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[TV Review] ‘WWE MAIN EVENT’ 10.07.2020 – IIconics Collide, Tozawa vs. Andrade

COMMENTATORS: Tom Phillips & Byron Saxton

WWE Main Event is like 70% clip show/recaps but does feature two exclusive matches every week so I decided to check it out and review those only. Rest of the show doesn’t matter. 


  • Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay (**1/4)
  • Akira Tozawa vs. Andrade (**1/4)


Peyton Royce defeated Billie Kay via pinfall (5:50)

I forgot The IIconics broke up, and having to see them wrestle each other breaks my heart. They’re still friends though and initially this shines through as they bump fists following a clean break from Royce against the ropes. Kay mounts some offense of her own, including a judo throw, and Royce seems less jovial, grabbing a side headlock. Royce connects with a dropkick, surprising Kay, Kay connects with a big boot for a two-count. Kay gets another two off a forearm shot, Royce mounts a comeback with a pair of knees in the corner followed by a pair of kicks, Kay weasels out of her grasp into a sunset flip for a two-count. Royce, however, gets the last laugh, rolling Kay into a kick and finishing things off with the Deja Vu to go 2-0 in their singles matches.

  • Sad to see them wrestling one another instead of cracking jokes and making main rosters bearable with their brief screen time, but the match itself was good. I appreciate that their veil of being friendly slowly lifted as it got more competitive. I guess WWE sees more in Royce than Kay, but I’ve been a big Kay fan since her weird opera-looking gimmick back in NXT and would immediately throw money at the company if she ended Bayley’s title run. (**1/4)

Andrade defeated Akira Tozawa via pinfall (6:23 shown)

Zelina Vega has left Andrade to forge her own career, which is also a disappointing development I’m just finding about now. Tozawa is dressed like a ninja, hangs out with ninjas, and also almost got eaten by a shark while trying to recapture the 24/7 Championship. Uhhh…cool. 

Tozawa shows off some ninja POWAH to intimidate Andrade, who gives no sh*ts and slaps on a side headlock. Tozawa finally escapes after a few attempts and connects with some palm strikes and a hurricanrana, Andrade trips Tozawa on the apron and takes control heading into the commercial break. Back live Andrade remains in control for a bit, stomping Tozawa in the corner and popping him up for a faceplant and a two-count. Tozawa counters a suplex into a lateral-like press by shifting his weight and goes on a string of offense, hitting another rana followed by a Shining Wizard. Tozawa takes flight and hurls himself at Andrade with reckless abandon for a two-count. Tozawa rolls Andrade up for another near-fall, Andrade then puts a stop to that mess with a rolling elbow and finishes him off with the Hammerlock DDT.

  • Remember a few years back when Andrade and Gargano had a legitimate all-timer at an NXT TakeOver? Me too. This just made me sad. The match was fine, Tozawa being a ninja feels stupid but he’s making it work as best he can, but I don’t know. Felt more depressing than fun to watch. Still sound. (**1/4)


FINAL THOUGHTS: A quick watch if you skip the recap stuff but the matches weren’t anything special so I’m not sure if I’ll do this again. Depends on how stressful my day is and if I need to lose myself in something for a few minutes.

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