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[TV Recap] ‘NXT’ 7.11.2012 – Usos vs. Prime Time Players, BRAY WYATT DEBUTS

COMMENTATORS: Byron Saxton & William Regal

After weeks of hype Bray Wyatt makes his NXT debut. Also on the show Tyson Kidd takes on Camacho and The Usos face The Prime Time Players in the main event.


  • NONE


  • Tyson Kidd vs. Camacho (**1/4)
  • Bray Wyatt vs. Aiden English (SQUASH)
  • The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players (**3/4)



Tyson Kidd vs. Camacho [w/ Hunico]

Kidd ducks a pair of clotheslines and kick flips off Camacho into a dropkick to take the big man down to the mat. Hunico distracts Kidd, Camacho tries to take advantage but gets rolled up for a one-count before they reset. Camacho with an Irish whip, Kidd flips over and grabs a leglock. Camacho kicks him away, Kidd takes him down with a drop toehold and settles into an armbar. Watching Kidd is so much fun, everything he does is so fluid. Camacho tosses Kidd out, Kidd skins the cat and pulls Camacho out with a headscissors. Kidd slides out right between Hunico and Camacho so he rolls back in instead of attacking someone to avoid the DAMNED NUMBERS GAME. The ref ejects Hunico, Kidd flattens both with a splash as we go to commercial.

Back live and Kidd controls Camacho with an armbar. Kidd rolls through a wheelbarrow and attempts the Dungeon Lock, but Camacho escapes and bails to the floor. Kidd tries a PK, Camacho catches it and sends him crashing face-first into the apron. Camacho rams Kidd ribs-first into the side of the apron and rolls him for a one-count. Camacho focuses on the sternum, stomping on it and putting all his weight on the bone while holding his legs. Kidd fights back with right hands, Camacho shoves him into the corner then sends him sternum-first into the buckles, Bret Hart-style. Camacho covers, Kidd kicks out at two. Camacho hangs Kidd out to dry and slingshots him into the bottom rope. Camacho stretches Kidd, slapping the rib and sternum for extra pain. Kidd tries to fight out, Camacho drops him with a headbutt and follows up with a belly-to-back suplex and a well-measured legdrop for the 1…2…Kidd kicks out. Camacho misses a middle-buckle legdrop, Kidd mounts a comeback with a series of kicks followed by a running dropkick to the side of the head for the 1…2…Camacho kicks out. Kidd lays Camacho across the bottom rope and connects with a slingshot legdrop on the apron. Camacho crotches Kidd on the top turnbuckle and connects with an AVALANCHE BUTTERFLY SUPLEX, Camacho crawls over for the 1…2…KIDD KICKS OUT AND CAMACHO CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Kidd flips out of a suplex attempt and catches a charging Camacho with a pair of kicks, following up with a Blockbuster from the top for the 1…2…Camacho gets his shoulder up! Kidd goes for the Sharpshooter, out comes Michael McGillicutty for the distraction allowing Camacho to hit the DDT for the 1…2…3. The feud between Kidd & McGillicutty continues.

Camacho defeated Tyson Kidd via pinfall (12:23 shown)

  • Watching Kidd operate is always a pleasure, even in a match that felt like it went just a hair too long. Some cool spots here but also a lot of what felt like stalling or just selling too long. Overall though I dug it for the most part and I like seeing Camacho get wins. I hope he and Hunico adopt McGillicutty as their dorky white friend. (**1/4)

-HYPE VIDEO: Bray Wyatt gives his Bayou cult sermon, complete with cackling lady in the background. He debuts next!

Matt Striker is standing by backstage with the returning Justin Gabriel. Gabriel says he had a lot of time to think about how to make a statement (his answer? Win a championship). He’s interrupted by his opponent next week, Heath Slater. Slater calls Gabriel’s career a failure while he’s on RAW week after week embarrassing legends. Gabriel says the legends are embarrassing him, and next week Slater’s going to be embarrassed by him.

Bray Wyatt makes his entrance cutting a promo. He says the people don’t understand him and what he is in time, but for now he’s an angel in the dirt. Wyatt shakes the ref’s hand and the ref removes his Hawaiian shirt for him. LOOK AT THAT CULT CONTROL.

Bray Wyatt vs. Aiden English

Wyatt goes on the attack immediately, tossing English out to the floor like a sack of garbage. Wyatt throws him into the guardrail and apron repeatedly, the crowd chanting Wyatt’s name. They must have watched the same FCW YouTube videos I did. Wyatt rolls around the ring, staring a hole into the camera. SO COOL. Wyatt splashes English into the corner, dances him out to the center of the ring, and hits Sister Abigail (unnamed right now) for the 1…2…3.

Bray Wyatt defeated Aiden English via pinfall (1:45)

  • It cannot be understated just how cool and unique Bray Wyatt was at this time. Even watching this eight years later I’m completely captivated by this persona. WWE Studios really beefed it by not giving him his own movie. (SQUASH)

-Byron Saxton hypes this Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV. CM Punk is defending the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan with AJ as the special guest referee. This feels like centuries ago.

Briley Pierce is backstage with Richie Steamboat, who has handprints on his chest from in-ring action. Steamboat can’t wait to show everyone how good he is. Leo Kruger interrupts and says he’s already proven he’s better than Steamboat. Shoving match leads to a brawl and officials separate the two.

-DID YOU KNOW?: Justin Bieber wasn’t even born when RAW debuted.

-SUPERSTAR VIGNETTE: Raquel Diaz is going to bring some color to NXT as she’s an Ultra Diva. Her “Exfoliating Ugliness” Tour begins next week.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil)

Jim Ross joins Saxton and Regal on commentary for the main event, which could double as a Superstars main event any day of the week (mostly the day Superstars airs). Prime Time Players have their old “MOVE MOVE GET IT GET IT” theme here, not the much better “MILLIONS OF DOLLARS” song. That’s disappointing.

O’Neil puffs up Young’s hair with an afro pick for mind game reasons. Jimmy backs Young in the corner and MESSES the hair up. Young shoves him, Jimmy slaps back and Young bails for a hug from O’Neil. Young charges, Jimmy lights him up with chops. Jey tags in, Usos with a double back elbow and elbowdrop combo. Jey drops Young with a double chop and coves for the first two-count of the match. O’Neil tags in and tries to buckle shot Jey, but he’s got that SAMOAN SKULL so it does nothing and gets dropped. Jimmy tags in and catches O’Neil with a flying forearm as Jey holds him in the corner. O’Neil buries a knee into Jimmy, Young tags in and runs right into a powerslam forcing him to the floor. Usos steal the afro pick and pretend doing each other’s hair, much to the Players’ chagrin. Did this match get taped in the 90s or something, this one feels weird. Jimmy backdrops Jey to the floor and onto the Players, standing tall as we go to commercial.

Jimmy has Young in a chinlock as we return live. Young backs him into the corner, O’Neil tags in and gets taken to the mat with a drop toehold. Jimmy gets distracted with attacking Young, allowing O’Neil to clip the left knee and turn the tide. The Players continue working Jimmy’s knee over and preventing the tag. Young applies a toehold, Jimmy kicks him off and out to the floor. Jey tries to get the tag, Young pulls him off the apron (after Jey was nice enough to move over). Jimmy cradles Young for the 1…2…he kicks out and drops Jimmy with a dropkick to the leg for the 1…2…not yet. Back to the toehold, moving the kneepad so Young can punch the kneecap. That’s just mean. O’Neil tags in and tries to slam Young on top of Jimmy, who gets his knees up. Jimmy goes for the tag, O’Neil rushes over to put himself between the brothers and prevent it. Jimmy catches O’Neil with a backdrop. Young gets the tag, but so does Jey and Uce is on fire, including a spinning headbutt and pop-up Samoan drop. Young rolls to the corner, Jey follows up with a hip attack and covers for the 1…2…O’Neil breaks it up. Jey belts him with an uppercut, Jimmy pulls him out. O’Neil attacks the leg of Jimmy and rolls him in, distracting the ref so PTP can double-team and hit Demolition Decaptiation for the 1…2…3!

The Prime Time Players defeated The Usos via pinfall (10:30)

  • I liked this match a lot more than expected. I appreciated the hijinks in the beginning as well as the finish with O’Neil throwing Jimmy in the ring to cause a ref distraction. That’s just smart tactics right there. Usos’ NXT run is not starting off great, poor guys. (**3/4)


FINAL THOUGHTS: Another breezy show with a BIG debut from one of WWE’s most prolific characters of the past decade. Seeing Bray Wyatt 1.0 do his thing, in the right environment, was a joy to watch. God cult-leader Bray Wyatt was the best. The show is bookended by two good matches as well, with a main event that was better than expected because for some reason I have it in my head that PTP weren’t that good. Maybe I was wrong. I do look forward to NXT slowly getting its own personality and phasing out a lot of the main roster guys, though.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Bray Wyatt. Just Bray Wyatt.

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