[TV Recap] ‘#MLWFusion 97’ – All Dynasty All The Time, 2 Title Matches

YOUTUBE PREMIERE: February 15, 2020
COMMENTATORS: Rich Bocchini & AJ Kirsch

Thanks to the machinations of a certain wrestler’s lawyer/father, this week’s Fusion is produced by The Dynasty and features all members of the group in action including two title matches. 


  • MLW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu
  • MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Von Erich Brothers (Ross & Marshall Von Erich)


  • Septimo Dragon vs. Gino Medina
  • Alexander Hammerstone [c] vs. Aerostar for the MLW NATIONAL OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP
  • The Von Erich Brothers [c] vs. The Dynasty for the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP


-The normal Fusion intro is replaced by one more Dynastic, as The Dynasty take center stage in all the clips. I wish I had a lawyer/father to get me control of a rasslin’ show.

-Bocchini reluctantly reads some copy written by a Most Marketable man, putting over The Dynasty while clowning their various opponents tonight.

-LAST WEEK: Mance Warner thinks The Dynasty are assholes. He has been BANNED from this week’s show for obvious reasons…but they misspelled “premises”. Nice touch, to be honest.

-LAST MONTH: Gino Medina joins The Dynasty, turning his back on Konnan.

-TWO WEEKS AGO: Aerowolf attacked by CONTRA Unit, future career is now up in the air. 

Septimo Dragon [w/ Konnan] vs. “El Intocable” Gino Medina

The tale of the tape naturally puts Medina over while making fun of Dragon, calling him “malnourished”. This episode already rules. Richard Holliday, in his ring gear already ready for tonight’s main event, joins Bocchini & Kirsch on commentary. Dragon’s graphic helpfully points out that he’s not a really a dragon. Glad somebody finally said it.

Fast-paced start, Dragon connects with a springboard moonsault to Medina on the floor followed by a tope suicida. Dragon backflips over Medina, Medina does the same, lots of reversals and flips and we end in a stalemate. Hot damn. Medina gives Dragon a round of applause and asks for a handshake, Dragon gives him a rana instead. Dragon handstands into a headscissors, Medina finally counters a tilt-a-whirl something or another by throwing him to the mat. Medina slows things down with a rear chinlock, Dragon bridging up to avoid getting pinned. Medina stomps Dragon’s left hand and lights him up with an open hand slap to the chest. Dragon catches a charging Medina with a boot and connects with a springboard armdrag. Medina belts Dragon with a spinning kick out of nowhere for the 1…2…Dragon kicks out, Medina rolls out to jaw jack with Konnan, allowing Dragon to catch him off-guard with another springboard moonsault. Back in the ring Dragon kicks Medina, flips over him and hits a standing Spanish Fly for the 1…2…Medina kicks out. Dragon with a slingshot DDT for the 1…2…Medina gets the shoulder up. Medina dodges the flying double stomp and sends Dragon into the buckle off a fireman’s carry and rolls him up, foot on the rope, for the 1…2…3!

Gino Medina defeated Septimo Dragon via pinfall (6:49)

  • Fun lucha things in this one. This is the first Medina match in MLW against someone more his size and speed and I enjoyed the heck out of it and now sorta get why he got touted as a big free agent when he joined the company. Props to Holliday as well who was GREAT on commentary. 

Holliday leaves the table and joins Medina in a 2-on-1 beatdown of Dragon. Medina rips Dragon’s mask off, Konnan fends off the duo with a SLAPJACK. 

-SELFIE PROMO: Mance Warner says he ain’t gone and you’ll see him again. Announcers say he’s been banned from the arena this week for “dress code” reasons.

-COMING SOON: Erick Stevens returns to MLW next week. I hope his wrestling is better than his tweeting.

Konnan sits in on commentary for the next match to tout the partnership between MLW and AAA.

Alexander Hammerstone [c] vs. Aerostar for the MLW NATIONAL OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Hammerstone goozles Aerostar and immediately drives him into the corner to show off them meat muscles. Aerostar responds using speed, connecting with a dropkick followed by a springboard stage dive. Hammerstone charges, Aerostar sends him out to the floor and we go to commercial? I forgot this airs on TV.

During the break Hammerstone took control and hit a Spinal Countdown among other moves. Back live Aerostar stuns Hammerstone and connects with a barrel roll splash for the 1…2…Hammerstone kicks out. Konnan corrects the announce team, saying the move is called a “torneo”. Aerostar counters a suplex with an inside cradle for the 1…2…not yet. Ace Crusher from the challenger, Hammerstone kicks out once more. Aerostar to the top, Hammerstone crotches him and connects with a series of rights followed by a stalling superplex (YES) for the 1…2…Aerostar kicks out and the Openweight Champ is FURIOUS. Bicycle kick into a release German suplex, Aerostar counters a power bomb with a sunset bomb for the 1…2…Hammerstone kicks out. Hammerstone rips Aerostar’s mask off, Aerostar covers his face and gets rolled up for the 1…2…3!

Alexander Hammerstone [c] defeated Aerostar via pinfall to retain the MLW NATIONAL OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (4:30 or so)

  • Honestly I don’t know why people don’t try to pull the masks off of luchadors more often, such a smart and easy way to sneak out a victory. Short match with the bulk of the good stuff apparently happening during the break which is disappointing but I liked what I saw. Aerostar is cool, Hammerstone is OBVIOUSLY a future MLW World Champion (this better be how 2020 ends…if pro wrestling ever gets to return from the pandemic) and rocked as usual.

An angry Konnan confronts Hammerstone from ringside, Hammerstone’s defense is he won and is still the champion. I mean that’s a pretty good counter argument. Hammerstone holds up the title AND Aerostar’s mask. 

-VIDEO: Parody of Dallas’ old opening credits with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Dominic Garrini wishing “good luck” to The Von Erichs tonight while standing on the dirty vacant lot where The Sportatorium once stood. Garrini interrupts so they can pee on the Sportatorium lot.

-OUTSIDE: Mance Warner has some light beers in him and vows to get inside to piss on The Dynasty’s party.

-VIDEO: Killer Kross coming soon.

-LAST WEEK: CONTRA’s Sentai Death Squad attacks Brian Pillman Jr. backstage, then later attack Smith and The Von Erichs while Pillman challenged for the World Title.

-CONTRA VIDEO: Jacob Fatu vows to go on a global rampage. Fatu will defend the World Title against CIMA on the 100th episode of Fusion in a few weeks.

Alicia Atout is backstage with The Von Erich Brothers and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith’s grandfather trained The Von Erichs’ grandfather (Stu Hart -> Fritz Von Erich). Smith has the Von Erichs’ back tonight, and will be keeping an eye out for Tom Lawlor.

-OUTSIDE: Mance Warner tries to enter the arena but is stopped by a security guy on Dynasty’s order. Warner hands the security guard a (light) beer. They toast and take a couple swigs. Warner lets the security guy have another beer and befriends him, security guy lets him in after all because MJF’s an asshole.

-VIDEO: LA Park returns soon.

-VIDEO: Dynasty-produced video of The Dynasty running roughshod over MLW set to dramatic opera music. You know the song. I think it’s in Carmen

-NEXT WEEK: King Mo will be in action, Erick Stevens debuts against Douglas James, and Ross Von Erich will take on “Filthy” Tom Lawlor for the honor of his family.

MJF and Richard Holliday make their way out…and immediately leave the entrance area. The Von Erich Brothers make their entrance, a couple ladies give them flowers and SHOCK AND AWE they get attacked by The Dynasty.

The Von Erich Brothers (Ross & Marshall Von Erich) [c] vs. The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday) for the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP

MJF and Holliday slap The Von Erichs around with the flowers, MJF tells Kirsch to keep an eye on his scarf. Ross and Marshall get thrown into the guardrail, Holliday plants Marshall on the apron with a belly-to-back suplex. Dynasty roll Ross into the ring and continue working him over, things finally settling into an actual tag team match. MJF taunts Marshall into the ring for more cheap shots and a phantom tag. MJF jaw jacks at Ross, slapping him repeatedly and posing for the crowd. Ross stuns MJF with a jawbreaker, Holliday pulls Marshall off the apron before a tag can be made. Dynasty strut, shimmy, and connect with a double elbow, Holliday covering for the 1…2…Ross kicks out. Ross flips out of a suplex and catches Holliday with a kick, Holliday muscles him into the Dynasty’s corner to prevent the tag once more, MJF tagging in and connecting with rights as he’s trapped. MJF with a lackluster lateral press, Ross unsurprisingly kicks out. MJF steps on Ross’ wrist and tags Holliday in to continue the offense. Holliday stares a hole into Marshall as he steps on Ross, which RULES. Vertical suplex, another stare at Marshall and a lazy cover for the 1…2…Ross kicks out. MJF stomps the ankle, applies a rear chinlock.

Holliday tags in, MJF calls for a double suplex. Ross counters said double suplex with a double neckbreaker. Marshall finally gets the hot tag and goes hog wild on The Dynasty, tossing MJF to the floor and connecting with a corner lariat on Holliday. Holliday drops down, Marshall with a cannonball and a scoop slam, followed by a standing moonsault for the 1…2…kickout. Ross with a pump knee to Holliday, Marshall covers for the 1…2…Holliday gets a shoulder up. MJF runs in, sent back to the floor with a double dropkick, Ross following up with a plancha off his brother’s back. Marshall seats Holliday on the top turnbuckle, Holliday fights out of the superplex attempt and hits an AVALANCHE MARKET CRASH, MJF follows up with a Superfly Splash and they both cover Marshall for the 1…2…Ross breaks it up right in the nick of time. Alexander Hammerstone walks out, Mance Warner drops him with a chair to the skull, Gino Medina runs out and they battle to the back. Von Erichs with a double dropkick to Holliday to send him to the floor, Marshall measures a nervous MJF. MJF tries to get a handshake, Marshall gives him the Claw instead, Ross with a belly-to-back suplex assist and Marshall keeps the Claw and covers for the 1…2…3.

The Von Erich Brothers [c] defeated The Dynasty via pinfall to retain the MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (12:38)

  • MJF continues doing the honors as his exit from MLW draws near, gotta respect it. Solid tag team match, I appreciate The Dynasty losing in the main event of their specially produced episode. Went a little longer than I thought was necessary though and it was real jarring to hear the crowd cheering but seeing a sea of people sitting on their hands camera-side. I don’t think it was crowd sweetening, I think it was just bad luck on MLW’s part. Von Erichs pick up the win in their home state and put a nail in the coffin with their Dynasty feud; next up is Team Filthy. As for The Dynasty, looks like Ol’ Mancer about to piss on their parade and I’m psyched. Also I thought DBS Jr. had The Von Erichs’ back tonight? Where was he?

Von Erichs celebrate as the episode concludes.


FINAL THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed this episode of Fusion; all the little touches to make this feel Dynasty produced were great, from the mocking of the opponents in the “Tale of the Tape” to forcing Bocchini and Kirsch to read their copy. All three matches were worth checking out, main event ran a little longer than I think it needed to but had its moments and I like the show ending with The Dynasty LOSING after going to so much trouble to make this week all about them. 


  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Septimo Dragon vs. Gino Medina
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Mancer charms his way into the arena with the power of light beers, a white man’s ultimate weakness.