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‘WWE MAIN EVENT’ 01.27.2021 Recap + Thoughts – Hardy/Ricochet vs. Elias/Ryker, Carrillo/Garza II

COMMENTATORS: Tom Phillips & Samoa Joe

This week on Main Event Jeff Hardy & Ricochet team up against Elias & Jaxson Ryker and Humberto Carrillo tries to even his series with Angel Garza.


  • Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza
  • Jeff Hardy & Ricochet vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker


Humberto Carrillo vs. Angel Garza

Joe mentions this is the first time we’re seeing this match, proving that he isn’t paying attention to the show he’s commentating on. Fair enough. Garza gets the 8K entrance treatment, which is justified because that red suit is on point.

Carrillo drives Garza into the corner and breaks clean, Garza takes advantage by dragging him to the canvas by the hair. They lock knuckles, Garza rolls through a sunset flip attempt and Carrillo dodges a kick, settling into a side headlock. Carrillo connects with a cartwheel headscissors, Garza backdrops him to the apron but Carrillo immediately slingshots back in with an armdrag. Nice. Carrillo connects with a crossbody, Garza kicks out at two. Garza goads Carrillo to charge and connects with a dropkick, PANTS OFF NOW WE’RE GETTING SERIOUS. Carrillo tries to fight back, Garza clobbers him to the mat with a forearm and ties up the legs in a deathlock position. Carrillo escapes and sends Garza to the floor, Garza quickly runs back in and Carrillo surprises him with an inside cradle for the 1…2…Garza kicks out. Carrillo rolls Garza up for the 1…2…Garza kicks out, sending Carrillo into the ropes who comes flying off with a kick for the 1…2…Garza kicks out once again. Garza stuns Carrillo with a knee strike and finishes things off with the Wing Clipper to go 2-0 against his cousin in singles action.

Angel Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo via pinfall (5:06)

  • Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling. Angel Garza is a fun heel; I both hate him because he’s so arrogant but also want to have his fashion sense. Carrillo is losing a lot more this year on Main Event than I expected. Flip flop from last year. Will they ever let him back on a real main roster show? Ehhhh.

Jeff Hardy & Ricochet vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Hardy has had problems with Elias stretching to when both were on SmackDown last year and they can’t seem to escape one another. Elias also ruined a pretty good Hardy/Ricochet singles match on Main Event in November by playing through the whole thing, something I’m still struggling to forgive him for. Healing takes time. Hardy doesn’t get the 8K entrance but he does have the pyro entrance, a rare display for Main Event.

Ricochet outclasses Elias at the start, using his speed to fly around and get his shots in. Hardy and Ryker tag in, the former controlling the latter with an armbar after a couple of armdrags. Ryker backs Hardy into the corner and buries a knee to the gut. Hardy dodges a corner splash attempt and dropkicks his legs out from under him. Ryker misses a headbutt and gets sent to the floor, Elias runs in and eats a kick from Ricochet before being tossed out as well; Ricochet teases taking flight but does a backflip instead and the babyfaces pose as the show goes to commercial.

Elias drives Ricochet into the corner and works him over. Ricochet catches Ryker with a right and battles out of the corner, hitting a spinning heel kick. Elias sneak tags Ryker and catches Ricochet unawares to take offensive control. Elias tags in and connects with a sitout chokeslam for the 1…2…Ricochet kicks out. Elias shows off his strength with a delayed vertical suplex but Ricochet once again kicks out of a lateral press. Ryker tags in, locks in a Camel Clutch. Ricochet escapes and makes the tag to Hardy for some of that VINTAGE offense to both Elias and Ryker. Hardy splashes and covers Elias, Ryker makes the save then gets dropped by Ricochet. Ryker helps Elias escape the Twist of Fate, Ricochet tags in and launches off Hardy’s back for POETRY IN MOTION. Hardy tags back in, Elias escapes a Twist of Fate again. Ricochet tags in, Ryker sends Hardy into the barricade, Ricochet connects with a springboard crossbody for the 1…2…Elias kicks out. Ryker gets the sneak tag, Ricochet runs right into a Bossman Slam for the 1…2…3.

Elias & Jaxson Ryker defeated Ricochet & Jeff Hardy via pinfall (8:07 shown)

  • A lot more fun than I was expecting. As much as I like Ricochet & Hardy it was good that Elias & Ryker won since they’re an actual tag team it looks like and they could use some wins en route to…whatever it is WWE is going to have them do. I actually don’t know what their trajectory could be.


FINAL THOUGHTS: Breezy episode this week with a fun tag team match that felt fresh despite it featuring folks who have fought each other a lot in the past.


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