‘WWE Draft’ Scheduled for October 11th and 14th

Credit – WWE.com

WWE.com reports that the company will hold a two-day “Draft” next month, beginning on the October 11th episode of Friday Night SmackDown (its second week on Fox) and followed up by the October 14th episode of Monday Night RAW. Stars from both brands will be on both shows, as well as Fox “personalities” which I assume are the NFL guys or something. If Sean Hannity shows up I will buy a hat and throw up in it.

With the blue brand moving to network TV this sounds like a good way to transfer some “bigger” talent to the show to bolster its ratings, though I don’t think they really need it. But I get it you gotta justify the contracts you’ve signed. I have no idea who’s moving where but I hope there are some legit BIG shifts and that the brand split actually STICKS. Hell I hope they go back to single-brand PPVs; I’d rather watch two 2.5 hour shows than one 5 hour event any damn day of the week.



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