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[TV Recap] ‘NXT’ 7.25.2012 – Rollins vs. McIntyre, Riley vs. Cesaro

COMMENTATORS: Byron Saxton & William Regal

Drew McIntyre wanders into NXT this week to take on Seth Rollins in the main event. Also on the show Alex Riley faces Antonio Cesaro, Natalya takes on Sofia Cortez, and Kassius Ohno brags about liking to hurt people. Same dude, except mine is more emotional than physical.


  • NONE


  • Bo Dallas & Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty (**)
  • Alex Riley vs. Antonio Cesaro (**1/2)
  • Sofia Cortez vs. Natalya (**)
  • The Ascension vs. Dante Dash & Garrett Dylan (SQUASH)
  • Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre



-Saxton and Regal welcome the home audience and hype tonight’s main event: Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre.

Bo Dallas & Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty

Dallas drops Curtis with a shoulderblock right away, scaring the man so much he tags out to McGillicutty. Dallas with an atomic drop, double hip toss that sends McGillicutty scrambling to the floor. Dallas goes after Curtis, allowing McGillicutty to drop him with a baseball slide. Curtis with a backbreaker, McGillicutty with a boot to the side of the head and a lateral press but Dallas kicks out/Bateman intervenes. Dallas escapes a chinlock and goes for a tag but McGillicutty catches him. Regal says Curtis/McGillicutty reminds him of The Andersons which is…a stretch. Dallas catches Curtis with a corner elbow and sends a charging McGillicutty to the floor. Bateman gets the tag and the crowd goes mild. Flapjack to Curtis followed by a flipping neckbreaker for the 1…2…McGillicutty breaks it up, Dallas sends him to the floor. McGillicutty distracts Bateman, Curtis hits the Falcon Arrow for the 1…2…3.

Johnny Curtis & Michael McGillicutty defeated Bo Dallas & Derrick Bateman via pinfall (4:05)

  • Curtis and McGillicutty are apparently poised to become one of WWE’s next big tag teams if you go off the gushing commentary of Regal. Match was perfectly fine, Curtis & McGillicutty do work really well together so Regal isn’t completely off-base. Poor Bateman though, that’s two losses in a row. (**)

Alex Riley vs. Antonio Cesaro [w/ Aksana]

Aksana instigated a fight between Riley and Cesaro last week, leading to this match. Jim Ross joins commentary for this one, likely to oogle Aksana. DO NOT BLAME HIM.

Cesaro takes Riley to the mat with a waistlock and rubs him in the back of the head with his forearm to be a jerk. Cesaro with a side headlock, Riley whips him off and gets dropped with a shoulderblock. Riley catches Cesaro with a dropkick followed by a buckle shot. Cesaro counters a whip attempt with a stun gun, regaining control. Abdominal stretch in the center of the ring, Riley counters a European uppercut with a backslide for a one-count and a roll-up for a two-count. Cesaro quickly belts Riley and stops his momentum. Cesaro with an inverted bearhug, turning it into a deadlift side salto suplex for the 1…2…Riley kicks out. Riley counters a standing Octopus-like hold with a backdrop and begins his comeback, dodging a corner European uppercut and connecting with a running clothesline and spinebuster. Aksana distracts Riley, Cesaro drives him to the mat and follows up with the Neutralizer for the 1…2…3.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Alex Riley via pinfall (5:12)

  • Solid match, good win for Cesaro. Shame what happened to A-Ry in the WWE, he seemed to be pretty over. (**1/2)

Briley Pierce is backstage with Kassius Ohno. Ohno bring an element of danger to the table. Ohno is here in NXT to do what he does best: inflict pain and enjoy it. His name is Kassius…he hurts people.

Matt Striker is standing by with Drew McIntyre. Striker says that McIntyre used to be well-regarded but not anymore, and people like Seth Rollins are the new future. McIntyre says everybody has been talking but tonight the talking ends.

Sofia Cortez vs. Natalya

Natalya takes Cortez to the mat with a fireman’s carry, transitioning into an armbar; Cortez counters with a headscissors, Natalya kips out and we reset. Cortez counters a wheelbarrow with an armdrag, Natalya baits her into the corner and sends her into the buckles followed by a clothesline for a two-count. Natalya rams Cortez’s face into the mat and SMACKS HER BUNS in a show of disrespect. Cortez gets backed into the corner but catches a charging Natalya with a boot followed by a dropkick. Natalya rolls Cortez up for the 1…2…Cortez kicks out, Natalya complains to the ref and gets rolled up herself for the 1…2…kickout. Cortez kicks out of an O’Connor Roll so hard that it sends a surprised Natalya out to the floor, who is so mad she refuses to re-enter the ring.

Sofia Cortez defeated Natalya via countout (3:16)

  • Okay match, Natalya taking a powder and refusing to get back in the ring was cool. Don’t see a lot of heels actually refuse to get back in and eat the loss. (**)

Natalya attacks Cortez and locks in the Sharpshooter. Natalya tells Cortez she hates her and walks off. RUDE.

-VIDEO: Highlights from the 1000th episode of RAW. Daniel Bryan and AJ almost get married, AJ says yes…to becoming the new General Manager! The Rock returns, The Undertaker saves Kane from being destroyed by a bunch of lower-midcarders, Lesnar/Triple H made official for SummerSlam, Big Show breaks up Cena/Punk, The Rock makes the save…then gets dropped with the GTS by Punk.

Dante Dash & Garrett Dylan vs. The Ascension (Conor O’Brian & Kenneth Cameron)

Dash and Dylan got a televised entrance for this one, good on ‘em. Ascension’s entrance even funnier this week as Cameron used a hand light to make his SPOOKY FACES look EXTRA SPOOKY.

O’Brian walks past Dash and drops Dylan off the apron without a care in the world. Dash gives it a shot but O’Brian drops him with one punch. Dylan tries to counter a backdrop, O’Brian blocks it and tosses him into the corner. Ascension take turns stomping a mudhole in Dash and dropping elbows. Dylan bails on the match, Ascension finish Dash off with TOTAL ELIMINATION for the 1…2…3.

The Ascension defeated Dante Dash & Garrett Dylan via pinfall (1:46)

  • Ascension’s domination continues, and they got to debut their new finisher as well. Garrett Dylan a bitch though. (SQUASH)

-SUPERSTAR VIGNETTE: Big E Langston doesn’t train for a fight, he trains to cut people down. It’s about getting paid and he doesn’t get paid by the hour. Langston makes his debut next week. YESSSS.

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

Ross is back in the booth for the main event. Told you he was only there earlier for Aksana, the perv. I’m watching this in 2020 where both men are either currently World Champion (McIntyre) or former multi-time World Champion (Rollins). Right now though they’re still babies, LOOK AT THE WITTLE BEBES.

Rollins grabs a waistlock, McIntyre forces a rope break and connects with a cheap elbow followed by a pair of shoves. Rollins catches a kick and sweeps the legs, getting a host of nearfalls. McIntyre counters a wristlock with a Greco-Roman punch to the face, Rollins escapes a slam and connects with a pair of dropkicks. McIntyre tries to dodge another dropkick, Rollins does a backflip then hits the move sending him scrambling to the floor. Rollins doesn’t wait though, flattening McIntyre by the ramp with a tope suicida as we go to commercial.

Back live McIntyre has Rollins in a submission. Rollins counters a backdrop with a kick but runs right into a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster for the 1…2…not yet. McIntyre pummels Rollins in the corner followed by a short-arm clothesline for the 1…2…another kickout. Rollins and McIntyre take one another out with a double clothesline. McIntyre kips up first, Rollins kips up as well and connects with an enzuigiri. Rollins with a corner forearm followed by a flatliner into the middle buckle. Rollins charges, McIntyre connects with a kick to the abs. Rollins counters the Future Shock, and catches him with a superkick for the 1…2…McIntyre kicks out. Rollins lands on his feet from a moonsault attempt, McIntyre drops him with a big boot followed by the Future Shock DDT for the 1…2…3.

Drew McIntyre defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall (7:03)

  • Did not expect Seth to take the L on this one, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Probably has to do with Drew being a “main roster guy” so he’s supposed to be better than the NXT roster. I liked this one a lot though, Rollins showing off his hops and McIntyre countering it all with BIG BOI strikes. Fun stuff. Funny how in 2020 this would be a legit PPV main event match. Wrestling rules. (***)

McIntyre celebrates, Saxton teases a big announcement from Dusty Rhodes next week, and that’s the show.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Running out of things to say that are unique about these shows, so I’ll just repeat myself: a fun breezy hour of action from the developmental territory. Hope next week’s announcement is the introduction of the NXT Championship so we can get some structure and actual feuds going.

  • MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre
  • MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: Kenneth Cameron makes spooky faces into his weird hand flashlight thing.

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