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[TV Recap] ‘NWA Powerrr’ 10.22.19 – Drake & Storm vs. The Dawsons, Jocephus “Apologizes”, Will Kamille Speak?

COMMENTATORS: Joe Galli & Jim Cornette

This week on NWA Powerr Tim Storm tries to find his place in a post-World Title world as he teams with Eli Drake to take on The Dawsons in the main event. Also on the show Eddie Kingston has some heated words for The Dawsons, Aron Stevens shows off a clip from his very real movie that exists, and we get another whacked out fake commercial.


  • NWA WORLD’S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The National Treasure” Nick Aldis
  • NWA NATIONAL CHAMPION: “The Cowboy” James Storm
  • NWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Wild Cards (Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs)


  • Marti Belle vs. Crystal Rose (NR)
  • Caleb Konley vs. Dan Parker (**1/4)
  • Eli Drake & Tim Storm vs. The Dawsons (**)


-RECAP: Nick Aldis beats Tim Storm for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship, Joe Galli tries to get Kamille to talk but she doesn’t.

Joe Galli says his job is to ask the tough questions, but due to the “controversial” nature of his last two interviews with Nick Aldis his next interview with the champ will only concern his next challenger for the title.

-Galli and Cornette are interrupted by Eddie Kingston during their opening spiel. Cornette grabs a house mic for an impromptu interview. Kingston says the NWA has not taken their Tag Team Title shots away due to the interference by The Dawsons last week, which is great, but now they want to fight The Dawsons and get revenge. Lots of bleeped words, Kingston vows he and Homicide will bust The Dawsons wide open before they challenge for the titles once again. Kingston all he and Homicide have is pro wrestling and care about nothing else, and tells The Dawsons to imagine what they’ll do if they don’t even care about themselves. That rocked. Great f*cking promo.

Marti Belle vs. Crystal Rose

Rose escapes a waistlock with a back elbow, Belle counters Rose in the corner with a big boot followed by a headscissors takeover. Belle splashes Rose in the corner but misses a follow-up and Rose goes a stompin’, including double knees to the face. Cornette says The Dawsons will be out after this match to respond to Kingston’s challenge/threats. Belle escapes a fireman’s carry and belts Rose with a pair of clotheslines and a rolling forearm. Belle trips Rose up in the corner and connects with a hip splash into a sit-out Pedigree for the 1…2…3.

Marti Belle defeated Crystal Rose via pinfall (2:23)

  • Solid match, more competitive than the match time suggests. Crystal Rose’s grunge aesthetic is very much my thing, and Belle looked great in victory. Haven’t seen her since TNA and even then I barely remember it. (NR)

Dave Marquez welcomes The Dawsons (Zane & Dave) to the interview area. “DAWSONS REEK” chant from the studio audience. So lame but I love it. Clips of their attack on Outlaw Inc. from last week. Dave says it’s time for the Dawsons to throw their weight around, Zane says they’ll fight any single guy in the locker room…EXCEPT Homicide and Kingston. Rude.

NWA Into the Fire, live on PPV on December 14th. Can’t wait.

-VIGNETTE: Thunder Rosa is coming. Tribal drums and quick cuts and now I’m dizzy.

-Joe Galli is set to interview Tim Storm but out comes Aron Stevens instead, wearing a pirate costume. Did he just get off his shift or something? Stevens whispers to Galli to remind the folks that the eye contact rule is still in effect. “CAPTAIN MORGAN” chant from the crowd so Stevens does the pose. HA. Stevens is here to promote his newest project, Tropical Pirates, available on DVD, Blu-ray, and (in Romania-only) VHS. Stevens segues into a clip from Tropical Pirates, which is as low-rent and cheesy as expected. Back live Stevens says that when it comes to acting he has more chops than Ric Flair. HA.

-NWA DEAL OF THE WEEK: NWA 70th Anniversary DVD is only 16.99!

-TWO WEEKS AGO: Nick Aldis pins Tim Storm, Storm can never challenge for the World’s Heavyweight Championship ever again.

Caleb Konley vs. “The D-Man” Dan Parker

Parker talks trash about being from Canada, Konley shoves him and goes to work all wrestling-like with side headlock takedowns and half-nelsons. Parker sends Konley down, Konley kips right back up and belts him with a left hand. Konley sent to apron, re-enters with a headscissors takedown. Leg trip, cannonball splash for a one-count. Parker sends Konley crashing across the top rope and lays in some “Muay Tai” knees. Commentary is WAY QUIETER than the crowd noise, which is a little annoying. I hope they mix that better in the future. Parker with a rope-assisted abdominal stretch, Konley escapes with a hip toss and goes on a comeback streak, concluding with a springboard moonsault for the pin.

Caleb Konley defeated Dan Parker via pinfall (3:20)

  • Phew I’m glad Konley isn’t going to be just an enhancement guy, that would have been a waste of talent. Good little match here, I appreciate Dan Parker’s “I’m Canadian and better than you” thing. He got to show off some personality and a little offense before taking the L. I hope he sticks around. (**1/4)

-Galli welcomes Tim Storm (for real this time) to the interview area. Storm thanks Aldis for giving him another shot at the title and calls him a true champion’s champion. Someone in the crowd says they love Storm, Storm says his momma does as well leading to a “MOMMA STORM” chant. Storm says he has no regrets about the match, and has some hard decisions to make about his future in wrestling. Out comes Eli Drake to interrupt. Drake says one loss is not enough to overwrite everything Storm has accomplished, as he’s on the same list as former NWA World Champs like Lou Thesz and Harley Race. Drake says the ride doesn’t have to be over and asks Storm to be his partner against The Dawsons tonight. Storm says he’ll think about it and walks off.

-PROMOTIONAL CONSIDERATION PAID FOR BY THE FOLLOWING: The Spiritual Advisor’s Invisible Hair Cream. It’s not bald, it’s invisible. Order in the next 30 minutes and they’ll thrown in Invisible VOICE Cream. These fake commercials are a trip. Also who the f*ck is the Spiritual Advisor?

Jocephus makes his way out. Clip of his studio-wide brawl with James Storm two weeks ago on Powerrr. Marquez says he wants to make a public apology to James Storm and shake his hand. Instead out comes Colt Cabana shooting finger guns. Jocephus gives Cabana a cowboy hat and a bottle of beer. He shakes hands with Jocephus, Jocephus hangs on and says he has one more thing: A HAND FULL OF POWDER. Yessssssssss. God I missed mysterious powder in pro wrestling. Jocephus gloats over a blinded Cabana until the real James Storm lays him out with a Last Call. Storm measures Cabana, Mr. Anderson pulls his tag team partner out of the ring to avoid it.

  • This made absolutely no sense whatsoever, but EVIL POWDER so I’m over it. Okay I’m not over it, what the f*ck just happened?

-Galli welcomes Nick Aldis and Kamille to the interview area. Aldis says there’s a bit of a horse race brewing for the number one contendership to his World’s Heavyweight Championship. There are a lot of names who qualify, including Ricky Starks who Aldis considers his “#1 draft pick” in pro wrestling. Aldis says nobody has stepped up yet, so he’s going to stand back and let things play out but if he can’t find someone he’ll look to other promotions. Galli switches gears and once again asks Aldis why he won’t let Kamille speak for herself. I thought we figured this all out last week. Aldis says this is a non-issue and Kamille can speak whenever she wants. Galli tries to interview Kamille but like before she refuses to say anything. Aldis says when she feels like speaking Galli will be the first to know.

  • Galli out here looking like a b*tch for pushing a non-issue. Y’all settled this last week, no need to have done this again.

-VIGNETTE: Who is The Question Mark? I DON’T KNOW.

Eli Drake out for the main event…and so is Tim Storm who has accepted Drake’s offer! “MOMMA STORM” chants.

Eli Drake & Tim Storm vs. The Dawsons (Zane & Dave)

Dave works Drake over in the corner, Drake comes charging out with a series of clotheslines, a leaping third finally takes the big man down. Drake counters a backdrop with a spinning neckbreaker, Dave escapes a suplex attempt and Zane tags in. Drake counters a suplex with another neckbreaker, Storm tags in and hits a series of elbows followed by a clothesline. Storm gets a neckbreaker of his own in for a two-count. Drake tags in, double back elbow to Zane. Zane blocks an Irish whip attempt and runs into a boot, Drake with a bulldog from the middle buckle for the 1…2…kickout. Storm tags in for more offense, Drake tags in and they hit a double kick and double forearm to the back. Drake with a seated splash across the back, Storm tags back in and drives a series of bionic elbows to the back of the head. Zane with a standing bearhug, driving Storm in the corner. Dave tags in, snapmare and a lateral press for a two-count. Seated waistlock into a standing bearhug. Zane tags back in and reapplies a waistlock. Dawsons love to squeeze folk. Storm escapes with a head clap, Drake tags in and drops Zane with a side Russian Legsweep. Drake flips out of a suplex attempt and drives Zane to the mat for the 1…2…not yet. Storm tags in and whips Drake toward Zane, but Zane moves and he goes shoulder-first into the post. Dawsons squish Storm and Zane covers for the 1…2…3.

The Dawsons defeated Eli Drake & Tim Storm via pinfall (6:42)

  • Solid main event, though a little too heavy on the bearhugs and neckbreakers for my liking. Storm taking another loss makes sense, another demoralizing defeat, and The Dawsons pick up a big win over two established wrestlers as they likely head towards a fight against Outlaw Inc. (**)

The Dawsons continue beating Storm up until Outlaw Inc. chase them off. They don’t even check on Storm, instead going to the back to chase their rivals. Nick Aldis comes out and checks on Storm as the episode concludes.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Not the most exciting week wrestling-wise, but NWA Powerrr was still a brisk watch with some really good promos/character building moments that are getting me more invested in this roster as the show goes on. Nick Aldis carries himself SO WELL as a World Champion, man. Only complaint I really have is the audio mix, as I’d like to be able to hear commentary better instead of trying to struggle to hear people talk over the crowd noise. Tweak that and we’re golden.

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