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[TV Review] ‘WWE MAIN EVENT’ 12.16.2020 – Cross vs. Evans, A 24/7 Title Contract Signing?

COMMENTATORS: Tom Phillips & Samoa Joe

R-Truth tries to make history this week on Main Event by holding the first-ever contract signing for the 24/7 Championship while Nikki Cross takes on Lacey Evans.


  • Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans (*3/4)



Sarah Schreiber welcomes 45 (?!?) time 24/7 Champion R-Truth to the ring. Truth says he asked for this time because in order to be like his childhood hero John Cena he needs to hold a contract signing. Drew Gulak interrupts, paper and clipboard in hand, and is totally on board with the idea wanting to also be a part of history. Truth says they need to get bouncy castles, pens with lasers on them, and Gary Oldman dressed like Commissioner Gordon to make this memorable; Gulak brushes off the insanity and gives Truth the contract, waving an official down to the ring behind his back. Gulak rolls Truth up for the 1…2..Truth kicks out and hits the Attitude Adjustment, leaving with his 24/7 Championship in-tact and Gulak upset that his master plan was foiled.

  • Only R-Truth could make something like this work, and make it work he did. I found this to be both harmless and fun, and Gulak trying to feed into Truth’s craziness to steal the title back was a great plan…on paper. Poor fella. Sucks to see Gulak relegated to this sometimes but he’s good in his role and the checks aren’t bouncing.

Nikki Cross vs. Lacey Evans [w/ Peyton Royce]

Evans & Royce interrupted Cross two weeks ago during a heartfelt interview bemoaning the “loss” of her friend Alexa Bliss, leading to a match between Royce & Cross that the former won. Now Cross tries to get some revenge against the other half of this odd-couple duo. A storyline that began and continuing on Main Event? Somebody pinch me! Wait no don’t I’m sensitive.

Cross backs Evans in the corner, ref separates them and Royce helps her sorta friend with some hand sanitizer to wash away the nasty. Cross controls the first few minutes, maintaining wrist control, until Evans finds a counter with a rope-assisted headscissors into an eye rake. After a commercial break Evans brings Cross to the floor and sends her into the post, almost winning the match by countout. She tries to get Royce to help her, but Royce protests as the referee can see her and it would cause a DQ. Cross mounts a comeback with a series of short-arm clotheslines and a basement crossbody in the corner. Royce tries to help but distracts the ref when Evans rolls Cross up; Cross reverses and the ref remembers to do his job, counting the 1…2…3.

Nikki Cross defeated Lacey Evans via pinfall (5:24 shown)

  • Entertaining enough, especially the interaction between Evans and Royce. Must be a good week because they’ve really grown on me. WWE is using Royce to make Evans interesting and I can respect that. Now that Cross is 1-1 against the duo, I wonder if she’ll get another crack at Royce to get the rubber match win. Or maybe a tag team match for more Royce/Evans shenanigans. (*3/4)


FINAL THOUGHTS: Breezy watch, fun opening segment and a decent match that continued a storyline that I didn’t expect them to go back to. Main Event is quickly becoming…I wouldn’t say must-watch but a lot more interesting. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this same thing like four weeks in a row now, once the shock wears off I’ll try to find other words to use.


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