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[TV Review] ‘205 LIVE’ 10.30.2020 – Stallion vs. Daivari, Mansoor/Kendrick vs. Ever-Rise

COMMENTATORS: Vic Joseph & Nigel McGuinness

Curt Stallion gets a rematch against Ariya Daivari and Brian Kendrick teams with Mansoor to take on Ever-Rise this week on 205 Live.


  • Curt Stallion vs. Ariya Daivari (**3/4)
  • Mansoor & Brian Kendrick vs. Ever-Rise (**1/2)


-Vic Joseph welcomes us to “BOO-OH-FIVE LIVE” for an ultimate cringey start. Respect. They’re using the same ring from NXT Halloween Havoc so the ropes are still orange; however they don’t get the fun graveyard setup.

Curt Stallion vs. Ariya Daivari [w/ “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese]

Stallion suffered a loss last week to Nese thanks to the distraction Daivari last week (and because he headbutted him instead of focusing on the match), now he gets a shot at Daivari but without the Dinero on the line. Nese accompanies Daivari to the ring then sits in on commentary to help throw shade at Joseph with McGuinness.

Stallion grabs a side headlock to start, keeping it cinched in through Daivari’s various escape attempts. Stallion connects with a series of chops, Daivari yanks him down by the hair and connects with a back suplex for only a one-count. Stallion fights back with a mule kick and rolling forearm for a two-count. Daivari bails to the floor and Stallion follows but gets distracted by Nese opening the door to an attack from behind by Daivari. Back in the ring Daivari ducks a lariat and connects with a neckbreaker for a two-count. Daivari locks in a Camel Clutch and tries a seated splash but Stallion spins and counters with a pair of knees. Stallion goes on offense, corner running boot, corner knee, then a pull up into a DDT for the 1…2…Daivari kicks out. Daivari uses the ropes and sends Stallion crashing from the buckles to the canvas, follows up with a Persian Splash for the 1…2…Stallion kicks out! Daivari rolls back to the floor, Stallion belts him with a tope suicida. Nese tries to distract him but Stallion remembers last week and rolls back in, so Nese climbs the apron; Stallion headbutts him off, Daivari tries to take advantage with the Hammerlock Lariat but Stallion ducks and rolls him up for the 1…2…3!

Curt Stallion defeated Ariya Daivari via pinfall (9:06)

  • Good match, liked the callbacks to last week’s main event. Glad to see Stallion actually pick up a win, even though it was sold as an upset since he’s new to the brand. I guess we can go with that. (**3/4)

Stallion quickly rolls out of the ring to avoid an attack by Daivari and Nese, then smiles in surprise when he realizes that he picked up the win. 

-EARLIER TONIGHT ON TWITTER: Mansoor is getting interviewed by a camera person, gets interrupted by Brian Kendrick who wants to chat. They are then interrupted by Ever-Rise, who mock Kendrick for losing and being respectful about it afterwards, essentially saying his killer instinct is gone. Kendrick challenges them to a tag team match for 205 Live which Ever-Rise arrogantly accepts.

  • I respect 205 Live doing their story stuff on Twitter, fits the brand.

Mansoor & “The” Brian Kendrick vs. Ever-Rise (Chase Parker & Matt Martel)

Mansoor and Kendrick control the opening minutes, quick tagging and working the arms of both Parker and Martel. Martel gets a blind tag and catches Mansoor with a clothesline. Mansoor escapes a slam, tags Kendrick in who wrecks Parker’s sh*t with kneedrops, forearms, and backfists. Mansoor tags back in for a double suplex, Kendrick tags in but misses a splash after Martel pulls Parker out of the corner. Ever-Rise go to work on Kendrick, cutting off the ring and laying in the offense while also making fun of Kendrick and asking what happened to him. Martel accidentally clotheslines Parker but manages to stop Kendrick from making the tag anyway. Kendrick rolls under another clothesline, Parker pulls Mansoor off the apron to prevent another tag.

Kendrick fights Ever-Rise off and finally gets the tag to Mansoor, inverted atomic drop into a dropkick to Martel. Parker tags in, eats a backdrop, and a inverted atomic/spinebuster slam combo. Mansoor asks Kendrick if it’s okay and he goes for Sliced Bread #2 but Martel holds Parker to block it. Ever-Rise knock Kendrick off the apron and hit a double snake eyes on Mansoor across the top buckle but Kendrick regroups and breaks the count in the nick of time. Martel and Kendrick are sent to the floor, Mansoor hits Parker with Sliced Bread #2 for the 1…2…3!

Mansoor & Brian Kendrick defeated Ever-Rise via pinfall (10:00)

  • Good match, Mansoor & Kendrick gelled really well for a first-time tag team. Mansoor using one of Kendrick’s signature moves to get the win was a cool touch too. Ever-Rise may have lost but every week I see them I become more and more a fan of theirs; their trash talking is top-tier and Matt Martel especially would have a GREAT second life as a manager if WWE wanted to give a sh*t about managers again. He’s got a punchable face and personality no doubt. (**1/2)

Mansoor & Kendrick celebrate to end the show.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Breezy episode of 205 Live as expected, with Stallion getting his first measure of revenge against Daivari and Nese, and a new team brewing between Mansoor and Brian Kendrick. Just in time for the Bollywood Boyz’ return. 

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