[TV Review] ‘WWE MAIN EVENT’ 12.09.2020 – Lee vs. Garza, Elias Has a New Friend

COMMENTATORS: Tom Phillips & Samoa Joe

Keith Lee brings his Limitless (HA HA HA) power to Main Event, taking on Angel Garza in a first-time match. Elias also invades the show, and brings along a new friend/roadie/bodyguard/guy in a tank top in the form of Jaxson Ryker. Yes he’s still employed, how dare you.


  • Keith Lee vs. Angel Garza (*1/2)



Elias sits in the ring, guitar in hand and flanked by Jaxson Ryker. Elias ruminates over the ups and downs of his year, including getting run over by a car and releasing two albums, and brings up getting electrocuted last week on Monday Night RAW in his Symphony of Destruction match with Jeff Hardy. Elias says that the electrocution was so severe the doctor said he would never play guitar again, but shows off a riff to show that a miracle has occurred. Elias says he learned a universal truth while being electrocuted: that WWE stands for WALK. WITH ELIAS.

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth interrupts, chased by the usual goons including Akira Tozawa who makes the mistake of entering the ring and gets leveled by Ryker. Truth gets on the mic and says he liked Elias’ song but he has one he likes better and starts rapping “What’s Up” as the segment just sorta…ends.

  • Ryker’s former Forgotten Sons buddies recently returned to television as muscle for King Corbin, and now Ryker himself has a new character sorta. I’d say good for him but his politics suck and he’s not very good so whatever. At least it gives Elias someone to bounce off I guess? Truth interrupting to escape with his title and also rap was certainly a way to end it! 

Keith Lee vs. Angel Garza

This is Lee and Garza’s first ever match against one another, mostly because the former has been on the actual main roster TV while the latter has been relegated to Main Event. But more importantly GARZA RIPS THE PANTS OFF DURING HIS ENTRANCE, turning his back on the mid-match tradition that I’ve grown to love over the years. BOOOOO.

Lee dominates early, using his power advantage, while Garza tries to stick and move to little success, getting sent into the corner and to the floor off a POOOOOOOUNCE…PERIOD. Garza escapes a Spirit Bomb attempt and chop blocks Lee’s knee, going on the offensive but not able to put Lee away, Lee emphatically kicking out of every attempt. Lee has enough of playing with his food and drops Garza with a DOUBLE SLAP to the chest followed by the Spirit Bomb for the 1…2…3.

Keith Lee defeated Angel Garza via pinfall (6:47 shown)

  • Dominant win for Lee, but Garza was the MVP here with his facial expressions. The face he made when Lee caved in his chest was TREMENDOUS and a great reminder that he’s being wasted on Main Event. (*1/2)


FINAL THOUGHTS: Eventful week for Main Event with Keith Lee making an appearance and Elias debuting a new friend or roadie or whatever. As stated before I do appreciate WWE wanting to use Main Event for more than what they have been.