[TV Rundown] ‘MLW Fusion #73’ – Fatu/Lawlor II, Trios Action

Commentators: Rich Bocchini & Tony Schiavone

The final Fusion before War Chamber features a World Title rematch as Jacob Fatu defends against the man he unseated as champion, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Trios action also happens this week as Injustice with new member Kotto Brazil takes on the team of Airwolf, Zenshi, and Gringo Loco.


  • MLW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu
  • MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Dynasty (Maxwell Jacob Friedman & Richard Holliday)


  • Gringo Loco, Airwolf, & Zenshi vs. Injustice (**)
  • Jacob Fatu [c] vs. Tom Lawlor for the MLW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (***)


-VIDEO: Tonight CONTRA Unit will give Tom Lawlor a taste of what they have in store for War Chamber.

Injustice (Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, & Kotto Brazil) defeated Gringo Loco, Airwolf, & Zenshi via pinfall (10:04)

  • Apparently Kotto Brazil has turned heel and joined Injustice. You stop watching for ONE WEEK to move and everything goes haywire. This was a spirited trios match, lots of flips and feats of athleticism but it rang hollow for me. Just a bunch of dudes doing cool moves for no reason is how this felt. Zenshi especially does this it feels like; it pops the crowd and it looks cool but to me it all feels…unnecessary. (**)
  • POST-MATCH: Injustice beat up the ref and steal one of his shoes, which is even more dastardly than stealing both because what the hell can you do with a SINGLE SHOE? Heel AF.

-MANCE WARNER UPDATE: Mance Warner has been bailed out of jail by one of Bucksnort relatives and has his eyes set on getting revenge on Promociones Dorado for putting him there.

-WAR CHAMBER CONTROL CENTER: No new information, but we do get a pre-taped promo in Hawaii from The Von Erich Brothers and their father Kevin Von Erich who will be in their corner this Saturday.

-HYPE VIDEO: “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini makes his MLW debut this fall. He’s bonified in real combat sports, I hope it translates well to pro wrestling.

-CLIPS: Alexander Hammerstone wrecks fools in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

-LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH & DYNASTIC: Hammerstone is working out, prepping for his upcoming NOAH run (it was taped before he left for Japan but for some reason they decided to play this AFTER the clips of his time there). He throws shade at Davey Boy Smith Jr. which results in some sort of sass from his sister Georgia Smith who is romantically linked to Hammerstone. Hammerstone brushes it off with a “pfft WOMEN” comment and goes back to working out, GRUNTING REALLY LOUD so you know how TOUGH he is.

Josef Samael introduces CONTRA Unit member, and World Champion, Jacob Fatu to the ring for the main event.

“The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu [c] [w/ Josef Samael] defeated “Filthy” Tom Lawlor via pinfall with a springboard Moonsault to retain the MLW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (15:13)

  • Match started hot with Lawlor opting to expend all of his energy early with a flurry of offense, but Fatu fought through it and slowed things down with various headbutts and other strikes to the ribs. Things picked up again with Lawlor dropping Fatu with an overhead German suplex followed by an Exploder suplex into the corner. Samael got involved and hit Lawlor in the back of the head with a SPIKE, Fatu followed up with a springboard Moonsault and he retained the championship. The middle part with Fatu on offense damn near bored me to tears as it felt like padding more than something necessary, but this was probably the best I’ve seen Lawlor (I admittedly haven’t watched him a lot). Fatu makes a solid choice for a dominant heel champion, I love how athletic and light on his feet he is, and I’m kinda into this whole CONTRA Unit thing. (***)
  • POST-MATCH: Simon Gotch joins his CONTRA Unit members in beating down Lawlor. The Von Erich Brothers make their way out but the DAMNED NUMBERS GAME goes against them when Ikuro Kwon joins in. Finally out comes Low-Ki, who evens the odds for real and the show ends with everybody brawling. Guess Ki is their mystery partner for the War Chamber. That could be fun.


FINAL THOUGHTS: A serviceable episode of Fusion this week with a big main event and a fun if weirdly pointless trios match in the undercard. Amazing how well this show flies by when I don’t have to sit through that “KONNAN STOLE SALINA DE LA RENTA’S PHONE AND LIKES CALLING HER A WHORE” sh*t from previous weeks. I’m sure we’ll go back to that soon enough though, sadly. They announced during the show that War Chamber won’t air on TV until the following week, which is a bummer, but I wonder what that means for next week’s episode. Is there not going to be one? We’ll see! MLW continues to be…fine, I guess. I don’t know. I’m powering through my disappointment.