[TV Recap] ‘#MLWFusion 99’ – Los Parks vs. CONTRA, Six-Man Tag Team Opener

YOUTUBE AIRDATE: February 29, 2020
COMMENTATORS: Rich Bocchini & AJ Kirsch

Fusion moves from DFW Texas to the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia and features the return of LA Park as he teams with his son Hijo del LA Park to take on CONTRA Unit in a Lumberjack match.


  • MLW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu
  • MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Von Erich Brothers (Ross & Marshall Von Erich)


  • Mance Warner, Savio Vega, & Logan Creed vs. The Dynasty
  • Laredo Kid & Zenshi vs. Injustice




-CONTRA UNIT: Josef Samael talks up The Sentai Death Squad, trained by Ikuro Kwon (oh that’s where he went). Samael turns his attention to Los Parks; tonight they finish what Los Parks started last fall. HAIL CONTRA.


AJ Kirsch tries to call out his scheduled guest Mance Warner but instead out come The Dynasty (Richard Holliday, Alexander Hammerstone, & Gino Medina). Holliday has the Caribbean Championship belt he stole from Savio Vega around his waist. Holliday snatches the mic and tells the consumers to settle down, and tells Kirsch he made one mistake: the consumers don’t want to be entertained, they need to be educated, so this is becoming an impromptu episode of “Rich Talk”. Holliday says the first rule of Rich Talk: when the Dynasty is in the building they’re breathing rarified air, and hands it off to Hammerstone.

Hammerstone says is unfortunate that all he sees is a sea of obesity, full of people who didn’t even get a proper tan. There are no women in the building who will get the privilege of climbing the peaks of “Muscle Mountain” (cue unimpressed woman in the audience). Hammerstone tells Medina he did something dynastic by embarrassing the “legendary” Konnan. Medina takes the mic but before he can talk out comes Konnan himself. Konnan says there’s one thing that still holds true: the best [BLEEP]ing fans are in Philadelphia. Holliday says this is an official episode of Rich Talk but Konnan is not his guest. Konnan calls it “Dick Talk”. Sigh. Hammerstone brings a chair in, Konnan pulls out a slapjack, and tells Medina that Los Gringos Locos (a legendary AAA group Medina’s father was part of) would not be proud of what he did to him weeks ago in NYC. 

Holliday tells Konnan he’s at a significant disadvantage and The Dynasty circle Konnan, out come Mance Warner, Savio Vega, and Logan Creed to Konnan’s defense. Warner says no one paid money to hear The Dynasty talk “ALL DIS BOWSHIT” and if they’re going to step to K-Dawg then they’ve got a real problem. Warner challenges them to a six-man tag team match. Holliday says no, and The Dynasty start leaving. Warner stops Hammerstone and asks him if he’s going to be a punk ass bitch like his friends. Hammerstone attacks and the rest of the group run back in as a bell rings. Guess we’re doing this!

Mance Warner, Savio Vega, & Logan Creed vs. The Dynasty (Richard Holliday, Alexander Hammerstone, & Gino Medina)

Chaos ensues as Konnan joins the commentary team. Holliday and Creed remain in the ring, Creed squashing him in the corner with a Stinger Splash. Creed goozles Holliday, Holliday kicks him down to one knee and connects with rights, while Vega handles Medina on the floor. Creed dumps Holliday out, Hammerstone connects with a bicycle kick but Creed doesn’t even budge. Medina attacks from behind, 2-on-1 on Creed, but Creed fights them off with ease. Holliday runs in and things get Dynastic with stomps in the corner. Konnan is BARELY audible on commentary but I can’t make out much of what he says, only that he’s talking. 

Things settle down as The Dynasty work on wearing Creed down, Holliday connecting with a neckbreaker but Creed kicks out before the ref can even slap the mat. Hammerstone connects with a release German, Creed pops right back and connects with a lariat. Vega gets the tag and goes full KWANG on Holliday. Medina and Hammerstone break up a lateral press, Creed goozles them both and hits a double chokeslam. Warner with forearms/chops to Hammerstone in the corner, Hammerstone sends him into the ring post. Creed looks around then hits a tope suicida on both Hammerstone and Medina, Warner getting out of the way just in time. With the ref distracted with all the carnage Holliday uses this to his advantage and clobbers Vega with the Caribbean Championship, covering for the 1…2…3.

The Dynasty defeated Mance Warner, Savio Vega, & Logan Creed via pinfall (6:00)

  • Fun start to the show after an opening segment that was losing steam once Konnan came out to make his shitty dated jokes. I could watch Ol’ Mancer do his thing all day but once again it was Logan Creed who came out of this one with the shine. Dude has had a helluva two weeks on the show, instantly shot to near the top of my list of favorite MLW fighters. 

-The Dynasty’s celebration is interrupted by Konnan, who knocks Medina out with his slapjack. Rest of Dynasty bail, Warner and company have a mini (light) beer bash then leave Konnan to awkwardly stand out there until Injustice (Myron Reed, Kotto Brazil, & Jordan Oliver) make their way out as we go to commercial.

-Back from the break and Oliver sarcastically congrats Konnan on his 25 years in the business (it’s way more than that) and that he’s almost older than the building they’re in. Oliver tells Konnan to get out of the ring or he’s going to have to smack him in his old-ass face. Konnan tells Oliver he sounds like he hasn’t reached puberty and says they have a problem; if they fought they’d go prison and Konnan would sell him for food or something (UGHHHHH). Out comes “The Rogue Prince” Brian Pillman Jr. with a chair, chasing Injustice out of the ring. Konnan bails from the ring, Pillman sits with Bocchini and Kirsch for the next match. Apparently Injustice are wrestling next.

Laredo Kid & Zenshi vs. Injustice (Kotto Brazil & Jordan Oliver) [w/ Myron Reed]

Kid monkey flips Oliver to the floor, Zenshi hits an apron 619 and a whole lot of flippy flips ensue after. Kid drills Brazil with a Michinoku Driver, Zenshi follows up with a splash, and Kid covers for a two-count. Brazil drives Kid into the corner and clears Zenshi off the apron, Injustice pulls Kid jewels-first into the ring post. Oliver connects with a urinage followed by a legdrop, Kid kicks out of the lateral press at two. Oliver rolls Kid over to his corner, Brazil tags in and connects with a knee strike. Brazil keeps Kid in the place, Oliver connects with a flying stomp to the back of the head and clears Zenshi back off the apron, clutching his taped up shoulder (courtesy of Dominic Garrini a couple weeks back). Kid blocks a suplex attempt, Kid drills Oliver with a palm strike. Zenshi tags in and does a bunch of unnecessary flips before kicking Brazil off the apron. Standing shooting star to Oliver for the 1…2…Brazil breaks it up. Brazil clears Kid with a springboard flying forearm, then hits a sunset bomb on Zenshi for the 1…2…Kid breaks it up. Zenshi with a tornado DDT, Kid with a flipping DDT, Oliver rolls out of the ring. Brazil shoves Kid out, Brazil hits him with a baseball slide while he’s distracted with Reed. Zenshi connects with a double kick to Injustice and kips up, Injustice connect with a slingshot cutter/crucifix bomb for the 1…2…3.

Injustice defeated Laredo Kid & Zenshi via pinfall (6:42)

  • Some cool spots here, probably the best I’ve seen Zenshi although his unnecessary flips still drive me a little insane. The double split kick to Oliver and Brazil was killer though. I’m sure some storybuilding stuff was happening on commentary but it was drowned out by the action, at least on my TV, so it all faded into the background for me and I heard next to nothing.

Injustice jaw jack at Pillman, Reed staring him down. Suddenly in flies Laredo Kid with a splash from the top, flattening Brazil and Oliver. Reed runs into the ring, Kid decks him and connects with a Death Valley Driver. Kid “covers” him with his knee while holding the World Middleweight Championship. 

-LAST WEEK: Team Filthy (including new member Erick Stevens) almost cause a riot in DFW after attacking The Von Erich Brothers.

-EARLIER TODAY: Alicia Atout interviews Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini, & Erick Stevens). Lawlor asks what kind of subhumans live in Texas if they’re obsessed with a STATE flag. As someone who lives in Texas I am…absolutely not offended because there a lot of sh*tty people here. Stevens says he doesn’t like Texas, Texas toast, Walker Texas Ranger, or the Von Erichs. They bring up the Von Erichs representing Hawaii instead of Texas, which is a good point actually. Why are they Texas’ Favorite Sons when they don’t even live there? Atout asks if Stevens is part of Team Filthy, Lawlor says he’s a mercenary but they have formed a bond due to their mutual hatred of the Von Erichs.

-VIDEO: Jacob Fatu says it’s going to be Day of the Dead on LA Park’s ass. LA Park vows to make CONTRA pay for what they did to his son. Clips of Fatu’s win over LA Park at Saturday Night SuperFight last year.

Killer Kross hype.

-VIDEO: MLW’s upcoming tour dates. These just make me sad now.

-VIDEO: Injustice talk about what just happened moments ago. Myron Reed asks why Brian Pillman Jr. keeps sticking his nose in their business, he can’t make weight because he’s too fat, and tells him to stop worrying about them. Kotto Brazil says that white boy is crazy but they have a crazy white boy too. 

-NEXT WEEK: Brian Pillman Jr. will take on Jimmy Havoc.

-VIDEO: Priscilla Kelly says Brian Pillman Jr. is a man who puts his body on the line every night, Jimmy Havoc says he’s not the only one. Havoc vows to give Pillman a lethal dose of acid rain.

-Alicia Atout is standing by with The Von Erich Brothers (Ross & Marshall Von Erich). There’s a reckoning coming for Team Filthy.

-Lumberjacks make their way to the ring for the main event.

-INTIMIDATION GAMES 2020 CONTROL CENTER: Scheduled to take place on April 18th, but we know that doesn’t happen. Los Parks and The Von Erich Brothers will be in action, AAA star Pagano scheduled to make his MLW debut. 

-EARLIER TONIGHT: King Mo says he has no heat with Low-Ki. F*CK HIM.

Los Parks (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park) vs. CONTRA Unit (Josef Samael & Simon Gotch)

This is Los Parks’ first tag team match together in MLW since July 2019 and LA Park’s first MLW appearance since losing his World Title bid in November at Saturday Night SuperFight

CONTRA attacks Los Parks during their chair pose, the jerks. Samael and Gotch grab the chairs and crack them over their backs, Samael stomping Park’s head into the steel after. Gotch drops Hijo with a forearm and CONTRA work over the elder skeleton (I love pro wrestling for letting me say cool sh*t like this). Park ducks a clothesline, Los Parks with double dropkicks, CONTRA roll to the floor and get thrown back in by The Von Erichs, Logan Creed, and others. Park and Samael go down, leaving Hijo and Gotch standing to trade forearms. Hijo hits a rana as this FINALLY turns into a regular tag team match. Hijo superkicks Samael and hits Gotch with a crossbody. Hijo trips Gotch, running corner double knees into a lateral press for a two-count. Bocchini and Kirsch are surprised both teams actually decided to treat this like a regular tag team match. Honestly same.

Ref gets distracted with Park, Samael stabs Hijo with a railroad spike to give CONTRA control. Samael phantom tags in for a clothesline, mocking Park as he stomps his son. Gotch tags in, elbow strikes and a toss to the floor. He’s rolled back in but Injustice and other heels get in the face of the babyface lumberjacks, tempers flaring. Do your jobs, nerds. Hijo connects with a backstabber, Samael tags in but so does Park who takes it to both CONTRA members. Samael pulls the spike back out, Park spears him into the corner, his head bouncing off the top buckle. Hijo grabs the spike and drives it RIGHT into Samael’s face behind the ref’s back, following up with a moonsault to Gotch and some lumberjacks on the floor. Park hits Samael with a corkscrew splash and covers for the 1…2…3.

Los Parks defeated CONTRA Unit via pinfall (9:03)

  • Like the MLW commentators apparently I was expecting a wild brawl for the duration of this contest but instead it turned into a relatively orderly tag team match like three minutes in. Fair enough. Parks getting a revenge win on the lesser CONTRA members was cool, especially the fact they used the spike against them, but as much as I love the legacy of LA Park that dude is slower than molasses and it’s sometimes hard to get through a match he’s in now. Congrats to Gotch for finally not having to take a pinfall/submission loss himself though.

Los Parks celebrate their win as we get more hype for Fatu/CIMA and next week’s 100th episode.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Decent episode of Fusion but I found the sound mixing really distracting; I felt like I could barely hear the commentators through the whole thing. The matches were okay, nothing really memorable, and as much as I’m not a huge fan of LA Park wrestling in 2020 it is nice to have him back at least for the pops.