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[TV Recap] ‘NXT’ 09.12.2012 – Kidd/McGillicutty II, The FIVE Era Begins

COMMENTATORS: Byron Saxton & William Regal

This week on NXT Tyson Kidd takes on Michael McGillicutty in a rematch from the first-ever Full Sail episode, a challenger emerges for Seth Rollins’ NXT Championship, and the feud between The Usos and The Ascension continues, this time in singles action.

  • NXT CHAMPION: Seth Rollins
  • Jey Uso vs. Kenneth Cameron (*1/2)
  • Big E Langston vs. Chad Baxter (SQUASH)
  • Garrett Dylan vs. Damien Sandow (SQUASH)
  • Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillucutty (***1/4)


Jey Uso [w/ Jimmy Uso] vs. Kenneth Cameron [w/ Conor O’Brian]

The Ascension has gotten the better of The Usos almost at every point since this feud began, but now we’re going to see how they fare…in a singles match. Fair enough. 

Cameron with a waistlock takedown, Uso responds with one of his own. The two trade forearms, Cameron drops Uso with a shoulderblock but gets sent out to the floor at his partner’s feet. Cameron rolls in, Uso connects with a clothesline followed by a backdrop. Cameron counters a corner splash with a big boot and goes a clubberin’. Uso gets back to his feet, Cameron immediately drops him with a right hand and covers for a two-count. Uso breaks out of a chinlock with a snapmare, walks right into a European uppercut. Cameron charges, Uso hits an uppercut of his own but gets flung into the buckles with a hip toss. Cameron misses a kneedrop but bowls Uso over anyway and covers for another two-count. Uso rolls away from an elbowdrop and mounts a comeback, including a spinning forearm that sort-of kind-of hits. O’Brian trips Uso, Jimmy superkicks him for his troubles. Cameron can’t take advantage and yells at O’Brian for laying on the floor. Uso superkicks Cameron off an Irish whip for the 1…2…3!

Jey Uso defeated Kenneth Cameron via pinfall (5:26)

  • Hey this match existed and did nothing for me. (*1/2)

Usos celebrate in the Full Sail crowd who mostly stay seated.

Dusty Rhodes is interrupted by Rick Victor. Victor says he’s more than capable of defeating Seth Rollins for the NXT Championship. Rhodes says they don’t give away matches and he’ll have to prove himself.

Big E Langston vs. Chad Baxter

Langston beats Baxter into a fine paste and finishes things off with the Big Ending. Some of the Full Sail dorks chant for Chad to be nice.

Big E Langston defeated Chad Baxter via pinfall (1:58)


After the match Langston hits another Big Ending and covers for the 1…2…3…4…5. AWWW YEAH THREE AIN’T ENOUGH HE NEEDS FIVE. Langston gets on the mic and says a three count is normal but he’s not normal, so from now on his opponents will feel the pain and agony of a five-count. Yes pleeeeeease. Langston teases leaving, then gets back in as the crowd chants “ONE MORE TIME”. He obliges, giving Baxter a third Big Ending for the 1…2…3…4…5.

-SOMEWHERE BACKSTAGE: Kassius Ohno is mad that no one seems to get how dangerous he is, so next week we’re going to have the first-ever Kassius Ohno sparring session. If you don’t know how dangerous he is now, you will then. HE IS A BIG BOY ADULT TOUGH GUY.

-VIDEO: A bunch of Superstars ask a simple question: “Where’s Trent (Barreta)”? Clips of Trent in action as a female voice heralds his return after six months of inactivity next week.

Garrett Dylan makes his way out for the next match. OH HEY SUMMER RAE IS ANNOUNCING. His opponent, “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” Damien Sandow, is out second as the crowd heaps praise upon him. Sandow asks for a mic and gives Dylan the option of sitting at ringside to listen to a lecture he has prepared instead of wrestling. Dylan wants to fight though so the lecture will have to wait.

Garrett Dylan vs. “The Intellectual Savior of the Masses” Damien Sandow

Sandow backs Dylan in the corner and connects with a cheap right hand when the ref tries to separate them. Sandow continues the onslaught, connecting with a kneedrop of a snapmare but only getting a one-count. Corner whip, Sandow misses a splash and Dylan rolls him up for the 1…2…Sandow kicks out and connects with a quick jab to regain control. Dylan ducks a clothesline and connects with a shoulder tackle followed by a clothesline for a two-count. Sandow rebounds with a side Russian legsweep followed by an elbowdrop and a straitjacket neckbreaker for the 1…2…3.

Damien Sandow defeated Garrett Dylan via pinfall (2:28)

  • You might have to hold me back if I get further into this era of WWE and remember just how much they dropped the ball on Damien Sandow. Entertaining squash, Sandow has a great mix of wrestling moves and theatrics and goddamn the gimmick is gold. (SQUASH)

Sandow celebrates his win with a perfect cartwheel. Full Sail wants another, Sandow feeds the chants then refuses to give them what they want.

Briley Pierce is with NXT Champion Seth Rollins. Pierce asks about possibly facing Tyson Kidd or Michael McGillicutty; Rollins says he’ll fight anybody for his championship. Rick Victor interrupts and asks Rollins if he even knows his name. Rollins jokingly says he doesn’t so Victor slaps the taste out of his mouth. Honestly he deserved that, let’s not pretend otherwise. Victor walks off, Rollins says he knows who that is and he just jumped to the top of his list.

  • Rick Victor circumvented Rhodes wanting him to prove himself by directly goading Rollins into defending the title. Ace move. Work smarter, not harder.

-RAW REBOUND: Bret Hart returns to interview John Cena ahead of this weekend’s Night of Champions match against WWE Champion CM Punk. Punk interrupts and says he will put anybody down who shows him disrespect. Cena tells Punk his 300 days as champion has been irrelevant, calling him an ignorant son of a bitch. Cena vows to kick Punk’s ass, staredown ensues. Was that the Jerry Lawler heart attack episode? I know Bret was on one of those.

-COMMISSIONER OFFICE: Seth Rollins barges in and demands a match against Rick Victor next week. Dusty Rhodes gives him the match and they shake hands. 

Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty

These two main-evented the first NXT episode of the Full Sail era back in June and their feud, which started even before this, continues on. Jim Ross joins Saxton & Regal on commentary for this one, as he’s wont to do for the bigger NXT matches.

Kidd grabs a waistlock, McGillicutty breaks the grasp and tries to counter with a wristlock but Kidd breaks away and they reset. Kidd with a side headlock takeover, bringing his much bigger opponent to the mat. McGillicutty counters with a headscissors, Kidd bridges out and applies a quick armbar before a rope break. McGillicutty grabs a wristlock, Kidd flips out and counters, another rope break. Side headlock takeover from McGillicutty as Ross touts his ability to become a future star. Kidd escapes and sends McGillicutty scurrying to the floor after a dropkick. Back in the ring McGillicutty drops Kidd with right hands, Kidd scurries to the corner and McGillicutty chokes him with his boot. Kidd reverses a corner whip and gets sent to the apron, McGillicutty connects with a knee followed by a hanging neckbreaker over the middle rope. McGillicutty talks trash heading into the break.

Back live McGillicutty snaps off a suplex and covers for the 1…2…Kidd manages to kick out. McGillicutty connects with a series of rights and covers again, Kidd kicks out once more and gets trapped in a chinlock. Kidd counters into a sunset flip for the 1…2…McGillicutty kicks out and connects with a forearm to the back of the head for the 1…2…not yet. McGillicutty hammer throws Kidd into the buckles who ricochets to the mat, McGillicutty with a lateral press for the 1…2…not yet. Kidd blocks a suplex and catches McGillicutty with a kick, then mounts a comeback with a series of kicks leading to a basement dropkick to the temple for the 1…2…McGillicutty kicks out. McGillicutty bails from the ring, Kidd blasts him with a dropkick through the ropes and a PK right to the sternum from the apron. GOOOOOOAL. Kidd rolls him back in, McGillicutty counters a springboard elbow with a pair of knees. PERFECT PLEX for the 1…2…Kidd kicks out! McGillicutty takes too long being mad about it, Kidd crotches him on the top buckle and brings him to the mat with a top-rope hurricanrana for the 1…2…McGillicutty kicks out! McGillicutty with a jawbreaker, Kidd flips out of a suplex but misses an enzuigiri and McGillicutty hits a running neckbreaker for the 1…2…3!

Michael McGillicutty defeated Tyson Kidd via pinfall (11:13 shown)

  • I think I might have liked this one more than the first one back in June. Two damn fine wrestlers with great chemistry, could have watched these guys go longer. McGillicutty picking up the win makes them 1-1, I hope we get a rubber match. (***1/4)

McGillicutty celebrates his win, the commentators hype next week’s show, that’s all folks!


FINAL THOUGHTS: Great main event, the debut of Big E’s “FIVE” gimmick, and the first challenger to the NXT Championship is decided. Outside of that Usos/Ascension stuff I can’t complain. Much better than last week.


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