bridges out. Dorado ducks a clothesline, Carrillo flips through a rana and they reset once more. Dorado and Carrillo LIGHT EACH OTHER UP with chops, Carrillo does a backflip for no reason followed by a springboard armdrag. Carrillo sent to the apron, Carrillo flips back in with another armdrag followed by a hurricanrana. Dorado rolls to the apron, Carrillo belts him with forearms and slides to the floor. Dorado takes flight with a tope suicida into a tornado DDT ON THE COLD HARD…PROTECTIVE MATS. Dorado rolls Carrillo in and straight up falls on him for a two-count. Dorado with a standing moonsault for another two-count, and switches things up to a chinlock to wear his opponent down. Dorado counters a backdrop attempt with a kick and follows up with a spinning heel kick. Dorado with a high-elevation splash from the top rope for the 1…2…Carrillo kicks out.

Dorado with another chinlock, this time in a camel clutch position. Dorado seats Carrillo on the buckles, Carrillo blocks a Superplex by grabbing the top rope. Dorado flips off and charges in but eats a kick and Carrillo follows up with a missile dropkick but is too hurt to make the cover. Carrillo with a string of offense, including a rolling moonsault for the 1…2…Dorado kicks out. Carrillo landed with his feet in the ropes, that must’ve hurt. Carrillo with a back handspring Japanese armdrag, Dorado rolls to the floor and Carillo connects with a tope con…moonsault? I don’t know what the name is. “205” chant from the Norfolk crowd, who continue to ROCK. Back in the ring Carrillo hits another moonsault, this time from the top, for the 1…2…Dorado kicks out. Dorado flips out of a suplex attempt, and connects with a rolling kick. Dorado with a poison rana that only sort-of connects for the 1…2…Carrillo kicks out again. Dorado with a series of chops, Carrillo with a straitjacket sit-out power bomb (!!!) for the 1…2…DORADO KICKS OUT and Carrillo can’t believe it. Jeeeeesus Carrillo’s chest looks rough. Dorado wins the forearm shootout, changing it up to chops. Carrillo fights back with chops of his own and a series of hard strikes. Carrillo with a spin kick that hits nothing but hand but Dorado sells it anyway (good man). Dorado hits a gutbuster and heads to the top, connecting a Shooting Star Press RIGHT TO THE FACE but Dorado bounces off and Carrillo rolls to the floor to prevent the cover. Back in the ring Carrillo counters a suplex with an inside cradle for the 1…2…Dorado kicks out, connects with a hurricanrana into a roll-up for the 1…2…3! DORADO DID IT!

Lince Dorado defeated Humberto Carrillo via pinfall (13:50)

  • Dorado and Carrillo LIT EACH OTHER UP in this one; they had me wincing with every chop they threw at each other. A damn good match hindered by some odd-looking bumps and “glancing blows” but I enjoyed it overall. Dorado gets his first championship opportunity in two weeks, which is crazy to think about given the time he has put into 205 Live. I expected Daivari to cost him the match or something, but he didn’t which is surprising but welcomed. I wonder if making it a triple threat is a way to get the title off Gulak without having him take the pin. (***1/4)

Dorado’s celebration is cut short by an attacking Drew Gulak, the Cruiserweight Title around his waist. Gulak beats down Dorado, Carrillo walks over to help but gets bodied by a charging Tony Nese. Nese and Gulak nod at one another and roll Dorado and Carrillo into the ring to keep the beatdown going. Gulak prepares Dorado and Nese connects with the RUNNING NESE. Carrillo tries to attack but THE DAMNED NUMBERS GAME AND ALL happens and Gulak connects with an inverted F-5. Gulak poses with the Cruiserweight Title and Nese, they are now friends again because hey why not. Wonder why Ariya Daivari didn’t also come out to pick the bones of Dorado.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Two very good matches and a hot crowd for once made this a worthwhile 205 Live. Mike Kanellis finally gets a win and did so with arguably his best showing since joining the brand, and Lince Dorado went to war with Humberto Carrillo to finally get a title opportunity. Tony Nese turning heel again and helping former enemy (and also former friend, but friend again) Drew Gulak beat up his Clash of Champions opponents was a good way to end the show, and I’m excited for Oney Lorcan to try and tear Nese in half with his bare hands. Please don’t cancel this when SmackDown moves to Fridays, WWE.


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